Choosing Right CZ Engagement Ring

    Engagement to his or her beloved is one of the most important days of a person’s life. It is the day that brings with it a hundred flowery dreams and plans for the future. Such a special day calls for a special engagement ring. Who wouldn’t want it to be nothing less than a diamond ring? But the outrageous price tags often send dreams crashing. CZ rings step in to save the day. Not only do CZ rings with CZ crystal set in precious and semi precious metals dazzle more than a real diamond ring, they cost hardly anything compared to the real stuff. Such is the charm and brilliance of CZ engagement rings that even the rich and prosperous are now opting for them.

    CZ jewelry - CZ engagement rings come in a much greater and a dazzling variety of colors, fine cuts, exotic shapes and designs than real diamond rings. There is a CZ ring to delight every fancy and fantasy. It is up to the individual to know and appreciate his beloved’s fancy and decide on a CZ ring accordingly. For the traditional and classy, there are CZ rings with the most exotic shapes and cuts, set in immaculately fabricated rings from precious metals like gold, platinum, silver or a combination of two or more of them. These rings exude class and high taste and complement elaborate and expensive outfits and ensembles. Then come the rather conventional ones.

    CZ rings with chunky crystals set in a variety of materials like gold, silver, glass, copper, wood, etc. are there to please the urban chic bride. These rings are also a rage among teenagers, college goers and the club goers. The next is the outright whacky and almost outrageous CZ engagement rings for the ultra-chic Tokyo style street fashion lovers. These find as many takers as the other types of rings among teenagers, celebrities and even rock stars. These CZ rings are looked upon as an expression of one’s attitude and an extension of personality. In a nutshell, CZ engagement rings are in vogue in every stratum of the society and appeal to one and all.

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Jewelry Deals and Steals

    Everyone wants to look like a million bucks, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend that much – or even close. CZ jewelry looks just as good as the real, and with the utterly affordable price tag and trendy new designs, there’s no excuse not to be well accessorized this fall.
    Unique Setting Sterling Silver and CZ Ring
    If you’re getting dolled up for a special occasion, then don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune to pull off a look that will “wow”! In fact, CZ jewelry can actually make your outfit look more expensive than it really is. If you’ve got a great dress that fits you like a glove, then stick with the tried and true favorite and add Cubic Zirconia jewelry to compliment your look and highlight your best assets. For example, if you have a great collarbone, then grab a statement necklace that will have all eyes on you.

    For daytime 9-to-5 outfits, Cubic Zirconia jewelry can make you look polished and pretty. If you have a plain sheath, sweater set or collared shirt, then adding CZ jewelry can help to complete your look. It’s also great when you want to add a splash of color to classics like black and white.

    And if you’re headed out with the girls for a night, Cubic Zirconia jewelry looks great with jeans and t-shirt. It’s this jewelry that will make the look. Focus on your accessories – sparkly bracelets, a shiny clutch, a killer pair of heels and you’ll be sure to turn heads.

    CZ jewelry comes in so many different styles and designs, that you won’t have a problem finding something to fit with your sense of fashion. Your best bet is to stick with solid color when pairing with CZ jewelry. This gives you a blank canvas from which you can have a little fun. A little sparkle can go a long way, so add one piece at a time.

    Article source: Jewelry Deals and Steals from fashion jewelry blog

16th Annual San Antonio Christmas Extravaganza

    We have added one very last show of the 2009 year; designs will only be available to purchase via the websites after this show!! Combined with Jewelry by CnC, mark your calendars for next weekend and come on down to the Live Oak Civic Center for some last minute shopping!!

    16th Annual San Antonio Christmas Extravaganza
    Live Oak Civic Center
    December 5th – 6th
    Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am – 5:00pm (both days)

    Booth is thru the doors, turn left and go all the way to the back left corner

    Timeless Designs will have
    -A few glass pendant & earrings sets
    -Several new fossil and natural stone single pendants and a few with earrings
    -A selection of wired custom jewelry in some of nature’s beauties….Stones, Ocos Agates and Fossils

    Jewelry by CnC will have
    -Stock of unmounted pendants, wide selection of cuts to choose from
    -New jewelry set designs, including some for men
    -Select lapidary slabs and a small selection of faceted gemstones, cabochons, both mounted and unmounted.

    So grab that list, mark your calendar and come join us for that last minute shopping, giving gifts of nature handcrafted and customized for every individual.

Kyanite Two Strengths

    Named from the Greek kyanos, “dark blue”, for its color and also because of it’s particular characteristic of developing different hardness in different directions, so it is was alos given the name disstenos (‘two strenghts’), which means dual hardness. Because of its dark blue color, the ancient Greeks identified kyanite as the protitive stone of seaferers. It was offered to those about to embark on long journeys.

    Kyanite occurs principally as elongated flattened blades, and less commonly as radiating, columnar aggregates. It is usually blue and blue-grey, but can also be green or colorless. Kyanite is formed during the regional metamorphism of clay-rich sediments. It is one of three polymorphs of Al2SiO5. The other two are sillimanite and andalusite. It can be found in Finland, Austria, Italy, West Africa, Brazil, Switzerland, and North Carolina.

    Kyanite is ideal for wearing round the neck as in necklaces or pendants, because it has beneficial effects on the throat. It promotes the ability to speak easily and express oneself and to learn languages. It removes enter blockages and stimulates vital energy.

    Psychologically, kyanite is said to produce positive energy, sharpens the concentration and encourages calmness. It also relaxes, drives away sadness and makes life seem ore worth living.

    The presence of crystal inclusions in the parent rock makes particularly powerful healing stones. Magical properties of Kyantie symbolize lightness and leads to new thoughts. It is also associated with star sign of Aries, Taurus and Libra.

    Visit Timeless Designs for many unusual and custom stone jewelry designs.

    *Research from various websites and books.

Pearls Among Turquoise

    Turquoise is one of nature’s beauties; you see it traditionally mixed as a Southwest design and among a few more contemporary looks; which shows just how versatile turquoise really can be. This new design from the studio is a mix of shapes in all blue Turquoise with matrix of brown and black; highlighted by small light gold glass seedbeads and in the center strands, three freshwater cultured pearl drops. The dangle earrings are just a small compliment to the piece as the three strands really stand out.

    Turquoise: Spiritual attunement, cleansing, healing, protection, valor, soothing, peace of mind, guidance through the unknown, romantic spontaneity.
    Pearl: Purity, faith, charity, innocence, integrity, focus, wisdom, spirituality, sincerity, fertility.

    Visit the website to purchase this and many other designs in nature’s beauty.

Giving Thanks Today

    Thanksgiving tradition is turkey dinners, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, football games, and shopping. It also brings with it the changing of nature from warm temperatures to colder, trees change colors and lose their leaves, only to be replaced by snowy white. Today is a day to reflect back and look at what we have to be thankful for….As we at Timeless Designs look back over the past year our thanks are for family and good friends, to happy times and challenges that helped us to grow.

    Warmest Wishes from Timeless Designs for a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving Holiday!

Tourmaline Garnet Agate

    Some of nature’s beauty comes from Tourmaline, Agate is also just as stunning as rarely do you find the same slices or geodes. In this new design, it is a mix of Tourmaline, red Garnet with silver end caps and Crystals; all highlighting a stunning Agate slice that is handcrafted in non-tarnish silver wire. Dangle teardrop earrings in the same Garnet and crystals completes the set.

    Agates: Balancing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies; perceptiveness, strength, inspiration, awakening talents.
    Garnet: Health, removing negativity, awareness, commitment, regeneration, order, insight.
    Tourmaline: Energizing, soul-searching, releasing.

    Browse and purchase from our website uniquely handcrafted designs all in nature’s most spectacular gifts.

Celebrity Gold Bracelets

    braceletsIf you thought gold was out, think again! While sterling silver has overtaken yellow gold in popularity for the past few years, gold is still very much in style and just as fabulous as ever. However, there are some keys to wearing gold jewelry and some tips to optimizing your look with gold accents. The great thing about gold is that it makes a stronger statement than silver with the way it contrasts against the clothes you are wearing. Silver is a lot more neutral than yellow gold and therefore sometimes has the tendency to fade into the background. Gold jewelry is usually right up there in the foreground making a scene.
    Gold necklaces, bracelets, and earrings look great with emeralds, blacks, and blues. Be careful when wearing gold on yellow. I almost never wear gold and yellow together because the combination is really hard to get right. Gold on yellow doesn’t provide a whole lot of contrast and usually ends up looking very cheap which is the opposite of what you want to accomplish. Try wearing prints with gold, but nothing too wild. A geometric print utilizing two colors looks really nice with gold. Try green and white prints or black and white prints with your gold jewelry. Gold also looks great with teal. Lately, even celebrities are donning gold jewelry from golden cuffs to golden hoops and golden cocktail rings.bracelets
    One big No-no associated with wearing gold is mixing gold and silver. While this rule is true for the most part, there are some exceptions. I wouldn’t wear a sterling silver necklace and pair it with gold earrings. That wouldn’t make sense. However, there are ways around this rule. Take stacking bracelets. If you get gold wit the right coloring, it can look really great mixed with other metals like silver or bronze. Just make sure your layered look of mixed metals doesn’t look tacky. You cannot force this look. If you are not sure, just stick with one type of metal and don’t worry about mixing your gold jewelry with anything else.
    Some people also tend to layer too much when they wear gold jewelry. You do not need 10 gold necklaces, gold hoops, gold rings, and an armful of gold bracelets. A healthy amount of layering is very trendy and in, but if you wear a bunch of bracelets, don’t overpower the look with a huge gold ring. The same goes for necklaces. If you layer a few gold necklaces, don’t wear huge gold chandelier earrings. Keep it simple and keep it classy and you won’t go wrong wearing gold jewelry this holiday season.

Citrine Amethyst Agate

    Historically, the name citrine is derived from the Latin word citrus, meaning “lemon”. Until the Middle Ages this name was used to designate a wide range of yellow stones. Citrine has been highly regarded as gemstone and healing stone for almost six thousand years. The soldiers in Caesar’s legions wore citrine on their chest because the stone was believed to have life-saving properties in battle. As befits its color, it is recognized as the stone of light, sun, and life.

    Citrine is yellow to brownish quartz and resembles yellow topaz. It is colored by hydrous iron oxide, and is found in the same hexagonal crystals as the other varieties of crystalline quartz. Natural citrine is much less common than amethyst or smoky quartz, both of which can be heat treated to turn their color into that of citrine. Most citrine that is available is in face heat-treated amethyst, although heat-treated smoky quartz comes from some locations.

    Citrine occurs principally in localities that produce amethyst, and it is sometimes found as a zone of citrine in amethyst, when it is known as ametrine. Gem-quality citrine is found on the Isle of Arran, Scotland, the Ural Mountains of Russia, India, France, Brazil, Spain, and North Carolina.

    Citrine is believed to have healing and traditional properties of Intuition, comfort, protection, creativity, physical energy, wealth, mental awakening. The purer and more intense the color, the greater the stone’s healing properties. It is linked to the star sun of Gemini and Virgo.

    In this new design, I’ve mixed both Citrine and Amethyst together, highlighted by a smoky purple Brazilian Agate slice.

    This and many other designs in natural stones browse and shop our website.

    *Research from various mineral/rock/crystal books and websites.

CZ Jewelry Trends For Winter

    Just as certain fashion trends make their rounds, coming back “in” style, then fading “out” again, CZ jewelry is hot on the tracks of what’s in and what’s out. Check out our top picks.
    Rita's Purple CZ Cocktail Ring
    Short Necklaces – After seasons of long stranded necklaces, short necklaces are finally back in the spotlight. It’s still all about making a statement when worn with a strapless or structured top or dress. For your best bet, check out bib necklaces in the form of CZ jewelry. They are fun, fierce and fabulous fashion-forward.

    Yellow Gold – For Fall and Winter, it’s all about warm colors. Whether you’re a fan or ruby red, midnight blue or emerald green, look for CZ jewelry with a combination of these rich hues and yellow gold. You’re sure to be a fashion “Do”.

    Dark Stones – CZ jewelry with black rhinestones is shaking up the scene this season. It’s a little bit rock and roll and a little bit edgy. But it’s also very versatile and can be worn with many outfits in your closet. Try CZ jewelry like a cocktail ring or a broach with black stones if you want to work this trend into your look.

    Tiny Colored Stones – CZ jewelry that is as sweet as candy has captured our attention. From embellished hoop earrings to liven up a sweater to a sculpted ring that shows off your great new manicure, try CZ jewelry if you want to infuse a little color into your day to day look.

    Jumbo Jewels – If you’re looking to make a statement, CZ jewelry is still the best way to do it. Go for oversize stones and bold settings to create drama and make an impact. It’s best to save these pieces for after work hours, unless you’re using the piece to anchor your look.

    Article source: CZ Jewelry Trends For Winter from fashion jewelry blog

Know Your Show Tips

    Doing shows is ultimately a necessity for an artist, designer or small business. How you present yourself and your product to the public is yet another line item in the ‘make or break’ of any business. It’s all in the presentation and how professional, business like, and in some cases your ability to entice the public to not pass you buy, either on the net or at a show.

    I’ve done shows for years, in a couple of different industries and several states; but what remains the same is being able to get noticed. Here are a few things I’ve learned through trial & error along the way. I’m by no means a ‘professional’ at this, just passing on what I’ve learned to give everyone a starting point and something to build upon depending on your own style, company or business.

    *Be aware of what type of booth you’ve been assigned. Have several different configurations in mind that can fit a variety of booth spaces; 10’x10’, 10’x15’, 10’x18’, or 10’x20’ are all standard booth configurations. Also know how to work with a front only verses a corner booth.
    *Try to keep the same booth space from year to year at the same shows. Your customers are often looking for the booth location verses the business or product.
    *Try to keep your booth displays and configurations the same from show to show. After the booth location, customers are next looking for the booth type verses the person, business or product.
    *Be professional and know not only your products, but also your customers. If you know something special about a particular product (i.e. how it was made, a special part, etc.), tell the customers about it.
    *Dress as nicely and appropriately as possible and always welcome your customer by name (if you know it) and with a smile. Ask how they’ve been if you haven’t seen them in a while, introduce them to your new or improved products and find out what they like or dislike. The acts of ‘personal attention’ to your customers are something seldom felt in the world of today’s global technology.
    *Don’t be pushy and know when to ‘back off’ of selling to a customer. You’ll know if a customer is willing and ready to make a purchase.
    *Above all, have fun with your products and customers. If it isn’t something you enjoy, then it’s probably not the right place for you or you may need to make adjustments somewhere.

    These may work for some and not for others, but like I said, it’s a place to start. Build your own style and presentation of your products; make a lasting impression that invites everyone back.

CZ Jewelry Gifts: Heart Rings

    cz jewelry

    With Christmas practically beating on your door, it’s time to start shopping around for that special woman in your life. Ladies, it’s time to start hinting for that pretty little thing you saw in the display box last week. Leaving Christmas shopping to the last minute is pretty much the worst thing you can do. For one, selection is at an all time low the closer you get to the big day. Prices do not get any better and in some cases they may increase as Christmas draws near. The added stress of finding gifts for all your loved ones multiplies as Christmas gets closer and closer. Luckily, when it comes to women, jewelry is always a safe bet for nearly any occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. A woman can never have enough jewelry and she is almost always happy to receive it as a jewelry
    This Christmas, why not show her how much you care and how much you love her with a ring that says it all. Tell her she has your heart with cubic zirconia jewelry. Heart rings are high in demand as they are sweet, cute, and totally sentimental. What girl wouldn’t want to wear a heart ring from her special someone? The great thing about cz jewelry is the incredible value and the stunning look that it delivers. Trust me when I say that diamond jewelry is becoming a thing of the past. In today’s economy, diamond jewelry is not affordable or practical. Most people know that diamonds are also socially irresponsible as they are extracted and delivered in unethical ways. If this is not enough to stop everyone, people should also be aware of the fact that diamonds also not as rare as they are made out to be. One company controls the diamond market and therefore they control how many diamonds are available for sale and how much they cost. So this Christmas, opt for cz jewelry—it will be the wisest decision you ever jewelry
    Heart rings come in many different styles. The heart can be very standard or a little more artistic looking. It can be studded or accented with cz jewels. Some heart rings feature a double heart that is linked in the center. The most common metal is sterling or platinum, though yellow gold is still an elegant option, especially for older women. I would recommend sterling for a woman between 20 and 40. You can of course make the ring a set by adding heart studs or a silver necklace with a heart pendant. This addition would certainly send the gift over the top and make her go crazy. But don’t forget to keep your budget in mind so you can still buy gifts for everyone else in your life! Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

How to spot a Cubic Zirconia

    Cubic zirconia, or CZ, is known as the best substitute for real diamonds. It possesses almost all diamond like qualities and is hard to distinguish from a real diamond by the naked eye. So stunning and brilliant is the appearance of a fine cut CZ that it can even put a real diamond to shame, and conmen around the world have been known to use this to their advantage. However, there are certain characteristic features of CZ and some effective ways of confidently establishing the identity of a CZ.
    Champagne Cocktail CZ Ring
    1)A Cubic Zirconia appears no different from a real diamond and the difference is very hard to tell for the naked eye. Use a magnifying glass to closely examine. Upon close inspection, one can see that the brilliance and luster of CZ are slightly less than a real diamond.

    2)The surface should be carefully and closely examined under a lens to look for signs of corrosion, damage or scratches. Surfaces and facets of CZ are likely to suffer damage due to wear and tear, whereas it is rare in diamonds.

    3)Compare the weights of a CZ crystal with a real diamond of exactly the same size and specifications. CZ weighs more than real diamonds when similar volumes are weighed.

    4)CZ is manufactured artificially and hence is made free from flaws and has perfect symmetrical cuts, facets and glimmering polish. A real diamond upon close examination reveals that it is not as perfect and is likely to have impurities and flaws as it is naturally occurring and not manufactured by man. Precise cuts like CZ cannot be made upon a diamond and it also lacks the precise symmetry of a CZ.

    5)Hold a CZ and a diamond against light. A real diamond will show uneven coloration and is not totally transparent. Impurities and flaws create translucent spots in the body of a diamond. Contrary to this, a CZ is perfectly transparent, mostly colorless, evenly colored and in exotic shades incase of colored CZ and never contains any impurities or blind spots. Also, real diamonds are opaque to x-rays whereas CZ acts just like normal glass.

    6)A diamond is the hardest known substance to man. A diamond can withstand tremendous physical pressure and shock, whereas a CZ is likely to turn to powder after a single strike of a hammer.

    With these checks, anyone can distinguish between a Cubic Zirconia and a real diamond.

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    Article source: How to spot a Cubic Zirconia from Fashion Jewelry

Holiday Gift Shopping

    In the San Antonio area, come down to the 30th Annual Holiday Showcase at the Freeman Coliseum!


    Timeless Designs and Jewelry by CnC will be there; in the main building on the floor, all the way to the back under the overhang, last booth on the right!

    The “Big One’ is billed as the largest craft and gift show in South Texas; with over 400 vendors between the main building and two outer barns.

    Shop among vendors from Texas and across the United states; bring your list to get in on great deals, shop a variety of vendors, eat a little, shop a little, enjoy a lot and get your shopping done all under, three roofs!

    And to wet your appetite for your holiday gift giving, we’ll have pendants, wire designs, stone designs, and much more!

    These are just a snag of what will be there….hurry, the designs are custom for a truly unique gift for that one-of-kind personality!

    Check out the websites for more designs....
    Timeless Designs
    Jewelry by CnC

CZ Jewelry Anytime

    Many women wear a watch and a wedding band everyday, so why not wear sparkly jewelry that makes you feel good too? Today, rhinestone CZ jewelry isn’t just worn for events that require an R.S.V.P. Instead, it’s become a day to day fashion phenomenon that stylistas just can’t get enough of. Here, we take a look at some of the different ways that Cubic Zirconia jewelry can be worn, what works, and what doesn’t.

    Flashback – Retro or vintage looking Cubic Zirconia jewelry is quite charming, even if it simply looks like it has a “story” behind it. If you like the look, seek out oxidized silver settings that are romantic and just plain pretty.
    CZ Jewelry - Cocktail Ring
    To the Office – Cubic Zirconia jewelry in the workplace is just fine – if you wear it in moderation. Focus on one key piece like a great necklace, a killer cocktail ring or an oversize broach. Make this the emphasis of your outfit.

    For a Hot Date – If you’re getting ready to go out with your guy, go for classic pieces that are fun and colorful. There’s no need to pile it on – as you don’t want to appear high maintenance, or over-accessorized. A few brilliant bangles or a fabulous pendant are both great ways to go.

    On the Weekend – If you’ve on the way to a social event like a concert or a club, then by all means, break out the CZ jewelry that you’ve been saving, and wear it with confidence. Turn any little black dress from boring and basic to sexy and chic. Remember, you don’t have to show skin to capture his attention – do it with CZ jewelry instead.
    Turtle Cocktail Ring - Cubic Zirconia rings
    For a Party – Cubic Zirconia jewelry can turn jeans and a blouse in a fashion forward outfit worthy of getting you on the best dressed list at the party. Break out a favorite pair of earrings or a bold multi-strand bracelets, throw on your favorite heels and grab a clutch – you’ll be ready to go in no time.

    Article source: CZ Jewelry Anytime

Wire Technique in Bails

    Though I’m no expert by any means; there are many different ways you can wire a bail. Whether you are using a cabochon, drilled or glass pendant, how someone finishes off the piece by making the bail will sometimes make or break a particular piece. I’ve learned many different styles of bails, incorporating my own little style into some of them as my own ‘added touch’. But in the mainstream, whatever you create, make sure it sets off the pendant or piece; rather the pendant will stand on its own or be incorporated into a necklace.

    Here is a simple bail to the right that many people call a ‘rabbit ears’ or ‘simple bail’ or ‘tv ears’; whatever your definitions, it’s how the bail is finished either with swirls, spirals, or whatever makes the pendant ‘pop’.

    This bail to the left, is a spin of the rabbit ears simple bail. All I have done is modify it a little and twisted wire back and forth between the ‘ears' to give it a textured look.

    With these two bails to the right, I learned it recently in a class with a national instructor. What I did was modify it slightly to be used with a coil instead of a graduated bail.

    On this last bail to the left, I simple used a regular pic-bail and highlighted it with large double coils. It really added to the piece and as an added bonus, it gave a large silver look near the bail and less ‘spacers’ were used.

    Learn from others, take their advice and expertise and create your own piece of art. It’s just a matter of letting your imagination run and creativities explode!

Cz Jewelry: Simple Earrings

    cz jewelry

    The greatest thing about cubic zirconia jewelry is first of all the affordable price, and second of all, the many different colors, cuts, and styles in which cz jewelry can be found. Lately, the trend in earrings has been the bigger, the better. However, I think it is about time that we get back to the basics and return to small studs and teardrops. Sure it is trendy to wear huge chandelier earrings or feather earrings, but there is still something so elegant and sophisticated about simple earrings. Its an understated gem that sparkles and catches the eye.

    cz jewelry
    There are many colors available and therefore you can match your cz jewelry earrings to any outfit. Sometimes it is nice to create a startling contrast between your outfit and your jewelry. Try a strapless turquoise dress with canary yellow teardrop earrings. Or a black dress with emerald studs. Or how about a burgundy blouse with burnt orange cz earrings. The possibilities are endless. On a summer day, try a print and pick up one of the colors in the print with your earrings. Since it is winter now, go for emeralds, reds, and blues. Of course, your look is entirely in your own hands. You control your own style. Don’t forget to that what you are wearing is only half of the battle. If you really want to look spectacular, you must first feel good about yourself and this will transcend in the way you carry yourself and how others see you. If you feel great about yourself other people will take notice and it will not matter what you are wearing.

    Take back simplicity in your everyday life. Let your personalitcz jewelryy radiate and downplay your jewelry. Huge statement jewelry can be fun and exciting, but it can also overpower your face and you if you let it. Mix it up every now and then by alternating styles and size. Don’t be afraid to try new looks, experiment, and have fun with your jewelry and your wardrobe! Leave your comfort zone every now and then to keep yourself from getting in a rut! I also recommend buying one special piece of jewelry every now and then to keep you inspired. Obviously, you should not go overboard, but adding something new every once in a while can really add a boost to your step. So try on some understated cz earrings and start wowing them all!

A New Diamond Ring - Cubic Zirconia

    Have you recently promised your girlfriend or your wife a diamond ring and now just do not know what to do about it? Well do not lose your appetite for this, ages ago our brilliant fathers found a solution for this.

    It was in the year of 1892 that a substance was discovered, Cubic Zirconia , in the labs of one such scientist. At that time is was in the discovery state. They were yet trying to yield it completely and in a good state. With constant efforts, they were able to succeed largely and by the year of 1976, they were able to retrieve in a considerable state. With the level of development, Cubic Zirconia was soon being considered as a substitute of diamond in various scientific procedures and it was not long when it was considered for ornamental use as well. It was first amongst the scientists of USSR that it was first produced in a form to be used for commercial use and soon by the 1980; it was produced in huge amounts, around 50 million carats.

    The gem was called to be a better diamond, for though its refractive index was less than diamond, its prismatic fire was much higher than it was. It sparkled more than diamond and it was easier to get a‘d’ standard in Cubic Zirconia than in diamond. Diamond was always with some impurity but if you followed the correct process and used the prescribed ingredients, you were bound to get the best quality Cubic Zirconia, something even better than diamond in appearance. Hence, it was widely used in jewelry making and since then has been giving a tough competition to diamond.

    As already mentioned it is better than diamond in appearance, you can easily surprise your girlfriend by not only buying her a ring but also a pair of earrings to go with them at a much lesser price. They would be delighted even if you tell them that it is not their ‘coveted’ diamond!
    A New Diamond Ring - Cubic Zirconia
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30th Annual Holiday Showcase Freeman Coliseum

    This weekend is our very last show of the season, just in time for your Holiday shopping!!

    In the San Antonio, Texas area, we are combining with Jewelry by CnC at the following this weekend....

    30th Annual Holiday Showcase "The Big One"
    Freeman Coliseum
    San Antonio, Texas
    November 21st-22nd
    Saturday: 9:00am-5:00pm
    Sunday: 10:00am-5:00pm

    Our booth is on the floor of the main building, come all the way through the show to the back, first ‘cubby’ section, last booth on the row!!!

    Come early as we have knocked down prices for the coming Holidays!

    Wide selection of custom jewelry featuring some of the world’s most unique and unusual natural stones and cuts; and as always, each piece comes with it’s own tag describing what type of stones are used in each jewelry design.

    So grab your list, check it twice and come on out and get great deals on our jewelry at year-end clearance sale prices!!

Tucson 2010 Countdown

    The big event is almost here; time to get ready for Tucson 2010!! If you haven’t already made your reservations (plane, hotel, car, etc.), now is the time to do so before you miss out on the biggest event for all gem, mineral, and rock enthusiasts.

    Every year, Tucson is host to the United States largest Gem and Mineral show; starting late January and running thru the middle of February. Dealers, wholesalers, and buyers all converge on the small southern Arizona town to discuss, barter, sale, buy, meet & great, and see what is new (and old) in the industry. There are hundreds of shows with thousands of vendors from all over the globe and across the United States, with one thing in common; show what they have and entice us with the newest, latest and greatest.

    Some of the following shows are ones that I recommend and do attend. You’ll find a wide selection of finished jewelry, tools, findings, displays, beads, gems, lapidary, and much much more. These shows as most in the Tucson area require wholesale and business industry credentials to get into them. Check with each show’s site to pre-register for many of them, see details and check for dates; as this year, several of the shows do not overlap as in past years.

    Street Vendors: This is my favorite place to shop; I’ve gotten some of the most unique and unusual items here. Miles and miles of vendors take over the hotels, parking lots, and anything in-between. Across the street from the freeway, starting at Congress and running all the way down past Freeway Aveune, you can find any type of vendor; beads, findings, silver, raw materials, lapidary, finished products, gemstones, clothes, bags; just to name a few. And best of all, most are open to the public, however check with vendors before purchase to make sure they don’t require a wholesale license.

    JOGS: If you’re looking for Amber or Southwest jewelry, this is the place to be. Dealers from around the globe bring the best and finest in Amber and southwest products. The show also hosts many vendors of finished products, collectables, and raw materials. This is a wholesale only show and requires a Tax ID to register and attend.

    G&LW (Gem Mall, Holidome, Grants Inn): At many of these shows you can find international dealers and wholesalers; pearls, turquoise, silver/copper, finished products, beads galore, beading findings/products, displays, and much more. This show is a wholesale only and requires Tax ID to register and attend.

    China Mountain: If Turquoise is what you are after, then you’ll need to visit the buildings located between Gem Mall and Holidome, where you’ll find the well known vendor China Mountain. Plenty of Turquoise and Coral in all different cuts and styles to chose from. Also a wholesale vendor, but you’ll need to check with them at the site to see if they will sell retail.

    Electric Park RV: Though I’ve only attended this one once, I understand it is a great place to get lapidary, rocks, minerals, or slabs; so I’ve added it back onto my list for this year’s trip. Most sell either wholesale or retail so check with each vendor before purchase.

    While this is just a hint of what’s at Tucson, there are also many other shows like the AGTA GemFair Tucson, GJX Gem & Jewelry Show, Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, Madagascar Minerals Gem Show, Rio Grande Catalog In Motion and Swarovski Elements-Create Your Style 2010 shows. Several are also offering many of the national instructors for classes and seminars, so check with your favorite instructor or show for schedules and details.

    Mark your calendar, make your reservations and start the count-down! Tucson 2010 is just around the corner.

Cz Jewelry Trends:Vintage Rings

    cz jewelry
    Have you ever been rummaging through your mom or grandma’s jewelry box? Well, borrowing my mom’s jewelry is a hobby of mine. I love the jewelry she has inherited and accumulated throughout the years. Her collection of unique and vintage rings is what I covet the most. There is something about a vintage ring that is so elegant and unique. These days it seems as though women gravitate towards the same standard, and therefore sometimes quite boring, jewelry. With vintage and antique jewelry there is so much more variety and character in every single piece of jewelry. If you ever get a chance you should look through your relatives’ jewelry boxes. You never know what you might find in there. In addition, or if you don’t have the option of perusing your loved ones’ jewelry, then you should also check out rummage sales, garage sales, thrift stores, and pawn shops. Sometimes a gem is hiding among all the junk. This of course, is not always the case, but I have found quite a bit of vintage and antique jewelry tucked beneath a pile of boring and uninspiring jewelry.

    If you can have the patience to weed through the other stuff, you could be lucky. If you do not have that patience, then you may have to go another route in getting your vintage jewelry. However, if you do not buy through a flee market, pawn shop, or garage sale, the price of your vintage piece may be considerably more. Luckily, vintage jewelry has been so popular recently that there are a lot of new rings and other kinds of jewelry that have simply been modeled after original vintage pieces. Naturally most people would want an original and authentic vintage ring, but this is not always possible considering price and other factors. If you are really a fan of the vintage/antique look, then I encourage you to look at vintage styled rings. Cubic zirconia jewelry offers a ton of options when it comes to vintage styled rings. The gems that were used in vintage jewelry were often real and very expensive. Now, we can get the same look with cz jewelry for a whole lot less. Cubic zirconia comes in so many different colors and jewelry

    The best way to wear vintage jewelry is with a really modern outfit. If you wear vintage clothes with your vintage jewelry, you run the risk of your outfit looking too much like a costume. Try a pencil skirt and white ruffle blouse with your statement vintage ring. Really let it shine by downplaying your other jewelry and wearing neutrals. Of course there are many different ways to wear vintage rings, so you should really just experiment and see what you like best! Enjoy wearing unique jewelry from the past and making it relevant and hot today!

Get Gossip Girl Jewelry Style for Less

    Love the jewelry style of your favorite East-siders from Gossip Girl? Now you can get the silver screen look of Blair or Serena with designer inspired pieces in the form of CZ jewelry. For just a fraction of the cost, now you too can look like a NYC style-setter.

    Gossip Girl Jewelry Style
    If you like Blair’s look – Go for key pieces that are structured with feminine elegance. Long strands of pearls mixed with shimmery stones are key for this NYU student. Antique looking Cubic Zirconia can give you a similar outcome. Think about mixing a 30s and 40s inspired look with newer contemporary pieces. Add some metallic Cubic Zirconia in silver tone or oxidized silver when you want to achieve an ambiance that is like your fave classic and chic uptown girl. You’ll look prim and proper to a tee.

    If you like Serena’s look – Take a chance on Cubic Zirconia jewelry that is a little more edgy if you want to imitate this wild child’s style. Grab more modern pieces like crystal encrusted bangles bracelets and sexy earrings. Cubic Zirconia jewelry with large colored stones looks great when worn with sultry date night attire. This look is more about having fun and living a little, more than anything else. Serena’s style doesn’t take itself too seriously and neither should the Cubic Zirconia jewelry that you choose.

    If you’re not sure which style is more yours, start by sorting and laying out the main pieces from your closet. Once you have inventory of everything, you can put your accessories together. And if you don’t have time to make it to the mall, or you just want to be smart about it and save money on gas and sales tax, try shopping for your CZ jewelry online. And don’t forget about your girlfriends who love Gossip Girl style too. So snatch up some for you and friend.

An Art in Mosaic Turquoise

    Though not entirely a natural stone, these beads are made from composites of crushed Turquoise bits. They make beautiful matrix beads and great additions to any piece of jewelry; rather the center of attention or as an accent to natural stones, crystals, metals or ceramics.

    This piece is made with mosaic Turquoise, toffee ceramic beads, goldtone spacers, light gold glass seedbeads, and as a focal a beautiful deep brown Agate slice with crystallization in the center; handcrafted in bronze wire.

    Available with many other uniquely designed and handcrafted jewelry on our website.

Origins of Jet

    Generally classified as a lignite coal, jet has high carbon content and a layered structure. It is black to dark brown, and sometimes contains tiny inclusions of pyrite, which have a metallic luster. It tends to occur in rocks of marine origin, perhaps derived from waterlogged driftwood or other plant material. In this respect it differs from ordinary lignite in that lignite usually forms through coalification of peaty deposits on land. Jet can occur in distinct beds, such those made famous by Jet at the beach shores of Whitby, England. Jet can also e found in Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Indian, Turkey, Russia, and in the area of Raton, New Mexico.

    Since prehistoric time, it has been carved for ornamental purposes; many examples can be found in prehistoric caves. The Romans carved jet, which is light to wear, into bangles and beads, some of the jet came from Whitby as early as the 1st century AD. In medieval time’s powdered jet drunk in water or wine was believed to have medicinal properties. In India and the Mediterranean, carved jet amulets were believed to protect against the evil eye, and Irish women traditionally burned jet to ensure the safety of their husbands when away from home. Native Americans today continue to use jet in their jewelry.

    Traditional properties of jet are said to provide great support and help alleviate the pain and suffering caused by separation or death of loved ones. It can be used to alleviated arthritis and inflammation of the joints and is also helpful in the treatment of bronchitis, colds, and headaches. All star signs benefit from the healing properties of jet, as it also works as a protective stone for all star signs.

    Visit our website for unique custom natural stone jewelry.

    *Reprinted from various mineral/rock and crystal books and websites.

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