Ways to Clean CZ Jewelry

    Store-bought Cleaning Solution
    CZ jewelry cleaning products can be purchased in jewelry stores or jewelry department of most superstores. These products usually come in the form of liquid, and they are placed in small bottles. Each bottles cost about $10 or $15. Cleaning procedure normally involves the help of a cotton ball or cotton swab. Firstly, the cotton material has to be soaked in the solution and then taken out. After that, rub the soaked cotton material over the cubic zirconia to remove any dirt or residue buildup. There is another kind of cleaning substance which you can just drop the jewelry into the liquid and leave it in for a while. Typically cleaning solutions come with clear instruction on the bottle, and if not, make sure to ask the sales representatives for more information.Canary Oval Three Stone CZ RingHomemade Cleaning Solution
    It is also possible to make CZ jewelry cleaning solution at home. Firstly, fill the sink with 2 inches of lukewarm water and stir in a few drops of liquid dish detergent until soap suds form. The dish detergent works to break up dirt and buildup without leaving streaks or greasy residue behind. Soak the CZ jewelry in this solution for 15 minutes, and then use a soft-bristled brush or toothbrush to clean the cracks and crevices of the jewelry. Rinse the jewelry with tap water and let it air dry. Be careful when cleaning small jewelry items such as earrings and rings because they can be difficult to find if they happen go down the drain.

    Steam Cleaning
    Many elements can diminish the bright luster of Cubic Zirconia jewelry. Daily skin care products like lotion, perfume, and hand cream can cause cubic zirconia to become dull, so as the sweat and oils that our body naturally releases can affect the shine of the stone. Cleaning products and chlorine in swimming pool water can also take the brilliance off cubic zirconia. In these cases, where stains on the jewels can be hard to remove, professional steam cleaning may be needed in order to bring cubic zirconia jewelries back to its original state. Take the jewelry to a local jeweler, and they should be able to steam-cleaned it in just a few moments.

Feldspathoid Minerals – Lapis Lazuli

    The feldspathoids is a group of minerals very similar to feldspars, including solidate, hauyne, nepheline, lazurite, leucite, cancrinite, and nosean. They are all minerals that would have become feldspars if there was more silica present when formed. Feldspars tend to contain three times as much silica, so feldspathoids do not occur in silica-rich rocks such as granite but typically form in volcanic lavas.

    Its beautiful, rich blue color makes lazurite one of the most distinctive and attractive of all minerals. Its chemical make-up is quite complex, but the blue color comes from the sulphur that takes the place of some silicate atoms. It is soft and brittle and easily ground to make the rich blue pigment ultramarine, but it is most famous as the major ingredient of the gemstone Lapis Lazuli, famed since the days of Ancient Egypt. Little spots of gold pyrite look like starts in the deep blue lazurite of Lapis Lazuli.

    Lapis Lazuli is one of the oldest, most treasured of all gemstones. Its name is a combination of the Latin Lapis for ‘stone’ and the Arabic Azul for ‘sky’ or the ancient Persian Lazhuward for ‘blue’. It usually occurs as lenses and veins in white marble. Consisting largely of Lazurite with spots of pyrite, it has a mottle look. Crystals are sometimes found, but more usually it is massive, and carved to make jewelry, cups and other decorative objects. It was first mined over 6,000 years ago at Sar-e-Sang in the Kokchua valley in Afghanistan, still the source of the world’s finest and most sought after Lapis Lazuli. The ancient royal tombs of the Sumerian city of Ur contained over 6,000 beautifully carved lapis lazuli statues, and it was a favorite stone of the Ancient Egyptians, much used in the tomb decorations of Tutankhamun. The Roman writer Pliny the Elder described it as ‘a fragment of the starry firmament’.

    Today, lapis lazuli is mined near Lake Baikal in Russia and at Ovalle in Chile as well as in Afghanistan.

    Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom, intuition, awareness, objectivity, clarity, creativity, expanded consciousness, dreams, purity, courage, serenity.
    Pearl: Purity, faith, charity, innocence, integrity, focus, wisdom, spirituality, sincerity, fertility.

    Custom designed gemstone jewelry available at our website.
    Research from various gem-rock-mineral books.

Chinese Silver Metal Beads

    While on my trip to Tucson this year, I saw a lot of Chinese dealers that have what they are calling “Chinese Silver Beads”. What caught my attention the most is how shiny and very light they are. When I inquired about the difference of this metal, I was told it’s a thin base metal from Copper that is laid over resin or plastic hollow beads. This makes them very light and easy to use verses Sterling Silver, however, I’m not sure I’ll be buying them anytime soon, as the metal is an alloy….read on to see the entire story provided by Lee our resident Gemologist, who was kind enough to do some research for me when in Tucson on some things!

    “Chinese silver is an alloy used for costume jewelry. Its composition is 58% copper, 17.5% zinc, 11.5% nickel, 11% cobalt, and 2% silver, whereas the mix rate is 92.5% silver to 7.5% copper. This is why sterling silver is often stamped with “925” somewhere on the piece, and why it is graded as such. Because of the high copper content of Chinese Silver, once the protective lacquer coat and the thin silver finish wears off; many people turn the material green. Another drawback is that with the nickel content, again when the finish wears off, the nickel is exposed and many people have allergic reactions to the nickel.
    For collectors and the public, the word "silver" might bring to mind an English tea set or a Continental soup tureen or maybe a patriotic silver tankard by Paul Revere. Less familiar to collectors and the public, but well known to jewelers, is a world of silver that is not Western, but Chinese. Chinese export silver was made for Western tourists in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, featuring designs that include Chinese dragons rather than Western motifs such as goats and grapes.

    "With the China trade, tourists were coming to China and they loved to shop," explains Stuart Slavid, director of fine ceramics at Skinner, Boston. "They would go to trading centers such as Canton, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Many of the ships returning home took silver as well as tourists."

    All Chinese silver until recently was made by hand, with its elaborate designs hammered out by master Chinese craftsmen. The silver depicts flowers, birds, landscapes, dragons and human figures, the patterns that collectors seek out most often. Since Europeans would spend weeks or months aboard ship to travel to China, they would often spend months there. That was long enough to choose a pattern that could be custom-made while they holidayed. "Many of the pieces you see for sale today were made to order," Stuart says. "It was primarily for foreigners. The elaborate designs of most of the export silver weren't to the Chinese tastes." It's important to note that the Chinese did not use the same standard of silver that was used in the West, so silver content is not something buyers need to consider. "Every piece might have a different level of purity," Stuart says, but that doesn't affect the value of any particular piece. Another nice thing about Chinese export silver is that it uses English hallmarks. "They make it very easy to distinguish the different makers," Stuart says. "Nobody knows exactly who suggested the Chinese use the English marks but it's been a tremendous aid to many today." Chinese silver is also a specialty that has very few fakes. "I don't think collectors really have to be concerned about that in the same way they do in other silver markets," Stuart assures collectors.

    While there are a few books that offer guidance, Stuart notes that the best way to make sure that what you're getting is real is to work with someone you trust. Many Silver US Trade Dollars were melted down by the Chinese to make their Chinese Silver, thus why when separated from the other metals; it is much purer than the native Chinese Silver.

    Today, “Chinese Silver” not only refers to the old craft items which are rare and hard to find, but to a new generation of molded items, many now in plastics, to which Silver is plated over the formed piece.”

    Just be aware of what you are buying and understand the make-up of the metals before purchase. There are Pros and Cons to buying metal beads made from Chinese Silver, and cost is not always one of them; in Tucson I saw them run as much per gram as Sterling Silver and by the strand or bag for small quantities. I encourage you to do your homework before purchasing any type of metals, stones, lampwork, or any raw materials, your customers are the ones that are going to want to make sure they are getting something that will not only last, but that they can also wear.

Bracelets for Moms

    If you want to get a bracelet for your Mom, make sure the style and the length of the chain will fit her well. Too long of the chain will be difficult for her to wear and it will also look dragging. With so many options available, you can choose according to her personality, taste or preferences. Here are some suggestions of bracelets that can serve as a great gift for Mom on Mother's Day.

    Pearl Bracelets
    Throughout the time, pearls have always been classic and elegant. This is a great gift for mom on Mother’s Day. The color and the shape of the pearls vary, but they are all beautiful. Natural pearls are much more expensive than the man-raised ones, however, you can’t really tell the difference by their appearance. With so many designs available, you can definitely find the right one for your mom.

    Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets
    Sterling silver charm bracelet has always been a popular piece of jewelry, and it would be a great gift for Moms on Mother’s Day. It’s a kind of bracelet that you can mix and match depending on mood and outfit of the day. Mom would love this as a new addition to her jewelry collection. Besides the classic Tiffany style, Thomas Sabo and Swarovski both have a fine line of charm bracelet.

    Diamond Bracelets
    This is probably the most expensive category of all the bracelets. The long-lasting beauty and the preciousness of a diamond make it an ideal gift for special people. It’s important to be selective when choosing diamond bracelets because the price varies significantly depending on the quality of the diamonds. Due to high profitability, there are many fake diamond bracelets flowing around on the market as well. Thus, it’s probably wise to go to an authorized diamond dealer when you are serious about making a purchase. Don’t forget to look for diamond certificate because real diamond should come with it. For your future reference, the certificate will also serve as a guarantee for the purchase.

    Article source: Bracelets for Moms

The Coming of Age Accessory

    Jewellery is often a gift saved for the most special of occasions, to mark milestones in life, celebrate remarkable achievements or commemorate important occasions. Parents often want to give their child something beautiful that will not only be treasured for time to come, but also something that they will like and make use of. It is thus the gift of choice for a sweet sixteen, a newly eighteen year old, a graduation present or something to mark a new beginning at college.

    Buying gifts for your teenage girl is notoriously difficult especially when it comes to jeweller items. What may seem like an elegant and tasteful pair of diamond earrings to you might not necessarily be in style given the fast changing trends of fashion today. That exquisite pearl necklace is likely to come across as mature and standoffish from your teenager’s point of view.

    In interesting alternative to the more traditional jewellery gift items, would be a Bracelets. Simple gold, silver or platinum Bracelets are remarkably versatile accessory that can be incorporated into a number of different looks, spanning different fashion styles from preppy to punk. Simple Bracelets can have an astounding number of possible uses. Worn on its own it can complement an evening gown or even a conservative suit worn to a college interview or an important presentation. It can also be worked into everyday wear no matter what the young lady’s prevailing sense of style is. For those that love accessories, the Bracelets can be layered with other hot pieces of the season like chunky wooden bangles, kooky rings or even leather arm bands for girls with a more rock bent.braceletsIt is this versatility that makes it a most appropriate coming of age gift. Your teenage daughter will be able to have an exquisite reminder of how much she is treasured in the form of simple Bracelets that transcend trends and styles. The effortless charm that simple Bracelets exude makes it the jewellery gift that is most likely to be not only worn regularly but treasured deeply.

Add Elegance To Your Personality With CZ Jewelry

    Life cannot be fully enjoyed without some lively and vivacious things in it. As a matter of fact, boredom and mundane routine can be given a new spark with accessories which are colorful and elegant. For some, health may matter most for enjoying life in its full bloom. But for jewelry freaks, there is another thing to add spice in your life. Is it a new revelation for you? If so then keep on reading because there is much in store for you.

    CZ jewelry is definitely the thing to go for in order to make yourself attractive and elegant. CZ jewelry is available in various styles and designs to keep you mesmerized and engrossed. Moreover, a vast variety of shapes and carvings have made this piece of jewelry all the more becoming and charming.CZ jewelryCZ jewelry is definitely the thing which can make you stand out in the crowd of stylish and elite class. The best feature of CZ jewelry is its affordable price tag. Isn’t this a treat for you? Yes, surely it is as in this age of economic recession, affordability is the basic factor under consideration. You may be thinking that cheap price tag is due to the cheap quality of CZ jewelry; this is surely not the case indeed as CZ jewelry fabulously strong built and durable. The reliability of CZ jewelry cannot be challenged in any case.

    All of those who love diamonds but are unable to afford them can, for sure, go for Cubic Zirconia jewelry. This jewelry closely resembles pure diamonds and the priceless fact is that they are not cheap replicas like some other pieces of jewelry available in market. In other words, CZ jewelry is the best alternative for middle-class jewelry fanatics.

    What are you waiting for? The best and affordable CZ jewelry is quite in your reach now. Accessorize yourself with CZ jewelry and flaunt in parties and weddings. After all, no one is going to ask about the price you paid for this jewelry rather they would definitely be flabbergasted by the fantastic glitter of this Cubic Zirconia. Wear CZ jewelry and make yourself prominent by giving a unique and chic look!

    Article source: Add Elegance To Your Personality With CZ Jewelry

Sweetness In Plume Agate Quartz

    This is more of a simple, just elegant design for those who are looking for a little less than the bold. A very nice sized Plume Agate pendant in non-tarnish gunmetal wire and accented with faceted Cherry Volcano and Smoky Quartz and a sprinkling of freshwater pearls in a champagne color.

    This and many other artisan crafted designs are available for purchase on our website.
    Smoky Quartz: Believed by some to lift depression and dispel negative moods.
    Pearl: Purity, faith, charity, innocence, integrity, focus, wisdom, spirituality, sincerity, fertility. Agates: Balancing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies; perceptiveness, strength, inspiration, awakening talents.

Unusual Old World Style

    A great find from our Tucson trip in a Madagascar Goniatites; but it’s not in the usual black/brown/white colors. This one is cream/brown shades and has a small amount of ‘fiery’ opec reflection that catches the light every now and again and a very tiny amount of dark green leafy patterns on the one side. There is also some ‘ribbing’ on the fossil, giving it a nice texture in such a large sample. To accent and bring out more of the earthy tones, I paired it with very nice colored ceramic Tibetan beads that are filigree bronzy/coppery end-caps and Coral chips (dyes) in a variety of earthly tones; the wiring is handcrafted in non-tarnish brass to highlight the entire stone and necklace.

    This piece along with many others is available on our website for purchase.
    Coral is known to protect against negative energy while also preventing loss of energy; it also symbolizes joy and happiness, to bring enjoyment in life to the wearer.

Brace Yourself; It Just Might Be Time To Buy Your Man A Bracelets.

    Gadgets, ties, cuff links and boring old gizmos galore usually dominate the list when you are shopping for that special man in your life, whether it is for your handsome husband, a good friend, a brother or your dear old daddy. How about something a little bit different this time around? Something to inject some much needed swagger to their usual get ups? Bracelets just might be the answer. Taking the lead from off the runways and out of the glossy fashion magazines, a leading number of fashion forward men are donning the newest accessory of choice; the Bracelets.

    Throw out your impressions of dainty, flowery pieces on feminine wrists, Bracelets for men are nothing of the sort. Designs are range from spiky rock star glam to chunky metal pieces that exude masculinity. Bracelets for men can be worn on either wrist; on the same hand as your watch or on separate hands.
    When picking out Bracelets for someone who does not usually wear them, a good indicator of their personal style would be their choice of watch, shoes or belt. Clean cut leather shoes and belts reflect a more conservative style. For these individuals, the Bracelets design should be simple and fuss free, a design that is easy to wear with everyday attire.

    Guys who are more adventurous in their choice of shoes, watches and belts, generally opt for more elaborate designs or items with a unique individual flavor. Buying Bracelets for this group of guys will be a more exciting shopping experience. Look for designs that complement their distinct taste in shoes, watches and belts. This can be done by picking Bracelets made out of a similar material or those that have a complementary color scheme.braceletWhether you are introduction a new fashion trend to someone or adding to a fashionable males’ collection of accessories; buying a Bracelets for your man of choice should be a novel and fun experience. One that will definitely beat shopping for the boring old shirts and ties that we are all guilty of giving. It is guaranteed to be a fun and fashion changing experience for the receiver; even if a few coaxing words are first needed.

Eclectic Picasso Mixes

    Picasso beads are very diverse; with their marbling and colors almost anything is possible. I got the opportunity to try some Picasso beads along with some very nice sterling silver pieces and toggles from Artbeads.com. This collection of Picasso beads has a few different cuts; teardrop, rondelle, oval, and round coin. I love the different colors and the ability to build in any direction with colors.

    Here, to the left, I’ve paired the oval and coin round Picasso beads with Turquoise that has a strong color of green to blue and matrix in the same brown and rust patters at the Picasso beads; in-between each is a very nice, very tiny sterling silver square bead that has tiny bubbles on all four corners, which gives nice texture to the necklace pattern.

    In this piece to the right, I’ve mixed the faceted rondelle Picasso beads to bring out the blue and green of the stones used; mixed with cracked navy blue glass beads and green/blue Serpertine stones; highlighting with textured oval tube sterling silver beads and a lovely Petsky Coral Fossil pendant.

    Legal Disclosure/Disclaimer: As a reviewer of products for Artbeads.com, I received the sterling silver beads, toggles and Picasso bead products free of charge. I have not been paid nor compensated by Artbeads.com for my endorsement of these said products. I have been asked by Artbeads.com to review these products and provide my own honest feedback, whether it be positive or negative.

Hot New Mix in Red

    This new design uses some of the new lampwork beads we just picked up in Tucson. It’s all about the red with this design, and lots of it! Using a Sponge Coral ax style pendant, we mixed it up with some swirled beige/cream/red rondelle lampwork beads, red hot natural Coral, and for something different kicked it up a notch by adding copper accents.

    This one definitely says...Red, hot and spicy!

    See this and many other new designs in our designer collections.

Charm Bracelets

    One trend that has become a statement piece in past few seasons is the charm bracelet. Working its way up from its humble beginnings as the accessory of choice among teens, the charm bracelet is well on its way to becoming a timeless treasure. It is suitable for any occasion, wearable at any stage in your life and it is ultimately a statement of originality.charm braceletFrom pricey, glittery pieces adorned with many a precious stone to a kooky collection of homemade trinkets; there is a wide range of possibility when it comes to choosing a charm bracelet that is just right for you. We all remember trading friendship bracelets as kids, those colourful kitschy creations that were a hallmark of friendship among young girls. Fast forward a few years and pop culture seems to have caught on, learning a lesson or two from the classroom. Charm bracelets have been a staple accessory in a number of fashion trends; they were seen both on the runway and off. Today it is a fashion staple, worn by everyone, from the hobo chic girls who layer on accessories to dress up their scruffy street style to; the colourful and extravagant charm bracelets on bohemian belles in their billowy dresses.

    We see it even on the wrists of high powered executives, topping off a well put together work outfit with a subtle but unique charm bracelet. The trend among the Hollywood elite has been to customise their charm bracelets by adding a unique trinket or something that represented important people or events in their life. You could easily follow suit and add a personal touch to your charm bracelet by adding your birthstone or a disc engraved with your initials. Adding bits from other pieces of jewellery is also a novel idea for a truly original charm bracelet. We all have broken necklaces or that one earring whose pair just refuses to be found, why not incorporate into your custom timeless piece.

    The charm bracelet is well on its way to becoming a classic in its own right. It is a fashion must have, very much like a perfectly tailored white shirt or the black dress that is suitable for almost any occasion.

Sneak Peek Tucson Finds & Review

    Another buying season is over in Tucson; vendors have packed up and are now returning home or moving onto the next show and Tucson is probably settling down just a bit until the next big event. Usually we go to Tucson in the 1st week of activities, but because of scheduling this year couldn’t quite make it until the 2nd week.

    The difference that I saw was in missing out on the quality and more unique stones and finds in the first week; whereas with the second week it appeared picked over, but pricing was a little cheaper compared to the first week, especially toward the end of the week when the vendors were willing to deal/bargain for their products. I can’t say one show is better than others, just as everyone has their ‘favorite’. But I have my favorites and may have even added a few new ones to the ‘continue to attend list’. It really is up to the person, their schedule, finances, and being able to get to Tucson. Although if you’re in the business of jewelry and lapidary, I would highly recommend going, even just once!

    With that said, we still were able to find quite a few unique and unusual finds such as California Palm Wood Jasper, Ivoryite, Star Jasper, Inca Jade, Black Agate/Pyrite, Ammonites (in two different cuts!), Goniatites, and many other stones. But, not to be forgotten, we also got lots of Turquoise, Magnesite, Onyx, Jaspers, Agates, pendants, glass/ceramic and wooden beads, crystals, and much more.

    Here’s just a taste of what we did pick up in Tucson….check back and stay tuned as we d├ębut many of these stones and more in coming styles this season!

    Lampwork, Glass, Cloisonne Beads (to the right)

    Wood & Ceramic, Crystals Beads (to the left)

    Star & Mixed Jaspers, Black Agate/Pyrite, Turquoise (stabilized/treated - to the right)
    Ammonites, Inca Jade Pendants, Spiny Oyster, California Palm Wood Jasper (to the left)

    Over the next few weeks, we’ll be doing inventory, restocking and designing……In the meantime, browse our collections to purchase custom designed jewelry.

Provide awesome comfort to your earlobes with clip on earrings

    Many women face the problems of having rashes and cuts, whenever they wear earrings. The itching earlobes would not allow them to wear earrings, whenever they want and hence in the fear of having a rash again, and hence they have to sacrifice their desire to wear earrings. Lot many times these rashes can occur in the pierced hole of the earlobe and are caused due to the earrings that you wear. It might be possible that you are having an allergy with some metal, and you are not aware of it. In that case, you should immediately stop wearing those earrings. Hence to save you from such dreadful conditions, clip on earrings are available in the market. These earrings are easy to wear and at the same time easy to remove.

    Many a times it happens that the individual suffers from rashes and inflammation that occur due to the composition of metals that are used in the earring. The reaction may be caused due to the outer plaiting on the earring or the metal found under the plaiting itself. The tiny holes of the earlobes are extremely vulnerable to infections such as swelling and inflammations. Cleansing these pores and treating the infection can fade away the present conditions, but once you went again on wearing such metals again you will have to face the similar problems. It is better to go for clip earrings and grant your earlobes a breath of peace and safety.clip on earringsExtreme measures are being taken to manufacture clip on earrings so that they could provide extra comfort to the bearer. Sometimes few clip earrings have their clips made of separate materials such as cubic zirconia, which can provide a smooth comfort to your earlobes. It is the comfort property of these earrings that people prefer wearing them. These clip earrings are inexpensive and are also very durable. The length and weight of these earrings depend on the sensitivity of the users earlobes.clip on earringsThere are so many stones and materials used in the clip on earrings depending on the cost of the earring. The companies that manufacture these earrings take special measures while making these earrings. They follow the latest trends and also take care of the desires of consumers. Some of these earrings are made in common designs that can serve both men and women. There are many styles and design available in such earrings. You can Google and find a lot many varieties of such earrings, which can be bought from the websites also through online shopping.

Tucson Review Day 3 & 4

    Heavy rainstorms, winds and lots cooler temperatures still could not keep the Tucson Tour down! Amidst all the downpours, winds and colder temperatures, it almost did not seem like Arizona, but more like an early February Eastern winter and clearer sky has prevailed on Thursday. Here is the rundown review, again, our opinion and experiences of the shows attended over the past few days.

    Our Hits:
    Tucson Electric Park RV Show – Everything lapidary describes this show; from slabs, raw materials, beads, equipment, tools and did I mention slabs. It was all there at the RV Park show. This is one of the better shows attended this week and definitely should be on a list if you are in the world of lapidary.

    Tucson Electric Park Show – This is open to the public but is a pretty good show if your are looking for anything from jewelry, beads, tools, equipment, gifts, and if you hit the tents behind the big show tent, the world of minerals, fossils and anything goes is vented.

    Tucson Gem & Mineral Show – Open to the public, The Big One that started it all, located downtown at the Tucson Convention Center. In a word – WOW! This show offers something for everyone and in our opinion is definitely the daddy of them all. The bigger world of all lapidary, minerals, tools, fossils, and more minerals….dealers, clubs, and everyone in Lapidary from all over the world and United States take over the convention center.

    Our Misses:
    Grant Inn Show – Aside from one or two vendors, this show just did not have anything that I was looking for nor did it hold up to my expectation of other G&LW shows in the area. The main tent is mostly vendors that have African trades, vintage, massive overpriced beads and trinkets, and jewelry, definitely not our ‘cup of tea’.

Tucson Review – Day 1 & 2

    Early morning drives to the airport, sleeping on the plane with a short hop and final designation….Tucson! It the ground running first thing in the morning yesterday after arrival, it’s good to be back, but there are some things that need still need some work and this review covers day 1 and 2 of this week’s adventure.

    First up, a big KUDOS for the I-10 construction completion!!! It’s really great to drive all around on the new roads, on/off ramps, it really makes it easy to get around. However, the one thing that missing, the Free Gem Ride system that was only a part of the I-10 construction is gone. Though a few shows are offering free show shuttle between their and neighboring shows, you will need to consider renting a car from now on, in addition to everything else. And as far as parking goes, better get to shows early to get a spot; if not and you park on the street, Tucson PD is handing out those tickets as there is no parking on the streets where posted.

    Here is our look at the first few days of our Tucson adventure; this year scheduling conflicts moved the trip to the 2nd week of the Gem & Mineral Shows, we’ll see just what’s different or not between coming the 1st week verses the 2nd week.

    JOGS – Just not what it used to be and again this year they are allowing the public in with “Guest” badges; everyone still has to register though to get in. The show was not completely full and had a great deal of finished jewelry; a few good vendors, but prices were high everything and selection was a minimum.
    Holidome – Marketed as the “Show not to miss in Tucson”, I would beg to differ. If you are after finished high-end jewelry, faceted precious gemstones, gifts/clothing or anything of that nature, along with very high-end vendors then this is the venue for you. Prices seemed a bit high from last year and the returning vendors that we do shop with didn’t have the quality, selection or pricing as with previous years.

    Middle of the Road:
    Pueblo Gem & Minerals – Just a ‘so-so’ show with a full line of vendors for everything minerals, rocks, raw, and fossils and beads.
    African Art Village – Not really, what I was looking for, but a first this year and probably won’t be on next year’s list either.
    Tucson Showplace – Just a very ‘so-so’ show, mostly lapidary, raw materials, just not what was looking for.

    Gem Mall – This has to be by far the best show we’ve attended this week. An excellent selection of vendors, quality goods and prices are about the same or just above last year. The best news, not open to the public and plenty of free parking and will definitely be back on the list to attend next year.
    Various Street Vendors – Starting with Days Inn (Globe-X show) to Rapa River Gem & Mineral Show were good and not bad. Many vendors willing to ‘deal’ but be ready to pay cash to get those deals and show your Sales Tax ID for any wholesale pricing where required by the majority of vendors at these shows.

    The Tucson Adventure continues, as we review the different shows giving our own opinion and viewpoint.

Clip on earrings: an easy and comfortable way of being in vogue

    clip on earringsClip on earrings were a rage a few decades a go. However, soon they became a fad. However, no they are back in trend and many people have realized the importance and the comfort of this clip on earrings. They are not only a fashion statement now but also take care of the convenience of the user.

    There are many reasons why these clip on earrings are now back in vogue and are making waves among the jewelry lovers. Firstly, it is the pain free method of wearing earrings. Anyone who does not want to go through the painful procedure of piercing can go for this Clip on earrings. These earrings do not have to pass through the ear. Rather they are just clasped to the ear lobe with the help of a clip, and then they can be tightened using a screw. Whenever someone gets his/her ears pierced, they have to wait for a long time before they are healed so that they can change their earrings often. However, this is not the story with the clip on earrings. You do not have to wait for the long and painful method of healing. Many people cannot wear heavy earrings, because their soft earlobes cannot take the pressure of their weight. There are chances that the earlobe will be extended. It is even possible that their hole is so small that heavy earrings which have a thick screw cannot enter it. Again the clip on earrings comes to the rescue. You can simply clasp these clip on earrings, even if you have a small hole. As they do not pass through the ear lobe, there is no risk of ear extension.clip earringsMany people have also complained about infections that the regular earrings cause. Even this problem can be solved with the Clip on earrings. As these earrings are not directly connected to the ears, and they do not pass through the ear, there are hardly any chances of infection.clip earringsNow with more and more people showing an inclination towards the clip on earrings, even the jewelry designers have now taken a keen interest in them. Now they are also catering to that section of the crowd which wants to stay in vogue, but does not want to get the ears pierced due to several reasons. All you have to do is to start your search for this fashionable and comfortable piece of jewelry.

Making A Bracelet Worth Remembering

    Making someone bracelets are not just about stringing a bunch of beads together; sure we did that as little girls, giving our best friends our handmade friendship bands and other little kitschy creations. However as adults when you make someone an item of jewellery as a gift, you want it Justify Fullto not only be something of sentimental values but ideally also something that they like and can wear. With a little bit of planning and some creative thinking you will be able to pull off bracelets that is treasured, valued and gladly worn.

    The first step requires planning and design. Before you go out and start buying materials, consider who you are making the bracelet for. Important considerations are what kind of personal style they have, are they adventurous and wild or are they more conservative, sticking to more simple classic choices of hairstyle and clothes. The nature of their job and their hobbies will also give you a clue as to what type of bracelets will suit their lifestyle. For instance a busy working mother might be more appreciative of a fuss free yet elegant bracelet watch then a chunky heavy metal piece. In coming up with an appropriate design, look to their daily choices of accessories for hints on their individual tastes. High end shoes and designer bags tell of someone with expensive taste, thus someone who will like jewellery with a more polished, expensive look.

    Once you have an understanding of the persons taste and style, you’re ready to move on to designing it. Don’t be worried about a lack of ideas; you can scour the internet, stores and magazines for inspiration and ideas. This will help you find a balance between something that is current and tasteful yet still manages to fit it with the taste and lifestyle of the intended recipient.

    Planning and design done and you are ready to more on to sourcing for materials. Between online stores, craft shops and jewellery stores you should have no problems stocking up with all the stuff you need to put together the perfect bracelet. Once that is done, all you have to do is make it, wrap it up and give it away. That little bit of forethought is sure to result in a whole lot of gratitude.

Clip On Earrings Mania

    Whether it’s fear of getting that painful sting on their earlobes or just lack of motivation to get their ears pierced, women have found a way to greatly enhance their trendy look, while remaining pain-free. Clip on earrings are a new wave of fashionable accessories quite popular by more mature women as well as the younger generation alike. Women can express their feelings and personality with the type of earrings they desire to wear and as one may imagine, there is a large variety of clip on earrings you can choose from to suit your taste, color preference, and outfit.

    If you’re going for the elegant type of look or fashion, there are plenty of clip on earrings for you. An advantage of clip earrings over piercings is the eliminated risk of getting scar tissue and forming scars on the earlobe. This is definitely a plus since it brings a sense of confidence for women during the days they decide not to wear earrings.clip earringsThere are several reasons why earrings, in general, are extremely popular and trendy accessories for a lady’s wardrobe. One main reason is the attention clip on earrings bring to the face and the hair of a woman. Not only does the hair stand out but the facial bone structure around the cheek bones and jaw line are highlighted. If you aren’t into getting your ears pierced but still feel earrings will enhance your wardrobe and beauty, clip earrings are perfect for you.

    Even if you do already have pierced ears, you can still get your hands on a conversion kit that allows you to wear clip on earrings as pierced earrings and vice versa. Whichever may be your case, don’t worry if you find some clip on earrings that you like but thought you can’t quite wear. You can find a solution to your earring problem at your local jewelry store or online retailer.

Classy Chic Elegance

    Classy yet chic in a graceful style; this pieces has a little bit of flair using nuggets of varying colors of Magnesite (might even find a bit of Wild Horse Magnesite mixed in). Beautiful tones in shades of spring and summer that will last wearable into the fall seasons. It is really truly a year-round jewelry piece!

    Designed in Magnesite, freshwater Pearl accents, with a hint of faceted Crystals and copper; you can find it with many other custom Artisan crafted designs available on our website.

More Tucson 2010 Shows

    There is plenty to see at Tucson 2010; precious faceted gemstones, raw material slabs, lapidary, equipment, beads, findings, finished jewelry, minerals, and fossils and much much more! It’s almost enough to make one’s head spin, but Tucson 2010 has now been in full swing for a week. Plenty still to see next week, with the Original Tucson Mineral & Gem show towards the end of the week; here’s some shows remaining to check out…

    Madagascar Minerals Gem Show – Visit Norcross-Madagascar Gallery

    Globe-X Gem & Mineral Show - Located as part of the “Street Vendor I-10”; many different Amethyst geodes, minerals, lapidary, beads, and much more!

    1820 Oracle Warehouse Show – TopGem Minerals, Fossils and more

    Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show – Located as part of the “Street Vendor I-10”; features jewelry, colored gems and minerals from all over the world!

    Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show at Mineral & Fossil Marketplace – Selling of mineral & fossil specimens, lapidary material, gemstones, jewelry, and other nature related materials.

    Tucson Gem & Mineral Show – “Where the Best Happens”

    Rapa River Gem & Mineral Show – A wide variety of very unique and unusual products from all parts of various countries.

    For more details and lists of shows check out the Tucson Jewelry Show Guide.

Simple Twisted Bangle Bracelets

    Women’s have always been attracted by jewelries. These have been mostly loved by them. Jewelries make them look gorgeous and lovely. Jewelries glow their looks and tie up to their loveliness. Bracelets are also simple and twisted jewelries. These are very contemporary jewelries that make the stuff cool. People are fond of giving it as a gift. The buckle of the bracelet carries necklace and earrings. It expresses the depth of ones long lasting friendship. The accessories of this jewelry carry latest fashion. It is the one thing always loved and regarded as a cute jewelry. These are fashionable things and never get outdated. The quality and excellence in finishing lets it to be tried by most of the people. There are many jewelry retailers who deal in these accessories like bracelets and necklaces. These are also available in vibrant colors and metals.braceletThe jewelry industry has risen due to the demand for such selective collection of the bracelets. There is a cool collection of such demanded etiquette. It has raised the creativity and imagination of the jewelry designers. Every time they are ready with some new imaginative collection. These are sometimes unaffordable due to excellent finish which raises the price. The simple and twisted bracelets are not worthy of any testing. These are mostly handmade items and are crafted to define excellence. The work of the designers is really appreciable and these are presented as tutorial. These are most loved jewelries and may also be found on streets. One may find different ways of weaved patterns for bracelets. These are also found in various sizes with knots and buckles. These may also be designed with paper Mache. It also suits small-boned and looks quite cool over them. However, one should better know its size to avoid looseness. Therefore, it’s better to clarify the dimensions.braceletThe designers provide good customer services. One can find different ways to make the bracelets look they are really impressive and make it’s twisted looks with more vibrant colors. These bracelets give the wrists attractive looks. However, sometimes it gives the wrist different expressions. Likewise, it may appear bigger or smaller according to the design of the bracelet. Many people think that will it look good over skinny wrist? However, the answer is that, one should use it and then figure their consideration. Generally, for small wrists, it is difficult to find bracelets as they might fall off. One thing to be said truly, that these jewelries fits most of the hands. Your fist will allow whole time to it. The jingling bangles will sooth your perfect appearance. These are most envious. Bracelet bangles look cute.

Buying Cubic Zirconia Rings to Enhance Your Grace

    Someone said reasonability of price with CZ rings. Cubic zirconia, resembling the diamonds very closely, is no more simply a cheap replication of diamonds. It is not just another glittering gemstone. Instead the jewelry of diamond and cubic zirconia are so close to each other that even the jewelers get befooled a number of times. Besides the hard economic times that are going on, couples resort to the option of cz rings only, which are enough to show off the affection that they have for their beloved as much as the expensive diamond rings do. The real pleasure, on the other hand, is in wearing these ever magnificent cubic zirconia rings with the most contemporary fashionable “right-hand rings”. These right hand rings, if you have never heard off re considered to be a novel symbol of accomplishment for the successful women of today. Hence, the moment to you pair its beauty with its advantage to the outcome, a cz ring would thus emit the feeling that along with being successful, you are style – conscious as well.

    Cubic zirconia rings come in a number of sparkling settings that you would love to have. Amongst the most prominent designs that you would get, are the cz rings that you would get in princess-cuts or marquise-cut gemstones, which are more often than not bordered by a pave, which look much more expensive than the antique jewelry. However, the truth about them is that you would get them at really affordable prices for yourself or for some loved one to extend it in the form of an excellent gift. Besides this, you have to take care of the official rating system so that you get the gemstone of the most supreme quality. Just look for the rings that are rated with AAAAA, and it is guaranteed that you would get the cubic zirconia rings of the finest quality possible. In case your jeweler does not have the rings of this grade, look for those rings with gemstones that offer excellent refraction qualities when you carry the ring in the light.

    Added this, a number of labs in order to enhance the hardness of the gemstones in the CZ jewelry, they coat them with an extra coat of carbon, which make them last long and more sparkling. Apart from this, when you are looking for cz rings, try and look at them with a highly powered magnifying lends, look for the flawless appearance. This is another important factor to be considered while cubic zirconia rings are to be bought because the best one of them is absolutely flawless. Plus, they come in a variety of colors unlike diamonds which you get in limit colors, hence you can now think of matching your rings well with your outfits in your wardrobe.

Funky Pendant Earrings

    A customer purchased this pendant last Fall and contacted me later to make a pair of matching earrings. The challenge with this was that the pendant was a purchase at the Tucson Gem & Mineral show a few years back; it’s a Red Flame Agate. I’ve been trying to match it as best I can and finally was able to with these red/orange Agates; which are highlights to the twisted coil design of the earrings.

    Browse our collections for other custom design jewelry pieces from nature’s treasured gifts!

Gain envy looks wherever you go with a new pair of clip earrings

    Clip earrings are a new sensation as they are back on the trend list and style books. Clip earrings are hot this season and are rocking the chart busters list in fashion fraternity. Since more and more women are foreseeing to drop the idea of getting their earlobes pierced, it seems these earrings are going to stay on the long run. After studying the trend properly we can come to the conclusion that there are not one but many styles of such earrings. Choosing the best among them depends in the taste and styling sense of a person as choices differ from individual to individual.clip earringsOne can either go for opulent clip earrings, which are a bit ornamental having no hold bars with this particular style. Out of the trend these opulent earrings are again back in fashion with full force and let you buy heavy accessories for your ears if you love heavy earrings. You can have earrings inspired from the greatest fever rock and roll. Such earring can have metal studs or different sort of chains attached with them. These earrings can give you the right edge when you pair them with structured silhouettes. You can also kick up your style by having a pair of bohemian earrings. These can be made of hammered metals or wooden hoops.clip earringsYou can also have a pair of classic earrings with pearls or gems attached to them. They can provide you a timeless beauty and are the best choice to match you formal wear. Apart from this, oxidized metals and rhinestones can also be worn to add glamor to your personality. You can even wear a pair of such an earring with casual jeans and white tee. Then you also have the best shot option to have a pair of a chandelier clip earrings that would supply an instant killer look to your personality.clip earringsWearing a sexy pair of bright color clip on earring with monotonous attire can provide you an unmatched style statement and gain you envy looks everywhere. Put on bold and noticeable earrings when you are going on hang out with friends and wearing casuals. Then you can also have clipped earrings made in precious stones such as diamonds, ruby and sapphire. They can be your biggest assets and help you in the time of need when you don’t have the options, and you are in a fix of what to wear. They can be your treasures that you can pass them on to the generations ahead.

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