How Bold is the New BlackBerry Bold?

    With a name like the BlackBerry Bold 9900, people are not exactly certain what they should expect from this new device. They are uncertain as to what exactly makes a phone deserve the name of Bold. When people are uncertain about what they will be getting in a product it can create nervous reactions that stop them from buying the item in question. Well, there is no need for that, because we are going to examine just how bold the new BlackBerry Bold 4 really is.

    The new features that you will find in the Bold series of smart phones will delight almost every user. These phones are small, they are lightweight and they have clear and easy to read screens, along with a full QWERTY keyboard for easy use.

    It is hard to know where to begin describing this new and innovative device in a line that carries the name Bold. It is possible that this line of phones should have been called Daring rather than Bold, because each one of the devices offers daring new concepts to the consumer.

    The latest in the series offers touch screen technology that is far beyond what you expect in a cell phone. You expect this technology and these types of features in a laptop or a note book, but you are surprised to find them in your phone.

    Social networking is very popular with owners of smart phones and with social networking a good quality camera is a large plus. You will find that you are going to have a wonderful camera that produces crisp, clear images that are more expected from an independent digital camera than a phone.

    The internal memory of the latest in the series is a full 8 GB and most people would think that amount is wonderful. You have to consider this though - the phone allows you to use a memory card that can add as much as 32 GB more memory, so you can actually have the room to carry along many of your files with you, together with your favorite music and video clips; and you can even watch movies on your phone.

    The BlackBerry Bold 4 is less a phone and more of a technologically advanced device that gives the power of the internet, the access of a phone service and the entertainment abilities of a gaming system, in a device small enough to fit into our pockets. Combine the features with the BlackBerry 9900 and you have a winner.

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