Elegant CZ rings at Affordable Prices

    A number of people require help at a certain level when it comes to getting some kind of jewelry. Since the number of places offering jewelry are so many, that one would have a hard time figuring which one would be the best for them. Hence, it is better that if you are considering rings for an auspicious occasion, you go for cz rings that are not only flawless in appearance but are available at really affordable prices. Besides this, price is such a consideration that one would need to know it on the first place, no matter what he or she is looking for. There are a number of dealers that offer a reasonable price for the cubic zirconia rings hence it is imperative that you watch out that you don’t go for a dealer that overcharges you with high costs.CZ ringsA number of companies provide reasonability of prices for Cubic Zirconia rings to attract the customers. Due to this factor, a number of people compromise on the quality and the appearance of the cubic zirconia rings. Hence, you have to be sure of the fact, though you try to be easy on your pocket, you don’t have to compromise on the quality and the appearance of the cz rings at all. You have to therefore, make sure the cz ring that you are buying is not only affordable for you, but is of the AAAAA grade and is flawless in the appearance as well. Thus, you have to make sure of the place that you are looking at for finding the ultimate kind of cz rings. Plus, you have to be sure that it has to be durable and does not get damaged easily in due course of time. . Hence, while you are ordering for cz rings you should see that you are ordering it from such a dealer that won't ask for much money from you and ditch you.

    Besides this, it is important to know that the company from which you are buying cz rings is a reputed one, and you have adequate information about it. The best way to check about the standing of accompany is to check with the Better Business Bureau. In case the BBB has some kind of negative information about a certain company, it is better that you put it off and move on finding about the next one. On the other hand, if the BBB has good and positive information about the company, you can move ahead and think of buying cubic zirconia rings from them. Besides this, if a company fails to stand behind its product, it indicates that you have to keep away from such a company. Hence, if a company is willing to provide you with some kind of warranty it means you can move on buying cz jewelry from them.

A Stone of a Different Horse

    Discovered in the mid-90’s near the Globe copper mine in the Gila wilderness area of southern Arizona, Wild Horse is naturally striking and beautiful. It is often called “Wild Horse Turquoise” however the composite is not the same as Turquoise. It is a mixture of Magnesite and hematite, generally white with brown or purple matrix veining; no two Wild Horse stones are the same retaining a high value and making it remarkably popular among jewelry designers and mineral collectors.

    This design highlights the magnificent colors of Wild Horse Magnesite, deep shades of purple and a little bit of black matrix, capped with swirled pewter end-caps. For sparkle we’ve added Swarovski faceted Crystals in a pale shade of pink/purple and finished with freshwater cultured Pearls in a matching pale color of purple and bronze/copper.

    Browse our collections for this and other custom designed jewelry pieces in natural stones.

Artisan Earring Blues

    Expanding the limits into different things this time...…instead of just doing simple dangle, hoop or post style earrings, we’ve designed some different single pairs of earrings in shades of blue!

    Southwest Flair in glass lampwork bead as a focal center and accented with copper, pictured to the right.

    Another work in Southwest Flair, this one is with 9 different shaped teal/turquoise marbled Zircon beads; all single charmed in a cluster, pictured to the left.

    Mystic Artisan in all shades of blue, glass lampwork pillow beads in swirls of blue and white and accented with cool white charmed Swarovski crystals, pictured to the right.

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New Year, New Earrings

    A new year can mean a lot of things. You want to get organized, you want to lose weight, you want to turn over a new leaf. It’s the time for a fresh start and also a time to put your best foot forward. After you clean out your closet and toss last season’s duds, you’ll want to look to a way to incorporate some great new pieces without spending a bundle. A new pair of clip earrings or another small accessory is a great way to do so.

    Accessories like clip earrings, whether they are pierced or clip on earrings, are an easy way to get an instant update. They can be updated any time of the year, so you don’t have to wait for warm weather to scoop up a pair or two. Here’s what’s hot this season:

    • Dangle Earrings – These are fun, playful and have a great sense of movement. The perfect choice for going out dancing with your girls. If you like to wear heavier styles, then clip earrings may be a good choice, even if you have pierced ears. Whether they’re chain link, feathers or disco balls dangle earrings are fun, carefree and party ready.Dangle earrings
    • Hoop Earrings – Hoops look great on everyone and they make great clip on earrings, as it’s hard to tell the difference. The look of the moment leans towards earrings that are chunky (think large ethnic wooden hoops) or large and overstated (think J. Lo size hoops). Whether they are pierced or clip on earrings, you know that you snatch up a pair of hoops, they’ll be a fashion mainstay in your arsenal for years to come.Hoop earrings
    • Chandelier Earrings – With their big romantic designs chandelier earrings continue to rock the runways and the pages of major fashion magazines. They’re great for adding a little romance to a ruffled blouse or dressing up a little black dress. Chandeliers work well in the form of either clip earrings or pierced and continue to be a fashion classic.
    Chandelier earrings

Pros of Buying Men's CZ Rings Online

    The advantages of buying men’s cz rings online, outnumber the benefits that you would get from buying them from a store. There are a number of reasons to support the buy of many items online. The reasons could be a better collection of men’s CZ rings that would be available online, and you would get a number of these at a much lower price than your own jeweler store merchant. Plus, the shipment of these is managed expeditiously as soon as you decide on one, so you don’t need to bother about this aspect as well. Besides this, you can get a lot of ideas for custom rings, in case you are unable to find one that is exactly of your choice. Added this, you would come across the fact, even the biggest of jewelry traders, would be stacked up with limited stock of men’s CZ rings, which would come out to be either very small or too big to fit into your finger.men's cz ringOn the other hand, waiting for the ideal size of the ring that can be ordered, would more or a less time-consuming and irritating processes, which you would never like to go for. In contrast to this, in case you are buying men’s cz rings online you would come across to the innumerous variety of cubic zirconia rings for men that you can select the best one from. Hence, as soon as it is ordered, the shipment is made as early as possible so that your ring surely arrives well in time to rock the big occasion that you want to. Besides this, going for the online mode for buying these rings would allow to have access to a wider selection style and designs from which you can pick your favorite one that matches to your style and aura. The list of these rings online shows a description of these which are paired with a picture, so that you can have a thorough look at the ring, consider its appearance and then buy it.

    An additional benefit that you can have out of buying men’s cz rings online is the reduced cost which you would get, which is generally much less than what you can get from the dealers in the jewelry stores. Rather there are a number of factors due to which you get certain items for reduced prices online. The foremost factor is that the business of the e-commerce does not really need to have and house the stock. In fact, the owner of the website selling products depends on the drop shipments for fulfilling and gratifying the orders. Besides this, the online dealer does not require maintaining showrooms to exhibit their items for sale. Besides this, the wages of the employees working for the website, charge very low cost for their services.

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A Little Southwest Sassy

    This sassy little number is classic Southwest style; custom handcrafted using Turquoise square nuggets end capped with twisted pewter, Coral in both tube and flat rondelle shapes and accented with just a hint of Ivoryite. The piece was just a little short, so as something a little different; I added 2” extenders to both sides, making this necklace wearable at either a short or medium length.

    Check it out for purchase along with a few others in our Southwest Flair collection!

Make your own style statement with Cubic zirconia jewelry

    Cubic zirconia has come out to be the best alternative of diamonds. The most important feature is that it costs nearly a fraction of the original costs of diamonds. This is a synthetic metal that can be developed in laboratory. Cubic zirconia jewelry is very much in demand and people are just dying to have them. It’s not possible for everyone to have diamonds so having a beautiful set of bracelets made of zirconia can make you feel happy and somewhat contended. You can get these gems attached to any set of jewelry like clip on earrings and have a fake diamond set ready for you.

    However the original gem does not have a color and is colorless in its original form still you can have these gems in any color you want. Metal oxides of different colors are added to it and desired colors are made according to this. Thus this is the process how you get different colored stones in a cubic zirconia jewelry. This metal out shines more than original diamonds and hence special care is needed to be taken with these stones so as to save them from losing their lustre. You should follow certain measures with your CZ to impart it a long and safe life. There are many ways to help you clean the surface of zirconia including the new found technology of electronic cleaners.
    CZ jewelryYou should always clean your cubic zirconia jewelry with the help of soft fabrics such as flannel and other soft cottons. Rough surface of the fabrics used can wear away the surface of the metal and thus snatch away the lustre. You should move the fabric in such a way that straight and gentle motions are created which can gently rub away the dust particles and grease accumulated on the surface. Circular motions should never be made as such motions would rub the dust particles with the surface of the metal and thus the surface will be damaged. Then you can also go for using soft brushes to clean the dirt from all the nook and corners. You can also put your cubic zirconia jewelry against the steam from the hot boiling water. The hot team will get stuck to the impurities and when you rub a soft flannel or any other fabric these dust particles can come out easily. The above methods would only save your jewelry from getting damaged but would also increase their lives and make them strong from the outer adverse effects.

Rockin’ Pearl Agate Bling

    Rock the season with this piece of bling, custom designed in freshwater Pearls, Brazilian Ocos Agate pendant, Peachy Wood Jasper, and faceted Swarovski Crystals of Indian Red and Fire Opal.

    Agates: Balancing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies; perceptiveness, strength, inspiration, awakening talents.
    Jaspers: Protection, nurturing, joy, awareness; balancing of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies.
    Pearl: Purity, faith, charity, innocence, integrity, focus, wisdom, spirituality, sincerity, fertility.

    Available for purchase on from our Mystic Artisan Collection; or browse our many other designs!

CZ Jewelry - The New Style Statement

    Cubic zirconia is a synthetic metal that resembles the diamonds a lot. In recent years, it has turned out to be the most sought out metal for jewelleries as it could be used in the place of diamonds. Apart from being its lookalike it is also very inexpensive. It is constantly getting used in jewelleries such as rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings. It is derived from the mixture of two metals zirconium oxide and yttrium which when melted together at the 2750C results to the formation of zirconia crystals. This experiment was conducted by German and Soviet scientists, and soon they got success in achieving this synthetic metal.CZ snake ringIt is a synthetic metal and is stimulated from its natural counterpart discovered in 1892. This counterpart is known as zirconium oxide but using this metal is impossible as it is very rare and thus cannot be used at a higher level due to profitable reasons. While a ring having cubic zirconia may not be as brilliantly shining as diamond still it can prove to be the best alternative for diamond and also far cheaper at the same time. Just splurge on your favourite designs of rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants and get this metal embedded on them. It would come out as beautiful and precious as a diamond.

    If discuss about the clarity and beauty, this metal can be given a “D” grade according to the diamond scale that is used for clarity. CZ jewelry is very clear, flawless and crystalline. Although the metal is colourless in its original form, it can be formulated in any colour with the help of certain metal oxides which when added give you nearly all the colours that diamond can impart. This metal is very durable as it is harder than many known metals. It has a specific shine and it sparkles far brighter than any other crystal.

    A Lehman can merely find any difference between the two elements, but sometimes it turns out to be a big pain for even professionals to find out which one is the actual diamond and which one is faking. There are few apparatuses that are needed to find out the difference between the two. Jewellers can easily count on this metal to gather a huge sum of money. All the women want to have is a diamond set, at least a small ring or an earring. When you have Cubic zirconia available at cheaper cost, why not try it once.

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A Whole New Set of Collections

    Ring in the New Year and with it a whole new reflection of jewelry designs. As you can tell, we’ve spent some time the past year re-designing and developing our blog, website and our line of custom jewelry. What we are did, is truly reflect what our jewelry does, make a statement with a cutting-edge flair all our own. We’ve never been one to ‘color within the lines, more like color outside the box’! In looking over our jewelry, it has evolved into different Collections all with their own style and fashion, reflecting the personalities of our clients; we’ve just taken it a step up this year. Here’s what’s new at Timeless Designs…..

    Every Collection will have a variety of pieces, from necklaces, sets, bracelets, pendants and even earrings; no more looking through jewelry categories. Not only will we offer Collections, but there we’ll be offering some raw materials for those who want to make their own jewelry and also a small line of different collars, chains, ribbons, and cords to pick from if you wanted something else to go with any pendants.

    Southwest Flair; this collection will house our designs that have a Southwest Flair, most designs cultivated with Turquoise, Coral, Magnesite, Howlite, and many different metals, just to name a few. The styles will be anything from traditional Southwest to a mix of ‘Old West Meets Modern West’.

    Mystic Artisan; where mystery clashes with high-end elegance in chic, edgy, classy, and even flirty designs that reflect that personality all ones own; many design will be refined using Agates, Jaspers, Onyx, Pearls, Crystals, Dichroics, and many more.

    Wiry Legends, pretty much says it all as this collection will be the home to anything that has been created using mainly wire such as links, twists, swirls, and cones but will also include chain and other metal mainstream components too.

    Rock Yard is a new one to our studio; this will be the place to find fossils, minerals, and chunky raw rock pieces, chose from single pendants to funky, chunky and hip brews made to order. You just never know what you might find hiding in this collection.

    Supply Closet will be the place for those of you who do your own jewelry designs to find raw materials and create your own pieces. Eventually, Supply Closet will also be the place to find extra chains, collars, cords, and ribbons for purchase to mix and match with any pendants.

    So, get going and check out our newly re-designed website, see what’s available for purchase or browse around to get acquainted with Timeless Designs.

Pretty In Pinks Or Purples

    Spring always brings out the bright colors, especially those in the Pink and Purple color combinations. These two new designs dive into those two colors each a little differently.

    What’s not to like about this Brazilian Ocos Agate (pictured to the right) with crystal formation resembling those summertime beaches, matching it up with Amethyst crystals and pinky/purple freshwater peals.

    Brilliant and solid with a center of crystallized formations a raw Brazilian Agate slice (pictured to the left) as a single pendant to any summer/spring time outfit; matched with free spirit silver dangle earrings.

    Browse our collections for these and many other custom design jewelry pieces.

Sodalite Salt Stone

    Named in 1811 for its high sodium content, Sodalite is a feldspathoid mineral, a sodium aluminium silicate chloride. It usually forms massive aggregates or disseminated grains. Crystals are relatively rare, and are dodecahedral or octahedral. Sodalite principally occurs in silica-poor igneous rocks such as nepheline syenites and their associated pegmatities. The name Sodalite is derived from two Greek words soda (salt) and lithos (stone) because it is a stone that contains a lot of salt. Since antiquity sodalite has been known as the stone of artists, singers, painters, and sculptures because it is believed to promote inspiration and creativity while also providing protection. It was not used in the Middle Ages but has been rediscovered in modern times and is now become a more popular gem and healing stone.

    The stone itself has inclusions of calcium, salt, and manganese in deep dark blue with white matrix or pockets. Sodalite is a said to be an excellent stone for reducing high blood pressure and when designed in necklaces where the beads or pendant hang down close to the heart, will increase its hypotensive properties. It promotes spiritual harmony, wisdom, logic, calmness for hot-tempered people, healing, stress reduction, companionship, and self-esteem. Sodalite is also most effective on the forehead chakra and especially recommended for the Star Sign of Sagittarius. In order for one to benefit from the stone’s energy, it must be worn or carried around as a touchstone over a long period of time.

    Sodalite pendant wired non-tarnish silver, mother-of-pearl beads

    Available for purchase along with other natural stone jewelry.

CZ jewelry- A fashion style

    Owing a marvelous piece of jewelry like clip on earrings is an insightful investment. One would always try to get the best jewelry if he has a likeness toward collecting jewelries. For those who dream to have diamonds but cannot invest enough money to have them can simply switch off to CZ jewelry. CZ or mainly known as cubic zircon is a synthetic stone and has succeeded in overtaking diamond to a remarkable level. It’s the best piece of metal with its enhanced qualities and so cheap costs. Since found in 1892, this metal has been constantly serving the people at its best.clip on earringsCZ jewelry has slightly less brilliance than the original diamonds and has more fire i.e. the ability to flash colors of a rainbow. Many times even the skilled and trained professionals have to depend on different sort of equipments to find out the original diamond when both of them are placed together. CZ is the best substitute available in the place of diamonds. Hence cubic zirconia has presented its image as the best diamond substitute and the leading fashion statement in the jewelry. This metal can be mixed with other metals and would result in such beautiful jewelries like bracelets that you would have never ever known.braceletsThe best use of this metal is that it consists of various colors and hence proves to be more useful than diamond. You can choose among the lot many colors provided and since it is so cheap you can have a range if these colors to match all your dresses. The quality of this metal is very high, and it is flawless at the same time. It is harder than most of the gems hence it is very durable in nature. Even the weight of CZ jewelry is 65% heavier than diamond. It even has the higher dispersion than diamond. CZ outshines the diamond to certain level hence differentiating it from diamond.

    Special measures should be taken to clean this jewelry. One should always use flannel or soft cotton to polish the CZ jewelry. Fabrics that have rough surface would reduce the lustre of CZ hence one should always go for clean and soft cloth and gently rub off the grease and dust. Circular motions would always cause the dirt particles to damage the surface of the gem. A soft brush and cleaning agent like very mild soap can also be used to clean the jewelry. Here are few varieties of ultrasonic electronic cleaner also available that can help you with the proper cleaning of your jewelry.
    CZ jewelry

Tired of infections due to pierced ears? Shift to clip on earrings

    Women cannot part themselves with fashion and so the importance of accessories in their lives cannot be neglected. Now, even men sport accessories and earrings are the most common jewelry item that both men and women sport. However, due to troubles with ear piercing, many people could not enjoy wearing earrings, unless the clip on earrings was introduced. These Clip on earrings were a famous jewelry item a few decades ago. Now they are back in fashion, not only as per the rue of the fashion cycle but also because of the great comfort and convenience that it offered to the customers.

    Many women do not like the idea of pierced ears because they do not want to face the pain. Some are caught by religious beliefs. Many fail to understand the concept of adding extra holes to their body. Clip on earrings are the answer to all these people as here, you do not need any piercing. You simply have to clasp these clip on earrings to the ear lobe. Therefore, you can eliminate all the risks of the infections, of the pain and also of the painful and long healing process.

    There are some women who do not like earrings because they find them too feminine. However, eve they wish to occasionally out on earrings. There are also some women who like to wear earrings but not very often. Just to wear these earrings once in a blue moon, they find it totally unreasonable to get their ears pierced. As a result, they totally avoid earrings. However, with these clip on earrings, even they can make their wish come true. As these are very easy to slip on and also can be removed easily with the same convenience, the occasional wearers can also try them. You need not get your ears pierced. All you need is the collection of clip on earrings that you can change with your look.

    Many women love to dress up their little girls and put on cute earrings to their small and delicate ears. However, they do not like the idea of drilling holes into their daughter’s ears. Clip on earrings are also a solution to those mothers. You can easily put these earrings on to your daughter, and she will not feel any pain at all. Many kids are even allergic to earrings. Clip on earrings are also useful to them. As they do not pass through the ear, they do not have a direct link to them. As a result the risk of infection is greatly reduced.clip on earringsWith an increase in the popularity designers are also coming with many new designs of clip on earrings. Now you can find clip on earrings for every occasion. Be it, a wedding or a casual party. You can find a pair that will suit your occasion as well as your style. You can even shop online for the clip on earrings. You will find a huge variety of materials and designs.

Fake Diamond Jewelry and Cheap CZ Jewelry

    All women love jewelry and men love gifting jewelry to their loved ones. Diamonds have always remained the favorite, but due to its high cost not all of us can afford it. Many women are even fond of collecting jewelry. However, not everyone can collect expensive diamond jewelry, they may choose fake diamond jewelry. Many people even complain that diamond jewelry is not available in all the colors and neither is it available in many different designs. Cubic zirconia gives a solution to all these problems.

    Cubic zirconia is a stimulant of diamond that means it is a cheaper alternative of diamond that has distinct properties. It is cheaper, but is as brilliant as diamond. In fact, cubic zirconia is available in very rich colors as well. It can be given any color, and it can be easily cut into any different shape. All these properties make it a very popular material among jewelers to make new and interesting designs of jewelry.

    Not only this, cubic zirconia is also denser than the diamond of the same dimension. This is because the materials in cubic zirconia are denser that of diamond. On the clarity scale as well it ranks more than diamond. This means that the amount of unwanted materials in cubic zirconia is less as in comparison to diamond. This is because cubic zirconia is designed in a laboratory and therefore, the negative aspects of diamond are eliminated.
    Diamond Jewelry Or CZ Jewelry
    So if you're among the fashion conscious crowd, then you should surely begin a hunt for the CZ jewelry. You can even build your own collection of fashionable jewelry as you do not have to think about high costs.

    It is not just the price that has made the cheap CZ jewelry so popular. There is also a satisfaction factor involved here. You will feel that you have actually utilized the entire amount that you have paid for. In fact, you will feel that you are getting more value than you have actually paid for. Often you buy your little daughter expensive jewelry, but then are worried that she might lose it. However, with cubic zirconia jewelry, this is not the case. As it is not very expensive, the news that she has lost it will not give you a heart attack. Another very attractive factor here is that no one can ever tell if you are wearing a simulated gem or a genuine one. In fact, the shine can be so brilliant that you will earn appraisals. So just go ahead and get your jewelry box stuffed with the CZ bracelets, necklaces, earrings...

Evil Eye Bracelets Ward Off Evil External Forces

    Evil eye bracelets have been widely known for defending against the evil external forces that harm you and your surroundings adversely. These bracelets have been in wide use, specifically in the Middle East. The religious people in the Middle East, for almost a century have believed that the evil eyes are good enough to introduce misfortune in one’s life and snatch away all the lucky happenings. There stand to be different schools of thought that as to how the evil eye begun to the rumor great philosophers such as Plato and Socrates. It was thought that to whomsoever the evil eye was gifted, it was sure that the person had to face acute danger and adversities in life. Ranging from unknown diseases to the death of farm animals, the evil eye has always been a concern of fear from a number of hundred years. Hence, it is very much general for the people of Middle East to wear evil eye bracelets to fend off the curse and the harm caused by the evil eye.

    evil eye braceletsAmongst the best protective measures that people have discovered to be working wonders to ward off the adverse effects of an evil eye, evil eye bracelets stand to be the best. The symbol comes as disk or ball, which usually has a dark colored center and the middle of the disk or the ball is bordered by a light color. The defensive symbol appears to be more or less an eye, and it is believed that in case the evil eye tries to gaze on a particular person, and in case he is wearing an evil eye bracelet, both the eyes would look at each other and the spiteful curse would stare at the evil eye back. It is for this reason that the people who believe in the adversity caused by the evil eye, they wear some or the other kind of evil eye jewelry to defend themselves against the prospective threats caused by the evil eye.

    It is for the same reason believed especially in the region of Middle East that wearing evil eye bracelets would help the people to fend off the evils caused by the evil eye. The fortunate or the evil eye bracelets have been prevailing from one generation to another recognizing the power that it is endowed with for the one who is holding the symbol. The evil has found to be confirmed in a number of Middle Eastern countries and has now headed towards the United States of America as the sentiments of the people have provoked the people of the Middle East to share their secrets to fending off the hazards of envy and defense. In case you have currently got a child, conducted a marriage in your family or even bought a new residence to yourself the custom indicates that if you are wearing an evil eye bracelet it would defend you from all the external threats.

Inspired Arizona Turquoise

    This design was inspired by the bright southwest colors of nature, specifically Arizona Turquoise chips; matched with pillow stones in Wild Horse Magnesite that has light brown/black/purple matrix, hints of gold saucer spacers and a stunning Brazilian Agate handcrafted in non-tarnish brass wire.

    Available for purchase along with many other Artisan crafted designs in nature’s treasures on our website.

Fashion Jewelry Trends 2010

    Fashion week can bring out the most outrageous accessory trends - both on the runway and on those attending and sitting front row at the shows. That was certainly the case this season when celebs and socialites gathered to celebrate fashions up-and-comers as well as the veterans of the industry. There were some fashion jewelry trends 2010 that were so noticeably fabulous that we have to mention them, and judging by those who sported them, these pieces will certainly make their mark:

    Oversize cocktail rings – Large and in charge rings were all rage, with celebs like Ashley Olsen and Agyness Dean rocking CZ rings that sparkled and shined. The best thing is that this trend is completely affordable, so you don’t need to make a million to dress like a millionaire.Oversize cocktail ringsLariats – These necklaces can add interest to any outfit. CZ jewelry in the form of bejeweled lariats can help to jazz up jeans and a blouse, a long tunic or a plain dress. They work well when you want to try something a little sparkly and chic. If you want to splurge, look for CZ jewelry set in real gold or sterling silver. Alternatively, goldtone and silvertone looks the same, but costs a lot less.

    Big bold bracelets is also one of fashion jewelry trends 2010...

    CZ jewelry – Big baubles with faux gemstones work well for dramatic impact. But you don’t have to save them for black tie events. Recently, fashionistas balked at this so-called proper use of diamonds, in favor of CZ jewelry that can be worn with everyday ensembles, both in and out of the office. A good rule of thumb is keep it to one signature piece if you’re headed to work, while it’s perfectly acceptable to rock multiples if you’re going out with your girls.

    Start by taking inventory of what you already own, then work in one trend at a time.

Petoskey Fossil Coral

    Homegrown and commonly found along the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron in the United States is the water stone Petoskey Fossil Coral. A Petoskey stone is a rock and a fossil, often found in the shapes of pebbles and composed of fossilized coral, Hexagonaria percarinata. These corals colonized Michigan in the Devonian period, about 350 million years ago when most of Michigan was submerged under water. The stones were formed as a result of glaciations, in which sheets of ice plucked stones from the bedrock, grinding off their rough edges and depositing them in the northwestern portion of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.

    The name of the stone is a derivation of the name Petosegay, the name given to the son of a Frenchman who married an Ottwa Indian princess and later became the tribes’ chief. According to legend, Petosegay was the child of a descendant of French nobleman and fur trader, Antoine Carre and an Ottawa princess. Petosegay, meaning "rising sun", "rays of dawn" or "sunbeams of promise", was named after the rays of sun that fell upon his newborn face. In keeping with his promising name, Petosegay was a wealthy fur trader who gained much land and acclaim for himself and his tribe. He was remarked upon to have a striking and appealing appearance, and spoke English very well. He married another Ottawa, and together they had two daughters and eight sons. In the summer of 1873, a few years before the Chiefs' passing, a city began on his land along Little Traverse Bay. The settlers christened the newborn city Petoskey, the English translation of Petosegay

    This new piece is made from Petoskey Fossil Coral and Denim Lapis with many silver spaces in-between. The website has this and many other custom pieces available for purchase.

    *From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and various lapidary websites.

Exotic Rare Caribbean Larimar

    Exclusively found in the Dominican Republic, the elusive stone of Larimar comes in various shades of blue ranging from pale blue to whitish-blue, and very rarely with a little green or red; the palette of colors embodies the vastness of the sky and sea. The reserves of this stone have almost been depleted, causing it be very rare and hard to come across.

    The American Indians believed that Larimar brought luck and also had healing properties. The inhabitants of the Caribbean also believed it to be a lucky stone with healing properties. According to legend it is associated with lost paradise. It was subsequently thought to be the only remaining vestige of the legendary island Atlantis.

    Larimar, said to be the stone of protection against negative energy and also known as the Atlantis stone; symbolizing boundlessness and immensity. It is the star sign stone linked to Leo and should be discharged once a week under warm running water. After cleansing it must recharge in the sun for at least one hour, either in the morning or evening. The stone is known for good self-development, helping to break old thought patterns to free and open up new ways of thinking and acting.

    This new piece has a center pendant from Larimar; surrounded by Denim Lapis, Carnelian, and Smoky Crystals. Unique custom designs like this are available on the website.

    *Sources from various crystals/gem books & websites.

Spring in Turquoise Yellow Jade

    This set is an early peek at the Spring line…….American mined Turquoise in really great shades of blue that has just a bit of rough in places, then mixed in a few Citrine chips and stunning faceted yellow Jade stones that all come together with the teal Brazilian Agate slice; also accented in non-tarnish brass wire.

    This and many other custom crafted jewelry pieces are available for purchase on the website.

Tucson 2010 It’s Almost Here

    Just about that time of year again when for the big Tucson show! It’s the biggest event here in the United States; where the quite town of Tucson, Arizona is descended up on by thousands of people. All wanting to see the latest and greatest the jewelry, lapidary and beading industry has to offer. Hundreds of shows with vendors from all over the world bring their beads, findings, minerals, rocks, slabs, equipment, jewelry, and much much more. It’s the event that sets the stage for the coming year in ‘what’s hot and what’s the trend’ in beads, stones, lapidary and jewelry.

    Tucson is much more than shows; it’s about the land of opportunity too. Connecting and networking with vendors, miners, artists, instructors, industry professionals; hearing what they have to say and bring it into your own business for success. Listed below are some of the top shows among the many at Tucson.

    JOGS Gem & Jewelry Show, the largest and most popular independent jewelry trade show in the Tucson, Arizona area. Wholesale jewelry manufacturers, miners and international dealers gather at the Tucson Expo Center, the site of the JOGS show, every February. Buyer attendance is said to exceed 27,000 composing over 4,000 jewelry firms.

    Gem & Lapidary Wholesalers, Inc., (G&LW) hosts about three different shows in the Tucson area. Gem Mall right down the street from Holiday Inn & Holidome Pavilion and also at Grant Inn.

    AGTA, American Gem Trade Association is one of the main shows. It is primarily high-end loose colored gemstones and pearls, with finished jewelry; designer jewelry section; colored diamond and estate jewelry pavilions.

    Howard Johnson Gem & Mineral Show; for jewelry, silver, minerals, gemstones, lapidary, metaphysical objects/art and beads. They are along the freeway among the many ‘street vendor’ shows.

    Madagascar Minerals Gem Show, which is hosted by Norcross-Madagascar Gallery featuring minerals, fossils and other lapidary.

    Tucson Electric Park RV Gem Show, is where you’ll find all kinds of hidden treasures in minerals, gems and some jewelry.

    Want to know more about shows, vendors, times, places and locations, check with Jewelry Show Guide’s website for more information.

An Overview of CZ Jewelry and CZ Rings

    Almost everyone starts running easy on the pockets once he or she finds that his budget is going tighter and stricter. On the other hand, the year seems to be loaded up with endless occasions during which we need to spend money tirelessly, saving money in such situations seems to be the most difficult task. Hence, if you feel that you are unable to spend much on such occasions and yet want to save money during these, it is better that you get CZ jewelry for your near and dear ones, which stand to be an excellent gift. On a general basis, CZ rings are constructed employing, heat and electricity and a number of diamond jewelry finishes, which bring out a flawless shimmer inside the gemstone. Because of this feature, CZ can be used in any kind of jewelry to introduce a flawless appearance inside it.

    CZ, used inside the CZ rings are hard and are flawless in looks and resemble a diamond so closely that you would be hardly able to make out the difference between the two. They come with the same refraction properties like that of diamond and are less predisposed to certain fluids such as bleach, which can diminish the aura of the diamond jewelry. Besides this the best way to find out whether a gemstone is a CZ or a diamond, look for the flaws inside it. If the gemstone is absolutely flawless, it means that it a CZ since a diamond has one or the kind of flaw inside it that happens to take place during its cutting, shaping or polishing. Besides this, cubic zirconia rings come with a set of advantages that sets it apart from the diamond jewelry. Not only CZ rings are very affordable, but the more carats that you would be getting from them for every penny you have spent on are much more than the regular diamond ones.

    Added this, CZ rings are so close to the diamond ones that the person to whom you have gifted them would face a hard time finding the difference between the two this is the reason why you would want to present CZ rings to your near and dear ones, since they are flawless and are exactly the same as the diamond rings. In addition to this, when deciding on the buy of a CZ ring, you have to keep in mid the likes and dislikes of the recipient of the person receiving the gift in the form of CZ rings. Since CZ rings and bracelets come in different colors, it is important that you consider the choice of the color of the CZ that the recipient would like to have.

How about trying a new pair of Clip on earrings

    The first and foremost thing that distinguishes clip on earrings from any other earrings is the comfort factor. These earrings provide you the level of comfort and safety that is unparalleled to any other type of earring. They give you the privilege to wear them whenever you want and remove painlessly when you do not need them. These days apart from small kids, working women, housewives and grandmothers all are having safe and sound time with these earrings. Sometimes designs are made as such they could look good both for guys and gals and thus are unisex earrings. Since these earrings are not much costly they can be easily changed anytime according to the newest trend.

    Gone are the days when you had to get your ears pierced in order to wear earrings. Even in earlier times women used to wear such earrings but there were just handful of them. Now as the trend cycle has revolved and clip on earrings are again a must have on the trend list. They allow you to have full freedom in wearing them. Many people face the problem of misplacing the earring back of their non pierced earring. Every time they buy a new pair of earrings and again lose the back somewhere. Hence clip earrings are the best option for them. They have an attached clip which when goes to the back gets attached to the upper loop and hence the earring is closed. Since these earrings are cost effective, you can afford to lose as many you want.

    clip on earringclip on earringSometimes women face the problem of ripping off the skin from the hole in the earlobe. Their ears holes are long and even the ears get deformed and too much elongated. This happens when you wear earrings which are of very high weight. When you continue wearing such earrings in your ear hole, obviously the skin would stretch and get deformed. Hence it is better to wear clip on earrings rather than wearing such piercing earrings and ruin your own body parts. You can even gift these earrings to someone on their birth day or any important occasion. This gift would retain the beauty of your loved ones and at the same time it will also be treasured. Hence this is the best gift that can secure the beauty of your loved ones and also enhance it at the same time.

Clip earrings

    Earrings are considered as best part of the fashion. There are many different types of earrings in the market. Some of them though are really stylish but are not very comfortable. A new variety of earrings have been introduced in the market that is known as the clip earrings. The main reason behind their popularity is that they can be used by all age groups of people and it do not matter whether they have their ears pierced or not. Clip earrings promise both quality as well as comfort. Most of the users of clip earrings have become fully satisfied because of the comfort level that it offers and also because of its attractive looks. It has been seen that most of the earrings available in the market require the users to have pierced ears but there is as such no restriction with the clip earrings.

    Clip earrings

    These clips on earrings were introduced in the Victorian era where women were not allowed to get their body parts pierced. As a result they started wearing clip earrings. At that time these earrings had a screw that was attached to the clamp. The wearers used to put the earrings in such a way that the earlobe used to come in between and then the screw was twisted until both the front as well back came in the proper contact to hold the earring at its place.Though ear lobes are considered as the best place to wear these earrings but these earrings can be attached easily to other parts of the body and can give amazing stylish looks. They have become latest fashion trend. these clip earrings are made up of many different type of materials like beads, glass, precious stones, plastic, metals or other materials. So, they offer a huge range to the customers to select from. It has been seen that most of the people prefers these types of clip earrings because of their shining property and added comfort that they offer.

    Clip earrings are better than the normal pierced earrings in many ways. First of all, they save the user form the pain that he has to suffer while getting the body part pierced to wear them. Besides this, they also save the user from the allergies that user may develop because of piercing. They can offer same look as those of pierced earrings with more benefits.

    So, all those people who are scared of getting their ears pierced but want to wear earrings can go for these clip earrings. Or maybe these bracelets, and clip on earrings will be match on you.

How to Take Care of Cubic Zirconia

    Cubic zirconia was initially introduced in France and was later improvised in Russia. Soon it became popular as the best simulator of diamond. Though it is much cheaper alternative, it does not mean that we do not have to take care of it. Every substance requires care so that it can last longer. In this case, it is even more important as cubic zirconia is used in jewelry. Any jewelry item remains attractive only till the time it looks old. The moment it starts looking old and worn out, it loses its value. Therefore, it is very important that you take good care of it.

    Cubic zirconia is not a very difficult crystal to maintain. However, one should always keep it safely stored when not in use. It is also very important that you regularly clean and polish cubic zirconia. You can use a soft cloth piece to gently rub the surface of the crystal. However, you should notice that the motion of the strokes should be back to front. This will not spoil the surface of the stone. If you follow a circular motion, then there are very high chances that cubic zirconia will get spoilt. This procedure should be regularly repeated as it will prevent the accumulation of dirt and unwanted materials on the surface. However, for slightly tougher particles you will also have to wipe the cubic zirconia surface with a solution of mild soap. However, in some cases, even this might not be enough. Then you should steam clean the surface. This is also not a very complicated procedure. For this you can place the cubic zirconia jewelry on a kettle that releases steam. As the steam is released, let the crystal be exposed to it. Then you can use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the crystal.

    Apart from all these measurements, the storage of the jewelry is also very important. You should make sure that the CZ jewelry is not stored in a damp place. It should be kept safely in an air tight plastic bag. Always ensure that the bag where you are storing this jewelry should be a sealable packet. If you are using a jewelry box, then ensure that you are using a box that is properly lined. All these things will protect any external factors to affect your cubic zirconia jewelry when they are not in use. However, if they are stored for long, even then you should occasionally take them out and clean it.

    Read more articles about necklaces, bracelets, earrings, necklaces on fashion jewelry blog

Pendants in the Making

    These are a few of the new pendants I’ll be working with…..some will stay as individuals, while others will be incorporated into necklace pieces. Come back to see what happens, for custom quality uniquely handcrafted jewelry check our website.

    Orthoceras Fossil (Morocco) double wired in black and silver non-tarnish wire (to the right)

    Natural Green Agate Slice (Brazil) wired in non-tarnish silver wire (to the left)

    Ocos Agate Slice (Brazil) wired in non-tarnish brass wire (to the right)

    Black Rutilated Quartz highlighting black Agate (Brazil) pendant wired in non-tarnish silver wire (to the left)

    Ocos Agate (Brazil) wired non-tarnish Silver Freshwater Pearls Crystals

    These and many others are still a work in progress.......

Jewelry Fashions Predicted Trends for 2010

    We’ve all gotten through the holiday’s and rang in the New Year, but in the fashion and jewelry industry the predicted trends for this year were being agonized, disputed, discussed since the Spring of 2009, or earlier. In searching through the web and many of the fashion-jewelry trending sites I keep track of, ezinearticles has a interesting spin at what is being predicted for the Top 10 Trends of 2010 in the Jewelry Fashion industry. Here is their article, re-printed.

    “The New Year is almost here and with it will come new fashion jewelry trends for 2010. The fashion jewelry trends for 2010 will be determined by many factors, but the writing is on the wall to predict what will be the market shapers for the upcoming fashion year. That being said, let's take a look at what we think will be the fashion setting guidelines that will shape the New Year.
    1. International fashion with an emphasis on cultural uniqueness. A push towards using locally significant materials that carry cultural weight. 2009 was all about exotic locations and ethnic fashion, featuring everything from tribal jewelry, African beads, seed beaded jewelry and more. For 2010 expect a more localized focus to feature your own native materials and beads.
    2. 2010, in contrast to 2009 will be all about symmetry and coordination of clothing and jewelry. No longer will you be looking to call attention to your unique jewelry pieces with brash colors and shapes, but a more subtle use of your jewelry is trending in. Bold was good, now bold and stylish is the name of the game.
    3. The price of gold continues to skyrocket. This will continue to have an impact on jewelry making trends. Brass, silver, wood and beads are going to take over the field while gold remains unaffordable for the masses. Beaded jewelry and unique custom made pieces will help people express their individual style while not taxing already strained financial resources.
    4. Cold colors will be the new fashion trend. Wild beads and earth tone colors will be used a little more sparingly, while blacks, whites, blues and grays will help create a fashion image of strength, collection and ability. To stand out with flaring color is no longer trendsetting in 2010.
    5. Handcrafted unique jewelry will continue to be hugely popular. More popular than ever, in 2010, because of the desire to express oneself through creativity rather than extravagance. Expect the truly fashionable to be wearing their own beaded jewelry, from necklaces, pendants, to rings and bands.
    6. A search for meaning will lead jewelry fashion setters to create pieces that have greater symbolism. In 2010, each piece of your jewelry box should have a story to tell and a history to speak of. Selective wearing of symbolic jewelry will set the 2010 trend strongly.
    7. Small, light bracelets, and subtle pendants will carry the day. Perhaps you have a beautifully beaded pendant, small, and nearly unnoticeable until you turn slightly and it catches the light. Jewelry of this type will be all the rage, and occasion many a conversation.
    8. 2010 will be the year of solids and stripes for fashion. Prints will still have their place, but will not be as common as solid clothing and patterns will reemerge for the time being as a fashion winner.
    9. Dangling earrings, with glass beads or a central focus piece will grow in popularity. 2010 will be all about focus and meaning, and the dangling earring provides a perfect counterpoint to the less audacious clothing fashion trends that will be seen.
    10. Craft jewelry making will be an unbeatable trend for 2010. With financial pressures mounting, and little relief in sight, families will return to what matters, and fashion will reflect this. The value of sharing the joy of creation together with children, creating memories as well as jewelry grow even further in popularity than it is today.

    There are a few key features of the coming year that we feel will most directly shape the coming jewelry styles. We have created this list based on an expectation of a slow financial economy, increased global communication with a cultural nationalism emphasis, and instinct.”

    Timeless Designs is always looking at the trends, what’s hot and what’s not; everyone has their own unique style; it looks like 2010 is shaping up to be your year! Visit our website for a selection of custom stone and wire jewelry designs.

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