Cubic Zirconia Jewelry - Travel Accessory

    Cubic Zirconia jewelries are treated as perfect jewelries that can be used while traveling because they are very cheap as compared to diamonds. Besides these they are very durable as compared to other kinds of gemstones and crystal ornaments. CZ jewelry is just perfect for all those diamond lovers who just wish that they could have their whole jewelry collection packed with them as their luggage. Cubic zirconia jewels can be found in wide range of prices. They can be found as prices as low as 25 dollars for just a very small piece of the Cubic Zirconia ornament.

    CZ jewelry can be found in the form of lightweight CZ bracelets as well as ear studs that can act as perfect substitutes for the diamond collection. Moreover they are handier and can be used very well as travel accessory. Cubic Zirconia stones are now gaining importance in many countries and are therefore being crafted at a very large scale. You can easily get them in modern as well as classical designs that can suit all your needs for different occasions. These crystals are considered as perfect in terms of the economical jewelry collection because of their durability and beauty.

    There is one main advantage of this Cubic Zirconia jewels that they are crafted as well as designed in many different kinds of lightweight forms. It can be seen that they are very light as compared to the diamonds. More and more women now prefer Cubic zirconia jewelry over they earlier ornaments since they are very easy to replace and are available in all forms, designs and patterns. The main reason for their success is the low budget that they offer makes it possible for especially women to have a big collection which is quite apt for all types of occasions. They form perfect thing for your traveling kit.

The Crazy Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

    Men’s usually wear less jewelry as compared to women. They are mostly interested in wearing rings and when it is a cubic zirconia ring then they sparkle on their own. These rings are available in hundreds of styles and sizes and can be used by you on any of the occasions. The cubic zirconia rings are such that they look like the diamond ring but will cost you like a cheap ordinary ring. The cubic zirconia stone is often said as fake diamond as it looks exactly the same as a real diamond.

    The cubic zirconia stone is colorless and is really very hard. This property of the stone makes it to resemble with other stones like sapphire, rubies, etc. Most of the people cannot afford to buy diamonds as they are the most precious stones of all times. To fulfill their wish of wearing a diamond stone people go for the CZ jewelry which looks a lot like diamond but costs nothing as compared to diamonds. For men these rings are available in various metallic combinations which give a rich look. The size is the most important thing which you should consider before buying these kinds of cubic zirconia rings.

    A few times back these stones didn’t use to shine as they shine now. This shine of the cubic zirconia bracelets and rings has helped it to stand in the market for a long period of time. Now these rings are not only used as engagement rings but rings for daily wear also. These rings are eye catching and some or the other person will definitely praise it after watching it in one of your fingers. To have a better look at these rings you can search on the net about these rings to find the best one for you.

Best of Our Year

    It’s hard to pick just one favorite, one that hit the mark or that one you will never sell once created. But eventually, all of the pieces that are designs do get sold. Looking back over the year, these are the ones that ‘got away’ and become our ‘favorites’, though everything is a favorite.

    Melon Shell Onyx Coral Fossil Pendant wired black/brass (to the right)

    (to the left) Turquoise Ivoryite Cacilicia

    Amethyst Citrine Agate wired Gold (to the right)

    (to the left) Artistic Jasper Ivoryite Swarvoski Crystals

    (to the left) Brown Agate wired Brass

    Mosaic Turquoise Ceramic Agate wired Bronze (to the rigtht)

    (to the left) Orthroceras wired Silver Coral (dyed) Crystal Earrings

    Lapis Lazuli Pearls Sapphires Kyanite Sterling Silver (to the right)

Eminence of Cubic Zirconia Rings

    The Cubic Zirconia rings stand to be those which seem to be the most eminent in the market along with the fashion industry. Not only they are beautiful but a number of people agree to the artistic call of them. To start with, these rings are made up of a mineral which is of a synthesized form which is basically used as a substitute of diamond. Hence there seems to be a great controversy when it comes to distinguishing between diamonds and this cubic zirconia. The artificial material is chiefly so-developed to come up as a substitute for those costly diamonds.
    Gaspari's Pink CZ Cocktail RingThe benefit that you would get out of purchasing CZ rings is that they can serve to be beautiful substitutes for those costly diamond rings on which you have to spend those extra sums of money. Besides this, it sometime becomes practically impossible for those who have a limited budget to buy those costly diamond rings. Hence, in order to beat that inevitable economic crunch getting these rings for your beloved would be a great gift. Besides the beauty that the CZ rings have is breath-taking, so you can easily think of gratifying your loved one with it.

    While, it would bring you a great satisfaction by the feeling that you are going to give a diamond ring to your fiance, the price tag associated to it would ruin all your fantasies and excitement seeing that how expensive it is. Here is where these rings work wonders for you. Not only they are much cheaper than those regular diamond rings but most of them are beautiful enough to gratify all your desires and fantasies. Apart from this, a number of high-profile people and celebrities just love to have these very beautiful CZ jewelry so you don’t have to be guilty if you have bought them as a substitute for the diamond ring.

How to Find the Best CZ Jewelry

    Times have been an inevitable evidence of the items that have been elegantly acting as substitute to even the costliest items. And when it comes to acting as an elegant replacement to those costly diamond jewelries, CZ jewelry has come up to be the most excellent player. The sole reason why most of the manufacturers of jewelry are resorting to the development of this kind of jewelry is that though this kind of jewelry is lavishly beautiful, yet they are much cheaper than the costly jewelry of diamond. In simpler words, this kind of jewelry is a pure replication of the diamond jewelry.
    Celebrity Style Jewelry - Bella's Moonstone Ring from TwilightPrice is always an issue for the people no matter what they are buying. And when it comes to buying jewelry, the concern becomes really demanding. Then they are concerned about the prominence of the jewelry in the fashion world while they are buying it. Therefore the CZ jewelry, especially bracelets seems to be occupying all these requirements not only when it comes to prices but to the artistic appeal that they make to the consumers. Basically jewelry is not a necessity for the people; instead they are those premium articles that make it to the list of your possessions that are related to fashion and glamour.

    The basic characteristic of the Cubic Zirconia jewelry is its low price blended with lavish beauty. Hence no other jewelry product can manage to surpass the utility that this kind of jewelry does like offering elegant beauty at the most reasonable prices. Besides it is the best for them who have a limited kind of budget and want to have the most beautiful kind of jewelry at the most affordable prices. This kind of jewelry is actually a pure replica of the diamond jewelry hence, once you wear this, it becomes difficult for one to distinguish between the diamond and this jewelry.

Importance of Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

    Cubic zirconia was discovered long time back. It was done mainly for experimental and industry concerns. However, when the science was making use of this material, there were other materialistic minds who understood its commercial worth. Hence they came up to further enhance their qualities and make something totally different to what it is generally used for.
    CZ Stud EarringsHence, the scientist developed it to a stage where it can be used to produce CZ jewelry. This type of jewelry looked exactly like diamond jewelry, and to say even better to that. The diamond has a refractive index which is lower to that of the CZ jewelry. Hence the cubic zirconia has a better shine than that of diamond. Furthermore, diamonds are always found with impurities. Hence to get a pure and colorless diamond piece is very difficult. To be able to get the spotless beauty of diamond, you better employ cubic zirconia jewelry for this purpose. To get the spotless quality of cubic zirconia you need to create it. This is not a difficult task to do. Hence to get a spotless CZ jewelry is very easy, and to which can be easily being fooled to be real.

    The idea of all this promotion is or has never been to introduce illegal practices in the world. It is just to show a development which humans have made and how they are no more dependent on the nature to get ourselves what we wish for. We can create whatever we want, at that very moment.

    CZ bracelets also has many qualities available. The lowest price one is not worth buying, as they not at all look like diamonds. They look very bad, but if you choose the most expensive of all. Then, the quality is impeccable. You would get a replica of diamond in this category.

The Best Clip-on Earrings for Every Look

    Clip on earrings have made a comeback as of recently, with new styles and settings stealing the scene. Now, the only problem might be deciding which pair to purchase. If you’re having trouble deciding, then check out our suggestions for the best clip on earrings to wear with different combinations from your own closet.
    Leesa's Abalone Clip-On EarringsIf your style is glamorous – Opt for a pair of clip earrings that have oversize rhinestones set in gold or silver tone. These clip earrings are not only fashion forward and fabulous, they’re also super affordable. This season, dark stones reign supreme, but bright colors are also a favorite.

    If your style is artistic – Try adding an art deco inspired pair of clip earrings. With symmetrical designs and mixed color metal, these are the perfect contemporary accessory that works well day or night. Black and white clip earrings look great with colored outfits and geometric designs can be a fun 80s flashback, when worn in moderation.

    If your style is classic – Sport a pair of delicate clip earrings in a silver or gold for a look that won’t overwhelm the rest of your jewelry. These type of clip on earrings make great everyday accessories. For safe options, go for small studs, hoop or teardrop shapes.

    If your style is romantic – Go for a pair of clip earrings that are just plain pretty. Oversize pearls, large tiered chandelier or oxidized silver are all great choices that will add to the feminine appeal. Pair with a little black dress and a metallic clutch, and you’re ready to go.

    If you’re not sure about any look, your best bet is to play around with different options. Lay out outfits on your bed, take photographs and keep a fashion journal of what works. You can even invite your girlfriends over and make a night of it.

    Article source: The Best Clip-on Earrings for Every Look from fashion jewelry blog

Merry Christmas To Everyone

    We wish all of our friends, family, many customers, and followers a very Merry Christmas; may it be a safe and wonderful holiday season for you all.

    It comes every year and will go on forever. And along with Christmas belong the keepsakes and the customs. Those humble, everyday things a mother clings to, and ponders, like Mary in the secret spaces of her heart." ~Marjorie Holmes, American writer.

    The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others' burdens, easing other's loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas." ~W. C. Jones

    Let this Christmas season be a renewing of the mind of Christ in our thinking, and a cleansing of our lives by His pure presence. Let His joy come to our weary world through us. ~Gerald Kennedy

Facets and Benefits of CZ Jewelry

    If you want to have the best of the best jewelry it has to be the very beautiful cubic zirconia since they are ones who would not only make you proud of their breath-taking beauty , but would lend value of every penny spend by you of your hard-earned money. After all, the pace at which the prices of the diamond jewelry are inflating, one would find buying this kind of jewelry an excellent option, not only to save money, but to be proud of giving such beauty to his beloved. Besides this, such kind of jewelry is the best one for those who finds their budget too limited to be invested in any kind of costly diamond jewelry.

    Actually this CZ jewelry is made of a sort of artificial material which is largely used as a substitute for that highly expensive diamond jewelry. Since more often than not the prices of even the regular diamond jewelry are always hiking like anything, development of replica of the diamond jewelry is largely adopted by the common people who really cant afford to buy those expensive jewelries of diamond. As a matter of fact, at times these jewelries appear to be the most flawless and elegantly beautiful than the diamond ones which are available at a bigger price than these.

    Ever since the cubic zirconia jewelry has been introduced in the market, even the high people and a number of celebrities have become their naever0failing fan, because of the artistic appeal that it makes to them. Besides this, the look that this kind of jewelry gives is flawless to such an extent, that you would really have a hard time differentiating between the two. Apart from this, having this kind of jewelry has become more of a status symbol, especially amongst the people of the middle section, as the celebrities love to wear them for their elegant beauty and glamour.

    Read more articles about bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces at my blog: jewelry style

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Makes Designers Life Easier

    Apart from rings, you can see a whole range of CZ jewelry in the market. It is hence not just the rings that you can get experimental with, but the whole segment of jewelry. Be it brooches, necklaces, chokers or bangles bracelets. There is every kind of Cubic Zirconia jewelry available in the market. This compound has reduced the cost that a designer had to bear for producing diamond jewelry. With the advent of CZ jewelry, they are able to try new designs in something that was absolutely acted like diamond. Hence, they are able to try out new designs and possibilities, without compromising on the quality of the material used.
    Nori's CZ Buckle BraceletCubic Zirconia is second to diamond in no way. Instead it has taken over diamond because of its properties. The biggest factor in this case is the price. Then what makes it a better is the fact that there is no ‘luck’ factor associated to it. You are sure to get it when you need it, whereas, the diamonds are found in the mines. And since they are made by the humans under created conditions, you can get the right type, and size of the stone.

    And for these reasons, a Cubic Zirconia jewelry is easier to get and desirable to make. This new discovery has revolutionized the way people wear jewelry. Charm and glamour are now accessible to everyone, and hence you are able to wear your style and wish without having to think over twice, or give up anything else for that.

    It has not only revolutionized the way jewelry is produced and made but also how it is worn. When you wish to wear a beautiful diamond neckpiece, you can easily get to wear one. The difference would be that it would be made of cubic zirconia. Otherwise, the appearance of the jewelry piece would be exactly like the diamond piece, or maybe even better than that!

Best Year in Wired

    Wired designs are very fun, they give me the ability to really create and highlight the stones I’m working with. Designs are accented with either links, wire wrapping, or pendants that have been wired with different bail techniques. So, after deliberating long and hard on this one, here’s this year’s best in wired designs from our collection.

    (to the left) Brazilian Ocos Agate wired brass

    Spiderweb Agate Kyanite Pearls Crystals (to the right)

    (to the left) Onyx Crystals Pyrite/Onyx Pendant wired Black/Brass

    Sardonyx Agate Black Jet Crystals Black Coil Links (to the right)

Our Best Year the Sea Offered

    Another posting of this year’s best of our collection; this time we are highlighting our best designs using what c comes from the sea; pearls, mother-of-pearl, and shells in all shapes and sizes.

    (to the left) Black Agate Pearls Silver Mother-of-Pearl Pendant

    Philippine Shells Pearls Dragon Skin Pendant (to the right)

    Purple Spiny Oyster Ivoryite (to the right)

    (to the left) Turquoise Pearls

Natures Birthstones December

    The idea that certain precious stones were associated with certain months goes back at least to the 1st century CE; however the custom of wearing the precious stones began in Poland during the 18th century. Though it’s associated with the month you were born in may have been around for centuries, the wearing of jewelry containing your birthstone is a little more recent or modern.

    The wearying of one's birthstone is traditionally thought to be lucky, which gemstone does one chose; modern, traditional, zodiac, planetary, talismanic, or maybe Ancient Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, or Roman stones. For example, there are thirteen different stones associated with December, or as Sun/Star, Planetary, Talismanic stones for the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius or Capricorn, because the Zodiac for December crosses over two months. So with the month of December the gemstones are turquoise, blue topaz, tanzanite, zircon, lapis, onyx, ruby, and chrysoprase. The Zodiac signs for Sagittarius and Capricorn include five more stones of agate, garnet, amethyst, sapphire, and beryl.

    Here’s a list of the stones associated with the month of December.

    Turquoise Modern BirthstoneSun Sign (Star Sign) - Sagittarius Ancient Russian December Birthstone Ancient Polish December Birthstone

    Blue Topaz Modern Birthstone Ancient Hindu December Birthstone Zodiac Sign - Sagittarius Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Sagittarius

    Tanzanite Modern December Birthstone

    Zircon Traditional December Birthstone

    Lapis Traditional December Birthstone Planetary Stone - Capricorn

    Onyx Mystical December Birthstone Talismanic Stone - Capricorn

    Ruby Ayurvedic Birthstone Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Capricorn Ancient Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, and Roman December Birthstone

    Agate Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Capricorn

    Garnet Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Capricorn

    Amethyst Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Sagittarius

    Sapphire Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Sagittarius

    Beryl Talismanic Stone - Sagittarius

    Chrysoprase Ancient Russian December Birthstone Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Gemini

    No matter what your choices, all of nature’s creations are beautiful and look at it this way, there will always be something to wear or accent your attire; reflecting your personality and style.

    *Research by several websites, mineral/rock books.

Our Best Year in Turquoise

    Working with Turquoise is one of my favorite stones, the verisitly it has and the many different looks that can be designed; casual, dressy, and classy; Turquoise sets a trend no matter how you look at it and will always be a staple in any collection. Since I do a lot of designs in Turquoise, this was a hard collection to narrow down, they are all so beautiful!

    (To the left) Turquoise and Amber

    Turquoise Landscape Jasper Onyx (To the right)

    Turquoise Onyx Dichroic Pendant (To the right)

    Turquoise Landscape Jasper PendantWired Brass (To the left)

Some of the Years Best In Fossils

    With the Holidays near, we will be spending time with friends and family, getting re-energized, re-focused and re-generated for next year! But until then as always, we’ll recap some of our favorites from the past year’s collection….though I’d like to say that everything is a favorite, some are more than others!

    I got the opportunity to challenge myself more in the area of wire working; these fossils and agates are some of my favorites…..

    Orthoceras from Morocco (to the left)

    Ammonite from Madagascar (to the right)

    Goniatite from Morocco (to the right)

    Ocos Agate from Brazil (to the left)

    As we pause for the Holidays and New Year, we will begin creating new unique custom natural stone designs after the first of the year; so check back often here at the blog or on the

How to Distinguish Between Diamond Jewelry And CZ Jewelry

    There are a number of a considerations that you can consider to distinguish between diamond jewelry and CZ jewelry. For doing this, it is necessary that you make use of special jewelry identification equipments like loupe along with microscope etc. Whereas the rigidity of diamond measures 10 as it is the hardest material the latter one reads from 8.5 to 9 as the per the Moh’s rigidity scale. Besides this, if your rub dirt on the CZ, you would find that there not a single scratch has been c aused to it. So this is one way by which you can differentiate between the two.
    Pear CZ Wedding Ring SetBesides this, you can differentiate between a CZ jewelry and diamond jewelry on the basis of their weight as well. The weight of the former one would be much more than the latter one and that is why people just love to have the former ones because the weight of regular diamond jewelry would be just half of what is the CZ one. So the next time you think of differentiating between the two, do not forget to consider their weights, as it is an important yet a simple factor which would give you an authentic difference between the two.

    Apart from this, a genuine CZ jewelry is colorless and does not contain any kind of flaw in it. When ever you consider buying diamond jewelries, you would find that getting a colorless one is really very difficult. Most of them which you have or would contain a dim brown and yellow tinge. On the other hand you would find the CZ to be absolutely colorless and without any kind of flaw on it. Moreover, the best factor of differentiation between the two is that you always get the jewelry of CZ at a much lower price than the diamond ones.

    Web search Labels:CZ bracelets, Cubic Zirconia rings

How to Take Care of CZ jewelry

    Since, in the recent years the demand for CZ jewelry has increased, more and more people are buying it. It therefore becomes important to know the ways to keep the jewelry clean so that it can be used for a long time. One should remember that the cubic zirconia stones generally get dirty at mush fast rate as compared to the real diamonds. So, you need to make an effort so that your jewelry remains as good as it was earlier. If you have gold or platinum metal type of cubic zirconia jewelry then you can make use of the following tips that are given below to clean them.
    Ardenne's CZ Cocktail RingIf you want to keep your CZ jewelry clean then you need to have a regular jewelry cleaner for you that can be used once in every three months. Though many people may think that regular cleaning may degrade the quality of metal but that is not true. If you do not have a regular jewelry cleaner then you can also make use of the dishwashing soap for your jewelry. All you need to do is to place a small drop of the dishwashing soap in some cup filled with Luke warm water, and then let it sit for at-least half hour.

    Remember to remove Cubic Zirconia jewelry before going for shower, washing hands, or applying makeup or face powder, this is because the residues from soaps and shampoo and oil from makeup can cloud your cubic zirconia. It’s better to avoid touching the cubic zirconia stone because natural oils from the fingers can also cause dullness in their shine. You can use a toothbrush to gently scrub the stones in the jewelry but should avoid making use of harsh household chemicals on the jewelry as they make damage some stones. All these methods will surely help you in maintaining the brand new look of your jewelry.

    Article source: How to Take Care of CZ jewelry from fashion jewelry blog.

Heard of Polyhedral Agate

    My father-in-law at Jewelry by CnC researches and collects some of the most unusual, unique and awesome mineral and rock specimens. Here is one that he found at Tucson a few years back and is now hitting the market at incredible prices, due mostly in part because it difficult to get and also for its unusual form and uniqueness.

    A very unusual form of Agate comes from Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is known as a Polyhedral Agate and is formed by silica replacing the normal calcite resulting in a highly angular form within the rocks instead of the usual sub-spherical forms as normally seen.

    These polyhedral quartz pseudomorphs without calcite were mined during the 1970’s and have since then become increasingly uncommon in today's market, with most examples appearing as thin slabs, normally polished front and back to show off the natural beauty of the agate. It's sharp polyhedral form is entirely natural in origin.

    Many of the beautiful Agates coming from Minas Gerais today, like the one seen here to the right, will have some slightly pointed sections to their designs, indicating that there is still some silica within the calcite in the Agate itself.

    Collectors scramble to obtain samples of a Polyhedral Agate, especially one that still is made up of most of the rock as in this example to the right from an upcoming Australian mineral auction.

    Thanks to Lee at Jewelry by CnC for the research and pictures.

Importance of Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

    CZ jewelry has become very famous in the time when prices of every commodity are simply rising. This is because they are best alternative towards getting the most stylish type of jewelry without breaking any bank account. They are very affordable and their main advantage lies in the fact that just at fraction of small amount of money one can get luxurious jewelry just like diamonds. CZ jewelry in the form of CZ 3 stone ring can surely do wonders to your personality. Cubic zirconia jewelry has all attributes of the genuine diamonds, but they do not cost like them.
    CZ Emerald EarringsCubic zirconia jewelry can be bought very easily with the same shapes and settings as one could choose with the diamonds. Cubic zirconia jewelry is mainly made up the diamond stimulant like mineral stones. They are mainly those gemstones that are specially cut in the form so that they can imitate diamonds very well. Cubic Zirconia jewelry is mainly crafted with the help of gemstones that are known as cubic zirconia. These Cubic zirconia stones mainly comprises of zirconium dioxide that is considered as the inorganic form of mineral zirconium. This mineral is mainly treated as a colorless transition metal.

    Cubic Zirconia stones were found in the year 1937 but this crystal came into existence and was used by people for jewelry only after 1976. They have all the properties that make them similar to real diamonds like their luster and hardness. These days beautiful Cubic Zirconia jewels, such as CZ bracelets are flooding whole markets because they are available at prices that are very less than original diamond jewelries. It is impossible to differentiate the original diamond jewelry from cubic zirconia jewelry without the help of jeweler. It has been estimated that the Cubic Zirconia jewelry will soon replace diamond jewelry in the prevailing market.

Bracelets add up to Your Style and Personality

    Today people like to wear bracelets as a style icon especially if they are going to a get together. People now days even prefer to gift bracelets to their closed ones but for that they need to choose the right style and design of the bracelet. These specifications of the bracelet have to make keeping in mind the taste of the person to whom you are gifting it. Knowing the size of the bracelet is the best thing which you should know before buying it. If you go to the market to purchase one, you will find too many styles to choose from. The color, features, design may be optional or it may be coming without any choice.
    Denay's Red Bold Cuff BraceletSome of the most bracelet designs which most people know are the beaded bracelet, charm bracelet, gemstone bracelet, etc. Each of the design differs in cost and the design. If you are really rich and ready to spend a bit more then you can also opt for the gold and silver bracelets. These bracelets though are costly but are worth when you wear them in your hand. Now days you even have the option to inscribe your name on your bracelet which gives it a more personalized look.

    You can easily get these personalized bracelets in your nearby area from a reputed shop. To visit these places and to know more about these you can even go to the web. Besides from shopping from the market you can also go to the net to purchase it. By purchasing the bracelet from the net you even get discount on the product and save a lot of time of yours. It is always advisable to clearly read the instructions before wearing the bracelet as it gives you the basic idea of handling.

    Article source: Bracelets add up to Your Style and Personality from fashion jewelry blog

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