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Wire Working Tools 101

    So we have learned that there are several different types of jewelry making. I started out with the most common of the type, beading; and grew into wire working and sculpting. As I learn each technique and put my own twist of creativity into the design, I move into other more advanced or new techniques and types of jewelry making.

    Let’s look at the type that I’ve done more work with and that is wire working. I would recommend before investing into the tools and wire that you take a class from your local craft, hobby or beading store. This will give you the chance to really get your hands ‘dirty’ before putting out the money in the right tools and wire.

    Wire working tool are some of the same ones that are used in every type of jewelry making; however there are a few specialty tools for working with heavy gauge wire and to make things like jump rings, connectors and findings. Here are some of the more common essential wire working tools. In future posts, I’ll be listing some specialty wire working tools and techniques.

    Bent Nose Pliers: Use these to shape or straighten wire and to hold it in place while using other tools. I keep a pair of both large and small sizes to fit most projects. Inspect your pliers before purchase and avoid any with notches on the inside as that can scratch wire. Over time, your pliers will start to show wear and tear; to keep them around longer I wrap blue painters tape around the jaws to keep from marring the wire.

    Round Nose Pliers: These are perfect for curving wire or making hooks and loops, which can be used as findings or for attachment pieces. Again here I have several different sizes ranging from small, medium and large depending on the design, stones and project.

    Chain Nose Pliers: These pliers a are square on the outside, flat on the inside, with a tapered nose to reach small places. These are excellent for making angles in wire.

    Wire Cutters: These are used to cut normal wire such as gold, sterling, and artistic wire. Do not confuse them with the specialty memory wire cutters that are only used to cut memory wire. The sharper the cutter, the better, as it will last longer.

    Jeweler’s Files: These come in sets with several sizes and shapes which are used to smooth off the metal. Wooden handles make it more comfortable to hold than all metal files; but is not necessary. Whatever your choice, make sure to get a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any project.

    Bench Block: This is one of my favorite wire working tools; it is used to flatten wire and metal. It gives you a nice, sturdy, solid surface to work from.

    Chasing Hammer: This round tipped hammer is used with the bench block to hammer wire flat. You can also use it in more advanced techniques to give a more hammered or textured look to your wire or metals.

    Thing-a-ma-jig Wire Jig: For making just about any loop, curve, link, or design, a wire jig makes it easy. If you can draw or move a string in any shape, then you can do the same thing with wire in a jig.

Affordable and Stylish Cocktail Rings

    By now, I'm sure you've noticed the ever-growing trend of rocking a bold bauble in the form of a cocktail ring to dress up any outfit. This must-have accessory has been spotted on everyone from A-listers like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez to style setters like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. They often spend thousands, if not millions of dollars on beautiful cocktail rings that have them landing on the top of every best-dressed list. If you don't want to break the bank, but you still want the same look, consider a Cubic Zirconia ring in a style that imitates that of your favorite celeb. CZ rings have all the sparkle and glamour of the real thing, and because they're so affordable, you can afford to buy a few.
    Macaw Cocktail Rings
    Cubic Zirconia rings are a great way to add some color to your outfit. For summer, the hottest shades of the season are canary yellow, emerald green and azure turquoise. These bright baubles will be a great attention grabber when paired with a casual outfit, and are the perfect accessory to compliment a dress for a special night out. CZ rings should be worn as a statement piece, especially if you are wearing a busy print or a dress with a bold design. A CZ ring is just the ticket for creating a polished and chic look that will surely impress.

    With so many Cubic Zirconia ring styles to choose from, it's easy to find something that will suit your style and taste. Go bold with a rocker style CZ jewelry set with dark black stones and silver. This type of Cubic Zirconia ring is versatile enough to be worn with tailored jeans and a tee, or as an accessory with a cocktail dress. So try a CZ ring the next time you're looking for a hot new accessory. It's sure to be a hit!

Haute Bracelets, Necklaces and Rings with Natural Elements

    There are some pieces of jewelry that you simply can't afford to be without, while others, you might admire from afar, but decide that the trend just doesn't fit your style or your budget. This season, one of the most coveted (and affordable) looks of the moment is jewelry that comes from the elements of nature. Bracelets, necklaces, rings with shells and natural unpolished stones are not only beautiful to look at, they are unique as well. With no two that are alike, each style setting maven will be able to create her own style statement with the best that nature has to offer.
    Stone bracelets
    Recently, Michelle Obama sent the trend watchers into a frenzy when she wore a vintage multi-tier necklace of faux pearls and rhinestones. The 12 interwoven strands of pearls were ivory and light blue, adding a perfect contrast to her shimmery black evening gown. Mrs. Obama's style is often in the spotlight, as she seems to know just the right jewelry to create style that is both classic chic and modern mom. For summer, try a twist on her style with multi-strand candy colored shell necklaces in hues like orange and turquoise, and try fashionable bracelets with natural stones. These stunners look great when paired with sundresses, or can be as easily worn to dress up a white t-shirt and jeans. Throw on a pair of metallic or neutral sandals, and you'll be ready to go.
    Stone necklaces
    Natural stones such as topaz and amethyst look great with warm summer colors like golden yellow. Top sellers of the season include sterling silver necklaces with large stone pendants, chunky cocktail rings with unpolished rocks, fashionable bracelets with golden yellow sparks. Wear with polished pieces for a funky bit of flair, or channel your inner bohemian rhapsody by layering neutral pieces and fabrics. Add at least one natural piece of jewelry to your current jewelry stash to stay up with the latest and greatest style scene and create a unique look that is all your own.
    Stone ringsWeb label: CZ rings | CZ jewelry

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Jewelry Making Types 101

    Jewelry comes in every shape, size, and style, which is why it might seem like a overwhelming process to begin making jewelry. However, despite the wide range of creative possibilities, getting started isn't as hard as it looks. Before investing in any supplies, it's a good idea to understand exactly what type of Jewelry you are most interested in making. To help you get started, look at your own style of jewelry and the jewelry of those around you. What inspires you or gets your creative juices flowing to want to make some type of jewelry; whether it is necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets. Below I’ve pulled together some basic Jewelry Making Types 101.

    Jewelry Types
    One of the first things you need to look at is what type of jewelry do I want to make. It is a huge investment depending on what type of jewelry you want design and make.

    Beading w/Beads: Basic beading is one of the most simple and affordable types of jewelry making to get into, plus it is the most versatility when it comes to color, style, and design. You can make a chunky/bold, bohemian/craft necklaces and bracelets and matching classy chandelier-style earrings. For beginners it makes for an ideal place to start since all you need are beads, wire, and findings (clasps, ear wires and crimp beads). Some basic tools, such as pliers and needles are also useful, among other accessories.

    Polymer Clay: Polymer clay is a very interesting medium to work with, mostly because it is so versatile. All you have to do is buy the clay, which is soft, malleable clay that once baked, dries to a hard, heavy material. With this clay you will make colorful beads or pendants which will then be strung on a wire or cord with beads in between as spacers and coming together with a clasp that compliments the piece. Polymer clay is fairly inexpensive itself, and the only other thing you need is a type of oven (toaster ovens work well) and a baking sheet reserved for jewelry making. Some basic jewelry tools such as pliers are helpful.

    Precious Metal Clay or PMC: This unique type of clay goes from soft, moldable clay, much like polymer clay, but when fired, it turns to a solid 14k, 24k, or silver metal product. There are various ways of firing this type of clay from a kiln or even a torch. While large and somewhat technical, kilns have the most varied uses, such as fusing glass and baking ceramics. They are priced according to size, ranging from $100 to $800. The only drawback is that you will be restricted to metal clay that fires at a lower heat level. The clay is often priced according to the value of the metal in question.

    Fused Glass: Glass jewelry is a specialty that can be fun and extremely rewarding with a lot of practice and patience. Because of the technical skills needed to produce fused glass, people frequently take courses before engaging in glass fusing at home. This is also ideal since glass fusing is very expensive to get into and requires a kiln and quite a lot of equipment, which. Classes offer an inexpensive way to familiarize yourself with the technique and the tools before choosing to make fused glass jewelry on your own and making the huge investment. Fused glass is incredible in that no two pieces ever fire the same way; thus the results are very unique and unusually handcrafted jewelry pieces.

    Silversmithing: Silversmithing is fairly reasonable when it comes to the cost of supplies alone, but as you purchase the equipment and tools, it can turn into another big investment. The one benefit to this technique is that no kilns are necessary, just lots of tools and a small soldering device. You may opt for taking a course first to get started as it is an easy way to learn the basics and to get general guidance before moving onto your own solo work.

    As you can see these are just a few of the many different types and styles of jewelry making. Determining what interests you and then developing your own style within the jewelry type will reflect and set your designs apart from everyone else. Before venturing into any jewelry making, I’d highly recommend checking with your local craft or beading store and take a few classes in the different styles. This will give someone with a smaller budget the ability to test drive the technique, determine the overall costs and ultimately give you a roadmap of where, how and when to begin your adventure into jewelry making.

Oprah's Winning Earrings Style

    Oprah is known for being one of the powerful celebrities on the planet, but she's also one of the best dressed. Her style is chic, sophisticated and modern, always leaving us wanting more. No matter what she wears, she is known to have a knack for accessorizing – mostly with gorgeous earrings.
    earrings 1
    Oprah has a great sense of what looks good on her. She typically chooses bold earrings whether she's wearing her hair up or down. She tends to lean toward styles that really sparkle. Some of her favorite drop earrings are pear shaped, as she has fashionably worn on many occasions. She also wears long drop earrings that compliment her well.
    earrings 2
    While filming, Oprah tends to wear earrings that are big and beautiful. She can easily pull off a pair of diamond hoops or several carat studs. She pulls them off effortlessly and with confidence. When she's on the red carpet, Oprah trusts statement earrings that incorporate diamonds and classic designs. These pair well with her bold color choices like red and gold.
    earrings 3
    One things for sure - Oprah knows what earrings work for her. She's not interested in the latest short lived fads and celebrity trends. Instead, she stays up to date with earrings and jewelry that work well with her hairstyle, skin tone and outfits. She's a true style icon and one to watch.

    If you love Oprah's earrings, but aren't prepared to splurge on pricey pieces, you can still get the same look for less. To get Oprah's style, consider CZ earrings that use large stones and are set in silver plated or sterling silver designs. You'll achieve the same sparkle and shine for a lot less moola. Plus, you might have enough left over to buy a new outfit to go with your fabulous new earrings.

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Fashion Bangle Braclets Pictures

Spiny Oyster

    Some of the most incredible Southwestern and Indian jewelry is made with Spiny Oyster beads. The colors of these beads vary from pink to purple and from light to deep orange. Spiny oyster beads come from the spiny oyster shell, or Spondylus, harvested from the Sea of Cortez, Baja California and Mexico. Different types of Spondylus may also be found in the warm waters off the coasts of Central and South America. Spondylus is Latin for “spines on its back,” which is appropriate for this beautify and difficult to harvest shell.

    It was hard to find information about just the beads, but I did find out about the Spiny Oyster Shell from the Wikipedia. “Spondylus is a genus of bivalve mollusks, the only genus in the family Spondylidae. As well as being the systematic name, Spondylus is the most often used common name for these animals, though they are also known as thorny oysters or spiny oysters.

    There are many species of Spondylus, and they vary considerably in appearance and range. They are grouped in the same super family as the scallops, but like the true oysters (family Ostreidae) they cement themselves to rocks, rather than attaching themselves by a byssus. Their key characteristic is that the two parts of their shells are hinged together with a ball and socket type of hinge, rather than a toothed hinge as is more common in other bivalves. Spondylus have multiple eyes around the edges of the shell, and they have a relatively well developed nervous system. Their nervous ganglia are concentrated in the visceral region, with recognizable optic lobes, connected to the eyes. Spondylus shells are much sought after by collectors, and there is a lively commercial market in them.

    Archaeological evidence shows that people in Neolithic Europe were trading the shells of Spondylus gaederopus to make bangles and other ornaments as long as 5,000 years ago (Varna necropolis). The shells were harvested from the Aegean Sea but were transported far into the centre of the continent. In the LBK and Lengyel culture, Spondylus shells from the Aegean Sea were worked into bracelets and belt-buckles.

    Spondylus princeps are also found off the coast of Ecuador, and have been important to Andean peoples since pre-Columbian times, serving as offerings to the Pachamama as well as some kind of currency. In fact much like in Europe the Spondylus shells also reached far and wide as pre-Hispanic Ecuadorian peoples traded them with peoples as far north as present-day Mexico and as far south as the central Andes. The Moche people of ancient Peru worshipped animals and the sea and often depicted Spondylus shells in their art.

    *Parts have been reprinted from the Wikipedia.

Celebrity Jewelry Style at Home

    Ever watch your favorite celebrities strut their stuff down the red carpet decked out in glamorous evening gowns and dripping in diamonds? Well, we'll let you in on a little secret – most of what they're wearing they don't even own. In fact, most of it is borrowed from designers and jewelry stores. But now, you can own the pieces that they wore thanks to affordable celebrity jewelry - CZ jewelry that makes all the statement for a fraction of the cost.
    Celebrity Jewelry StyleIf it's sparkle and shine you're looking after, celebrity jewelry - CZ jewelry is just the ticket to creating a memorable look that is completely affordable. It's a great solution for dressing up for special occasions, such as weddings, parties and proms. But it's also becoming just as accepted to wear crystals to dress up a pair of tailored jeans and a great blouse. With celebrity jewelry - CZ jewelry as versatile as ever, now is a great time to scoop up some of the hottest styles on the market.

    Absolutely in love with the sapphires that Katie Holmes famously donned for her wedding to Tom Cruise? Want a similar set of emerald earrings as worn by Angelina Jolie to this year's Academy Awards? Well now you can have both, plus have enough money left over for a new outfit too. With celebrity jewelry - CZ jewelry, many designers and online stores have similar pieces to what your favorite celebrity or A-lister has worn. These trends make a fabulous addition to any jewelry box and also make great gifts.

    A modern way to rock the latest in CZ accessories is to mix these pieces with ones that you already own. For example, sport CZ and pearl necklaces with heavier chain link pieces for a balance between feminine and rocker chic. Throw on a great blazer and a pair of skinny jeans and you're ready for a night on the town.

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CZ Jewelry for Your Big Day

    Every bride wants to shine on her big day. She wants to feel the most beautiful she ever has, and be the center of attention. Of course, finding the perfect dress is where it all starts, but when it comes to accessories, sometimes it's hard to narrow it down to the right pieces. Thanks to the growing trend of CZ jewelry, now every bride can afford to look and feel like a princess on her big day.CZ JewelryYour wedding is a time for opulence, elegance and glamour. Your hair and makeup should compliment your overall look, and your accessories should help you complete a perfectly polished outfit. Don't be afraid to go a little over the top. After all, this is the one day that you can go for extreme jewelry and makeup that is more noticeable. One of the best ways to do this is by trying CZ jewelry in statement pieces.

    While celebs like Katie Holmes and Eva Longoria Parker may be able to afford the largest diamonds on their wedding day, you can still imitate their look with pieces that are made from high quality CZ. And best of all, your guests won't be able to tell the difference. For clear CZ jewelry, choose pieces that go with your overall theme. Try a pair of starburst drop earrings for a nighttime affair, or opt for another type of art deco set with modern cuts and symmetrical elegance. This type of CZ jewelry looks phenomenal with black bridesmaid dresses and orchids, which is one of the hottest wedding trends of the season.

    If you're going for more of a romantic look, don one signature piece of jewelry, like oversize floral pendant necklaces or multi-tiered necklaces dripping in rhinestones. Just remember, this is your time to shine, so don't hold back.

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Summer Wedding Jewelry Style

    Summer is the season for weddings galore, and you're sure to want to look your best for the big event. If you plan on attending a summer wedding in the upcoming months, then read on for more information on the hottest trends of the season and the most appropriate styles for each type of celebration.

    For beach weddings – If the affair is a destination wedding, or simply one that is set on the backdrop of local sand and surf, then remember that less is more, in terms of your outfit and complimentary jewelry. You can still incorporate color into your look by adding simple jewelry that follows the vibe of the season. Consider a pair of elegant coral and turquoise drop earrings in a gold setting. Or, add bright red multi-strand beaded necklaces to dress up neutral ensembles.Summer Wedding Jewelry StyleFor formal weddings – Even though it's summer, formal weddings are a great opportunity to pile on ornate pieces of jewelry that are real attention grabbers. A lavish accessory such as a bejeweled floral brooch or pendant necklace can take a simple LBD from boring to bravo. Add color in the form of a pair of bright and bejeweled chunky earrings in yellow gold.

    For church weddings – When choosing appropriate accessories for a church ceremony, tasteful is most certainly the goal. This doesn't mean that you still can't have some fun with your jewelry. For example, a long multi-strand pearl and metal chain link necklace is not only elegant, but also modern and chic. Add a matching cocktail ring, and you'll be good to go.

    For outdoor weddings – Enjoy the gorgeous warm weather of the season with a picture perfect wedding outfit. Compliment light and airy sundresses with armfuls of bangle bracelets. Try textured or hammered metal and don’t be afraid to mix and match.

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Clip on Earrings – A Fashion Do

    If you never decided to pierce your precious lobes, don't fret. You can still get in on all the latest and greatest jewelry trends with clip on earrings that will make a fashion statement worthy of putting you on the Best Dressed list. Clip on earrings are affordable and with all the new styles on the market, there's no excuse not to pick up a pair today.
    Clip on EarringsMany women are a little bit wary about getting their ears pierced in the first place. There's always the worry about infection and proper healing, and once you do it, you'll have a small hole in your earlobe for the rest of your life. Sometimes, wearing large earrings or heavy pieces can even damage your earlobes. And in some cultures, it is frowned upon to have the ears pierced. That's not the case here, but now, thanks to the most up-to-date styles, clip on earrings are more comfortable and more fashion forward than ever before. Never again will you have to worry about losing an earring back with these one-piece wonders.Clip on EarringsIf you're not sure about the type of styles that clip on earrings are available in, then read on. Clip earrings now rival pierced earrings in terms of the vast selection available. For example, you can everything from delicate diamond studs to fun-looking hoops to glamorous chandeliers to ethnic inspired styles. This means that you can easily imitate the look of your favorite celeb or A-lister with clip on earrings that are just as fashionable.Clip on EarringsBest of all, if you have a big event coming up, it's easy to grab a pair of beautiful clip on earrings that will get you through the big night. For summer styles, there's no need to worry about waiting for ears to heal before you jump in the pool or the ocean. Just throw on a great pair of clip earrings and you're out the door worry free.

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Fashionable Peace Sign Jewelry

    It's hard not to turn on the news or open the paper without seeing some sad act of violence or detrimental world event. But that doesn't mean that you can't make your own statement of peace and love by rocking one of the most fashionable trends of the season. Right now, all the hottest celebs are showing their support by wearing beautiful peace sign necklaces in sterling silver and platinum encrusted with diamonds. Now, you can get the look for a lot less with Cubic Zirconia jewelry that gives you the same great look, but won't break the bank.Peace Sign JewelryIt seems like everyone is in on the peace sign jewelry trend. From budding actresses like Amy Teagarden to socialites like Lindsey Lohan to A-listers like Minnie Driver, the peace sign pendant is a look that you simply can't afford to pass up. Depending on your style, there is a peace sign jewelry look for every taste and budget. If necklaces are more your thing, try a Cubic Zirconia pendant on a long chain. Pair it with a tailored blazer and feminine camisole for a look that's office friendly. Alternatively, you can rock a short Cubic Zirconia peace sign necklace with just about anything in your closet. This versatile piece can be worn as an accessory on a summer day or just as easily used to dress up an LBD at night.Peace Sign JewelryFor earrings and bracelets lovers, there are some great cubic Zirconia peace sign cut outs that will have you feelin' the love in no time. Take Miley Cyrus' signature peace sign pose as inspiration, and feel free to rock these fun earrings to make a fun-loving fashion statement for a good cause. Even Michelle Obama is in on the trend, rocking a peace sign charm necklace along with other small symbols. And now, it's easy to imitate her style with affordable crystal pieces that are just as classic and beautiful.

Angie Harmon's Jewelry Style

    Angie Harmon's Jewelry Style
    Former model, actress and Hollywood mom Angie Harmon knows a thing or two about fashion and trend-setting style. This natural beauty is often spotted at charity events, parties and premieres, and one thing's for sure: She knows how to work a red carpet. Angie's evening gown choices and casual gear paired with faultless jewelry choices and to-die-for accessories consistently make her one of our top style mavens.

    Angie's red carpet choices have included everything from elegant long couture gowns to short and sassy numbers that show off her features. For jewelry, she's not afraid to incorporate a lot of sparkle or a signature bold piece that will get her noticed. Pink is a great color on her, and she had no problem pulling off an bold rhinestone and chain necklace with an elegant satin frock. It was the perfect balance of rock and roll edginess for an otherwise girly dress. For a Vanity Fair event Angie donned a pair of rhinestone hoop earrings with a sleek up-do and black ballerina gown. She doesn't mind pushing the fashion envelope, and she always ends up looking like a true A-lister.

    For casual wear, Angie can't help but look effortlessly fabulous. With her statuesque looks, it's no wonder that everything looks great on her. With tailored jeans and neutral colored blouse, Angie wore small gold ball drop earrings, while she sported a much larger pair of cluster chandelier earrings with a pink peasant blouse for a summery take on vacation basics.

    To get Angie's look, pick one piece of jewelry to make a statement. If you opt for a bold pair of earrings, then leave your neck and your wrist bare. If it's an oversize pendant that you're craving, then steer clear of bracelets and earrings. Don't be afraid to take a little bit of a risk, at least with a LBD and a fun piece of jewelry.

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All New

    These little gems are all new, some have been snapped up already and sold! Natural gemstone jewelry, customized to reflect your personality. Check out Timeless Designs for these and other exotic and uniquely handcrafted pieces!
    Tri-strand floating freshwater coin Pearls with a beautiful MOP pendant with the blister pearls still intact!

    Be bold in red Brecciated Jasper mixed among gunmetal spacers and black metallic square seedbeads.

    A switch of classy and stylish with this little number; exotic Argaonite Agate, Sandy Opals and brass wire work highlighted by charmed dangle earrings.

    Mixing red hot Coral with black Onyx and silver is a spiced up accent to casual or dressy attire.

Stones of Calsilica

    Rainbow calcilica is a fine from Chihuahua, Mexico and South America, multi-colored, layered stone composed of I calcite-Allophane (both blue and green) and silica with various trace metals that cause the other colors. Some people theorize that this stone formed as a result of the runoff of mining or oil-drilling chemicals, and has only formed in the last 30 to 50 years, however this still remains uncertain. It is layers range in colors from red, brown, green, tan, blue, yellow, and white just to name a few.

    While there is still some that believe it is not a natural stone, it has been verified as one. It is stabilized just like Turquoise, which makes it easy to cut and polish. The original Geologist who did a scanning electron microprobe study of an untreated piece with Rhyolite matrix attached, maintains that it is a natural stone and he could not detect anything that would suggest this is man made. GIA has published an article in Gems and Gemology (April 2003) stating that they tested a treated piece obtained in France, using Raman Laser Spectroscopy and it was found that the blue and yellow colors matched a man made pigment.

    They also said it had polymer and a paraffin-like substance. Since then many treated and untreated samples as well a piece of the acrylic they use to stabilize it, were tested at the Geologist/Chemist, University Back East. Their preliminary findings clearly show that the blue and yellow does not match any man made pigments and no traces of paraffin were found.

    It will forever be a beautiful stone with a mysterious background, wild for conversation and research.

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