Etsy BNR Featured Artist

    On Etsy, we have promotionals/sales/offers with lots of shops called a BNR, which means Buy-N-Replace. Once a shop buys something from someone on the list, they are replaced! Here is one of the artist from the BNR that I am participating with.
    I’ve met some really talented people on Etsy and FlyingVDesigns is one of these them. From a working cattle ranch in New Mexico comes FlyingVDesigns or April, a stay at home mom with 2 children and a wonderful husband. Her hobby started with pencil drawing and oil painting at age 10, and at age 12 she sold her first painting! Now she loves to try anything and is always adding new things to her resume of crafting talent.
    Inspiration comes from her favorite word Fabulous, because she believes everything is wonderful and really enjoys making things. She enjoys working with all materials and fabrics, currently working with muslin to add a primitive line to her Etsy shop.
    How do the five senses help her? They come in handy for her candles and tarts and soon when she adds a Bath and Body line, maybe she’ll add Chocolate flavored as that is her pet addiction!
    When asked what her most ambitious project right now is….her Bath and Body line and in the future she want to take on the challenge of making saddles! Now that’s pretty ambitious!

    Where to find her…..
    FlyingVDesigns Etsy Shop
    BNR – See for her latest promotion!

Wire Links & Gemstone Beads into Jewelry

    Purple and Pink mixed with Black and Silver. This is a favorite necklace set of mine in my Etsy shop, available for purchase.
    The links are made of two different kinds of wire; the black wires are 20 gauge and the non-tarnish silver are 18 gauge wires. They are both scrolled into an open type “S” style link, all done by hand. I then connected those using stainless steel oval jumprings, giving them flexible movement. Each scroll link has a purple marbled Jasper gemstone bead; which has been cut as an oblong tube, giving dimension to the shape of the necklace. Additional “S” links were hand scrolled in non-tarnish silver wire and accented with nice dark round Rhodonite gemstone beads.

    Completing the set are dangle earrings highlighted in non-tarnish silver wire and featuring a Rhodonite bead. This makes a lovely gift for anyone and comes in a silver giftbox. Interested in just the earrings or just the necklace? Contact Timeless Designs for seperate piece pricing.
    Drop by my Etsy shop to see this and other wire designs.

Online Shopping, Promoting and Passion

    Looking around the internet there are many online places for people to buy and sell. I took some time to research and got several recommendations for Etsy. After much thought, I opened my Timeless Designs Etsy shop in April 2008, with only a handful of items. I made my first sales in June and July and continue to list many designs. My shop currently holds about 40-45 items ranging from necklaces and sets to earrings and bracelets. I strive to make designs that are high quality, yet inexpensive enough for anyone to own.
    This year I traveled to Tucson to the Colored Gem Show and JOGS shows. THAT was a mistake, sort of ! Talk about a kid in a candy store….it was like having access to every gemstone, finding, and jewelry related item you could image and some you couldn’t. I found stones that I have never heard of; met dealers/wholesalers that had cuts and stones from all over the world. Buying at the Tucson show gives me the ability to pick out every single stone, finding, crystal, and packaging by sight personally…knowing that I will get the best quality that I can for my designs and customers.
    I have a passion for designing and love working and learning about all the different gems. It is like discovering whole new world’s everyday! All my work is custom, striving for the one-of-a-kind pieces. If you don’t see what you are looking for or just want something different, please contact Timeless Designs and we’ll work to design something just for you!

    We've been featured on another Etsy Artists Blog!

Layers & Layers of Glass

    Fuse layers of specialty Dichroic glass at high temperatures in a kiln and what do you get. Truly one-of-a-kind glass pendants, earrings and bracelets! As defined by Wikipedia, Dichroic glass is glass containing multiple micro-layers of metal oxides which give the glass Dichroic optical properties.

    A little known fact….It was originally developed by NASA and its contractors for use in satellite optics and spacesuit visors.

    The word Dichroic is derived from two Greek roots; ‘di’ for two and ‘chroma’ for color. So Dichroic really means ‘two-colored’. Looking at the layers and layers of glass, it is hard to tell just how many colors are actually created.

    The fun aspect with Dichroic glass is that it has different color variations depending on the light refraction; creating some of the most intriguing pieces of jewelry.

    Visit our Etsy shop to see a selection of bracelets, necklaces and sets featuring Dichroic glass pieces.

Timeless Designs ‘Management Team’

    Here at Timeless Designs we have a great staff and a management team beyond any other. So, I thought it was time to meet the successful Management Team behind the Staff at Timeless Designs….

    First, there’s Sr. Management, CeCe, who oversees all communications from Timeless Designs.

    She often holds meetings with the Financial Advisor just to make sure we are on target.

    Second, there’s Middle Management, Kelsey, who oversees our two Internet Shops and blog via telecommunications from her "West Aspen Condo".

    But she takes a more ‘paws-on’ approach in overseeing any office construction or movement.

    Last, but not least, is Jr. Management, Shadow, who mostly oversees the photo shoots and brings in new investors and buyers. He’s usually quiet, but gets pretty vocal in the presence of the Financial Advisor.

    As you can see, they take their jobs seriously. Here at the Company Strategic Conference, held at the "East Hampton compound", they discuss the coming year’s goals, finances, and direction.

    So there you have it! The Management Team that makes Timeless Designs a success!

My Picks for Fall/Winter 2008-2009 Color Trends

    So I’m no expert, but I wondered about the colors trends for this Fall/Winter season. So I’ve been surfing around looking, hoping to stumble across the big Fall/Winter 2008-09 Color Trends. Several hours later, I’m dizzier now than when I started! It seems, depending on where you go, who you think is the top designers or whether you want to go by Paris, London, France, Asia or New York, Miami, or LA styles, that the color trends are as vast as the cities that influence them.

    So here’s a handful of what I found in fashion color trends for this Fall/Winter:

    >Feminine playful romance of the forties in a timeless elegance; soft yellows, blues, and pale pinks and greens, accenting with softer beige or faux whites

    >Rich, warm and deep colors of the earth; carmel or chocolate, rust, deep raspberry and walnut, pumpkin and oranges

    >Casual, yet bold and icy; taupish beiges, khaki, earthy browns, icy blue tones, and olive greens

    >Modern and urban; asphalt grays, deep dark shades of red, pink, violet, and green. Highlighted by the monochrome of silver, gold or copper

    Whatever the color or style, it is a balancing between deep dark, intense colors to modern and casual neutrals. Giving each individual a sense of unique style all their own.

Traveling the World for Treasures in Gems

    Traveling the world for business or relaxation and seeing such places as Asia, Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, and Australia and the South Seas. These are just a few of the many places that give my In-Laws, Gayle and Lee of Jewelry by CNC the inspiration behind their many custom jewelry designs and faceted gemstone collection.

    Gayle began making jewelry as a hobby, creating unique gifts to give their many friends and family. Now just a few years later, the ‘hobby’ has become a business.
    She enjoys working with the varieties of gemstones and beads that she gathers from her many travels around the world. Each piece is designed as a labor of love reflected in the many necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, watch bracelets and pendants, which can be purchased individually or combined into Jewelry Sets.
    Lee is a Registered Gemologist who deals with loose faceted gemstones, a selection which can be found on their Special Items page. He is the mastermind behind their website with regular updates and once a month ‘Highlights’ of a particular faceted gemstone. Don’t miss the Educational Section listing different organizations and Educational information on faceted gemstones, jewelry, and the Gemstone industry.
    Enjoy wondering thru the world of jewelry and loose gemstones on their website.

Looking to Purchase Wholesale Jewelry

    Are you a Retailer, Boutique, or Gift Shop looking for unique, high-end, quality jewelry? Timeless Designs is the place to start! Each of our designs is handcrafted with natural genuine gemstones; including Turquoise, Coral, freshwater Pearls, Agate, Jasper, and Onyx. The designs are accented with wire sculpture, Swarvoski crystals, Czech glass or Dichroic pendants to enhance the natural beauty of the gemstones. Check out our Gallery below to see some of our designs, or visit our online Etsy shop for a wider selection of necklaces, sets, earrings and bracelets.

    Don’t quite see what you are looking for? The nature of our business is custom and we have a wide variety of quality stones to choose from….this allows us to produce just the design you are looking for! For details and pricing Wholesale please contact us directly; we can work with you to ship worldwide to any of your store locations!

What's With Those Earings?!

    Have you noticed all the different kinds of earrings around these days? They range from dangle, chandelier, and drops with a mixture of glass beads, wire, or even gemstone.

    The colors are vibrant making for a bold and cute style. Here is a small selection of earrings from my collection. Many have matching necklaces and can be found in my shop. But if you are only interested in the earrings, please email me which earrings you are interested in purchasing!

New Fall Designs!

    I’ve been busy in my studio creating for fall. From Turquoise to Jasper to Agate and everything else in between!

    Some of the new designs are a bolder and chunky look, some with charms and others with more wire sculpture.

    I’ll be adding new pieces through-out the next month in my shop. Stop by often to browse, see what’s new and start early on your Christmas shopping list!

All Things Wood In Great Gifts!

    Trying to get a jump on your Holiday Gift buying? Looking for that perfect Holiday Gift? Then look no further than here…. I received a great gift, a stunning wine topper, made from Brazilian wood. The design was crisp with clean lines, just small enough from my female hands.

    An incredible wood craftsman, my dad, makes all things wood and has for many years. He designs and creates some of the most dramatic wood wine toppers and cork screws, pen – pencil sets, and much more.

    He buys some very exotic woods such as Zebra, Brazilian, Hawaiian, Jerusalem, and even your more common varieties such as Cherry, Oak, and Maple. He then handcrafts the wood pieces on a lathe, making intricate cuts, rounding corners, and filing down the wood pieces, into these awesome creations! Once the wood pieces are complete, he then starts the process of putting all the pieces together, kind of like a jig-saw puzzle.

    For more information and how to purchase any of these items, please contact him via email.

Turquuoise the Gemstone

    Turquoise is one of the most beautiful gemstones created by nature. It is a soft and porous stone with colors ranging from blue to green, resulting from the presence of either copper or iron accented by black or brown veining. Sleeping Beauty and Kingman turquoise from the Arizona mines in the southwestern United States are the most sought after and valuable of turquoise, but it is also mined in China, Peru, Mexico, Tibet, Siberia, Africa, Australia, and Europe.

    Types of turquoise include Sleeping Beauty and stabilized turquoise, chalk turquoise from China, African turquoise, yellow turquoise, white or magnesite turquoise, howlite and mountain jade.

    Turquoise is believed to promote health, communication and good fortune, protecting the wearer from evil. It is the traditional birthstone for December and the gemstone for 11th year wedding anniversaries.

    The Gallery below and our shop contains many different designs with Kingman Turquoise, Magnesite Turquoise, and White & Green Howlite.

Shallow or Deep End of the Pool……

    I’m not one to just wade around in the shallow end; no, no…I’m more of a jump in with both feet, head first into the deep end of the pool kind of person! I’ve never done anything ‘half-way’, always the first on the block to make her mark, and that is the same way with my jewelry business, Timeless Designs.

    Timeless Designs came out of my thriving passion for creativity; a hobby at first we’ll say but it is growing little by little into a strong business. Because I’ve ‘jumped in with both feet’ doesn’t mean I wasn’t prepared either...I did my homework, research, and spend the last year working in the industry to develop a name and business, that hopefully will someday be my Retirement. So, I’d like to thank those who are responsible and whose names have not been changed because their innocence was long ago lost!

    …to my hubby Chris who’s camera I’ve fine tuned to take such awesome pictures! You can borrow it anytime Hun!
    …to my son Dalton who inspires and challenges me in the studio; some of these designs are his creations, just Fascinating!
    …to Mom & Dad who taught me at a very young age that I can achieve anything, now see what you’ve done!
    …to my son Jeremy who encourages and supports me even on his mission!
    …to Gayle & Lee for the great write-ups, meals at shows, support, and endless feed of gemstone information!
    …to CiCi and Shadow (Executive Cat & Jr. Manager Cat, respectively) for inventory control!
    …to Kelsey (Middle Manager Cat) who comes into the studio to remind me when I’ve missed ‘bedtime’.
    …to all my Friends & Family for supporting and encouraging me to keep trying and never give up!

    So, now we know who’s responsible – right!

    See ya soon!