How to Flatter Your Body Type with Jewelry

    There's probably been a million different articles written on how to wear clothes that will make you appear slimmer and leaner, taller and trimmer. However, accessories often get overlooked, when really, there's a lot they can do to help a woman focus attention on certain parts of the body where they will most flatter her. Statement necklaces are fantastic at bringing the eye upward and away from trouble spots like a tummy, wide hips or chubby thighs. In fact some statement necklaces are so noticeable that the rest of the ensemble is considered secondary. If you've ever considered building an outfit around one piece of jewelry, then now is the time to start. Statement necklaces create a solid foundation from which you can base a look for either day or night.Statement jewelryIf you're pear shaped, try a gold geometric necklace with edgy shapes that will create a look of balance. Pair this type of necklace with an outfit in a bold jewel toned color like emerald green or royal purple. For example, try a short sleeve silk blouse, a pair of khaki pants and a geometric necklace for your next work meeting. The overall result will be one that is modern and a bit unexpected.

    If you're apple shaped, try a show-stopping choker necklace in a bold hue like navy blue or magenta pink. Wear them with a patterned top and jeans for a casual chic look or try them with a belted shift dress. All eyes will be on your necklace, while a cinched waist means that your slimmest assets are being played up to a tee.

    If you're boy shaped, try adding statement necklaces to your looks to achieve a more filled out top. These pieces add volume in all the right places and keep you looking tastefully classy.

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Stretch bracelets

    One of the biggest challenges when it comes to fashionable jewelry is finding pieces that are stylishly wearable, comfortable and affordable. Stretch bracelets fulfill all of these requirements.Bold Flower Stretch BraceletAlthough there's been a lot of hype over bangle bracelets and cuff bracelets, those styles may not work for every woman. Or, they may not be the best options for workplace jewelry, as they can be restrictive when it comes to typing on the computer. Stretch bracelets on the other hand, are a great alternative to suit any type of taste. From pearl and rhinestone bracelets to beaded and all metal styles, there's something for everyone.Boho Stretch BraceletStretch bracelets are great because they pretty much fit any woman. They are comfortable to wear, and best of all, they are completely affordable. Most of these types of bracelets are held together with stretchy cord or elastic, so you aren't paying for an elaborate setting. The stones in stretch bracelets are set close together so you really get the most for your money.

    Stretch bracelets are great for any age. They are easy to wear so everyone from teenage girls to moms to grandmothers can easily sport this style. Stretch bracelets are especially great for older women who may not be able to fasten or clasp another type of bracelet. Simply slip it on and you're ready to go.

    Wear one stretch bracelet or a few for a special occasion. Feel free to mix and match contrasting colors and even different styles to create your own unique look. However, a good rule of thumb is that your bracelets should be functional and add to the charm of your outfit. They should not be distracting or look like they are trying too hard. Stretch bracelets are a great choice as they are practical, yet still stylish.

Fossils of Morocco North Africa

    Though I never left the comforts of South Texas to shop around the world, specifically Morocco to found these awesome rocks for wire wrapping, supplied of Panther Creek Minerals of San Antonio Texas. These are natural Orthoceras a fossilized squid.

    Orthoceras are a famous and very large fossil deposit of animals that can be found in Morocco, North Africa. Ancestors to ammonites, Orthoceras are extinct sea creatures, and depending on what source you refer to, they date from the lower Ordovician to Triassic ages (500 to 190 million years ago). As they died, their shells accumulated in great numbers on the sea floor where they were aligned by currents, buried by sediments, and transformed over the ages preserved in black limestone. Today, this prehistoric sea floor is ironically, found in the dramatic Atlas Mountain Range in southern Morocco at the northern fringe of the Sahara Desert.

    The term 'straight' cephalopods is used in this case to describe fossil examples of straight ammonoids called Baculites, straight nautiloids called Orthoceras and Belemnites. Their bodies were predominantly elongate with conical shells. Some of these creatures evolved into semi-coiled forms eventually giving rise to coiled cephalopods like ammonites and nautili. Another branch of straight-shelled cephalopods continued to coexist with the coiled forms on into the Pennsylvanian Period. These straight forms were much less diverse and abundant than the coiled cephalopods, as a whole.

    Straight cephalopods were among the most advanced invertebrates of their time having eyes, jaws, and a sophisticated nervous system. These creatures were predators that swam freely using a jet propulsion system by squirting water from their bodies. They had tentacles and ink sacs also much like the present-day squid.

    Except for belemnites, cephalopods had external shells with hollow internal chambers separated by walls called septa. A tube called the siphuncle, connected the body with the chambers allowing the animal to fill them with water or air, changing its buoyancy in order to rise or drop in the ocean. Only the last and largest chamber was occupied by the living animal. Belemnites were different in that they had internal shells called 'guards' which were covered with the soft, muscular tissues of their bodies. These shells were also chambered but much less complex than the straight varieties of nautiloids and ammonoids.

    Straight cephalopods probably lived for one to six years, with the majority living two to four years. They fed on plankton (tiny free-floating organisms), sea lilies, and smaller orthoceras. Although many fed off the ocean floor, others may have caught plankton while floating or swimming via jet propulsion, expelling water through a funnel-like opening to propel them in the opposite direction. Because straight cephalopods lived exclusively in marine environments, their presence also indicates the location of prehistoric seas.

    Healing Stones
    As a healing stone, fossils are believed to increase life span, reduce toxins, anxiety, stress, balance the emotions, and make one more confident. Containing supernatural and physical healing powers, they promote a sense of pride and successes in business, leading on to be open to change and new ideas. Healers use fossils to enhance telepathy and stimulate the mind. Traditionally, fossils have been used to aid in reducing tiredness, fatigues, digestive disorders, and rheumatism.

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    *Reprinted from various websites and rock/minerals books.

Looking for Gemstone Pendants

    Pendants no matter what the style; hung alone on a chain, omega or cord, or rather incorporated into a necklace is always a staple in any woman's collection. Recently I’ve been able to get some unusual cuts with domed shapes, instead of the normal round, square, triangle or diamond cuts. This is because my father-in-law the resident gemologist has been in his shop learning the art of lapidary and cutting slabs. This allows us family jewelry designers to be able to ask for certain cuts, styles and slabs rather than waiting for the Tucson show.

    I’ve already used several of his stones, handcrafted them with wire bails and then incorporated into different jewelry designs. And these beauties (Bloodstone, Coral Fossil, and Stromatolite Fossil) will be coming as soon as I can get coordinating beads and working designs…but until then, browse through his website Jewelry by CnC, under the unmounted pendants section to purchase and incorporate them into your own designs.

Cleaning out Your Jewelry Box

    A lot of women clean out their closets to make room for new purchases, but oftentimes, the jewelry box is ignored, until you realize you've run out of room. What's the solution? Buying a bigger jewelry box? Perhaps. But just as clothes go out of style, so does jewelry. So we've put together a list with some easy-to-follow tips for deciding what to hold onto, what to get rid of and what to invest in this season.Green Crystal Chandelier EarringsKeep
    • Sterling silver jewelry – These pieces will always be in fashion and are considered extremely versatile, as they can be worn on an everyday basis.

    • Yellow gold jewelry – The value of gold is sky rocking, so it's best to hold on to gold jewelry, as it not only looks great, but also retains it value

    • Classic shapes – Simple designs like hoop earrings or teardrop earrings will stand the test of time.

    • Single strand pearls – Just because these pieces aren't "in" right now, doesn't mean that they're "out" either. Hang on to pearls, as they will always be considered sweet and chic.

    • Charms – If these have sentimental meaning, then make a place for them in your jewelry box.

    • Chandelier earrings – With the trend right now favoring art-deco inspired looks, chandeliers earrings can play well for seasons to come.

    • Drop earrings – These are great at elongating the neckline and the body. Choose earrings with a few inch drop. Our suggestions include mesh or chain link styles, feathers or bright beads.

    • Statement jewelry – Whether it's a great cuff or a fabulous pair of earrings, try something new and bold for fall.

    • A Set – You'll get the most for your money with a set that includes a great bracelet plus a matching pair of earrings. Wear them together or separately for maximum mileage.

How to Complete Your Outfit with Jewelry

    Have you ever finished getting ready for a big night out or a day of work and just felt like your outfit was lacking some finishing touch? Some final accessory that will polish off your look and pull everything together? If so, consider adding one of the most popular trends of the season – a cocktail ring. And not to worry, we're not talking about diamonds here, instead, it's all about CZ jewelry. CZ rings add a touch of glamour to any outfit. They act as the icing on the cake as they help to compliment the look and feel you are trying to achieve.CZ jewelry - ringOne of the biggest trends of the moment involves costume jewelry, and Cubic Zirconia rings fit perfectly into that mold. You can express yourself and your personality in a fun way through large rhinestones, fun designs and over the top settings. If you've always wanted a large rock on your finger, now you can get one, without the over the top price tag. And if you're wanted to channel your inner rock star and wear a bold piece of jewelry with spikes or black rhinestones, CZ rings are right on cue.CZ ringOn the other hand, Cubic Zirconia rings can also be refined, helping you to pull off classic pulled together chic. Go vintage cool by wearing a few Cubic Zirconia rings with blouses of lace, satin, silk or chiffon. Pair one of these tops with a pencil skirt or a pair of tailored jeans for a great look that will take you from office to happy hour.

    CZ rings are a fantastic way to do a quick outfit update. With big bold stones or a pop of color, they can make or break your outfit. Cubic Zirconia rings are great for woman of any age.

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Hot Jewelry Trends Fall/Winter 2009

    It’s that time to take a breath after the hot long summer and look toward the nice cooler fall and winter seasons. Depending on where you are, the forecast for hot jewelry trends this Fall/Winter are all about natural stones, natures finest is being put out on display and she is giving us some really unique and interesting materials to work with as jewelry artists. So after endless browsing the net, here’s what I’ve seen…again, depending on where you live and what your style is, these may or may not be your ‘cup of tea’.

    Natural Stones and lots of them are the hottest trend this coming season. Look for natural gemstones such as jade and turquoise to be the biggest hits along with wood, bone, and freshwater pearls to accent or mix and match. Any of these stones are perfect for incorporating into dramatic statement necklaces to wear this fall.

    Bracelets are again mentioned as the big thing this year. Bracelets are more of an accessory to the whole outfit look, especially in bold cuffs or stretch multi-layer strands. Cuffs will be adorned with jewels and stones alike, bring that bit of ‘bling’ on a budget to the jewelry world.
    Pendants are still in, so dig them out if you got’em. From bold to dramatic, many with multi-strand necklaces, layered with singled chains or worn with omegas, collars, or ribbon cords (all the rage again this year too); chose from designs in Swarovski crystals, natural stones, raw clusters of natural stones, or mounted in different metals from Sterling Silver to Copper.

    Necklaces as always ‘make or brake’ the whole outfit and this year they are not exception to that finished look. Chose from bold, exotic trendy chunky or give a little attitude with multi-strand or layers of several different styles together. Make sure to top if off with either long single earrings or multi-layer chandeliers.

    As a recap, jewelry will remain an important accent to the wardrobe this year for woman. The accent though will be less ‘bling’ and more of an edge, trendy self designing style. From bold cuffs to large pendants, big hoops, and any style of necklaces; it’s a woman’s game out there. Almost anything goes this Fall/Winter as women try to define their own style rather than copy someone else’s of the mass production lines of the past. This will make fashion fun again and women will embrace the opportunity to establish themselves in the forefront.

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    *Researched from various websites and magazines.

Jasper Turquoise Onyx Combo

    An all natural mix of Turquoise nuggets among Landscape Picture Jasper, Onyx and hung with a black matrix round Turquoise pendant; this piece has it all! Handcrafted wire work in non-tarnish brass wire, large dangle earrings complete the look in the same natural stones.

    Jaspers: Protection, nurturing, joy, awareness; balancing of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies.
    Onyx: Self-control, decision making, intuition, recognition of personal strengths.
    Turquoise: Spiritual attunement, cleansing, healing, protection, valor, soothing, peace of mind, guidance through the unknown, romantic spontaneity.

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Celeb Inspired CZ Engagement Ring

    Hollywood's A-listers, actresses and musicians are famous for their over the top lifestyles and larger than life spending sprees. So when they get married, you can expect nothing short of show-stopping. Celebs pull out all the plugs and splurge on the multi-carat engagement rings that are truly breathtaking. We love looking at what they're buying, but it's unrealistic to think that anyone besides these elite few can afford to spend as frivolously as they do. But that doesn't mean that you can't get the same engagement ring styles in the form of Cubic Zirconia rings. Choose one for an engagement, a present, or just a little treat to yourself.CZ Engagement RingCelebs often have access to the best designers in the industry, so why not make use of their resources and get your own ring in a style similar to one you've seen? Take a serious look at Cubic Zirconia rings for an option that will suit your style and taste. If you've seen it on a celeb – like the 6-carat emerald cut pink diamond that Jennifer Lopez owned or the mega carat stone surrounded by pave diamonds that Mariah Carey received from Nick Cannon – then check out what's available in the form of Cubic Zirconia. You might be surprised how similar in quality these stones are to the real thing.CZ Engagement Ring 2CZ rings are becoming more and more popular in this day and age, as couples choose to save money on expensive baubles and opt to spend their savings on other items like down payments for houses or other lavish wedding ceremony expenses. CZ jewelry are a great alternative as they offer the same look and feel of celeb styled rings, without the hefty price tag. So it's true – you can afford to get that A-lister style. And you'll be smart and savvy while you do it.

Vintage Jewelry Goes Modern

    Do you love the look of antique inspired jewelry? Are you a fan of romantic art deco pieces? If so, then you're in luck. This season, one of the top trends in fashion jewelry involves a resurgence of vintage jewelry. From CZ jewelry in the form of clip on earrings to Victorian-esque necklaces tied on ribbons, these accessories are not only beautiful and fun to wear, they're also completely affordable.CZ jewelryVintage jewelry is typically romantic and uses elaborate designs and settings to show off bezel set stones. Authentic 50s and 60s era jewelry used rhinestones to create great looking pieces that didn't cost a lot. That trend is back, as CZ jewelry rules everything from the runway to the silver screen. CZ jewelry is a fun way to express yourself and in retro styles, it's a welcome break from some of the hit-and-miss jewelry trends that are so short lived.

    If you're in your twenties, you can probably get away with wearing vintage looking Cubic Zirconia jewelry with jeans and a tank top. If you're in your thirties, try sporting the look with a LBD for a night on the town. If you're in your forties or fifties, try adding the jewelry to a sheath dress or a sweater set for a day in the office or lunch with the ladies.

    Cubic Zirconia jewelry is classic and chic, making it a perfect compliment for more modern pieces. What's great is that you can easily find CZ jewelry that is cost-friendly. Look online for Cubic Zirconia jewelry sets or for replica pieces modeled after your favorite designer duds. With an investment like CZ jewelry, you can't afford not to get in on this trend. You'll be able to wear these classics this season, as well as for many years to come.

A Style of Southwest

    The Southwest meets again with tradition in this beautiful necklace set. Natural stones in Turquoise and Wildhorse Magnesite and a hint of Paintbrush Jasper all accented with pewter and silver spacers. Large dangle earrings complete the set in same natural stones.

    Jaspers: Protection, nurturing, joy, awareness; balancing of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies
    Turquoise: Spiritual attunement, cleansing, healing, protection, valor, soothing, peace of mind, guidance through the unknown, romantic spontaneity.
    Magnesite: Promotes relaxation, positive attitude; removes feelings negative feelings and oversensitivity.

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Mad for Mad Men's Jewelry Style

    The show Mad Men has become a modern phenom, quickly developing a cult-classic type following. AMC's hit show has us on the edge of our seat every week, but it's not just the plot lines we're interested in – it's the fashion statements and the period jewelry that have us tuning in. The ladies of Mad Men have made A-line dresses, single strand pearl necklaces, multi-strand bracelets and clip-on earrings cool again, and we love the revival.Clip-On EarringsSet in the 60s, Betty Draper, played by January Jones, is the quintessential housewife. She's prim, proper and dressed perfectly for any event. Her wardrobe must haves include cashmere sweater sets and conservative dresses, always complimented by pearl necklaces and a pair of classic pearl clip on earrings. What's great is that these clip earrings have started a fashion trend that's turning into a major comeback.

    Designers have responded with their own collections of Mad Men inspired clip earrings. For dressy pieces that will get you noticed (think Christina Hendricks as Joan), choose from bejeweled studs, fanned out florals or art deco inspired clusters that easily and comfortably clip-on. Though these styles might be a little too fancy for today's workplace, they'll work great with a cocktail dress or a great blouse paired with jeans. For everyday wear, choose from gold clip on earrings in classic button or love knot shaped. These are great at adding interest and they provide a welcome change from more modern jewelry trends.

    It's definitely the season of the clip on earring comeback. What's great is that any woman can wear these designs and feel comfortable and confident. So whether you already own a great pair of vintage inspired clip on earrings or you plan on picking some up, you can be sure that this is the season that everyone's going mad for clip on earrings.

How to Update Your Jewelry for Fall

    So now that you've been window shopping and seen all that's in store for fall's fashion hit list, it's time to start making a list of the pieces that you want to purchase. With many women still looking to save money while keeping up on the latest trends, it's a struggle to find items that have staying power and are not just considered the "it" item of the moment. Here are our top picks for affordable ways to update your wardrobe for the up and coming season.

    Bracelets– Whether you choose simple chain link bracelets, multi strand metal link bracelets or a great handbag with a chain link strap, a small amount of this trend will help to add just the right amount of edgy appeal to more tailored pieces. It doesn't have to be completely rock and roll either; there are options that balance the look, such bracelets that are fit to be tied on a beautiful ribbon.

    Necklaces – These are a great investment for fall, as they extend the life of your existing wardrobe. Choose from short statement necklaces or longer multi-strand necklaces depending on your taste and style and add them to classic separates like solid color t-shirts. You can find some great options that are completely affordable and stylishly on cue.

    Texture – From feathered necklaces to wool coats and velvet blazers, for fall it's all about pieces that feel as good as they look. Choose one or two new favorites that you absolutely love and mix them with your current wardrobe. These pieces don't have to cost a lot; more so, they should make you feel good when you wear them.

    So don't feel like you have to spend a lot on the latest and greatest designer duds to make an impact this season. Instead, select a few choice pieces that will go the distance for months to come.

Shades of Purple Oyster

    Many shades of purple from light to dark and a little creamy white; two exotic and rare natural stones of purple Oyster square chips and hidden among them are Arizona Ivoryite stones. The hoop style earrings are from the same natural stones, included to complete the set.

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Venture into Southwest Designs

    I do a lot of Turquoise mix designs; as fast as I can make them they find new homes. Turquoise is a favorite among many people and can go with just about anything from jeans, t-shirts, to dresses, and look casual to dressy.

    From the mines of Arizona comes this lovely southwest style necklace. Arizona Turquoise nuggets that have mixes of browns, rusts, blues and greens; accented with copper, dark Topaz crystals, and Onyx; hanging from this Southwest splendor is a one-of-kind dichroic glass pendant pulling some of the same color combinations from the Turquoise. Wear it short or really short with the cooper chain and complete the look with a pair of dangle earrings in the same stones.

    Turquoise: Spiritual attunement, cleansing, healing, protection, valor, soothing, peace of mind, guidance through the unknown, romantic spontaneity.

    This and many other natural gemstone jewelry designs can be seen and purchased from our website.

What's in a Necklace Length

    Wondering what length of necklace fits you? Many people just wear whatever looks good and that usually works. Then there are others that only wear a certain style or length, depending on what is ‘hip ‘n hot’ or the trendy, stylish, and chic. If you’re wondering what those different lengths are, read on…..

    Choker Style: A choker is generally 15”-16” long and lies up next to your neck. Chokers look really nice with open necklines; round or v-shaped tops.

    Princess Style: A princess length is 18”-20” long and lies lower than the choker style. With this style, it more of a relaxed length and works really well with high necklines, such as turtlenecks; or for a different look, wear it with a really low neckline dress or shirt. This style is also great for double-stranded necklaces.

    Matinee Style: A matinee necklace is 23”-27” long and usually falls lover over a blouse and works great with layers of jackets or blazers. Matinee length allows freedom to design very striking multiple stand necklaces.

    Lariat Style: The lariat length varies from short 36” to as long as 42”. This gives a very flowing and long line for necklaces; can end with charms or pendants.

    Whatever your style, wear what looks and makes you feel best! For many different necklaces in these styles, browse and purchase from our website.

A Mix of Turquoise

    This lovely set has a mix of Turquoise; brown matrix and faceted rounds and a wavy pendant. All highlighted by Rumbled Cacilicia, Ivoryite and topaz Crystals. A nice pair of matching dangle earrings completes the set.

    Turquoise: Spiritual attunement, cleansing, healing, protection, valor, soothing, peace of mind, guidance through the unknown, romantic spontaneity.

    Browse and purchase many different jewelry designs in natural gemstones and wire sculpture at Timeless Designs.

How to Make Modern Glamour Work for You

    What woman doesn't like to dress up a little? To feel like a princess sometime? To look drop dead gorgeous in the perfect dress and jewelry to match? This season, it's all about bringing retro glam back in full force. With sparkle and shine, the look of the moment is heavy on bejeweled pieces that are just plain pretty. But the best part is: you don't have to spend a lot to get this look. Instead, choose from a variety of CZ jewelry pieces that will make you look like a million bucks for a lot less.

    Antique looking jewelry has recently made a comeback, but these CZ jewelry pieces are far from what you'd find in your grandmother's jewelry box. Instead, look for rhinestone encrusted pieces that use colored stones to create a modern and fashion forward look. Pair with a great black cocktail dress, a pair of sky high heels and a metallic clutch for a can't-fail outfit.

    If you love the look of art deco, why not get some great Cubic Zirconia jewelry in pieces that are inspired by this romantic trend? Look for decadent statement necklaces and elaborate designed cuffs that have floral or swirl patterns as part of the setting. Great craftsmanship is key in selecting this type of jewelry.

    Some of the trendier pieces of the season include large oversize florals that add charm and femininity to any dress. However, even though these items are hot right now, they might not have as long of a life span as other pieces in your jewelry box. Go for Cubic Zirconia in shades like black and white to get the most mileage out of your purchase.

    CZ jewelry is a great way to incorporate the beauty and glamour of eras past without breaking the bank. Whether it's for a prom or a wedding, you'll look great in this jewelry that allows you to shine like the star you are.

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How to Get Celeb Inspired Engagement Rings

    If you're planning for your upcoming nuptials and you love the look of celebrity engagement rings, then you'll be glad to know that you CAN get their style without breaking the bank. It's just a matter of knowing where to look and what to look for. Check out our top tips for shopping for a celeb styled engagement ring.

    1) Define what you like and dislike. If you fall in love with an engagement ring – what draws you to it? Is it the cut, the clarity, the color, the setting or the size of the rock that your favorite starlet is wearing? If it's the latter that interests you, then consider CZ jewelry that has the same look and feel of a more expensive stone, without the hefty price tag. You'll never be able to tell the difference.

    2) Decide on the cut. This is one of the most important things in selecting your engagement ring. Deciding whether you like princess, emerald, brilliant or bezel set is a big decision that will dictate the rest of the setting. If you're not sure, then try out a few CZ rings so you can get used to the shapes on your finger. This should help you in your decision.

    3) Look online for the best value possible. During these tough times, many couples have opted for CZ rings in place of pricier options, saving thousands of dollars. This money in turn is being used for down payments on houses instead of jewelry. Choosing CZ rings now also leaves you the option to convert the ring to the real thing once your financial situation has improved. After all, engagement rings are a symbol of your love, not how much money you make.

    So the next time you're ogling a beautiful sparkling ring on the hand of your favorite actress, consider how that style would look on you. With affordable and stylish options, there are many Cubic Zirconia rings that take their cues from what's going on with Hollywood's elite. Now you can get in on the trend and still have money left over for that perfect dress.

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Pretty Clip On Earrings

    One of the biggest trends for fall is a throwback to the romantic styles of the '40s. Ruffled blouses and romantic fabrics like silk and satin are making antique earrings and other vintage-inspired jewelry popular again, as intricate designs dominate the style scene. What's great is that you don't have to have pierced ears to enjoy these styles. In fact, some of the best-looking designs are actually coming out of the clip on earring trend.

    Offering a more authentic vintage look, clip on earring styles are all the rage for fall. Top designers like Givenchy, Dior and Chanel all showcased delicate fabrics in black and white. These looks are even more striking when paired with clip earrings that resonate of eras past. Clip on earrings look fantastic as they provide sweet romantic appeal and intricate design details.

    Clip on earrings that have a little sparkle and shine are the perfect accessory for nights out on the town or special events. It's easy to find a pair that will compliment the color and detail of your dress. Or, for something for more modern, try clip earrings in black rhinestones or black pearls.

    If you have a colored dress you'd like to wear, focus on the setting of the clip on earrings. For example, if your cocktail dress is in the hue of purple or pink, add clip-on earrings with a silver setting for contrast. If your cocktail dress is in green or blue, add clip-on earrings in gold for a rich look that absolutely will not fail.

    Since this season is all about mixing and matching, don't be afraid to wear girly clip on earrings with tougher fabrics like leather or suede. This contrast creates interest and is a welcome take on vintage inspired accessories. Try drop earrings or chandeliers clip on earrings for true romantic appeal.

Rocker Glam Bracelets

    Every woman wants to play dress up once in a while. There's the need to feel a bit edgier, a bit punkier, and a little bit rock n'roll. For fall, designers have embraced this trend, offering some beautiful rock inspired bracelets that will elevate any classic look to one worthy of flashing bulbs and a big attention-grabbing entrance.

    Just because you're not a performer, doesn't mean that you can't dress a little flashy once in a while. And by flashy, we mean adding a little sparkle and shine to your look. Rock and roll inspired bracelets are key to finishing off your look. For your best bet, add statement bracelets to tailored pieces or simple wardrobe standards like a plain white tee-shirt. Just like any bold piece, a little goes a long way. One great bracelet is all you need to pump up the volume.

    Our favorite rock and roll inspired bracelets are in silver tone, which makes them easy on the eyes as well as on the pocketbook. Try a rocker charm bracelet in muted metal, or a multi-strand chain link bracelet that adds weight when needed. The key here is balancing out your look. If you're wearing a feminine fabric like chiffon, satin, sequins or lace, you can easily get away with heavier bracelets that keep the look modern.

    Studded bracelets are also a big trend for fall. With varying widths of leather bands, you can easily alternate between thick and thin to create a unique look. Best of all, it's not just about black leather bracelets anymore. Designers have embraced color and are all about bracelets in rich hues like royal purple, ruby red and emerald green. Don't be wear these bracelets stacked on top of each other. It's this contrast that makes your look interesting and fashion-forward.

Faux Earrings Pictures

How to Mix Sweet and Edgy Fashion and Accessories

    One of the biggest trends of the season is to wear fall's most feminine pieces and compliment them with accessories like bracelets that are bold, striking and a little bit rock and roll. It's this balance between sweet girl and edgy woman that has fashionistas lining up to try out this look. Here are a few tips from our experts on how to pull off the look effortlessly and with class.

    If you've got a ruffled dress or blouse – Funk it up with bracelets that have a bit of an edge. For example, pony hair bangles or studded bracelets are just the key to creating balance. If the fabric of your outfit is silk, rayon or satin, look for bracelets in contrasting designs that offset the femininity of these pieces. Gold Tone Stretch Bangle BraceletIf you've got a closet full of bright colors – Try added some punk to your wardrobe with black and white enamel bracelets. Throw in a little zebra print for something fun and exciting.

    If you're used to wearing classics – Branch outside of your comfort zone with pieces that push the envelope. For example, instead of a plain pearl bracelet in ivory stones, try a multi-strand bracelet of black pearls mixed with rhinestones. These chic bracelets are a modern take on a fashion staple.

    If you've always gone for "less is more" – Re-think your accessories this season. Start with your bracelets. Don't be afraid to pile on an armful of bangles of varying colors and widths. Mix and match with charm bracelets, corded bracelets and just about any other accessories you have in your jewelry box.

    The overall lesson here is to have fun with your look and try something outside of your comfort zone. Begin by playing dress up with pieces from your closet and gradually work your way up to bold and in charge pieces that will have you looking fierce for fall!

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Custom Jewelry Pieces

    Quite often I get a request from a customer to make a custom piece to match an outfit or dress for a special event. In this case, I recently got a request from a loyal customer who bought our beautiful Crazy Lace Agate Crystals Copper bracelet. She wore it to work and realized that she needed a matching pair of earrings! After her inquiry, I dug through my inventory to see if I see had the stones – we got lucky!

    Here I’ve designed a nice pair of dangle earrings in the same matching pair of Crazy Lace Agate and highlighted it with off-set crystals and copper.

    Agates: Balancing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies; perceptiveness, strength, inspiration, awakening talents.

    Interested in a custom piece?
    Contact us for further details or browse our website to purchase many other jewelry designs in natural gemstones.

Spicy Bling in Copper

    This spicy hot design is highlighted by the glass lampwork beads in swirls of grey, brown, black/blue, yellow/gold, and browns just to name a few. Copper accents between white natural Magnesite gemstone nuggets and crystals; copper toggle and dangle earrings in the same stones finish off the sassy set.

    Magnesite promotes relaxation and a positive attitude to life. It removes negative feelings, reduces oversensitivity and said to lift depression.

    Browse and purchase any natural gemstone designs from Timeless Designs.

Animal Cocktail Rings

Bracelets Galore!

    Is it just us or has anyone else noticed that celebs are covering up from wrist to elbow with the latest and greatest bracelets, bangles and cuffs? It's bracelet overload with stars and stylistas alike sporting this trend to the fullest of their fashionable ability. We love the one-off combinations, creative adornments and unique statements that are being made in the name of fashionable accessorizing. Jasmine's Snake Print Link BraceletIt used to be that excess was frowned upon, as women chose one or two accessories to compliment their outfits. Nowadays, that's all changing as everyone from lunching ladies to working moms to Hollywood socialites are getting in on bracelet overload. It's quite common to see five, ten, even twenty or more bracelets adoring the arms this season. What we love is that this trend is so wearable. Updating your wardrobe has never been so affordable, as women are digging deep into their jewelry box to find fabulous bracelets they forget they had, and pairing those with new pieces that are hot on the must-have list. Retailers and e-tailers are selling bracelets and bangles in sets, so the baubles can be worn together or mixed and matched for maximum versatility.

    Best of all, the bracelet looks we've seen are as unique as the women wearing them. After all, everyone has their favorite "go-to" bracelet that they won't leave the house without. Add that to bracelets of religious or special importance, then mix in a few of the most fashion-forward pieces and you've created a personal masterpiece. You can't go wrong with these bracelets that will have you looking and feeling great. Wear them as you savor these last few days of summer, and make the transition into fall with confidence and style, knowing that these pieces are timeless and ready to meet the season ahead.

Turquoise & Arrowhead

    Rooted in Texas this naturally carved arrowhead in a nice shade of beige with hints of dark shadows has been hand wired with natural copper. Highlighted with Turquoise cut in rounds, barrels and tubes and the dangle earrings from copper ear-hooks are double dangles in the same Turquoise gemstone beads, with a copper spacer. As with most of my pendant pieces, this one too I’ve made the bail a little larger so you may remove – wear the necklace without the pendant for an all Turquoise natural look or with the pendant to add that hint of Old West.

    Turquoise: Spiritual attunement, cleansing, healing, protection, valor, soothing, peace of mind, guidance through the unknown, romantic spontaneity

    Pendant provided by Panther Creek Minerals of San Antonio, Texas.

    Browse and purchase many natural gemstone jewelry designs at our

The Most Popular Pendant Necklaces

    Pendant necklaces have long been a fashion staple. They are versatile enough to be worn with almost anything in your closet and there's been a flood of new designs and styles to keep every fashionista wanting more. From Michelle Obama's peace sign pendant necklace to Carrie Bradshaw's wishbone and horseshoe pendant from Sex and the City: The Movie, there's no shortage of beautiful baubles to add to your collection.

    Sterling silver jewelry - pendant necklaces have taken over as higher priced gold options are passed over in favor of classic pieces that will go the distance. Personalized sterling silver pendants are still popular, with engravings of initials or inspirational messages getting the bulk of the business. Not only do these necklaces look great, they do a fantastic job of lifting your spirits and the moods of those whom you meet.

    Traditional charms like hearts, starfish and teardrops are still selling, but lately, there's been an infatuation with Celtic themes, Fleur de Lis charms and Evil Eyes. It's no doubt due to movies like Twilight and fans like Jennifer Aniston that these styles are splashed all over the pages of major fashion magazines.

    Long pendant necklaces are also big on the style circuit, influenced in part by the surge of boho chic hippie stylistas like Sienna Miller and Mischa Barton that have been seen rocking the trend. It's all about layering these necklaces and mixing and matching various lengths to create unique statements of personality.

    Large pendant necklaces are still on the radar with earthly elements like stone, shells and wood playing a big part of the organic look. Now's definitely the time to rock those large pendants that you've had stored away in the back of your jewelry box. With ethnic jewelry and costume jewelry back in a big way, get your mileage out of these pieces while you can.

CZ jewelry: Antique Inspired Bridal Jewelry

    Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You'll spend months planning for the special occasion and deciding on the perfect dress and accessories to match. This year, many brides love the look of beautiful antique jewelry. But you don't have to spend a lot to look like a princess.

    CZ jewelry, is a fantastic alternative for brides-to-be. With tons of styles and settings from which to choose, plus completely affordable options, you can't go wrong. Now it's easier than ever to live out your Cinderella fantasy with pieces that sparkle and shine from all angles.

    There's something about the look of vintage that has brides going ga-ga. It might be the romantic factor or the fact that love is in the air, but vintage CZ rhinestone jewelry is taking the cake when it comes to top bridal choices this year. From art deco inspired settings to pieces dripping in pearls, this style is one that is intricate, delicate and drop-dead gorgeous.

    To find great CZ jewelry, such as bracelets that fit the bill, look for pieces that are well-made and have superior craftsmanship. Pay attention to the setting of the stones, the clasp and the quality of the metal. If you've seen a piece of jewelry that you like in the form of diamonds, then look for CZ jewelry that is a replica. It will be a lot less expensive, so you'll have more money to spend on other wedding items.

    On your wedding day, you're going to want to be the center of attention, so don't shy away from bold pieces of jewelry that will keep you in the spotlight. Cubic Zirconia jewelry is a great way to do this without breaking the bank.

    Tip: When picking out your pieces, also keep in mind your bridal party jewelry as well.

The Coming of Beads

    As jewelry artists and beaders our main material are beads. Bead making has been a highly valued skill throughout the world from earliest recorded times. In Ancient Egypt bead making was divided into specialist guilds according to the materials and technique used, and a similar system is used in modern India. Techniques invented by the Egyptians and Romans are still in use today and many skills have been shrouded in secrecy for centuries; the death penalty was even incurred for divulging trade secrets in Renaissance Venice. In Jablonec, the bead center of Czechoslovakia, the export of beads is severely rationed, despite high demand; in a typical factory there are only 80 skilled workers capable of producing 240 pieces each day.

    Hand-worked beads
    Early beads were made from substances used for other purposes such as bones from hunted animals and offcuts of stone tools. The rough carving and flaking techniques derived from making other implements. Many beads today are handmade, from sea shells cut and polished from the Pacific beaches, to porcelain beads designed in European markets.

    Piecing Beads
    Once shaped, a bead is pierced to make the hole. A cone-shaped hold, drilled in from both sides, is a sign of great age often seen in Pre-Columbian beads. Hand-wound glass beads are constructed around a metal wire which when removed leaves a hole.

    Mass Production
    The most seen today and cheapest in manufacturing of beads is the mass production. Cheap materials such as glass allowed everyone through-out the ages to have wares of beads. The Renaissance saw a great increase in mass production for export and today thousands of wooden beads are turned on lathes. The invention of molding produced perfectly shaped identical beads, easily recognized by a telltale seam between the poles and around the girth of a bead. In 1895 Daniel Swarovski invented an automatic process for cutting quantities of quality glass beads. Even today, the method is so guarded that workers do not have access to different parts of the factory.

    Once shaped, most beads are tumbled in a revolving cask to remove the molded seam and smooth or add polish. Substances added to the cask produce different effects; garnet paper or find sandpaper polishes wood, leather gives a soft shine to plastic. The concentric layers of colored glass in multi-tone beads rub away in different quantities during tumbling to give a two-three tone effect. Finishes, from lustering to coating of iridescence, enhance plain beads and are often added during tumbling.

    Color is either part of the bead’s material (natural or artificial) or is added after the bead has been made. Oxides are mixed into glass and into the glazes applied to ceramic beads. Precious stones are dyed or heat treated to enhance the color.

    Whatever your taste in beads from glass, crystal, resin, polymer clay, natural gemstone, or wood; they have all been developed by nature with a touch of human hand.

    *Experts from various bead books, magazines and web articles.

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