Sterling Silver Jewelry Makes a Perfect Gift

    There are times that we are all stumped on a gift for a loved one or friend. After all, what do we get for someone that seems to have everything? A tight budget is also a concern with tight financial times causing all of us to cut back a bit. So we feel there are limited options for gifts. However, silver jewelry may be an option to explore. Sterling silver jewelry is made with a combination of silver and a small amount of copper, giving it a bright and shining appearance. Combined with gemstones and being highly polished, it gives an amazing sparkle that is sure to light up the smile on anyone’s face.

    One of the first options offered is a stock made silver jewelry item, such as a ring or necklace. Being less expensive than gold, sterling silver jewelry is often more durable having a harder metal that withstands daily use. Gold can be weaker, given the karat weight that is used. Silver jewelry contains the same consistent strength in the metal, but mixes of different metals used to create the sterling silver jewelry may actually weaken the durability of the jewel piece. The purchaser should check whether the silver jewelry is mass-produced or hand-made. Hand-made sterling silver jewelry tends to be higher in quality and strength.

    Another option in sterling silver jewelry is to request personalized items, like broaches, pins or belt buckles. Incorporating designs with personal meaning to the receiver of a gift offers a more personal touch to the gift. For example, designing a silver jewelry design that includes all of the birthstones of a mother’s children for a ring, necklace or bracelet, is a perfect gift for your mother, grandmother, or a true friend. The gift will be greatly cherished, and you are sure to be on their mind as the most thoughtful gift giver.

    Another option in gifting sterling silver jewelry is to create a token trophy item for special occasions such as graduations, milestones in personal improvement programs or just as a token of love and friendship. Due to its long-lasting stability, the metal is a great choice for many gift ideas. The ideas are endless in creating the perfect gift design yourself, or finding one that is already created to fit the occasion. Silver jewelry allows all of these options, being affordable, versatile, and showing the care you put into your thoughts or personal designs.

Spring to Summer Rages Charms

    Charms are all the rage this year; so for the big hit we came out with this charmed line last Fall and it was very well received. We brought it back again for Spring – Sumer and it has again been very popular. Most of these charmed necklaces feature Italian murano glass pendants and one that features a pink mushroom jasper stone pendant.

    All the charms are faceted crystals, lampwork beads, cultured freshwater pearls,and natural stones; each charm is individually hand twisted and then looped onto the silk cord. For accents between there are an array of lampwork & cloisonne beads or faceted crystals. Each one is uniquely crafted as an individual piece that stands by itself.

    They are all just beautiful…these are all sold quickly, but we will have more soon at our online shop!


    Royalty in blue hues and purple (to the left)

    Beach fun with octopus (to the right)

    Spring time elegance of calilies (to the left)

    Richly deep purples and amethyst (to the righ)

    Pretty in pink mushroom jasper (to the left)

    Modern in black and white (to the right)

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Show You Care with Sterling Silver Jewelry

    When you have to buy a gift for someone that seems to have everything, in addition to being stumped for ideas, the pocketbook is limited in the amount of spending budgeted for the purchase. With that panicked feeling of being limited in the options for a great gift in a short amount of time, what is a person to do? One option is to choose silver jewelry. Having a brilliant shining appearance and durability for daily use, sterling silver jewelry is a perfect gift idea, pleasing anyone that receives it. The silver jewelry is made of a strong metal that is a combination of silver and a small amount of copper for strength. Being highly polished, it glimmers and shines, highlighting any gemstones that are added in the design.

    Sterling silver jewelry is available in premade stock designs in many variations and items, such as necklaces, rings, and watches. Adding different gemstones in the design of the silver jewelry can represent a person’s birth month with the type of gem, or simply be a great accessory to the wardrobe. Sterling silver jewelry, in addition to being less expensive than gold items, is stronger in nature, allowing it to be worn every day as a reminder of your thoughtfulness in the gift.

    Silver jewelry can also be personalized with engravings that are meaningful, or designs that have personal meaning to the gift receiver. For example, ordering hand-made sterling silver jewelry in a specific shape can represent personal hobbies, meaningful events or inspirational symbols that are sure to please and show the care you put into your gift choice. Silver jewelry is highly versatile in this way, allowing intricate designs, the addition of gemstones and personalization to make the gift special. The hand-made designs also demonstrate artisanship and lends to the personal thought of the gift.

    Other ideas for sterling silver jewelry gifts are charms or medals that represent milestones in the receiver’s life, such as weddings, graduations or personal improvement achievements. At other times, the silver jewelry can simply represent love and friendship or comfort for someone in a time of need. There does not have to be a big occasion to offer sterling silver jewelry as a gift, since it is more affordable than some other gift options. With the unlimited possibilities in the designs and uses of silver jewelry, gift giving has become much easier in choice and more affordable than it used to be.

Wired Agates of Summer

    Light, small and full of brilliance…these lovely agates just right for the coming summer season! Hand wire wrapped in silver non-tarnish wire, the agates are from Brazil and all naturally colored.

    Look for these and many other artisan crafted styles for the coming summer season at our Timeless Designs shop on Ruby Lane!

    Naturally colored green & clear agate slice -- hand wire wrapped in non-tarnish silver wire. 


    Brazilian Oco Agate slice -- all natural color with center crystalization -- hand wire wrapped in non-tarnish silver wire.

    Agates: Balancing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies; perceptiveness, strength, inspiration, awakening talents.

Fashionable silver jewelry online

    Fashion is an element that stands out in every individual. Though everyone has different fashion tastes, something is always there that can suit different ages, styles and tastes. Online stores have made it possible for customers to shop for silver that is fashionable. Whether one is buying to wear or as a gift, there are bracelets, earrings, rings, chains, and others from which one can choose.

    The trend in the latest design wear that is fashionable, changes all the time. However, the online stores ensure that they update their catalogues as the silver jewelry becomes something new. This is to keep up with the current demand by clients who exclusively wear silver as d├ęcor.

    The prevailing styles can be found in most online stores that specialize in these ornaments. The quality is different and so are the prices. To find the latest craze is easy and one needs only to find the shop that deals with that jewelry.

    To meet the demeanor goals of every individual, the stores have made sure that their collection is wide and vast. With the help of illustrated catalogues that are detailed with each item for sale, it is much easier to find the fashionable items. For the items to be the latest hot hits, they do not have to be pricy. There are some that are quite affordable and versatile.

    It is very easy to bring out ones personality and desires as one keeps up with the latest trends. The dazzling selection, which is available for everyone, comes in all colors, sizes and shapes. One can easily be noticed from any gathering or crowd when wearing this unique metal.

    Sterling silver jewelry has a fashion statement that cannot be compared with any other items. The finishes and sheen looks make the items have their own personal use and value. The decoration on the silver also stands apart between each item. For the convenience of purchasing online, they come in well-designed boxes where the items are displayed.

    The latest themes may vary but one thing is for sure: some items are celebrity inspired and one would almost feel like a celebrity if they bought it. The crafters do not limit their budgets to make sure that what is in demand is supplied to the customers. With the stiff completion in this industry, all the handcrafters are trying to outdo each other and at the same time satisfy the clients.

Advantages of Silver Jewelry

    If you look around keenly you will notice that silver jewelry is becoming more popular by the day. You do not need to wonder why this is so, because silver jewelry has a lot of advantages. Read on, as below are some of these advantages.

    One reason why silver jewelry is becoming popular is because of its versatility in matching with all skin tones and hair colors, so if you are have blond, black or brunette hair, you can wear silver jewelry. Whatever your style - whether casual or elegant - silver jewelry has no boundaries, as men, women and kids will all like it. As you know, there is no better metal than silver when it comes to reflecting light, so when worn near the face it throws a glossy reflection on your face and brightens your eyes.

    Another reason is the health benefit of silver jewelry. It has been proved scientifically that silver jewelry provides a needed element to the body. Silver has highly important components for balancing some elements in our body. It keeps the blood vessels elastic and is important for bone and skin formation and healing. It is said to be absorbed through the skin. There you are - if you thought silver jewelry was only about fashion, think again.

    The low cost of silver jewelry is also an advantage. Although silver is leading in a lot of cases when you look at market shares, it still remains cheaper than gold. Considering these hard economical times, why would you buy a product - for example gold - when you can buy two items of jewelry in silver for the same price.

    Another advantage of silver jewelry is that it shines even against white. Take the example that you are looking for jewelry for your wedding and you would prefer something that will shine and at least be different from your white wedding gown. Yellow may not be able to bring that shine, but silver jewelry will.

    There are a lot of silver products on the market, from silver bracelets to silver earrings, beads and so on. They are very beautiful and inexpensive due to the fact that silver is not a precious metal but, remember, it is very precious to our body in terms of health.

    Even though silver, like many metals, tarnishes with time, you can still keep it shiny if you buy sterling silver jewelry and take good care of it, especially by cleaning it with 100% cotton cloths and storing it separately, so that the pieces do not rub against each other.

Business 101: Silver Jewelry

    With the rise of popularity on silver jewelry, some people may wonder, is there a profitable way to gain money from selling these jewelries? As many silver shops nowadays have proven, yes it can be profitable. But if a person wants to start a business with silver, there are a lot of things to consider first before going to the business. Here are few guidelines by which a person could have a glimpse of what to keep in mind especially in starting a jewelry business.

    First, a person must mind a whole sale silver jewelry manufacturers. Why wholesale? You should buy it wholesale because you could buy a lot of silver items at a fraction of the cost which you could sell at a higher price for profit. Some of the countries that export silverare India, Indonesia, China, and Thailand. Silver ranging from low to high quality could be bought there at a cheaper cost. After knowing where to find those wholesale silver jewelry manufacturers, entrepreneurs must then choose among them. Some guidelines for choosing manufacturers are to assess the distance of the manufacturer to one’s preferred business location, and communication barriers if there are any that exist. Attending trade fairs and doing personal research wouldn’t also hurt especially if one does really want to assure the quality of silver to be bought. Entrepreneurs and businessmen should be able to assess the different qualities of silver especially through the sample items given by the manufacturers. And of course, the legitimacy of the manufacturer must be checked through trial purchases or personally contacting them. If still in doubt, most countries have a government sector which deals with trades and people could confirm whether the manufacturer is accredited or not.

    After finding the source of the sterling silver jewelry, one must know how to sell it. There are varieties of ways how to sell jewelries. One could sell jewelries on a craft show. Also, it could also be consigned in eBay. Renting a place and creating a shop or gallery would also be good. Or you could again wholesale it. The decision is up to the businessman. However, the target buyers should be assessed especially with regards to their preference. Other buyers would prefer to buy online while others buy personally. Keep in mind these simple guidelines and starting a business will be a walk in the park.

Artisan Carfted International Beauty

    I have to say, my latest acquisition has to be one of the best I’ve made in a very long time. When I came across these pendants, not only did they draw me in from across the isle, but their incredible beauty is indescribable. The vendor sells international hand-crafted artisan pendants and beads and I have to say, these latest ones…well, the “wow” factor is off the charts!


    The pendants come from Russia and are all individually hand-painted. The steady hand that created the fine details of the flowers and leaves are just stunning (the pictures really do not do them justice). With each stroke you can tell the light and dark areas of the petals, softly fine brush strokes around the outer edge as a tiny picture fame; the artist left no detail unturned, giving way to one’s imagination of a country garden with each pendant.

    Each one is a little unique and something quite a bit ‘outside the box’ for me; I’m more known for creating bold, funky and chic designs….these are more traditionally delicate and soft, like an English Garden that I’ll probably mix up with crystals and pearls (my imagination was on overload while trying to pick out just a few to use in designs).

    The larger pendants are all wooden and very light weight, something I really liked because I’ve been searching for a little larger pendant with very little weight. The smaller pendants are all beautiful mother-of-pearl and the flower designs explode with color. Each one has a high glossy coating that really brings out the details. The artist also signed each one on the back for a truly unique pendant…soon to be designed into jewelry pieces!

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Silver Jewelries for your Significant Other

    If you are having a hard time thinking of an idea on what present you will give to someone. Here is an idea that you will not regret.

    Gold accessories, necklace, bracelets, and earrings, why buy these luxurious things when you can settle for a cheaper yet elegant looking accessory. Silver jewelries decorated with precious stones, like diamonds, sapphires and pearls is what I am telling you. Yes, perhaps it will immediately give you a thought of high-cost and high maintenance items. But no, you are definitely wrong. Silver jewelry is not as expensive as what you think. There is a variety of silver jewelry that you can afford.

    Silver jewelries are the best idea that one could give as a gift. It will not only show elegance but would also depict different meanings depending on the designs of the jewelry you have chosen to give as a present.

    If you would choose sterling silver jewelry to your significant other, specifically to your boyfriend or husband, an engravable dog tag or engravable ID bracelet is best. With this item, you could personalize your gift with both your names, his name only, or a short message you want to tell him. Through this, you are putting words in an item that represents your relationship which you believe it will last for a lifetime. Prices of these items may range from 15$ to 30$.

    However, if you are a guy, a ring is best for your girlfriend because it represents special bond between the both of you. But do not plan of an over sumptuous gift like the cadence prince cut ring. It will really cost you a lot. A simple decorated ring would be enough to make your girlfriend smile and probably say I do. Most women do not want over ornamented items. Fancy rings embellished with little gem stones could be one gift that your girlfriend will admire.

    If you think your girlfriend does not want a ring, try a brooch or silver locket. There are a variety of brooch designs that could perfectly fit your girlfriend’s personality and taste. There are brooch designed with flowers, animals, and even abstract designs. So if your girlfriend is fond of butterflies just what most women want, why not buy her a butterfly patterned brooch. Conversely, if you want a silver locket as a gift, it will be best if you put your best couple picture in it. Your girlfriend will surely be pleased if you will give this as a present.

Silver and Sterling Silver Jewelry

    For those women who find it difficult to go out the door without at least some of their magnificent jewelry dangling from their wrist in the shape of a bracelet or hanging from the ears in the form of the most elegant earrings, jewelry is a part of their existence. Such women pride themselves on collecting jewelry of all types, both gold and silver and with amazing designs that are pleasing to the eyes. But the obsession with jewelry does not have to be an expensive one. More and more women are turning towards cheaper options in jewelry that look as grand as the pricy ones but at a price that doesn’t make a dent in their pocket.

    A great choice for women of all ages is ilver jewelry Generally, silver jewelry is made from the metal in its pure for but their might be other metals added to give it a different look or style. Pure Silver Jewelry does blacken with age but it can be cleaned to get back the original luster and beauty. If your jewelry is delicate and expensive you could go to a professional jeweler to have it cleaned. For those who prefer to clean it at home, toothpaste and water works like magic. All you have to do is carefully rub the pieces with toothpaste and let it stand for a while. Just wipe clean with a wet cloth or wash it off carefully; your silver jewelry will be good as new.

    One of the most popular alloys of Silver in terms of jewelry is Sterling Silver. Sterling silver contains more than 90% silver with traces of other metals primarily copper. The percentage of copper is varied according the purpose the sterling silver is being used for. The elegance of the metal is enhanced by adding precious and semi-precious stones to it when being used as jewelry. Like silver, sterling silver jewelry is an affordable option in jewelry that women love and collect. The price may vary depending on the designer and manufacturer.

    One of the most popular stones that is used across the globe in jewelry of all types is zirconium. It has a diamond like shine that goes perfectly in any metal setting. Looking at some of the designs displayed online by the larger manufacturers of jewelry, you’ll find that zirconium is present in some of their best ones. Cubic zirconium earrings in amazing designs are available for purchase online. Cubic zirconium earrings prices may vary according to the designer you choose, but with the wide variety available online, it would not be difficult to find a lovely pair at an affordable price.

How to accessorize with Silver Jewelry

    With the evolution of fashion comes the evolution of raw materials that are used in making accessories. Primarily, materials that can be obtained from trees such as leaves and woods are the only source of accessories of human being. They put these accessories on their wrists, necks, anklets, or any body parts where they believe would look good to them. During those times, aside from the fact that the use of accessories are indication of their economic standing, the use of accessories are also given traditional meanings depending on what tribe they belong to. Those were their main purpose of accessorizing. However, during the onset of industrialization, when barter is discovered by the primitive men, the use of gold and silver to create accessories was discovered. With this discovery, where people has made the possession of gold and silver jewelries as an asset, the use of jewelries as an accessory became a universal fixation.

    Wherein, unlike in the past where the use of accessories has a purpose, nowadays the use of silver jewelry is universal. One may use sterling silver jewelry going to work, to school, or even going to parks and malls.

    Even though everyone can use silver jewelries, there are some guidelines that one could follow in wearing silver jewelries in their daily life.

    There are many types of silver rings, silver necklaces, and silver earrings. There are silver rings, silver necklaces, and silver earrings that are simply made with pure silver and are only decorated with linings and small shapes. These jewelries are best worn when going to work and school. One goes to work and school for professional and formal purposes, therefore the use of simple designed jewelries are advised. On the contrary, there are fashionable silver rings, silver necklaces, and silver earrings that are accessorized with gems and pearls. These are gigantic rings that are best worn when you are going to a date, going to hang out at the park or even going to a Friday and Saturday night party. But be reminded that the use of these rings goes with the color of the clothes you wear. Try mixing and matching colors of the gems in your ring with the color of your dress and be ready to show the world your own fashion statement.

    In addition, silver earrings are commonly categorized into three: the stud, the hoop, and the dangling. Oftentimes, the stud earrings are best worn when going to work or to formal events. While the other types of earrings can be used anywhere you go. However, there are some institutions who do not allow the use of large hoop earrings and dangling earrings. But as long as no one prohibits you to use jewelries, well accessorize yourself with its various types.