The Advantages of the silver engagement rings

    The promise ring is purchased by people with designs of gold, and platinum. There are many numbers of factors that are associated with this type of rings that are available in the jewelry shops as designed by the user. Since the specialty of the silver is that it is very soft as compared to other types of metals. The best feature of silver engagement rings is that it can be molded into different shapes, so that the perfect design can be made by giving the exact type of the specification as mentioned by the customer. This really makes people to use the various combinations of the materials, so that the right type of the designs can be made according to customer’s choice.

    The best features of this type of rings are the color combinations which are used for different occasions. The unique features of these rings are available with classic designs available in all the jewelry shops. The correct type of the color that matches with the rings should be chosen. One should select the right type of the ring that suits many people in the house. Another type of the rings that we have in the market is of the promise ring. These types of rings make it the best gift for many people so that they remember for life long. This ring specifies the lifelong relation ship with the partners, friends, and the family members in the house. These types of rings specify the symbol of love, romance, and compassion. Wearing these rings make you feel proud and add style to you outfit. These rings can be presented by loves to the loved ones when they go out for a dinner or a party.

    These types of rings best when it is presented, to friends, relatives, and other members of the house. The sterling silver rings are in more demand by the people because of its simplicity in design, and many people are having the eye catching attraction towards it. The price of these rings is decided by the type of metals that is being used in the rings, for various purposes.

Advantages of the Eternity Rings

    The eternity rings give the expression of love. Actually, this type of ring is the best way of expressing love and affection towards those persons who all are very close to each other. This includes family members, relatives, and friends. This type of rings opens the platform for many people to express ones feeling towards many people that they know. These types of the eternity rings can be given as gifts. This type of the rings also can be worn on to functions, or important events. Mostly, we see that this type of jewelry is presented in special occasions like the birth of a new born in the family.

    These types of the rings are found in many shapes that may be circular, round, or oval, or heart shaped. This type of ring will surely allow the people to take it as the first gift for someone. These eternity rings are used by many people. These types of rings also touch the hearts of many people, and are reaching to the expectations of many people. This type of rings lasts for the longer duration with a great way of expressing love with everyone. This type of rings is easily affordable by many people. There are other types of rings also available in the market that helps the user to purchase the rings that would be useful for many events. These types of rings are easily affordable by the people. These are the promise ring, with new designs, and many styles, that make it the perfect choice for many people.

    The engagement rings found commonly found in all jewelry shops. This is a choice for young couples; these rings are designed according to different occasions. The design is made with the latest known techniques, which gives a splendid look to these rings. The ring is perfectly shaped with designs of flowers, shapes and even studded with precious stones. The ring has a well polished look which glitters when exposed to common light. The materials used in these rings give a perfect shape, which attracts the customers.

Oco Agate with a Twist of Amber Navy Mix

    Working with Oco agates you just never know what you are going to get in the pendant slice. What makes these very unique is that they are highly polished on back and front, but the sides have been left with a slight rawness, almost a feel of the mine they come from.

    Each one is a carefully crafted colorful piece from nature with the centers open showing the years of crystallization, this makes the Oco agate very different from normal agate slices.

    In this new pendant I’ve hand wire wrapped it in bronze non-tarnish wire, the beauty of the pendant is captured in an array of fall colors; navy blue, white, black, rust, butterscotch, and even a hint of cream.

    The necklace is crafted of amber freeform chips with a high polish, faceted rondelle crystals the color of navy or sapphire and between are little gold tone pewter round beads. With the size of the agate pendant being a little smaller, the necklace is not as heavy as many of the chunky and bold pieces I’ve been known to create.

    A piece of nature that has been artisan crafted to enjoy for all time….browse our online shop at Ruby Lane to find your fossil, mineral or natural stone jewelry!

Designs for the Season in Polymer Clay

    A not so new medium being used by artists in the jewelry industry is polymer clay because of its pliable, bendable and sculpting polymer compound or synthetic modeling material, thus it is not really true clay. True clay has fine particles of silicate suspended in water, whereas polymer clay is fine particles of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) suspended in plasticizer, but it can be used much like clay.

     Polymer clay is formulated from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), dyes or pigments and plasticizer to keep it soft until heat cured. It is an acrylic art material and there are many brands available in the United States. All the polymer clay brands have been individually tested and certified as non-toxic art materials. Brands vary in how hard or soft they feel at the beginning of use and the softer clays are more brittle when cured, and the firm clays are more durable after they are heat cured. The working properties vary between brands and become a designer’s personal choice. Some brands or colors within brands contain white mineral clay that makes colors opaque; others contain mica that gives it a shimmer and shine to the clay. All polymer clays are thermal set plastics, meaning they are hardened with heat and do not become soft again after curing. Before being cured in an oven, clays are thermally reactive and become hard when cool and soft when warm.
    What makes polymer clay special is its versatility for anyone who wants to let their imagination run wild. With the dozens of colors choices and a designer can blend clays together like paints into canes to make any color palette they desire. Since the color is inherent in the particles, you can also work two or more colors together without blending them, if you prefer, for special effects such as cane marbling or stoning. The clay's pliability and ductility let you use techniques from other mediums such as glasswork, textile arts and sculpture. And polymer clay doesn't dry out, so you can sculpt and form it without worrying about a time limit.

    In these new designs we feature polymer clay beads; the necklaces are quite lightweight and another alternative for people who don’t like the big chunky styles seen in many jewelry designs today.

Attributes of pearl earrings

    The pearl earrings are the new types of collections that have come into the market. The popularity of this type of rings is more as compared to other types of earrings that can be found in the market. The process of making the pearl gold earrings start with the materials used to make the perfect structure and style, so that everyone takes this type of earrings. When we compared the other type of the earrings, the price is high in terms of the prices. There are some sites that help to purchase this type of earrings by availing some discounts, especially for women so that it becomes easier for buying this type of pearl earrings.

    The shine of this earring has to be preserved so that it lasts for a longer period. The pearl earrings can also be presented as a gift to the person who likes the most or is closely attached with them. The material used in this jewelry gives the gold earring its luster. The different pairs of the combinations of the earrings can also be seen in two pairs or four pairs so that people get the exclusive patterns of it. The sterling silver necklaces are of many types with many gem stones, designs, and styles so that people would know about it. This type of earrings is finished with the use of fourteen karat gold that gives some shine so that people can purchase this type of earrings.

    People are very pleased with this type of earrings. The stones that are used on the earrings give more sparkles like the fire crackers. These rings include a nice color matching pattern with the dress, with the corresponding ring that is available in the market. Many people would love to buy this type of earrings. The promise ring are another type of rings that can be easily searched in the jewelry shops. One can see the classic designs of it, so that people make the best use of it. These rings are designed for weddings, engagements, and many more functions that people would love to buy this type of rings.

Features of the Twilight Jewelry

    The silver jewelry is available in the market which has been taken from the famous movie named twilight. People can get these collections of this jewelry by visiting the near by jewlery store or view them in the website. Women can find the collections of these jewelries, their images and the latest jewelry released by the designers across the globe. For various designs, people could also refer the websites that will give the exclusive collections, of the styles, prices, so that it would be the best type of the jewelry of many people. This type of jewelry makes one so fashionable, that can be worn on many occasions, by the women. The designer put their efforts, in making the new creativity of the designs, to such an extent so that it would be the best among all. The most appropriate type of the jewelry can be found out by the jewelry shops.

    The sterling silver necklaces is another option for most of the ladies so that they would wear it on special occasions. This type of jewelry speaks about the personality of the women, with the marvelous collections from the stores, and designed by the different designers so that people would be able to take this type of jewelry from the shops. These are perfect gifts you can give during any occasion. These necklaces are available in various designs and shapes, that the customers can choose these according to their taste. These necklaces are available in different designs and shapes, that the customers can choose these according to their taste.

    The eternity rings are one the most popular type of rings that we have in the jewelry shops. This type of rings is given as a gift to many people because it describes about the love, and compassion, and romance. The specialty of this type of rings is that it maintains the life long relationship, with many of the people to whom one cares a lot. These rings are mainly used for engagement and other special occasions. These rings are artistically designed by skilled craftsmen to give an elegance look to this jewelry. The gallery and price of these rings are displayed online Bella's. Promise ring should be maintained in a proper way to make these rings last for a long time.

Purchasing the pearl stud earrings

    The pearl earrings have there own way of huge collections of the earrings that gives another look of the woman’s style. This type of pearl stud earrings, before purchasing one should know about the product every thing. They are suitable for any type of the dress that matches with the color pattern matching with the earrings. The best thing about this type of earrings is such that it can fit on any type of the dress. The best type of pearl earrings can be purchased through the help of internet, and from there it self, one can place an order the type of the earrings that one has selected from the websites. Some discounts are also being offered by the sites and allowing the user to avail the services of the earrings as described by the sites. The pearl earrings mainly come in the three shapes, that are of round, circular, or drop shaped. It also consists of many color combinations like the black pearl, blue pearl, and white pearl. The bigger pearls are comprised of the gem stones, with high expenses. This can be the best way of collecting the pearls from the stores.

    There are other types of the sterling silver necklaces being found in the stores. This type of necklaces speaks about the personality of the women and the person who puts it. When the attention of many people goes to the necklaces it describes about the pleasant personality of the women. The different categories of the sterling silver necklaces mainly include heart pendants, cubic zirconia necklaces, and the pearl necklaces etc. There are huge collections of the sterling silver necklaces and one can select according to the choice of the women.

    There are other products available with the help of the sterling silver rings. The other thing with the silver necklaces includes the sterling silver necklaces, pendants rings, chains and many more. The bracelets define the extra effects to the women that keeps on shining when put on to them. The best way of selecting the silver bracelets is to purchase with the help of internet.

Defining the Eternity ring

    The engagement rings comprise of the classic collections of the jewels. The features that it carries with this type of eternity rings mainly comprise of the different types of stones, which make these rings shines, and the most important thing is the amount of diamonds makes people to present in the form of gift to many people. The designs are made in such a way to encircle the finger that makes it the special moment for many people with the help of this type of rings. The unique feature of these types of rings is that it defines the love that lasts for life long. This type of rings is mainly purchased on the occasions of weddings.

    This type of the rings is given as a gift to the dearest ones, or the new arrival of the baby in the house. The different designs and many shapes like oval, circular shapes with many of the jewels being highlighted on the front side of the ring makes it the perfect blender for many people so that it is said to be the best type of ring of all times. The earrings are comprised of many silver plating with the exclusive designs of collections designed by the designer so that people buy the latest collection of jewelries from the shops. This type of ring is suitable for any type of dress that is being worn by women. The various color combinations make it the best type of ring, and can also be put on many occasions. These stud earrings should be cleaned with special solutions which you can get from the markets or jewelry shop.

    The eternity rings are one of the types of rings with more silver polishes on to it. These are the best types of rings because this type of rings can be molded into different choices as per the requirements made by the user. These rings make special occasions like marriage a memorable one. These types of rigs add glamour to you life and make you unique. These types of sterling rings are available in different sizes and shapes, and you can customize these rings of your choice.

Collecting huge collections of the Jewelries

    The jewelry box is being referred as the best place of keeping the precious things at the safe place where one could easily locate the exact location of the jewelry box. This jewelry boxes are being made up of the wooden boxes, or steel, and with many other types of the materials that give the perfect box for providing the safety. There are many ways of keeping the things at the right place with the help of the jewelry box. There are many types of rings that are being found by many people one of them is the silver engagement rings. These types of the rings are being found in large numbers as this type of rings is being designed for the special occasions. The components of the sterling silver rings mainly comprise of the gold, platinum etc. There are other combinations also being used so that the best type of the designs can be found out from the store. The rings are very smooth as well as soft and can be easily worn by the people. These types of the rings can be molded into different shapes by informing to the designer. One should make proper selection of choosing the right type of the rings for the bride.

    The twilight necklace describes about the actual behavior of the woman. This type of necklaces is basically designed for many occasions, through which the popularity of the necklace will come into the picture. It is easily affordable and people could obtain from the market near by them. The various materials are being used by the designer in order to have the best type of the necklace available to the market. One can refer many sites that help the proper selection of the necklace to give the gift to the loved ones.

    The twilight jewelry is one of the best designs that have the latest editions of the designs made by the designer. Every type of the jewelry is having the best type of feature that enables the people to buy such type of jewelries from the market or the shops as easy for the buyer.

Buying the Silver eternity rings

    The Silver eternity rings is one of the best type of the gift, which is being presented to others. There are classic collections of the designs, with various combinations of gold, and silver combinations, and many pattern matching recognition along with them. This type of rings actually expresses the ever lasting relationship with the people who have received the gift from the friends, relatives and the family friends. The silver eternity type of the rings with different categories of it includes the following like new pendants, chains, rings, and other types of the rings that have recently launched in to the market. The silver eternity rings are of many types, and sizes, and different color matching pattern, as mentioned by the stores is being purchased through the discounts that they offer, to the people while purchasing it. The eternity type of the ring is the type of the ring that describes the relation between the partners. This type of rings is mostly best suited for the wedding rings. These types of rings are of full or half designs and also of the type of the adjustable rings if it is not placing in the right finger.

    The Other type of the silver rings that we have in the market is of the silver engagement rings. They are actually the silver engagement rings. This type of the rings is available in the market with new designs, as specially designed for the various occasions that occur in the society. This silver engagement rings best feature is that it is very soft as compared with other types of rings that we have in the shops. The selection of the ring is being done by the bride for the occasion, and also the color pattern matching with the dress.

    The sterling silver rings are also found in the shops with more classic designs, or as per the specifications made by the user. This type of rings can be placed an order on the websites that provides the online shopping facility for many people and with many ways of approaching towards it can be easily purchased from the market.

Wired Double Spiral Coil Pendant

    I really like the double spiral coil and depending on what mandrel it’s coiled on, you can make it just about any size to fit any project. In these two designs I’ve spiraled on a large mandrel to get a both a medium and large focal pendent.

    Designed in all natural Chinese turquoise, the center a medium double coil spiral is hand wired in silver non-tarnish wire. I’ve included a few smooth polished tube silver tone pewter beads as accents.

    The colors of the turquoise are so striking, when I saw this strand in Tucson I just new that it would turn into something incredible. The mix of green mixed with rust, black, brown, toffee, and a hint of blue in some stones cut in a flat disk shape carry very well with this necklace.

    This one is I’ve done the same double coil spiral a little larger than the first, also created in silver non-tarnish wire, again as the focal pendant. The necklace is then made from blue magnesite barrels and lampwork beads that are toffee background with red swish marks and silver tone pewter beads.

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Why one should buy the sterling silver necklace

    The sterling silver necklace is selected by the people by many reasons. The silver is such a type of metal that will keep the size, as well as the crafts that have been highlighted on to it. There are different categories of silver ornaments, which include the rings, necklaces, and many more with this type of the product. The cost of the silver necklace is very easily available from the market with many of the designs, and the styles that make it the perfect choice for many people to purchase this type of product. Different comparisons are being made with silver maintaining the top most shine as compared to other type of metals, that se have in the market.

    The mechanism of cleaning the silver as well as the necklace is very easy as compared to other metals. The various combinations are being used with the silver rings, as also with the necklace so as to look more beautiful and by this allowing others to draw there attention towards them. There are silver bracelets with many of the designs, and making people to buy along with this silver metals. The sterling necklace was also being highlighted in the movie name twilight, and informing the audience about it. The twilight necklace was also been shown in order to have the promotion of the necklace so that people could purchase from the stores, and the shops, and availing the services being offered by them.

    There are huge collections of the twilight jewelry available in the market and among them there are many favorites of the different peoples and letting the entire audience know about it. By putting such type of jewelries it increases the personality of the girls as well as the women. These earrings determine the actual behavior of the women while going to the functions, in the society, as well on many occasions. Due to this the demand for the jewelries is rising in huge numbers allowing people to buy this sort of product from the latest collections that is available in the shops, and also in the market.

Purchasing the Silver engagement rings

    The Silver engagement ring is of the many designs that we have in the society, with classic designs, styles, and the prices. These types of rings are said to be easily purchased by many people by looking at the budget of the employee in the organization. This type of product is useful for many occasions. The specialty of this type of rings is that it is very soft as compared to the normal rings that are being found by many people in the stores. These types of rings have become the most centre of attraction for many people, by its exclusive designs, designed by the top designers from all over the world.

    The selection of the ring is being done by the girl that she would be putting to the ceremony of her engagement. Since the bride has to choose the ring as per the choice of the dress that is to be worn by her. The silver engagement ring would be said as the best if the color of the dress is with white color. These types of rings make it easier for the people to buy from the stores that provides the classic models with each type of the rings. The ring section also describe about the wedding rings with huge collections of the designs that we have in the market.

    One can chose the type of the rings that he wants for the occasions like wedding, birthday, or the anniversary, or some special functions. The silver eternity rings are said to be the best gift to give to the dear ones or the person to whom one likes from the bottom of his heart. This Silver Eternity rings describe the ever lasting relationship with many of the people to whom this is given as a gift. These types of rings are also being found in the movies, and in this way the promotion of the product is being highlighted, and through this channel one comes to know about it, and the importance of the rings. The sterling silver rings have also being in more demand because of its classic designs, and many styles that have come into the market.

Idaho’s Gem Owyhee Picture Jasper

    Called King of the Picture Jasper Owyhee Jasper is colorful and popular picture jasper that probably derives its name from the Owyhee River. This material has been offered under several trade names including Owyhee Jasper Agate, Owyhee Junction Jasper, Owyhee Picture Jasper, and Owyhee Picture Rock.

    Owyhee Jasper is basically petrified mud. There are three jasper mines within a mile of each other, the LED, Wildhorse and Rocky Butte. The Classic Owyhee Jasper has a wide variety of patterns and shapes. The jasper is known for its bright colored scenic patterns with and without blue sky. This jasper depicts desert scenes, high mountain ranges, winding roads and meadows or even the seas.

    Where does Owyhee Picture Jasper Come From?
    Owyhee Picture Jasper comes from the Owyhee mountain area, situated on the Idaho-Oregon border, along US 95 just south of Homedale Idaho. The Owyhee River begins in northern Nevada and flows north close to the Oregon - Idaho border. It eventually empties into the Snake River just south of Nyssa, Oregon, about 25 miles northwest of Jordan Valley, Oregon.

    The river abruptly turns east for several miles, makes several loops and then turns north again. It finally flows into the Owyhee Reservoir. This is Eastern Oregon's high desert country in Malheur County and even spills over into Humboldt County, Nevada. Many types of picture jasper, plume agate, petrified wood, rhyolite, colored agates and saginites come from all these areas.

    Owyhee picture jasper is a natural wonder depicting the great beauty of the earth it was born in.

    This design features the famous Idaho gem, owyhee picture jasper in smooth polished rounds; the have been drilled on the diagonal to form the overlap, making designing with these types of cuts very difficult! I’ve hung a large puffy crystal heart in a light beige and the bail is many hand charmed crystal clusters, which area also in a few places in the necklace.



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    Research material from

Enter Peruvian Pink Opal

    Peruvian pink opal is relatively rare and is only found in the Andes Mountains near San Patricio, Peru. The pink opal derives its color from trace amounts of included organic compounds known as quinones. These opals range from opaque to translucent, and depending on how the stone is cut, the color will either be clear or show the stone’s matrix and inclusions. (Like agates, some Peruvian opals show the scenic fern-like dendritic inclusions.) Peruvian opal is also known as Andean opal.

    Opal was formed many millions of years ago, when a combination of silica and water flowed into cracks and spaces in the ground. This then gradually hardened and solidified to become opal. Opals contain water, which makes them very sensitive to heat. They are soft and can be cracked or chipped easily.

    Traditional Properties
    Pink Peruvian Opal is a stone of love and gentleness. It brings energies of gentle love and kindness to both romantic relationships and relationships of other kinds. As with other opals, it also brings inspiration, imagination and creativity. It can help release inhibitions and brings happy dreams. It also eases the process of change.

    This is an absolutely striking and very beautiful necklace; I just love the pendant it really sets off the whole piece. I started with a rare peruvian pink opal pendant that is highly polished, faceted and cut in a shape called the ax. It is really quite striking and one of my favorites. The base of the necklace is crafted of onyx cut on the diamond and then overlapped, between are several clusters of hand charmed pink faceted crystals. The whole set just says dramatic, chic, just sophisticated.

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More Signs of Fall

    These new designs are sure to take on the fall fever! Check out our online shop at Ruby Lane to browse the available collection designs for purchase!!

     Deep rich carnelian donut squares that have handcrafted double spiral coil beads in non-tarnish brass wire; accented with picasso jasper, faceted round crystals and corrugated gold tone pewter spacer beads.

    Dramatic yet fun necklace starting with a yellow agate cabochon wire wrapped by hand in non-tarnish shiny gold wire; accented with cracked agate beads in yellow with very definite black veins and faceted crystals.

How to Select Original Twilight Jewelry?

    How great it would be if you have a Twilight collection of rings in your jewelry box. A Twilight set includes rings, bracelets and the Cullen crest as well. If you are a Twilight fan, you will surely admire the merchandized prop Twilight jewelry. Having a collection could be a great stuff for you as well as your friends. The Bella and Rosalie Replicas items that are worn by Bella in Twilight are the limited official edition of the jewelry. The Twilight inspired jewelry and the Bangles of Hope have featured the beautiful bracelets, necklaces with wristcuff and choker. The twilight jewelry looks really charming and visible to be the most elegant variety. If you are a fashion-freak and wish to expense great value for this limited series of necklace kit worn by Bella, you should buy these inspiring jewelries.

    Bellas ring in the Twilight and the Twilight Saga Series movies are the fascinating part of getting to the insight of love. These are the jewelries that are worn by the Cullen family in all the Twilight series movies. Edward’s wrist cuff is not considered as jewelry, yet it makes a collectible item for all the films. Each piece of the jewelry adds to the beauty and appearance that visible the symbol of high class and the celebrities as well. Since the pace through which the prices are increasing, it is becoming for the common people to buy these gorgeous jewelries. These jewelries are the symbol of pride these days.

    These jewelries are designed as they have become as rage of the day these days. Sterling silver bracelets, clothes, bracelets, jewelries and collectibles have developed the exquisite Twilight line jewelry hoping the beautiful assortment and inspiring jewelry. The designed Bangles of Hope have been featured and inspired by Twilight Saga books. The beautiful Engagement Ring, Charm Bracelet, Crystal Heart Earrings, Apple Charm Bracelet, and handcrafted Bella’s Turquoise Bracelet are the finest collection of the Twilight jewelry. There are available the number of designed diamond jewelries that are necessary for the special jewelry identifications. The brilliant jewelry appears with lots of glace and up to the finishing mark.

Fine Oval Shaped Stud Earrings Inspired by Twilight

    The stud earrings are the mystic gemstones that include the Culped Cullen’s Crests that are inspired by the Twilight Saga Eclipse. These gemstones are nestled into the prong settings that leave their remarkable point on the surface of the jewelry. These earrings are crafted with the lustrous 10 karat white gold. These are been designed for the European Street’s weekly challenge. The present theme is the Twilight Zone. Twilight Eclipse offers the pack of the earrings that that includes the Dreamcatchers, Team Jacobs and Tribal Wolves. These fine earrings showcase the striking mystic topaz rounds and are crafted with the 10 karat lustrous white gold. These are the largest selling gifts that are admired. These are very precious gifts thus, proper is required for them. This jewelry is made of very fine material that requires lots of care.

    The eternity of these rings is elegant and is very beautiful for the lady wearing this gorgeous jewelry. When it comes to the jewelry, it is always advised to have a good jewelry cleaner and he should clean the jewelry for every three to four month. However, if there is unavailability of such a cleaner, you should yourself clean the jewelry with dish washing soap also with the lukewarm water. The sterling silver ring is poured into the lukewarm water and form a good lather to have a nice cleaning process. This will glow the jewelry like before.

    There wouldn’t be any doubt that thee jewelries are carved into number of designs. Being diamond jewelry, it wouldn’t be cheap at all. The one owing such a necklace or a ring would be extremely proud of the extremely high priced jewelry. This jewelry resembles the dazzle of the jewelry that proves to be the main cause of concern. The oval shape of the sterling silver necklace gives it a vibrant look and also offers the specific jewelry that maintains your standard in the high society parties. The oval cut design of the earrings lets you experience of the wonders and mystic properties of the cool necklace sets. This pair of diamond sets will surely inspire the finest jewelries used in Twilight.

Grandma’s Pearls Become Heirlooms

    Family traditions or rituals are our link to the past, to our family present enjoyments, and to the hope that this special family will continue on in the future. Patterns of the way we do things do simplify life. I was asked to create a new family tradition of sorts. A while back I got a call from my mom with what I thought would be an easy request. She wanted to know if she sent me grandmothers’ pearls would I make something out of them for her to pass down through her family. The five strand necklace had long since seen better days and several strands had broken many years ago. It was a harder request than I originally thought, as when I received them I just couldn’t get past the thought of cutting up my grandmothers’ five strand pearl necklace.

    Needless to say they sat on my working bench for some time until I got the inspiration after attending the International Gem & Mineral Show in Tucson (while passing numerous booths full of birthstones) to create something very unique and original from my grandmothers’ pearls…I would create birthstone necklaces using the birthstones of each family member. After months of trial and error in finding the right size and colors of Swarovski crystals, I finally got the inspiration and took the plunge to break up the five strand necklace. Much to my mom’s delight, I’ve finally finished the project and this is the result.

    For My Mom (to the left):  The first set is my mom’s, it has all the birthstones of the family starting with my grandparents (center), my mom and dad on either side and up one side with my family (my husband, me, and my two sons) and the other containing my brother’s family (my brother, his wife and their daughter); between the pearls and Swarovski crystals are silver rondelle crystal spacers. Her bracelet reflects the same birthstones of the entire family in three separate strands. She will pass this set down to her oldest grandson.
    For My Niece (to the right): The next set is for her granddaughter (my niece), this one is a little different as it reflects the generations of the family. As I was trying to figure out how to get the crystals coordinated it dawned on me that I had grandmothers and grandchildren so why not just do that.  On one side grandmother (my mom) to granddaughter (my niece) and on the other is grandmother (my grandma) to grandson (my brother); between the pearls and Swarovski crystals are silver rondelle crystal spacers. Her bracelet is the same generation of birthstones. She will pass her set down her daughter.

    For My Sister-in-Law (to the left): The last bracelet is for my mom’s daughter-in-law and this one has all the birthstones of her family, my niece in the center with her parents on either side; between the pearls and Swarovski crystals are silver rondelle crystal spacers. She will pass her bracelet down to her granddaughter.
    Still In Development – My Set: Not to worry, I got a set in development! My mother also sent me a couple of her pearl necklaces, which I’ll be taking a part and putting together with my families birthstones, her pearls and a mixture of other gemstones hooked to the antique clasp from my grandmother’s five strand pearl necklace. My set will be passed down to my youngest son.

    Grandmas’ pearls come to life and given new birth, yet still reflect the generations of a traditional family….one heirloom created into several to be enjoyed for many generations to come between many family members. Who knows, maybe someday someone will add to necklaces for new family heirlooms.

     “If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors. All of them are alive in this moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people.”
    ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Orthoceras Fossils Go Wired

    Orthoceras or "straight horn" is a genus of extinct nautiloid, which lived from the Ordivician to Triassic (251.4 to 390 Ma) it, is a cephalopod and is also called Orthoceratites. Orthoceras fossils are common and have a global distribution, occurring in any marine rock, especially limestones. These are slender, elongate shells with the middle of the body chamber transversely constricted, and a subcentral siphuncle. The surface is ornamented by a network of fine lirae. Although it has an external chambered shell like the Nautilus, Orthoceras is probably more closely related to coleoids.

    I really like using the orthoceras fossil because it goes very well with designs in black to red to white. With the pendants one side is polished and shows the squid fossils, the other usually left a little raw to show sort of a before and after of the pendants.
    In this design I’ve used a nice large orthoceras fossil and mixed it with smooth onyx stones, pewter silver textured square beads, Swarvoski Black Cosmo Crystals, and red coral disks.

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The everlasting beauty of jewelries

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The beautiful and everlasting jewelries

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Old Fossils Brought To Life

    Fossils are so fun to work with; they give a designer a never ending color pallet to work with. In these two new designs I’m using goniatite fossils from Atlas Mountains, Morocco. Goniatites are extinct ammonoids, which flourished from the mid-Devonian to the Late Permian (251.4 to 390 Ma). These shelled cephalopods related to squid, octopus and belemnites forming the order Goniatitida. The Gonatitida originated in the Middle Devonian 390 Ma and survived the Late Devonian extinction. The goniatitids flourished during theCarboniferous and Perian and became extinct at the end of the Permian 251.4 Ma. They were survived by their cousins the ceratite ammonoids.

    Pictured to the right, earthy tones in this goniatite pendant wired in silver non-tarnish wire; accented with black agate mixed with pyrite, clusters hand charmed irregularly shaped freshwater cultured pearls.

    Pictured to the left, black and white colors in this goniatite wired in non-tarnish silver wire; accented with deep dark brown almost black agate, freshwater cultured pearls, and swarovski crystals with a scattering of silver tone pewter metal beads.

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23rd Annual Deep In The Arts of Texas Show

    The tradition continues again this year with the 23rd Annual Deep in the Arts of Texas show sponsored by the Randolph Officer’s Spouses Club (ROSC) of Randolph Air Force Base.

    Timeless Designs will have a booth there, located in the same spot as last year, right next to the silent auction tables!!

    Deep in the Arts of Texas Show
    Live Oak Civic Center
    (8101 Pat Booker Road, Live Oak, Texas)
    Saturday, October 9th
    9:00 am – 5:00 pm

    Come on out and support the show; food, plenty of vendors with handcrafted items, silent auction items and all proceeds from the show and silent auctions will benefit college scholarships.

    This year, we are keeping our silent auction item a secret, but we promise it will be something new from among our Timeless Designs artisan crafted jewelry collection!!!

    So plan on coming out to see what new items we have and bid on our silent auction item to help benefit the scholarships at Randolph Air Force Base!!

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