Just Around the Corner

    Only a few more weeks until that day of Lovers….Valentine’s Day! With a slow economy and bleak outlook there are some positive aspects to getting that special someone a gift….Timeless Designs has inexpensive natural gemstone jewelry in unique and unusual designs.

    Something in an Agate….
    Agates: Balancing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies; perceptiveness, strength, inspiration, awakening talents.

    Or maybe something in a Chrysocolla…..
    Chrysocolla: Easing heartache, stamina, wisdom, peace, love, communication, vitality, inner strength.

    How about Howlite a great gemstone for Lover’s holiday to show emotional expression….
    Howlite: Awareness, calm, emotional expression, observation, patience, eliminating negativity.

    Add a little bit of creativity and spontaneity to your relationship with Peruvian Pink Opal…..
    Opal: Creativity, spontaneity, relationships, memory, happy dreams and changes

    Pay attention to details with some Rhodonite….
    Rhodonite: Peace, generosity, attention to details.

    Or make that day special with a little Turquoise for romantic spontaneity…..
    Turquoise: Spiritual attunement, cleansing, healing, protection, valor, soothing, peace of mind, guidance through the unknown, romantic spontaneity.

    Browse our jewelry or sales selections for that perfect gift……

Tucson 2009 A Few Goodies

    So if you're still hanging with this week for the Tucson 2009 Preview, thought I would include ‘a few goodies’ on today’s list of shows to ‘make sure to hit’. Though I got to ‘hit’ several of these shows, most I didn’t get to but heard ‘very good things’ about them. Check them out when in Tucson!

    Tucson Electric Park Gem & Mineral Show is located at the Tucson Electric Park/Kino Sports Complex opens from Jan. 31-Feb. 15.

    Gem Mall which is part of the Gem & Lapidary Wholesale show runs from Jan. 31-Feb. 13.

    American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) which is the ‘biggie faceted gems’ show located downtown Tucson at the Tucson Convention Center runs from Feb. 4-9.

    GJX Gem & Jewelry Show (GJX) is also located downtown across from the Tucson Convention Center and runs from Feb 4-9.

    There are plenty more shows, vendors and exhibits going on all over Tucson, so to get more information and see a complete listing of all shows, dates, times, and vendor websites visit the Jewelry Show Guide or Tucson Show Guide.

    Disclaimer: This is an independent product/vendor review based on our own research and experiences. We are in no way affiliated with the company, shows or its agents.

Tucson 2009 Street Vendors

    If it’s good weather, one can walk the length of the I10 freeway hotels and shop among miles of street vendors. These vendors take over almost every inch of hotel space/rooms, parking lots and sidewalks, ballrooms and lobbies, and even around the pool and courtyard areas.

    Here one will find anything and everything you can image from raw materials cut from the mine, custom cut materials strung for beading, jewelry and gift items, equipment and tool for the beading enthusiast to the professional lapidary, and even see geodes the size of small buildings! There are merchants local to the area, vendors from across the country and many from around the world. Some vendors sell direct to the public while others will only sell wholesale; check with each vendor before purchase to determine if they sell to the public or wholesale only.

    Last year, this is where we found a lot of great deals and very unusual gemstones; our resident gemologist added more raw materials for his collect during our Street Vendor day than anything time in Tucson.

    For more information on one of the big Street Vendor shows check out the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show, see their website.
    For information on the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show 2009 visit Jewelry Show Guide or Tucson Show Guide.

Tucson 2009: Gem & Lapidary Wholesale Show

    The Gem & Lapidary Wholesale Show (G&LW) is another of the ‘big’ shows at Tucson 2009. Held at the Holiday Inn/Holidome from Feb. 5-23, it is for wholesale buyers only with business and jewelry industry credentials. Here you will find just about anything relating to the jewelry industry; from finished products to beading materials, supplies and tons of gemstones and custom cut rough materials.

    A sampling of vendors include; Colbaugh Processing Inc., Lucky Gems & Jewelry Ltd., Opex Opal, China Mountain Turquoise Inc., Bead Plus Silver Inc., Cowboy Trading (for Sleeping Beauty Turquoise), Kingdom Trading Company, and Rincon Trading Company (for all kinds of Turquoise).

    For more information on the G&LW show, see their website.
    For information on the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show 2009 visit Jewelry Show Guide or Tucson Show Guide.

Tucson 2009 Preview Week

    Starting this week I’ll be previewing several of the big shows and vendors that will be at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show 2009. Today I’m highlighting an excellent show that is the largest and most popular independent jewelry trade show in Tucson; J.O.G.S Gems & Jewelry Show, offering a huge selection of wholesale jewelry manufacturers, miners, and international dealers from around the world. Held at the Tucson Expo Center from Jan. 30th – Feb. 10th and houses the largest Southwestern pavilion in Tucson, largest Amber jewelry pavilion, Indonesian Silver pavilion, International Gem pavilion, Mexican Jewelry pavilion, Gem Art Décor pavilion, Mammonth Tusk, Carvings & Jewelry, and more than 100 jewelry and beading classes. This is not open to the public and to attend the show, you must provide your business and wholesale credentials at sign-in.

    According to JOGs must sees at their show “A truly one of a kind Southwestern jewelry pavilion can only be found at the J.O.G.S. show. It is composed of great Mexican and Native American designs of turquoise and coral set in silver. Exhibiting are the top dealers, miners and manufacturers with the largest stock of jewelry from Albuquerque, Mexico and China.

    The American Amber Association presents, at the J.O.G.S. Gem Show, the largest U.S. Amber jewelry pavilion. The pavilion is composed of amber designers and amber manufacturers from all the Baltic countries famous for their amber source. If you are an amber retailer or are just an amberholic, you will love this pavilion. The J.O.G.S. show is your once in a year opportunity to buy these great designs at an excellent price.
    The Art Gem Décor pavilion contain some of the most beautiful décor items crafted out of stones, gems, copper, wood, metal and other materials. These are museum quality pieces created by some of the most talented artists in the world. This is truly one of the most unique art collections you will ever see, it is like an art show inside the J.O.G.S. show. Besides the exquisite art pieces, you can also find some great everyday interior design pieces. Other J.O.G.S. Gem Show pavilions include the many international pavilions which represent the rich gem and jewelry heritage of Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico and Nepal.”

    A sample selection of vendors includes:
    Sunwest Silver, RMC, Oriental Crest, Rio Grande, Western Woods, Rhodo Co., Kameyab Imports, Silver Nugget Inc., Shri Gems Thai Co., LTD, and Amberman (the world’s largest Amber Collection).

    For more information on the JOGs show, see their website.
    For information on the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show 2009 visit Jewelry Show Guide or Tucson Show Guide.

    Excerpts from JOGS website.

Countdown to Tucson 2009

    It is almost here; Tucson 2009 Gem & Mineral Show!! In about a week, millions of people, thousands of vendors and hundreds of shows (most wholesale with a few open to the public) will mark the beginning of the largest show in the United States.

    This is the venue to get your stock for the entire year, or even several years if you are one who purchases in bulk. Anything from raw stones (uncut, undrilled, unfinished, unpolished, etc), to finished and raw precious gems (diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds just to name a few), to silver-gold-copper-brass findings and stringing materials, storage containers, tools and equipment, jewelry and gifts, to show displays, bags, and boxes, and all the natural gemstones in cuts and types that are as unusual as the places they come from.

    Over the next week I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite vendors and shows that will be at Tucson 2009; so bookmark and check back here all next week for a pre-view of Tucson 2009!

    The Countdown Begins……….

Unusual & Exotic – Turritella Fossil Agate

    Turritella Agate is not right. It is not an Agate, but more closely related to Jasper, like Petrified Wood. It is not a fossil of Turritella Gastropods, but a fossil of Elimia Tenera Gastropods. Elimia Tenera are fresh water snails (gastropods) that share a very similar shape to ocean born Turritellas. Which means these dear little crystal companions are in desperate need of a more appropriate name.

    The story of these lively prehistoric gems begins in early Tertiery times (approximately 60 million years ago). A series of geological events were causing the uplifting of mountains that eventually would be known as the Rockies. As the land lifts upwards it forms three Eocene Age lakes in the area of Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and Utah. Geologists have named them the Fossil, Ulinta and Gosiute Lakes. Life thrived within the waters and along the shorelines of these lakes. Other fossilized material from the area shows that plant life, reptiles and fish flourished along with the millions of fresh water gastropods and bi-valves. During those long ago days, residents of the lakes enjoyed a subtropical climate, but also lived under the constant threat of volcanic eruptions.

    Mortality layers containing volcanic ash throughout the area suggest that there were numerous cycles of life and extinction over the millennia. It was the violent eruptions of the nearby volcanos which helped to create a pristine environment for fossils to form. Whole schools of the primal Kenightia (looks like a Herring) fish have been found in the fossilized beds of the Eocene lakes. Palm Trees, Turtles and Crocodile imprints have been found along what would have been the lakes' shorelines. The poorly named gemstone, Turritella Agate comes from the floor of these primordial lakes. Continued eruptions and fallout from the region's volcanos allowed much of the lakes' bottoms to be buried in ash as the lakes retreated or dried up (geologists are not sure what really happened to the lakes).

    Essentially the mud and everything in it became petrified; frozen in stone. Besides the mis-identified Elimia Tenera gastropods, these fossil crystals also contain prehistoric bi-valves called Pleisielliptio and Sphaerium. Other varieties of ancient snails like Hydrobia and Valvata, plus some rarer Biomphalaria and Lymnaea are also found in Turritella Agates. In Sweetwater County Wyoming the petrified lake floor is up to two feet thick covering several acres (and miles in some cases).

    While Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and Montana are the only sources for Turritella Agates, there seems to be some evidence that other such deposits may exist on the planet. An archeological dig in the Czech Republic revealed beads containing fossils of Gastropods that are almost 30,000 years old.

    Traditional Properties & Beliefs
    All Fossils are very well tuned for journeying into past lives. The extra high energy in the Turritella Agate adds a turbo boost to your journey. The abundance of frozen life within a single gem helps you to "see" clearer and understand more quickly the impressions and images you receive during your journey.

    Are you having trouble solidifying a solution to a nagging problem? Every time you reach for the answer it slips away? Or you get bogged down in your own muddy thoughts and emotions? Try a quiet meditation with this dark crystal. Its long ago past was also muddy and slippery. Anytime something moved upon the surface, muck was stirred up and vision was clouded. You see this same entity today, everything is crystal clear. Every curve of every snail or clam is easy to see, easy to understand, easy to deal with. Just like problems, if we are patient and allow time for the dust to settle.
    An excellent crystal for healing and clearing the Base and Crown Chakra. It may also increase physical energy, especially when the body is being challenged by fatigue or stress. Turritella Agates may also aid with the absorption of vitamins and minerals like Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium and vitamin A. Most importantly in healing, this gem teaches survival against all odds. No matter how mucky and gross things are right now, eventually everything crystallizes into perfection.

    Reprinted from Ore’s Featured Gemstones – Turritella Agates

Product/Vendor Review: Tucson 2009

    The Tucson Gem & Mineral Show 2009 is just a week away. With thousands of vendors and hundreds of shows to choose from; where does one start. While attending Tucson 2008 I got to see and meet some very good vendors. Here is just a sample:

    Lucky Gems & Jewelry Factory
    Looking for quality and an incredible array of Pearls? Lucky Gems has the largest selection and very competitive pricing I’ve ever come across in the selection of Pearls. Freshwater cultured and even some saltwater pearls where to be found in colors, shapes and sizes that overcome the imitation. Check them out this year at three locations at Tucson 2009; Gem Mall, Quality Inn and the Holidome.

    Kameyab Imports Inc.
    Quality with large selection of exotic semi-precious gemstones from Peruvian Opals to Larimar, Kameyab has it all. Choose from a collection of pendants to many strands of your favorite gemstones and a huge selection of exotics. Visit them this year at 4 locations at Tucson 2009; JOGS, GLDA, Holidome, and AGTA.

    Oriental Crest
    Visit the world of many color gemstone beads. Browse through the selection of pearls, natural gemstones, strands and pendants. The JOGS show is their location at Tucson 2009.

    Tucson Bead
    For a selection of designer beads and unusual cuts in U.S. stones try Tucson Beads. Select from quality stones in Turquoise, Agate, Jasper and some additional unusual stones. Visit them at the Tucson Electric Park RV Gem Show at Tucson 2009.

    Disclaimer: This is an independent product/vendor review based on our own research and experiences. We are in no way affiliated with the companys' or their agents.

Earrings for Your Face Shape

    There are few women having perfect face shape, many ladies may think of changing hair style to make them look great. However, that might take you a long time to do your hair and sometimes the final looking is a disaster. Do you believe that wearing a pair of earrings could flatter your face shape?

    Face shape-Oval face: This is the ideal face shape, and actually, many kinds of earrings could go for this kind of face perfectly. You can try some sterling silver earrings.
    Steer clear: To avoid sporting a too-long face, don't wear incredibly long shapes that will just pull you down.

    Face shape-Round face: Ladies who have round face for sure want to make their face look slimmer, and the long length earrings are really helpful.Steer clear: circular earrings, such as hoops, as well as tiny studs and button earrings.

    Face shape-Heart face: To balance the wide forehead you should wear Chandelier and teardrop earrings.Steer clear: earrings that have the same shape as your face, like heart-shaped hoops. Avoid wearing very short earrings.

    Face shape-Square face: If you want to soft the strong angel of your face, you should wear circular earrings, such as hoops.

    Face shape-Steer clear: square, rectangular or harshly angled earrings that echo your face shape.Have strong interesting about earrings? Come to emitations.com to find your favorite.

Year Ends – What Do We Do Now?

    Disclaimer: Please note that I am not an expert in owning a Business. This series is meant to solely provide information to the reader.

    Business Series: Business Plan or Road Map
    Ok, so now that you’ve paid your annual (or quartely depending on how you pay) Sales Tax, Business Tax, Use Tax, and any other ‘Tax” that Uncle Sam can come up with. What to do next with your business? There’s the budgets, strategies, new booth look or displays, website updates or what about more marketing? All these questions and not many answers. It’s this first part of the year where we all breath a little ‘sigh’ of relief and just ‘vacation’ until it’s too late. It’s all enough to make one’s head spin and decide to quit while you’re ahead.

    The first question I’d ask, is when was the last time you looked at your business plan? (Right about now, you’re scratching your head and thinking ‘what business plan??’) Since the day you opened your doors (or internet site), you should have had some ‘plan’ to determine where you’re going, how you’re going to get there and what are your goals? Without some type of a ‘map or plan’ to get the answers, one’s business probably will grow at a much slower pace than anticiapted.

    A really good business plan allows you to look at all of the big issues facing your business in a balanced analytical way. A good business plan helps you take full advantage of your strengths and helps you to discover your weaknesses. A good business plan (whatever type you choose) directs all your business activities in a solid cohesive direction.

    Here’s a list of a few basic things to include in any business plan or roadmap:

    *Vision/Mission Statement: List why you started your business and what your business means.
    *Market Analysis: Look at your competitors; Brick & Morter, Internet, and Catalog (direct mail). Research their weaknesses and strengths so you know how your business stacks up against them.
    *Financial Analysis: Startup money needed, budget for Marketing, Profit, Vendors, Materials, and Equpiment. Look at what type of profit and pricing structure you want to have in your business. List your finanical goals for the next year and then build on them year after year.
    *Business Goals & Milestones: What are your business goals? What do you want to accomplish in the first few years? Where do you expect to be with your business in five years? Then set milestones to accomplish these goals; even if they are marketing goals, product goals, or even goals you have set for yourself. Small goals help us to achieve the larger goals that look to big to ever accomplish.

    Whatever you do, put some things down in writing and then dig them out from time to time to review. Change as your business changes and you will see your successes and challenges much clearer. Don’t short-circuit your success by cheating yourself out of the roadmap to get there!

    Disclaimer: Please note that I am not an expert in owning a Business. This series is meant to solely provide information to the reader.

Do you know the function of the silver Jewelry?

    Do you find more and more fashionable girl like wear a variety style of silver jewelry-silver earring, rings, and necklaces in the streets? Silver has become the most pet accessories for girls because it’s simple, light, personality. And compared to the bulky old-fashioned silver jewelry, today's silver has a different temperament and style, with modern simple fashion; the gentle tide and quiet subtle elegance can be showed with the unique cold light of the silver. As the focus of fashion and personality elegant ladies and their inherent temperament, young women love it very much more and more.

    In addition to elegant with wearing beautiful silver jewelry, there are a lot of advantages:

    1) Wearing silver jewelry can keep away evil spirits.
    2) The effectiveness of health care for us, because silver jewelry in a certain range can generate magnetic fields, releases a large number of silver ions and can stimulate energy.
    3) Silver is the best metal of test the toxicity, the human body emit some "toxic" every day and silver jewelry can absorb these "toxins", and this is the reason of some people wear silver can become black.
    4) Silver has bactericidal function, ensure water does not degenerate with silver bowl , such as skin ulcer disease can also be painted by daub the silver ion in the ulcer department, will enable the majority of bacteria to dead.
    5) Silver can accurately reflect the jewelry wearer's health by jewelry gloss shading.

Steal the Style –Superstars at the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards

    2009 first huge red carpet event is the Golden Globe which attracts all the fashion editors, photographers, fans, etc. And jewelry is the one never out of fashion. Luxury and fancy jewelry make all the ladies look elegant and noble. You want to be movie star? It's definitely a good chance to see the trend and copy their styles. It's not that difficult to be a star.This year, many actresses chose to show their sexy collarbone, so few of them wore necklaces. However, the few necklaces that were noted were really luxurious. And earrings and bracelets were the most popular adornments.

    Beyonce & Eva Mendes

    Beyonce: A whopping 200-karat diamond Lorraine Schwartz.
    Eva Mendes: Designed by Van Cleef & Arpels, four layers of turquoise stones and diamonds sets.
    Kate Winslet: Kate went classic, with teardrop shaped sparklers
    Hayden Panettiere: Perfect earrings went well to her face shape.
    Evan Rachel Wood: She was looking old before her time, but was wearing amazing earrings that I really, really desired.

    Ok it's good to have a look at all the celebrities' jewelry and Congratulations to the 2009 Golden Globe winners! Let's looking forward to the Oscar!

How to clean and polish silver

    Do you own some fantastic silver jewelry? For sure it would look very beautiful and sparkle when you bought it, but after a period of time it became black and dull. Sterling silver is easy to develop tarnish when it’s exposed to air and other chemicals. So what do you do to make it like new? Apparently, you could find professional cleaner for polishing silver, and usually it only takes seconds to remove the stain. But it will be a waste of money when you could use some common household products to do it. And they are safe; they won’t hurt your hands. There are several methods to help you to buff silver.

    Dish cleaner.
    1. Put silver in the warm water and add some mild dish cleaner.
    2. Hand washing softly.
    3. Dry it with soft kitchen towel or cotton cloth.

    Lemon juice or baking soda
    Actually it’s a little bit dangerous to use lemon juice or baking soda because they are too strong for silver cleaning. If you don’t mind to take a risk of damage your silver jewelry, you can give it a shot. The steps are the same as dish cleaner.

    You could not image that toothpaste could be the perfect cleaner as some professional silver polish products. It really works!

    1. Choose toothpaste without any whitening options.
    2. Put some toothpaste on your silver jewelry and rub it with a piece of cotton cloth gently.
    3. Rinse off with warm water and use towel to dry it.

    Other tips
    Put silver into Coke for 12 hours to let the stains dissolve; Polish silver with cotton cloth and then dry it.

    Lip stick:
    Rub lip stick all over your silver jewelry, then risen off with warm water and use towel to dry it.

    So right now your silver looks fabulous with the perfect luster, and to keep your silver clean to retain its shining longer we should store silver correctly.

    1. Avoid touching rubber, stainless steel, or paint. Because rubber contains sulfur, which is the enemy of silver.
    2. Avoid exposing silver a period time to food like eggs, which are high in sulfur.

    Keep it dry, when silver get wet, some chemicals in the air are easily to attach to the surface of silver and corrode it.

    Although you could store carefully, still, you need to clean and polish silver frequently just like everyday you wash your face. And do not wear silver jewelry in swimming pool; the chlorine could destroy it easily.


    Yesterday I attended to my friend Jane's wedding; Jane was very beautiful when wearing a white wedding, red shoes and her face filled with a happy smile. I really envy her! To the most enviable was the HOPE DIAMOND REPLICA CZ necklace, she wear a sky blue CZ necklace in her neck.

    She told me "I like it very much! I love it when I see it at the website: www.emitations.com. This is a stunning necklace. This sky blue CZ necklace -reminiscent of the Hope Diamond Necklace- begins with a chain made from marquis cut CZs, linked together with tiny silver loops. These CZs meet front and center, at an impressive 16 carat, oval cut, sky blue CZ. The center stone is bordered by a medley of clear marquis, pear, and cushion cut stones that complete Emitations' HOPE DIAMOND REPLICA-CZ Necklace. The pendant is removable, and has a pin on the back so you can wear it as a brooch. Depending on the lighting, and what's underneath it, it can appear aqua or a deeper, more natural blue hue that more closely resembles the real Hope diamond. 16 inch chains usually choke me, but this one is a looser fit. I love it! ……". So her husband bought it as her birthday present.

    I like the HOPE DIAMOND REPLICA CZ necklace and will buy one, because i want to become a beautiful girl!


    The whole world is expecting to see what First Lady Michelle Obama will dress up on Inauguration day. Let us design for our First Lady as a temporary designer. We could also VS modern famous designers like Tory Burch, Diane vvon Furstenberg, Donna Karran and more.

    Concerning clothing, a blue or lavender night dress could make her shining and match her brown skin well, I think. Besides, she is a tall and good-shaped lady; a long night dress would make her look noble and more charming with civility. No doubt, she was very beautiful in such clothes in former circumstances.


    After picking a suitable dress, Let us talk about the jewellery. Shining jewelry will maximize a beautiful lady`s nobleness.From the sight of public, I think the follow jewelry maybe fit our first lady well.


    Skin, frame, face are all importing factors attributing to choosing fine jewellery. The ring, earing, and necklace maybe are not the most beautiful and luxury, however, they are the best combination with our first lady.

    No one would hide the curiosity of seeing what the historical black first lady will dress up on his husband`s Inauguration day. Different people have different ideas. Different you have different design. But personally, I really want to know what your evaluation of my design is. Also, I will be very appreciating if you tell us what your inspiration is!

Morocco Agate, Kamaba & Sandy Jasper, Butterscotch Quartz

    A few more designs from the studio, a mix of natural gemstones with wire sculpture.

    The first two designs feature Morocco Agate a very nice stone that is a conglomerate of colors; one design is 3 strands of floating gemstones; accented with glass pink lined seed beads. The second design features the same Agate but mixed with copper, Swarovski crystals, and freshwater cultured pearls. Both designs draw on the Morocco Agate, but give totally different looks when mixed with different combinations of beads, glass, crystals and colors.

    The third design is mixing bold Kamaba Jasper with Butterscotch Quartz, Sandy Jasper and beige lined glass seed bead accents, and then finished with non-tarnish brass wire links.

    You can see these and more of our new (and current) designs available for purchase on our website!

A Little New....More To Come

    We’ve added a few new designs to our website! A couple in white howlite, turquoise, aventurine, and some with chain and some with wire sculpture. Check them out along with our newly designed website!

    More designs will be for coming over the next few weeks. Even more will be available once we attend the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show in February!! Bookmark our site and check back often, we’ve added a ‘News & Special Offers’ banner to the front!!

My Picks for Spring-Summer 2009

    After researching the internet and reading the latest fashion, gemstone and jewelry magazines; my picks for Spring-Summer 2009 are a little different than what the ‘experts’ are suggesting…go figure!

    Colors Trends: For color trends I still see the staples of black, white and beige which never really go out of ‘style’ they just are either hot or cold. However, I think there will be some undertones in softer pastel colors; such as yellow, pale pinks and blues, and greys; all highlighted by darker tones in navy, purple, red and turquoise. These colors to be seen more in the Spring, which will later give way in Summer to your darker, brighter and deeper tones of turquoise, salmon coral, hot pinks-red-orange-yellow combinations, mixed with hues of purples, greens and blues; all accented with softer beige, grey, cream and white.

    Gemstones & Jewelry Trends: As the economy has taken a spiral downward, the days of having high priced jewelry in precious gemstones; Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Diamond are going to be less attractive. I see the trend turning to more natural gemstones, a much more economical answer to trending jewelry. Turquoise, coral, agates, jaspers, pearls, and quartz will all play big parts in jewelry this Spring-Summer; mostly because of their vast variety in different colors schemes. Any of these stones can go with just about anything and any metal from gold to silver to copper to brass….also something we will see more of in the coming year.

    As for the jewelry itself, I think we will see more trends in the traditional uniquely handcrafted pieces reflecting more one-of-a-kind pieces verses the mass produced overseas jewelry. Necklaces will be longer in multi-strands; charmed and chunky, with pendants making a comeback as well. Earrings in a longer sleek look; chandelier, charmed, and multi dangle. Bracelets will be a mix of gemstones, metals being large or small. Whatever the look for the season one thing is for sure, no woman will be without her accessories in jewelry designs; a mix of chains, wires, glass and all kinds of natural gemstone completing looks in classical and casual or sassy and chic.

    Remember, whatever your look, just be yourself and do what makes you feel good! And if you’re in the market for a new necklace, pair of earrings or bracelet, wonder over and check out our selection of uniquely handcrafted gemstone jewelry!

Jewelry Fashion Color Trends for Spring 2009

    Looking for Spring 2009 trends in colors, fashion and jewelry and find that it is wide and varied; reading almost like a salad bar, paint store or crayon box. Search the Internet and one can find an array of information from the experts stating that this season is more about Chic, Classic, and Casual. "Pantone, the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, stated that this Spring 2009 color trend as Fuchsia Red, Salmon Rose, Palace Blue, Lucite Green, Super Lemon, Dark Citron, Lavender, Vibrant Green, Slate Gray, and Dust Rose."

    “Spring traditionally evokes a sense of freshness and new beginnings, with sprouting shoots and blossoming flowers that inspire designers to breakout of the winter doldrums. Bright colors return to the top 10 list for spring ’09, as designers incorporate vibrant pops into their collections, yet temper the vibrancy with deeper, translucent or neutral tones.”

    Other experts’ state to look for more urban moods in pales, bleached and artificial colors, with under tones of soft greys, neutrals mixed with flashy colors of black, electric blues, purple, orange, and purple-pink. All of this mixed with jewelry fashions for spring 2009.

    Jewelry trends are as varied as the fashion and color trends. Bubble, chunky, unique, handcrafted and unusually shaped necklaces will make an appearance; along with more Tribal sculpture designs, mixing in charms and multi-layers. Earrings will be long like chandeliers and dangle; while large bangles and gemstone bracelets make a comeback.

    “In 2009, jewelry is all about making a statement, be it a necklace, a bangle or a cocktail ring. From ethnic beading, to exotic stones, to avant garde pieces, the one thing is constant: it must be big and bold.”

    Excerpts from Fashiontrends.com and Fashionising.com.

Turquoise Agate & Pearls

    A brand new design for 2009 and in to two of the most requested colors/gemstones of Turquoise and navy blue. A natural gemstone combination of China Turquoise with a nice brown/rust matrix grain, navy Madagascar Agate that is slightly marbled in gray and cultured freshwater Pearls shaped in natural teardrops; all accented by glass beige lined seed beads and sterling silver open spacers.

    This piece is bold and classy for the Spring/Summer 2009 collection and would look just great with any business suite or a pair of jeans, white t-shirt and jacket. Whatever the occasion, this little number will add a touch of spice to your outfit!

    Healing and Traditional Properties
    Agates: Balancing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies; perceptiveness, strength, inspiration, awakening
    Pearl: Purity, faith, charity, innocence, integrity, focus, wisdom, spirituality, sincerity, fertility.
    Turquoise: Spiritual attunement, cleansing, healing, protection, valor, soothing, peace of mind, guidance through the unknown, romantic spontaneity.

    It is available for purchase along with many other designs on our website. Bookmark and watch our website, this is the first of many more designs to come for our Spring/Summer 2009 collection!

Safety Rules or Suggestions

    Safety in the studio, office or even our homes should always be a priority. We often take it for granted and don’t really think about that flying piece of wire or glass, that torch just used for flame work, the squeaky half broken chair, not using the magnifying glasses when needed, and most of all just being aware of our surroundings and keeping track what we are doing and where we are going.

    With this in mind I’ve compiled a few ‘rules’ for safety in the studio, office or even in our homes. I’ve heard/learned them in classes and books and put them down as ‘Rules of Safety’.

    ·Wear Safety Glasses – It is less expensive to replace a pair of safety glasses than it is your own eyes. Safety glasses will protect your eyes from flying objects and wondering wires. Safety glasses come in a variety of styles, colors and prices. Check your local hardwood store for a pair.

    ·Wear a Mask – If you are working with chemicals or paints of any type, make sure to wear a protective mask. Also, work in a well ventilated area and take breaks to get out of the smell and into fresh air. Check your local hardware store for different kinds.

    ·Prevent Eye Strain – For those artists working with wire, thread, and small objects, wear or work under a magnifying device to prevent eyestrain. Remember to look away often and rest your eyes, take a break every half hour or so.

    ·Good Posture – To avoid an aching neck and/or back, use good posture at your workspace. Sit straight, hands resting in an “L” or 90 degrees and feet flat on the floor. This should help with strain to your neck, shoulder and wrists. Also, remember to get up and walk around about every hour to relieve any back and neck tension.

    ·Stretch – Take time to stretch your hands, fingers, wrists, neck, shoulders, legs, and back every chance you get. Do this every couple of hours to keep circulation flowing and to help from getting cramps or numbness.

    ·Use Common Sense - Safety is common sense in your workspace. Keep track of what you are doing and don’t work with sharp objects when you are distracted or overly tired.
    There are a lot more, but these should get you started on the road to thinking of your own list of 'Safety Rules/Suggestions' in your studio, classroom, office or home!

Product Review: Jewelry Designer Manager Software

    Disclaimer: This is an independent product review based on our own research and experiences. We are in no way affiliated with the company or its agents

    Some of the most common questions that are asked of me; ‘How do you keep track of all your inventory and materials?’ ‘How do you figure sales and labor prices?’ There is only one answer that I give to these types of questions, “I use the Bejeweled Jewelry Designer Manager Software.”

    I have been using this software for about 2 years now and find that it is the most comprehensive on the market today. Recently, I needed technical support and receive quick and friendly service from their support department.

    This software comes in several levels; Standard, Pro, and Deluxe versions. I use the Pro version as it suites my needs; however my in-laws use the Deluxe version in their jewelry business because of the extended features. For anyone who is just looking for a way to track all their inventory and raw materials, this is the software for them. It is easy to use, just load and register the software on your computer, then start using it. There is a simple easy to read and follow user manual; which goes over every aspect of the software package; which I highly recommend reading before using the software, it gives helpful hints.

    The Standard version offers a user the ability to easily enter and track materials and inventory, create jewelry pieces and create and maintain customer and vendor information lists.

    With the Pro version that I use, I can easily add/edit any of my jewelry parts (materials) and pieces; determine pricing by wholes, direct, or retail options, add in labor and other ‘overhead’ costs to my pricing, keep track of customer and vendor information and sales; write up invoices and Bills of Materials, and any reports that are pre-programmed into the software such as Customer Directory, Inventory Control, Purchases, and Reorder Lists. There is also a Maintenance section where you can setup any Program Defaults and Backup the Database.

    The Deluxe version offers the same features but also include areas in consignment and print memos, links to QuickBooks Pro 2004-2008, print PDF options, print your logo and pictures on reports and more.

    Want to know more, visit their website and take a tour to learn more about their products and services and to purchase this great software package.

    Disclaimer: This is an independent product review based on our own research and experiences. We are in no way affiliated with the company or its agents.

Chrysocolla – What is it?

    Chrysocolla is another one of Copper's crystal offspring. This hydrated Copper crystal has two distinct personalities. In its purest form, Chrysocolla is brittle, soft and unsuitable for jewelry and such, without undergoing enhancements. However, if silica is available to "agatize" a Chrysocolla specimen, the resulting crystal is an enchanting stone, hard enough to cut into jewelry, spheres and unique carvings. These Chrysocolla silicates are also known as gem silica.

    Colors in Chrysocolla range from greenish blues, like Turquoise, to a Robin's egg blue in clear gem silica specimens. Like Azurite, Chrysocolla often occurs mixed with Malachite, Turquoise and the above, resulting in unusually beautiful gemstones.

    Where is it found?
    The stone forms after Copper deposits are diluted by hydrothermal solutions, often rich in silicates (Quartz) and other minerals. This material deposits in surface stones, where it is weathered away by rains and winds. Ultimately it leaches back into Mother finally crystallizing into Chrysocolla, as well as Turquoise, Malachite, Wulfenite, Azurite and dozens of other sedimentary gems.

    Some of the finest specimens of Chrysocolla Gem Silica are found in the Arizona mines. The deposits in the Keystone mine were first discovered in 1905. Though Native Americans had mined similar material from nearby locations hundreds of years earlier.

    It is believed that the Copper deposits that created this vast array of mineral and crystal specimens originated in the Arizona area between the middle of the Mesozoic era and the beginning of the Cenozoic. If you remember the history of Petrified Wood, at one time Arizona was a vast shallow sea that became buried. Eventually colliding land masses heaved plains into mountains, pushing the area's primal past back to the surface and creating ideal conditions for Copper to weather and recrystallize.

    Similar occurrences of these Copper crystals are found in New Mexico and Sonora Mexico. Outside the US, Chrysocolla is also mined in Israel, Zaire, England, Russia, Namibia, Australia, Chile, Greece and China.

    How it got it’s name?
    The Greek roots of this gemstone's name seem to have little to do with the crystal itself. Chrysos is Greek for ‘old’ and ‘kolla’ means glue. Originally the term was applied to a substance used for soldering Gold. Not a single reference indicated how this name became stuck to the stone we call Chrysocolla.

    Healing & Spiritual Properties
    The healing properties of Chrysocolla are said to be used for easing heartache and stamina in health. For the inner self it provides wisdom, peace, love, communication, vitality and inner strength. It is an excellent gemstone used for meditations; holding a piece in your hand one could visualize peace and health emanating form the stone. It is also highly recommended for the treatment of arthritis and believed to have detoxifying properties as well as aid in digestion.

    Reprint from Ore’s Featured Gemstones.

New Year Growing Pains

    As Timeless Designs experiences growing pains, everything goes through development, expansion and upgrades. Our website and blog are no different and as a significant part of our business, we’ve spent some time working to create a website and blog that reflects Timeless Designs. We did research looking at all different kinds of websites, read numerous articles, books and gathered website developers-programmers-usability analysts insight and finally……we are ready to release our re-designed website!

    Ushering in the New Year, we have done some significant re-design to both the blog and website. First, we launched the re-designed blog last week with a few miner changes. But today, we (nervously) begin the 1st week of January with the release of our newly re-designed website.

    Some re-design highlights:
    Softer background and easy to read text
    Added a gallery on the front page – no more staple single pictures
    Simpler navigation – we’ve combined, added and deleted a few buttons
    Made it easy to find information such as policies and links
    Links now have a few details added about each site
    Revamped the tags and descriptions for better results in search engines
    And more……….

    Just like our jewelry, our website is an evolving entity and will continue to grow as does Timeless Designs.
    So what are you waiting for, come on over and check things out --- we hope you like it, we sure do!

Happy New Year

    The New Year is here and we at Timeless Designs are gearing up and ready to go for an even BIGGER and BETTER 2009!

    After a much needed vacation that energized us, the creative juices are starting to flow! We can’t wait, so watch our blog and website over the next several weeks as we release new designs, more business and industry articles, and vendor reviews…and these are just a few of the new things we have planned for 2009!

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