Accessorize yourself with cubic zirconia and look stunning

    There are loads of accessories available in market that can complement your personality and one of such accessories is charm bracelets. This beautiful piece of jewelry is very much admired by all as they remind you of your old and long forgotten memories. They remind you of the good and bad times that you have spent in your life and that you wish to remember forever. There is no such compulsion to make them in a given type of metal. There are loads of varieties available in metals that can suit you perfectly well and could be the best choice for your wristlet.

    One such metal that can turn out to be the best choice is Cubic Zirconia. With this metal by your side, you are not required to worry at all as it will definitely make you feel and look good at the same time. If you check out the statements quoted, you will come to know that this metal is somewhat better than diamond in some aspects however it is considered to be the true copy of diamond and the best possible alternative to the same. There are lot many people in this world who dream to possess diamond jewelry but it seems that it will remain a dream for them. For such people, jewelries made in this metal are the best option to go for.
    Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
    Many a times it has been found out that even the most renowned professionals fail to distinguish between the real diamond and Cubic zirconia jewelry with naked eyes. You are supposed to use technical machines to reach the conclusion as to which one is real. Hence we know that this metal is simply outstanding and is slowly and slowly looking forward to eradicate diamond and popularize itself as much as it could do.

CZ jewelry: The best gift item

    If you do not know what gift to choose for your lady love, here is the answer. We all know that women love diamonds, but not all of us are rich enough to buy diamonds on every occasion. But all of us would go for the diamond jewelry that is within your range. It might sound very unbelievable but with the CZ jewelry it is very much possible. You can get the sparkling jewelry as good as diamond, in fact it is at times even better than the diamonds. You can get an amazing range of designs and styles. In fact you will get the type of design that you are looking for.

    You will get all jewelry items in Cubic Zirconia. You will get the rings, the amazing pendants and also beautiful bracelets. In fact the prices are so affordable that you will not have to worry at all and you can buy all of them. Something that will be really a very good option is the charm bracelet. These bracelets have different charms hanging from them. They not only look very attractive but also have an emotional side to them. You can always choose the charms that relate to your woman and then show her how much you care. If your lady is the one who is funky and likes it bold, you can get her the animal rings. You can also go for the big and the bold pieces.

    It is also very easy to buy these pieces online. You just need to know the taste of your girl and you will find the piece. In fact you will get so many options that it will become difficult for you to choose from. You can simply look for al the different online providers and then get the best offer. It is convenient, affordable and also your lady will love it.

Jewelry Trend Watch: What’s Hot for Fall 2010

    What’s hot for some people isn’t always considered hot for everyone, which means the trends in fashion, jewelry or even home décor and paint are changing with every season. Most people stay within their comfort zone, while others are watching with great anticipation for the latest trends in magazines, TV and the runways. For fall 2010, the jewelry trends are mixing it up slightly, more a mix of cross-fashion confections. Read on and determine your own trendy style as predicted by the experts.

    If you are one who is into bold statements then this fall season is just for you. According to the runways, fashion magazines and websites, big, bold and eye-catching statement necklaces are going to be all the rage. For added spice, heat it up by stepping out with mixed metal and non-symmetrical looks. This means mixing it up with jewelry designs that feature multi-layers in stones, beads and chains mingled together; the more unique and unusual the better the look.

    Sizzling mixes in metals is going to be another big trend and with the price of sterling silver and gold higher than ever before many designers are moving towards untraditional metals such as copper, brass, antique plated metals, and colored overly metals. For more versatility, many are blending textured or burnished patterns of plated metal into designs in place of the expensive traditional and contemporary shiny metals of sterling and gold.

    Earrings step it up this fall season with much longer lengths; though small to medium earrings will remain the staple for some, the move is toward much longer looks. The look will be toward 2”-3” chandeliers made of links, chains, clusters, and charms in fashionable earrings. The key for the jewelry designer will be to keep these longer earrings lightweight, fresh and colorful.

    Last but not least it appears that all roads this fall are leading back to complete sets; as in matching necklace, earrings and bracelets for an entire ensemble and less about the mixing and matching from multiple pieces of seasons past.

    As with all trending watches, whatever your style it’s about the color and feeling comfortable that you’ve completed and captured the look you are going for. Whether it’s casual to classic, chic to trendy, spicy to bold, make your own statement and step out to any event in confidence.

    Visit our collection online to find your next jewelry design to make your next statement!

Turquoise in Colors

    Turquoise is a stunning beauty of nature; the colors range from vibrant blues to deep greens and the matrix veining can be anything from brown to black to rust. Here are some designs in turquoise using several different accent stones.

    Visit our
    online store for available pieces and find your true style in turquoise!
    Turquoise: Spiritual attunement, cleansing, healing, protection, valor, soothing, peace of mind, guidance through the unknown, romantic spontaneity.

    Double strand turquoise nuggets w/silver tubes (to the right)

    Turquoise Black Onyx (to the left)

    Turquoise teardrops w/freshwater pearls crystals (to the left)
    Kingman Turquoise ivoryite crystals and yellow opal pendant (to the right)

Cz jewelry - The best gift for your lady love

    CZ necklace
    It is always a very difficult job for every man to look for the gift for his lady love. You want to really please her and are looking for something that she loves and also that makes her realize how important she is for you. The gift should be something that not only does she cherishes but also makes her feel special.

    It is not a hidden fact that women love diamonds but this is a fact that is not a very pleasing one with most of the men. This is because they have to spend a fortune on these diamonds and you can not really afford to give diamonds on every occasion. For all these men who are looking for a perfect gift for a special day, the CZ jewelry happens to be the best alternative. You can buy them on every occasion because they are only a fraction of the price of the diamonds. They look as good as the diamonds and you will see that beautiful smile on her face as she sees that sparkling gift. You can go for the pretty CZ rings that will surely make her feel special and wanted. You can get the type of the ring she likes. You can get her the gold plated one if she is the one who likes the elegant stuff. Or you can also go for the funky rings that have the animals’ crystals. You will also get the casual rings that are the plain bands with a crystal of Cz.

    One very famous and beautiful gift that you can go for are Cubic Zirconia bracelets. You can get her the pretty charm bracelet that has the different charms hanging from it. They look extremely pretty and also have an emotional side to it. You can get the charms that relate to her so that she knows that you are very considerate. She will simply love it and you will also be happy to see her satisfied. You can get a number of options online and also get a number of discounts. All you need to do is just know what you are looking for and look online for options.

Exciting Changes & Online Expansion

    Exciting changes with an adventure into new markets here at Timeless Designs! With a great deal of success over the past years and the continued popularity of our designs more than ever (and we thank you!!); this expansion is to meet those ‘growing pains’ we have been experiencing and to give our customers an even greater opportunity in shopping with Timeless Designs. Our quality, passion, uniqueness, and creativity for which our designs are well known will never change, just get better with this new avenue.

    We are so excited and very pleased to announce our next venture, or should we say online venture! After months of hard work and dedication, we are proud to announce the opening of our online exclusive shop at Ruby Lane!

    Here categories are broken out on the home page; easily view 'View All Shops Items' to see everything in our shop, including pending sales and sold items. Want to know what's new with our shop, check out 'This Week’s Arrivals' for designs listed just that week or look into 'New Today' and see what we just listed that day and as always for reduced items see the 'Sales Items' section.

    Bookmark and browse our shop often as we will be getting even more creative, funky, chic, and a little wild for our future designs. We have expanded not only the item descriptions but more photos of each design showing details, earrings and pendants close-up and a few photos of the pieces hung from busts.

    Don't miss anything with Timeless Designs, subscribe to our shop and receive notifications when we add new items or make changes to existing listings and receive special announcements about sales and promotions within our shop; the best part, you get to chose when and how often to receive these announcements.

    No worries!! Our blog and website will still remain and be used more for information about industry, education, trends, lapidary, shows we'll be attending, and showcasing of all our designs; including galleries of some of our most hot and unique sold designs, as well as debuting current pieces available for purchase in our exclusive online shop at Ruby Lane.

    What are you waiting for………..check out our new shop and find some of natures most unique and individual beauties to purchase!

Marketing Schools of Thought

    Business’s today face major challenges and opportunities in marketing, such as globalization and advances in technology. These both play major parts in the marketing strategy of a business. Marketing is not only a social process of how to get your products and services to the consumer, but it is also the process of planning and executing the concepts, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals.

    While there are many different schools of thought on marketing from old school such as print ads, direct mailings to old fashion trade shows and the new school of the internet, online selling venues, business websites, even blogging and social networking are now considered to be ‘the place to sell your products’ or at least keep in touch with your customer base. But one thing remains the same within the world of getting your product out there and marketing, the four major pieces of marketing: Product, Price, Place and Promotion and the following questions:

    1) How can you spot and chose the right target markets?
    2) How can you differentiate your products and services from the competition?
    3) How far do you go to customize your products and services for each customer?
    4) What are the major ways you can grow your business or company?
    5) How can you build stronger brands in order to continue to grow your business or company?
    6) How do you keep your customers loyal to you, just beyond the first few purchases?
    7) How do you measure the payback from advertising, sales promotions, and public relations?

    Just thinking about these questions gets the ball rolling about your businesses marketing strategy. It is one of the main reasons a company will ‘make or brake’ it in their industry. Most businesses, unless they are very large, don’t usually consider marketing. But it is one of the most important ‘hats’ a business person will wear.

    Marketing your products or services just right will bring back customers and keep your business in front of the consumer. Keep in mind though; too much exposure could ruin your business or product, so try to keep an even marketing plan.

    Learn about your competition, their target markets and pricing strategies and capitalize on feeding what works into your business.

    Marketing is a challenging concept in any business…from print ads, to internet, to direct-mailings, internet selling or even social networking; no matter what avenue you chose, just keep in mind the 4 major pieces of marketing: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

Affordable diamonds

    he best thing about the Cubic Zirconia jewelry is that it is a cheap alternative to diamonds which shines even brighter than it. Hence you are wearing something totally affordable, still looking like a million bucks!

    It was first discovered in the labs, in the year 1892. Since then there has been no looking back. Not only is it used for the purposes of jewelry making, the scientists doing have other uses for the compound. However, Cubic Zirconia found a commercial use in the area of jewelry making. You can culture the crystals of CZ jewelry in labs which makes the availability of this gem all the more easy. You need not battle with the natural; forces and modulate your instruments and uses as per the availability of the gemstone. You can have the right size, density and clarity in the labs at your wish. Hence, this comes across as an economical; version for the makers as well.

    Recently the work in this area has been extensive. There are many jewelry makers and designers who are coming for this treasure and trying to cash the profits of using this as a material. There are many innovative design options available now that shall make any woman swoon for this, and not the diamonds. This might be the changing times in the history, when the age old sayings shall also alter.

    Not only the new designs look nice, the vintage ones look more real when done with the zirconia. However, there are some trained eyes which are able to tell the difference between the sparkle of the diamond and this, and hence the scientists have taken up a new project. They are now working forward to make this look more real and like diamond, so that one day even the young girls like us can afford a diamond by ourselves!

    So you need not wait to save a lot of money to but the diamond jewelry now. All you have to do is to just go online and look for the options that you are looking for. You will love the offers made by the different online providers.

Charm bracelets, one of the most enticing pieces of jewelry

    Charmed bracelets are one of the most favorite pieces of jewelries that can be worn by anyone. Be it a man, woman or kids all can wear charms that signify some or the other important happening of your life. Charms have a central piece of attraction to a particular happening or various charms can be included in a piece to exhibit various significant things in life. They can be in varieties of metals and gems such as gold, silver, diamond and Cubic zirconia. Varied combination of varied metals can be used to reflect the important happening of one’s life. These charms are delightful and look beautiful when worn. They remind you about one of the most important part of your life and thus it is important to have at least one such jewelry.

    If you are getting started with this jewelry but do not an idea s to how to proceed, you can give a second thought to few things. If you are a basketball or football or any sport lover, you can get the symbol of the game as one of the charms in your jewelry. This will remind you of one of the most cherished and loved things in your life. Similarly music lovers can get the symbols of instruments in the form of charms. Also there are people who are crazy about food and have some or the other favorite recipe. Such people can get the food charms in their jewelry which signifies their love for food.
    Cubic Zirconia
    Also there might be a pet in your house which is very dear to you and hence you can get it included in the collection of your charms. Charms having hearts are very popular and commonly used and hence if you are a loved woman you can get a heart included in your charms. Then there are various other themes such as family, wildlife, adventure, lucky stones and many others which are very popular amongst people and hence one can get the diamond or CZ jewelry made in these themes which appear to be closer to their own life and signify it well.

Wild Wired Pendants

    I really enjoy working with pendants and nature gives me some really great materials to work with. Here’s I’ve designed to purchase (and sold several already!) pendants that either are stand-alone pieces or incorporated into necklaces.

    Pink or Green Agate slices wired in silver. I love these colors, the pink is a dyed clear agate slice with crystallization and the green is a sold all natural color of pale green. Both come with the funky earrings that have also been handcrafted.

    Dipping in the regions off the African coast, Madagascar these orthoceras pendants are really popular and I’ve done the both as individual and as a focal in a necklace. My favorite is the ex-large pendant showing the entire chamber of the squid fossil, it’s in my personal collection.

    Goniaties are really unusual and quite the challenge to work with because of their shapes. Either as a mix within a stylish necklace or as an independent to wear on any chain, collar or cord.
    For these and other pendants, see our collections.

Cubic Zirconia; the dream come true for every woman

    Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
    Having a beautiful set of necklace or a perfect piece of jewelry is the dream of every woman. Every woman in this world dreams to look beautiful wearing the most beautiful and expensive jewelry that could add to her beauty and for this most of the times women get confused as to which stone or metal to opt for. Generally people prefer to have ornaments in gold and silver along with diamonds studded on them. However everyone is not blessed enough to have money to buy such jewelries. For such people Cubic Zirconia is the best option to go for. They can simply spend a fraction of money as compared to these real studded diamonds and look as beautiful as they ever wished to.

    Not only for yourself but you can even buy these Cubic zirconia jewelry for your loved ones. Be it your mother –in-law’s wedding anniversary or your sister’s birthday, your niece’s engagement or a festival, you can easily buy a beautiful set ,made of this gemstone and gift to your loved ones. They will surely thank you a lot for such beautiful and precious gift. This is the best way to bring smile on the faces of your lovely friends and relatives. After all they are the ones who have been there in your every good and bad moment hence it is your duty to make them happy with anything that you can do for them.
    There are loads of varieties that can be sought out in these special gemstones. Being man-made they have lot many options as compared to the real and natural stones. There are lot many color and design option in the jewelries made of this CZ. Whether you wish to have bracelets or rings, a necklace set or a simple chain all can be easily formulated in this stone. With multiple color options available you can easily match them with any of your dresses regardless of what color category they fall into. Thus you can have a complete collection of jewelries in a variety of colors and designs made in these special gem stones.

CZ jewelry is elegance personified

    From times immemorial both men and women have loved to flaunt their jewelry. Whether it is diamonds or pearls, jewelry has helped to enhance the features of a woman. It is mainly due to this reason that women love to wear jewelry. The Cubic zirconia jewelry is known for its extraordinary beauty and affordable rates. This impeccable diamond jewelry gives the wearer an ethereal look. The strength of the stone is one of the most popular features of the CZ jewelry that makes it special. This jewelry is both beautiful and durable at the same time. This jewelry can be used as a substitute for the precious diamond jewelry that you wear. Most of the people purchase expensive jewelry but seldom wear it for the fear of losing it or damaging it. But when you purchase this jewelry, it can be worn anywhere and can be replaced too for an affordable rate.

    Cluster design in jewelry is very trendy and popular these days. It may be difficult to find a cluster earring or rings where all the stones appear clear and beautiful. But with this type of jewelry, you will find bracelets, earrings, and rings with stones that are absolutely flawless and clear. The bracelet of this jewelry which is quiet popular among women and young girls is available in various shapes and designs. They are an apt wear for parties and social functions. The diamond bracelet is available in different colors too that gives the wearer a unique appearance. The best thing about this jewelry is that each week a new variety of bracelet is manufactured by the company.

    They are available in sterling silver and gold. The silver sterling bracelet with clear stones and rhodium polish makes the wearer feel elegant and has a classical appearance. These bracelets are available in endless choices and suits any outfit. Another attractive feature of this bracelet is that they are available at attractive rates with a quality that is incomparable. The jewelry tops the list of favorites of all who love to look beautiful and sophisticated. However, this jewelry is not color specific as a result it suits any wardrobe.

Any Style Earrings

    Usually when someone is looking for the complete set to wear, though these days the fashion doesn’t always have to match. Many people are looking for the mix and match pieces to go with multiple outfits and fit just about any style, event or season. Here are a few stand alone earrings that could be worn with just about any necklace or outfit and are always in season.

    Southwest style in lampwork with crystals and copper (to the left)

    Hoops in Arizona Turquoise chips with white magnesite (to the right)

    Charmed dangles in multi-colored teal
    marbled zircon (to the right)

    Puffy pillow lampwork beads with
    charmed white Swarovski crystals (to the left)

    Purple jasper ovals with copper
    wire work (to the left)

    Pick your style, pick up earrings, pendants or necklaces among our collections for any season!

Classy & Chic Artistic Jasper Designs

    Artistic jasper is an incredibly beautiful stone; the array of colors is stunning with the creations of nature. The stones are mostly a shade of pink, but can have additional jasper coloring. These three designs are made from Japanese artistic jasper and include stones in ivoryite, black quartz, and faceted crystals in pink, copper, topaz, and black.

    Jaspers: Protection, nurturing, joy, awareness; balancing of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies.

    Uniquely handcrafted designs from nature; see our collections to purchase your next custom piece.

Advantages of the CZ jewelry

    Those days are gone when the people did not consider the CZ jewelry to be a good status symbol. Now people have become more open with their thoughts and have accepted it. This is also because the quality of the Cubic zirconia jewelry has increased with the technological advances that we have made. Now they resemble the genuine diamonds so well that even a jeweler will not be able top identify the actual diamonds with his naked eyes.
    cz Cuff BraceletThere are a number of things and properties that made them so popular. The first and the most important factor her is the price. These items are so cheap that you can actually start collecting them. They come for a fraction of the price of the diamonds and look as good as them or even better at times. But since they are manufactured in labs and are available in abundance they are not expensive. For the amount of one diamond ring you can actually get about 10 Cubic Zirconia rings. Apart from this the, refractive index of Cz is also higher than that of diamond which means it shines more than diamond. Also it is available in so many designs and styles that you have a zillion options to choose from. Not just this you can always buy these for your kids as even when they loose them you will not have to really worry as if you have lost a fortune.

    You will get every possible color that you are looking for. Another important property that has made it famous is that it is very easy to work with. This means that you can cut it very easily unlike diamond. You can have it in many different shapes and designs. You will have a number of options to choose from and you will actually face problems in deciding from so many options. This is also a limitation in diamonds as they are hard and difficult to cut. So now you just need to decide what type do you want and just go grab as many as you want. You can also get attractive discounts if you buy them online.

Ruby Red Quartz Elegance

    All about the elegance of deep ruby red quartz rounds with open centers; for flare Gayle has added freshwater cultured pearls in both rounds and sticks; then hinted with textured silver beads and a very large toggle.

    Pearl: Purity, faith, charity, innocence, integrity, focus, wisdom, spirituality, sincerity, fertility. Quartz: Love, peace, happiness, gentleness, healing emotional wounds.
    Browse our collections for custom design uniquely handcrafted jewelry.

Glamorize and go for the most dazzling Jewelry

    Clip Earrings
    Jewelry is known to imply status since earlier times. For instance, some specific positions can carry rings, in the times of Rome. Afterwards, laws of sumptuary dictated what should be the type of jewelry which one can wear, which is once more support on rank. One of the very important roles is played by cultural dictates. For example, in 19th and 20th century bearing of earrings were considered as ‘effeminate’ by people of western. Lately, displaying the jewelries of body like piercing is now seen as a sign of approval. It has now become an emblem of bravery inside a number of groups but it is entirely discarded in others. Similarly, the jargon word ‘bling bling’ has been popularized by hip hop culture. It implies the pretentious jewelry exhibit by men or women.

    In the 20th century, for popularizing rings of wedding and engagements for men, industries of jewelries commenced a campaign. In the mid of 1940, 85% nuptials in US attributed a double-ring ritual. In 1920 it was 15%. It also plays role in religion. Like in Islam wearing of gold is considered as a communal taboo. Several of the religions have aficionados against showing off in excess. In Christians, in scripts of disciples Peter and Paul, the innovative Testament gives commands in opposition to tiring of gold.
    Clip on Earrings
    The creator of design of LB jewelry is Louis Benowitz and has been performing business of jewelry since 1980. They have been traveling all over the world and consistently providing incredible diamonds and gems at affordable prices. You can afford gold charming bracelets which are embedded with multi colored beads. They keep an ethnic skill art and magnificent collections made up of glasses, collection, shells etc.

    People with pierced ears, must be having problems in how to wear snip earrings. It can be possible when a person wears earrings without pierce. This type is called clip earrings. It looks like as if one has got his ears pierced. One of the leading exporter and manufacturer of CZ jewelry, silver jewelry etc. is Baheti jewelers. All the products they contain are a model of superior craftsmanship and are well known for its superior quality and deliver the pieces on time.

Bold and Chic Jasper Cloisonne Crystals

    This new design is more about the bold color and chic non-symmetrical design than anything else. I started with beautiful green jasper stones, capped with fancy gold shield caps. Then I added in stunning cloisonné beads and for a bold statement, brought in black faceted crystals and soft colors of topaz faceted hex crystals.

    Jaspers: Protection, nurturing, joy, awareness; balancing of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies.

    See our
    collections to pick your own design from an array of uniquely custom designed pieces.

Buy the beautiful Cubic Zirconia jewelry at affordable rates

    These days, when the prices of gold and silver has skyrocketed it is quiet difficult to purchase expensive metals. It is every woman’s dream to own a diamond necklace or earring but only a few can afford to. But now there is a great substitute to the precious diamond in the form of Cubic Zirconia jewelry. As it is affordable, unlike the diamond jewelry, it is much in vogue these days. These jewelry offers style and glamour tantamount to the diamonds. This jewelry is available in various qualities and grades. The high quality CZ jewelry is an exact replica of diamond and one will find it impossible to tell them apart.

    This jewelry is obtainable in different attractive forms including shapes, colors and designs. The CZ necklaces, bracelets, the CZ rings, brooches, earrings etc are magnificent and incomparable. The rings are available in different varieties too. You can find rings for engagements, wedding bands, cocktail rings, dinner rings etc. In short the varieties are so huge that you can find a ring for every occasion. The special feature of this ring is the incomparable luster and beauty of the gemstone. A well cut cubic gemstone enhances the appearance of the jewelry. Some of the stones are machine cut too but they fail to give the same luster. These rings will help you to flaunt your beauty through an inexpensive way. The rings are available in gold, silver and white gold too. But however, the rings in sterling silver cost less than the gold ones.

    The most attractive feature of this jewelry is that you have a hundred different choices to select from. Whether it is rings, bracelet or necklaces the varieties are unlimited and moreover, every week you can expect a new variety of bracelet or earring. The jewelry is known to be the best substitutes for diamonds and it is quite true to the word because only an expert can tell the difference. This jewelry can also be considered as an excellent gift for someone special as it has the sophisticated appearance and is considerably lower in rate. It is also famous for its uniqueness, beauty and durability.

Adorable and most charming precious Jewelry

    Clip Earrings
    A one very personal ornamentation which comes in the form of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches is jewelry. It is the single and oldest types of adornment of body. Its designation requires many precious materials such as metals, gemstones or shells. It also depends on accessibility to materials and differences in cultural and geographical conditions. Its increasing importance is because of its marvelous designs, significant symbols, geometric or additional prototype. The word jewelry has been taken from the word jewel. And jewel was derived from the French word ‘joule’. Beads have known to be found which is 100,000 years old and made up of shells of Nassarius, and it is said that it is the oldest identified jewelry. Earlier, the material used to make jewelries were natural materials like shell, bone, teeth, carved stone and wood. As it indicates the societal status of people, the striking jewelry was perhaps made for affluent people.
    Every body part can be adorned through jewelry be it hairpins or toe rings. One of the very attractive and striking jewelry made for women is earrings. If you are searching finest quality clip earrings then is providing with your favorite, latest and most unique earrings jewelry. Its diamonds earrings discount 14kt earrings of gold jewelry. They proposes jackets of diamond earrings, small part earrings, two tenor gold band earrings, opal earrings, crimson earrings, gem earrings, hard enamel earrings, turquoise earrings, onyx earrings, nautical and diamond stud earrings etc. These are of optimum worth. Clip earrings for individuals with pierced or non pierced ears are also available. It meets the needs of individuals and is specially designed for the people who adore the superiority and splendor of handcrafted studs.

    Producer, exporters and wholesalers of diamond jewelry, precious or semi precious trinkets studded gold ingots jewelry and bullion jewelry. Craftsman techniques of jewelry, a competently administered association, are pleased to bring in it self as a creature occupied in exporting and manufacturing gold CZ jewelry. There are ample of reasons of using jewelry like display of wealth, currency and storage, practical use of pins, buckles, clasps. It also reveals symbolism, display of artistic and protection in the shape of magic districts and amulets.

Color Change Swarovski Crystals

    Swarovski crystals come in some of most incredible colors and one of my favorites is the Swarovski Cantaloupe color because it is a color changes crystals. By this, I mean it actual will change colors from a lovely light lime green or peridot to calming shade of lilac or purple.

    In this design, I’ve paired the faceted bicone cantaloupe crystal with flat rondelles in black Jet and antique gold fancy spacers. The highlight is a beautiful highly polished triangular shaped Indonesian Fossil Coral pendant. I’ve handcrafted the bail out of gunmetal and brass non-tarnish wire.

    Coral: Diplomacy, quieting emotions, visualization.
    Browse our collections to find unusual and unique custom designs from nature’s gifts.

A Million Year Old Social Status

    Jewelry perse, identifies items of adornment such as bracelets, rings, brooches and earrings. Jewelry can be prepared from any material. It can be prepared from gemstones and metals. And it can be prepared from shells and even plastic! There is not specific reason why jewelry is appreciated for long time but it has been associated with personal decoration and means to show off wealth. It can be praised for its symbols having a meaning or just geometry. It has been derived from the word “jewel” which is Old French “joule”. It is as old as one hindered thousand years. The initial jewelry items were made from natural materials. Natural materials consisted of some bones, shells and animal teeth. It was also made from wood and stone.Prisilla's 4 CT Asscher Cut CZ Engagement RingSomething somewhere has been made to make every part of the body look beautiful. There is a variety of form and designs. It consists from hairpins to earrings and from toe rings to wedding bands. Where high quality products are prepared from precious metals like gold and silver and even platinum, few are made just for art basis. Any such products could be nice modernly created bracelet, ear rings and toe rings. The design and creativity tops it all.

    For mass production, there is costume CZ jewelry. The other variations consist of some wire sculpture. Clip on earrings are a good example. Though these earrings can be prepared from plastic, there is metallic stuff available. Jewelry has been linked with the status. In ancient Rome, only certain class of the society could wear earrings and bracelet. In the 19th and early 20th century earrings worn by men was considered effeminate. And now body art and piercing has taken a well accepted place in certain groups of our society. In ancient times, bracelet was worn both by men and women and even had anklets on. Jewelry has seen it all, from religion like Islam to cultural dictates. Centuries have passed and the use has grown manifold. There is not stopping here. As long as humans live on this planet, specially the women, jewelry will be made and used!

Richly Stunning Crystals

    This one is a lovely set enchanted with rich deep color for a classy and elegant look. Handcrafted from faceted pink, yellow and purple crystal rondelle charms; some have been cluster. At the base is a focal of mookaite smoothly polished pendant; small accents of peacock freshwater pearls and smoky faceted oval crystals completes the entire necklace.

    Mookaite is an Australian Jasper and a very grounding crystal. It is said to help with self-esteem. Can help with dreams and meditation and moving forward in life. Promotes balance for the day and allows one to remain open and honest about all new ideas.

    Whatever your style or personality, pick from an array of our custom chic designs.

Most convenient piece of Jewellery; clip earrings

    Clip Earrings
    Clip on earrings are banging the jewelry market at high rate. People prefer these earring a lot over the old pierced earring. There are actually lot many benefits that can be gained with the help of these earrings. First and foremost is the fact that they save you from pain that one suffers while getting ears pierced. There are few people who have this phobia from getting their ears pierced but at the same time they also dream to wear earrings which they find impossible. These earrings are the best gifts for such people as they are not at all required to get their ears pierced and can also look beautiful with amazing earrings shining in their ears.

    These clip earring are not the latest innovation in the jewelry market. These earrings have been worn by the people since ancient times. However earlier people were not well aware with the manufacturing process and thus one used to get rashes and reddish earlobes after wearing them. With the recent advancement in technology, more and more companies are coming up with latest designs that are much comfortable for your earlobes and also look great while wearing. Thus these earrings save us from loads of pain that one could suffer while getting body parts pierced and also help to look beautiful.
    Clip on Earrings
    While you have your ears pierced, you might also face many problems while changing your earrings as it is not possible to wear the same earring lifelong. Since these special earrings with clip are attached only with the help of stopper, you can simply change them anytime you wish to without any hassles. Now with these earrings available, you can change them according to your attire to match all your outfits in the best possible way. Also these earrings are valuable in variety of metals. You can choose to have earring made in gold, silver, platinum and also Cubic Zirconia as per your choice and limit of expenditure. CZ earring will surely be the most preferred choice as they look and at the same time can be frequently changed as per the latest fashion.

Now go crazy collecting the jewelry

    Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
    Women are all about decorating themselves and flaunting their assets. It is quite natural for every woman to have a dream of looking the best. All of them want to have all the eyes on them when they walk into a room and live to be the center of attention. This is the reason why they always take a very long time to get ready and look their best. A good outfit is of course important to look good, but unless that outfit is matched with amazing jewelry, you cannot really expect the magic to come true. Jewelry is therefore very important and every woman wants to own a collection of it.

    It is very rightly said that diamonds are women’s best friends. This is because they get her the attention that she wants and also deserves. But it is not possible for every woman to own that amazing diamond jewelry. Not everyone is lucky enough to have that much money to spend on it. However with the Cubic Zirconia it is possible to do so. Cubic zirconia is a man made replacement of diamond. It has the properties similar to that of diamond and is ten times cheaper than that. In fact it is at times a better option that diamonds and you can get the attention at a very cheaper price.
    CZ Jewelry
    It has a structure similar to that of diamond but as it is, made in the labs, it is not expensive. it reflects light better than diamond does and therefore the brilliance of it is as good as diamond. In fact the refractive index of CZ jewelry is more than diamond that means it even has a better shine. It is a colorless material and can be given any color that you want. This is in fact a major advantage that you have with it that you do not with diamonds. You do not get diamonds in every color of your choice but with the Cubic zirconia jewelry, you can get the color that you want. It is also very easy to cut and therefore the designers can explore a number of shapes in it. This is another advantage that you have over diamond as you do not get as many options with it.

Choose whichever you like CZ jewelry or Diamond Jewelry

    Both of them are precious metals and have a class of their own, you can choose what ever you like. However there are certain points to remember when you are opting to make a choice. First of all you should know that the Cubic Zircona jewelry is almost a substitute for diamond. However if you look with great inspection then you will find that the CZ jewelry has less brilliance and more flashes of colors. They even differ in their hardness factor, for CZ it ranges from 8.5 to 9 mohs. And the diamond ranks 10 mohs and is considered the hardest material.
    Bruni's Pink CZ Earrings
    Another enormous difference between diamond and CZ is weight. Cubic Zirconia is heavyweight in contrast to diamonds; The CZ will weigh 1.75 times more than a diamond of comparable size. Well another interesting feature is the color of the stones, so if you see the cz ring looks for the color only in rarest of diamonds there would be the lack of color only they may have a tinge of yellow or brown to some degree. But the CZ is mostly entirely colorless. If you look with great attention then you will find many peculiar differences between the shapes of both kinds of jewelry both of these gemstones disperse the light in different modes, this difference is due to the difference in the refractive index of both the stones.

    Remember that these both gems are wonderful from the jewelry point of view. However the diamond is costlier but you get this gemstone in variety of shapes and crystal face. So if you love the elegant jewelry then go ahead and choose the gem you like. Now since you all know the features of both the stones you can choose what stone you would like to wear and keep it for you ever. get these seductive stones and stunning jewelry to add glamour to your look and your box of accessories. There are lots of styles and designs available so just find the right one that would suit you. All women get ready to get the best that would go good with everything.

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