Beauty Described by CZ Rings

    When you think about your ideal engagement ring, what comes to mind? Love, marriage, beauty, expensive? Men often times shy away from getting engaged because of the sole reason of having to buy an engagement ring. The price of diamond rings is something to really worry about – especially if the ring is being financed. Luckily, there's an alternative to buying your girlfriend and overpriced diamond ring – you can get her a cubic zirconia ring for just a fraction of the price you'd pay for a diamond. With the extremely low price of cubic zirconia rings, you may even get your loved one multiple rings, a few just as a gift as well as the final engagement ring! CZ rings can be credited for their low priced, but how does the quality of the stone itself stand next to a diamond ring?
    Purple CZ engagement ringThe low prices of CZ rings are incredibly attractive, but what seals the deal is often times the customization and color variety these stones are available in. The rings are also available in different cuts, for example princess or round cuts, and give the rings a unique look your significant other is sure to love. The biggest challenge of your shopping experience will be selecting between the color of the stone, the cut, and the metal for the ring – otherwise, choosing between the cubic zirconia and diamond should not be an overwhelming task.

    The incredibly low price and beauty reflected by the stone itself will make your next purchase of CZ rings very pleasant. Whether you're buying for yourself or someone else, there is a design of a ring that will suit any given person or outfit! With a price as low as $50, the durability of a diamond and the color combination you will never stop loving, buying cubic zirconia rings should be nothing short of a beautiful experience.

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Blue Diamonds the New Girls Best Friend

    Who doesn’t like diamonds!? Only to be known as ‘the girl’s best friend’, they are widely seen in crisp white, but there are a few rare colored diamonds; pink, yellow and blue. Blue diamond is considered to be one of the most expensive and rarest types of diamonds. This blue gemstone became the hottest must have and was in huge demand after being featured in the Hollywood movie Titanic.

    The formation of a blue diamond naturally is very rare and also very expensive, which is why it is now artificially created. It evolves under the same conditions as that of naturally formed diamonds, although the treatment can be done in small quantity involving irradiating the gemstone causing the color change and then followed by a heat treatment to stabilize the color. The blue hue colors of the diamonds represent the color of the sea and that of the sky giving a true picture of life. The appealing shade of the blue diamond comes in deep aquamarine, green tinge, rich deep blue to ice blue. These colors of blue give a soothing and appealing feeling to the individual who wears them.

    Cuts of blue diamonds are shaped in a different way that enhances the beauty of the gemstone by illuminating the tranquility and beauty of the stones; variations are the cushion cut, and heart-pear-octagon shapes, and even princess and marquise cuts.

    The most famous and largest of blue diamonds is the infamous Hope Diamond (pictured to the left), which is now in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. It is colored in deep blue and famed to carry a curse to whomever owns it. The largest weighing around 45.02 carats, it is a cushion cut and radiates dark grayish-blue color. It got its name after Henry Philip Hope of London.
    Other famous blue diamonds include the Blue Heart, Heart of Eternity (pictured to the right), and Transvaal Blue & Chard Blue.

    A new friend to some, but an old friend to others; the blue diamond is definitely an exquisite and stunning gemstone mixture of nature and man.

    *Research from various books and websites.

Spring Craft Fair San Antonio

    Looking for something to do this weekend in San Antonio, Texas?! Join us for the St. Helena Spring Craft Show this Saturday, May 1st!!

    We’ll have a nice selection of our latest designs from among our collections of Southwest Flair, Mystic Artisan, Wiry Legends, and the Rock Yard. Chose from styles using fossils, minerals, and natural gemstones, crystals, dichroic glass and much more!

    Don’t forget Mom – mother’s day is just around the corner on May 9th! Or that graduate from High School or College; something for the bridal party too.

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What's so good about CZ jewelry

    CZ clip on earrings
    In the world's economy today, not everyone can afford the sky rocketing cost of precious metals especially when they are combined with precious stones like diamonds. For those whose budget is relatively low, there is a truly beautiful and affordable diamond jewelry alternative called Cubic Zirconia. Cubic Zirconia is a man-made stone that looks almost exactly like real diamond. CZ jewelry comes in many different styles and arrangements, and you can find them in gold, silver, or even platinum.

    Due to its rarity, genuine diamonds are very expensive. In the recent years, diamond mining has become a rather serious issue because some political extremists use profit from diamond business to fund terrorists' activities. We hear about "blood diamonds" or "conflict diamonds" on the news, and these stories should make us think more about our diamonds' purchases.

    As the perfect alternative for diamond, the best quality Cubic Zirconia stone is cut and polished by hand. Machine-cut CZ stones are also available, but they won't look as good as the hand crafted one. When you buy a CZ jewel made of gold or platinum, those jewelries normally come with very good quality CZ stone. It's a good thing to keep in mind.

    Cubic Zirconia jewelry can serve as great presents as well. For birthdays, Valentine's days, and Christmas etc. CZ jewelries will surely make someone happy! Just be selective when you make your choices since there are so many designs available.

    There are many physical and online stores that sell CZ jewelries, and is a quite popular one. They have special products and discount throughout the year. For big holidays like Valentine's Day and Christmas, they have even larger sale! Their range of products vary as well.

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Bracelets Enhance Your Beauty

    If your wedding is coming up, one of the most important things should be wearing the correct jewelry to go with your gorgeous wedding dress. The most crucial and most commonly worn pieces of jewelry on wedding days are earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The belief is that most body parts exposed by the wedding dress are adorned by beautiful pieces of jewelry. It makes sense, as not wearing jewelry risks making the overall look too simple or boring. One of these three pieces of jewelry is important because of its role in the wedding look and feel – bracelets go wherever the bride’s hands go, whether it’s on the dinner table or around the groom while having a dance.braceletsBracelets, as important as they are, should not be overlooked when selecting an appropriate style and size. One of the most commonly used styles is the floral shaped bracelet, which happens to match the styling in the wedding dress itself. Thicker bracelets give the impression of smaller wrists – a more feminine and adorable appearance. To ensure the style of the bracelets match the wedding look, there needs to be a similar pattern and color between the bracelets and the necklace. Selecting the correct necklace should be done carefully and with patience, but also while considering the selection of bracelets.braceletsWhen it comes to your wedding, the way you look is very important not only to you but also to your future husband. The glamour the right bracelets can bring to your appearance is often times overlooked. To feel more feminine while your photographer is taking pictures of this special moment, invest in some great looking bracelets you will never regret purchasing. Who knows, you may even continue to wear these even after the wedding – if they match with your little black dress, what’s wrong with wearing them more than once.

Travel with CZ Jewelry

    gold cz earringsCubic Zirconia is a man-made gemstone that resembles the look of genuine diamond. CZ jewelry is made of these gemstones. Cubic Zirconia stones are composed of chemical element zirconium dioxide which is an inorganic form of zirconium. It is originally a colorless transition metal. This inorganic form is a crystalline cube which is heated and synthesized to create durable diamond like material. It is known for its flawlessness. It is thermally processed at 5000 degree Fahrenheit with yttrium oxide which is a compound used to treat inorganic zirconium.

    Since 1892 with the discovery of the yellowish monoclinic natural mineral of Zirconium Oxide, scientists have begun their journey to find ways to create synthetic diamonds. A mineral known as baddeleyite caught attention from gemologists worldwide due to its potential of becoming a diamond simulant. Sodium Titanate (introduced in 1955), Yittrium Aluminium Garnet (YAG) and GGG (Gadolinium Gallium Garnet) all served as predecessors for simulants. However, the problem with them was that they were not so promising in capturing diamond's brilliances.

    Originally CZ stone is colorless. It has to be processed with various coloring agents and ingredients to get the crystals in different shades. However, white or colorless cubic zirconia is favored by most people, thus it became very popular soon.

    CZ jewelries are perfect travel jewelries because they are not as expensive and precious as diamond jewelries. People don't have to worry about losing them. When it comes to real diamonds people rarely think of carrying them around. Cubic Zirconia jewelry is perfect for diamond lovers who wish to have their jewelry collection packed alongside their luggage. In this context, these crystals are perfect as the most economical jewelry collection which is both durable and beautiful.

    CZ jewelries are much in demand and an increasing number of diamond manufactures and jewelry merchants are now including this magnificent form of diamond replica within their product range. CZ stones are imported in several countries and are crafted into develop a wide range of fashion and trendy collection of jewelry. They are available in both modern and classical designs to suit the needs of different occasions. Most women prefer CZ jewels as they are easily replaceable and available in all kinds of designs and patterns. Various traditional ornaments are now made using CZ jewels because of its high demand in countries like India. They are even custom made as per the customer's requirement. A low budget allows them to have a bigger collection suitable for traveling purposes depending on the traveler's destination and its cultural environment. Thus CZ jewelry forms the most beautiful accessory that can go with your traveling kit.

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Why to choose Cubic zirconia jewelry

    clip earrings
    Cubic zirconia jewelry is considered as the best substitute for the diamonds. The main reason behind this is that it is a kind of the most affordable alternative for those who do not want to invest thousands of their money in diamond.

    There are many people who still believe that Cubic Zirconia jewelry is nothing more than the cheap imitation of the diamonds. The main reason behind this is that the cubic zirconia stones so not fall under those category of those gemstones that need to be mined out from the earth. Instead CZ is manmade and therefore synthetic. Being synthetic doesn’t mean that these are fake. It just means that these gemstones are made inside the laboratories in some controlled environment. These CZ stones are usually made with very high level of color, clarity, and quality, and they could be your bracelets, rings or clip earrings.

    One can notice that there are many different reasons that why people usually prefer Cubic zirconia jewelry over the diamonds. The main reason behind this is the low price of the Cubic Zirconia which can be seen as just a part of the total cost of the diamond. Cubic zirconia jewelry can serve as the good choice for all those who are looking out for the colorful, practical, and stylish piece of the jewelry. CZ is more affordable as compared to the diamonds, and is equally beautiful to the diamond arrangements. There is no one who can tell the major difference between two with just a naked eye except the experts. One needs to have a training to know the difference between two.

    braceletsWith CZ jewelry it does not take much you to look glamorous. The main benefit of the CZ jewelry is that it can be seen in many different colors as compared to the diamonds that are offered only in one single color. They can be arranged in many styles and cuts as well providing a wide for an individual to choose from. With Cubic zirconia jewelry it is now possible for an individual to have his or her own personalized collection for the parties and all occasions. CZ jewelry can make you look stunning as well as dazzling without creating the unnecessary hole in the pocket.Cubic zirconia jewelry is considered as the best substitute for the diamonds. The main reason behind this is that it is a kind of the most affordable alternative for those who do not want to invest thousands of their money in diamond.

    There are many people who still believe that Cubic Zirconia jewelry is nothing more than the cheap imitation of the diamonds. The main reason behind this is that the cubic zirconia stones so not fall under those category of those gemstones that need to be mined out from the earth. Instead CZ is manmade and therefore synthetic. Being synthetic doesn’t mean that these are fake. It just means that these gemstones are made inside the laboratories in some controlled environment. These CZ stones are usually made with very high level of color, clarity, and quality, and they could be your bracelets, rings or clip earrings.

    One can notice that there are many different reasons that why people usually prefer Cubic zirconia jewelry over the diamonds. The main reason behind this is the low price of the Cubic Zirconia which can be seen as just a part of the total cost of the diamond. Cubic zirconia jewelry can serve as the good choice for all those who are looking out for the colorful, practical, and stylish piece of the jewelry. CZ is more affordable as compared to the diamonds, and is equally beautiful to the diamond arrangements. There is no one who can tell the major difference between two with just a naked eye except the experts. One needs to have a training to know the difference between two.braceletsWith CZ jewelry it does not take much you to look glamorous. The main benefit of the CZ jewelry is that it can be seen in many different colors as compared to the diamonds that are offered only in one single color. They can be arranged in many styles and cuts as well providing a wide for an individual to choose from. With Cubic zirconia jewelry it is now possible for an individual to have his or her own personalized collection for the parties and all occasions. CZ jewelry can make you look stunning as well as dazzling without creating the unnecessary hole in the pocket.

First Class Beauty: Cubic Zirconia Rings

    What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cubic zirconia rings? Don't let their low price fool you, CZ rings are marvelous gifts for your friend or spouse that are ready to make a fashion statement. Not only are they cheap, replaceable and last a long time, but they are incredibly creative, and showcase the elegance in your wardrobe. As far as I can tell, CZ rings are the best bang for your buck you can find – from my personal experience, there aren't any major differences visible to the naked eye. My point exactly, why should you buy a ring when you can't tell for yourself if it's a diamond or a cubic zirconia? I'm not saying you most definitely have to buy a CZ ring for your wedding, but in my opinion, what's stopping you from buying one for casual wear?
    Yellow Cubic Zirconia RingsFrankly, the most important ring you will buy is the ring for your wedding – honestly, I strongly advice you get your wedding ring of real diamond. A wedding ring should be a diamond ring - a ring you wear on a regular basis will never have the symbolism or value of a wedding ring. Besides the incredibly low price and the indifference between the look of a diamond and cubic zirconia, Cubic Zirconia rings are available in an assortment of colors and in a large variety of different metal rings. Because of the customization options and the extremely low price of cubic zirconia rings, you can buy a different ring to suit your favorite outfits – without having to worry about spending too much money.

    What it comes down to is the occasion you will be wearing your ring and how much of your money you're willing to spend. If you're budget is in the thousands, then by all means, get a diamond ring – if you're budget is somewhat limited, a cubic zirconia ring is the way to go. From my previous buying experience, I'd highly recommend CZ jewelry because of its beautiful aesthetic appearance, durability, customizability and low price.

Fossil Ammonite Turquoise

    Ammonites are absolutely beautiful fossils and they come in a vast array of color combinations from cool black to crisp fall colors of green, beige, brown and anything in-between. This new design features a handcrafted with brass non-tarnish wire nicely sized Ammonite pendant that has a fiery (slightly red) shimmery backside, which just adds to the dimension of the fossil as a focal pendant in this piece. To bring out the brilliant colors, I paired it with Arizona Turquoise chips and Ivoryite, a hint of faceted light Topaz crystals and gold spacers. A gold vermeil textured toggle and dangle teardrop hoop style earrings to match.

    This and many other custom handcrafted designs are available at our website.

Pay respect to your father with men bracelets for him

    No matter what background you consider, fathers are always same. All fathers have something in common and that is their brave heart which is all set to protect the child form any adverse condition and at the same time the soft corner of the heart which melts quickly when comes to their lovely child. While they are strict when it comes to discipline and good manners, they are also soft and warm when it comes to loving their child. Since your father is the provider off your bread and butter and also he is the one is the head of the decision making process, he is the one who is responsible for each and everything going on in the house and hence should be more vigilant. Now that your father works hard and takes care of you each and every need, it is your duty to tank him with a gift. This gift can be astounding men Bracelets.bracelets
    No one can compare the love of a father and so should be the trinket that you gift him. While searching out the best one for him, you should consider the fact that there are varied styles available in market and hence one should keep his eyes and ear open while trying to get the best one. While browsing considers the fact that the Bracelets chosen for your father should have certain qualities that represent the true image of your father. Be very picky and choose a tough built one while trying to buy for your father. This will resemble his personality to protect you people as a wall that has surrounded you. There is a variety of metal base that can be used for this jewellery such as steel, gold, copper as well as rubber.

    braceletsThere must be times when you have committed some mistake and still your father forgave you and tried to mold you as per the need to become a good individual by heart. He is the one who even adjusts to the changes that come within your personality while you move step by step with your growing age. You should try to search out the Bracelets that demonstrate these traits of your father’s personality. It should be as such that you can add any extra beauty to it whenever you want to. You can even add the lucky birthstone of your father when you gift one to him. Hence do not ate time and thank your father with one.

Why should I choose CZ Jewelry

    CZ jewelry is best known as a substitute for diamond jewelry. With its affordable price, it's a great alternative for diamond.
    gold plated cz jewelrySome people think CZ jewelry is just a simple, cheap diamond imitation. But if you know something about Cubic Zirconia, you'll notice that unlike other gemstones that are mined from the earth, Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic and man-made stone. It is made in a facility or a laboratory in a controlled environment which ensures CZ stones' perfection.

    Many people prefer CZ jewelry over diamonds jewelry, and there are many reasons for that. The cost of CZ jewelry is often a fraction of the cost for the same piece of diamond jewelry. For someone looking for a colorful, stylish, and practical piece, CZ may be a better choice over diamond.

    Not only CZ jewelry is more affordable than genuine diamonds, but their beautiful arrangements are just like those of diamonds. It is also very hard to tell the differences between the two stones. For a person who actually wants a genuine diamond, it's always wise to go to an authorized store because you can prevent fraud this way. At the same time, only trained professionals will be able to tell the difference between the stones with the help from high-tech equipments.

    CZ jewelries come in a variety of forms and designs, and far more than what diamond jewelries can offer. They can be found in different colors and cuts as well, and you can totally wear them on regular basis. You should have a whole collection of CZ jewelries to match every occasion! They will always make you look gorgeous and dazzling without burning a hole in your pocket! What more can a lady ask for?

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Growing Pains in Studio Storage

    There comes a time in every shop, studio, office, or craft room when you just have to stop and stay “I need more space”! In this case, I was the one saying more space was needed to house my inventory. I had really outgrown the drawers in this standup. Practically everything was divided among the drawers and it was making it harder and harder to find anything. I actually during the transition found stones and pendants that I thought I’d used only to find them hidden away under bags of other stones, or worse, miss placed colors (deep blues or dark browns hidden among black).

    So, I set out to determine how I was going to change my inventory storage problem with limited studio space. A friend suggested that I should really go ‘up’ rather than expand any other direction in my studio. What I did was look around and research what kind of storage system would allow me the ability to grow as my business grew.

    This is what I found, a really nice heavy wire rack shelving unit; the shelves are adjustable and I can add additional shelving units with other types of storage compartments (not just shelves, but hanging compartments!). This really fit the bill for me; with the purchase of clear locking storage boxes (that now need to be labeled), I turned my single storage problem into future growth potential.
    What I really like, is that I can actual see the stones and dig through the bins much easier and the lighting just above me makes it much easier to match things up rather than guessing.

    We’re every growing and luckily I figured out a system that I can continue to use and grow as the business expands!

    To see some of latest creations available for purchase, visit our website.

Latest Trends in the Cubic Zirconia jewelry

    These days, Cubic zirconia jewelry can be considered in vogue. If you are among those who wish to wear costume jewelry or something that is very similar to what the rock stars wear then you can take the help of the huge and the chunky collection of Cubic zirconia jewelry. The most famous type of Cubic zirconia jewelry can be seen as the clip on earrings, bracelets. It has been seen that the people prefer to wear rings that are provided with the large stones. Besides this they usually prefer to wear citrus colors like lime green, lemon yellow, Tropicana orange, hot pink and others that are available only in the Cubic zirconia jewelry and not in the case of normal diamonds.braceletsThere are many people who have become such huge fans of this type of jewelry that they have their own personalized collection, like name bracelets. It has been noticed that whenever the stones are provided with gold or silver bases then can really provide a fabulous look. The Cubic zirconia jewelry can be considered as the most popular item and most common item in wardrobes of every one. This jewelry never fails in providing you over the top kind of look. You can refine your collection according to your preferences and budget. These days, the thing that is in fashion is a piece of the Cubic zirconia jewelry with some uneven stone and a very bold color. This can provide you with a trendy look and can meet expectations of all types of personalities.clip earringsThe popularity of this jewelry can be seen from the fact that when they the zirconia stone is combined with the base of sterling gold or silver pieces then they can be worn almost every day, with no fear that they will be damaged. However, a person needs to take a little care of their precious items so that they can maintain their shine and so not fade away with the time. Remember that you should keep your Cubic zirconia jewelry in the cotton. Besides this it is important to keep them away from all kinds of lotions as well as powders.

    In this way it will become very easy for you to maintain the luster of your Cubic zirconia jewelry and you can then use them for a long period of time.

Pink Rhodonite

    Taking its name from the Greek word rhodos, meaning “pink”, rhodonite is popular with jewelry enthusiasts and gem collectors alike. Its rose-pink body is laced with black veins of manganese oxide, called dendrites, which form band, dots or intricate web-like patterns. In color, rhodonite is similar to rhodochrosite, but rhodonite is distinguished by its dendrites. In addition, it is harder wearing and more acid resistant than rhodochrosite, and thus better for jewelry.

    In antiquity rhodonite was given to travelers as a protective stone. It was said to warn them of imminent danger by causing the heartbeat to accelerate suddenly. It is helpful in keeping a clear, calm mind in tense situations and in coping with changing circumstances. It is linked to the star sign of Taurus and should be discharged every two weeks under running water and then recharged by being placed in the sun for a few hours.

    Rhodonite: Peace, generosity, attention to details.

    For this and many other designs to purchase visit our collections.
    *Research from gem-mineral-crystal books.

Clip on Earrings for Her Birthday

    First thing after you wake up in the morning, you quickly remember tomorrow is her birthday. You can't just go shopping right now because you have to go to work soon – and you have no clue what you're going to buy her. After forgetting Valentine's Day you absolutely know you should buy your girlfriend something for her birthday or else. How do you decide what to get your girlfriend under so much pressure to buy her the perfect gift? Keep reading and you'll get a few birthday gift ideas she may never forget.clip on earringsFirst you have to decide what kind of gifts she would enjoy receiving – something you must keep in mind is the fact that most women love to accessorize! Knowing this, it would be wise to buy her some jewelry – clip on earrings to be exact. Earrings come in a variety of colors, designs and sizes, there's always something that will suit her taste and style. Buying your girlfriend some clip earrings that match her style will not be easy, but if you successfully do so, she will be very impressed with your sense of observation – and she will feel closer to you. Not only is getting a gift, but you are also getting the satisfaction from her labeling you as a good boyfriend. Clip on earrings are also a good buy because of the longevity of the clip as well as the comfort in comparison to piercings.

    Forget about expensive rings or uncomfortable piercing earrings – buy your loved one clip on earrings she will love. Make this accessory blend in with her wardrobe and she will love them even more. The more the clip earrings fit her style, the more likely she will wear them. If you're girlfriend's birthday is just around the corner, make sure to run to the jewelry store now that you have time. Get her some stunning clip on earrings she can wear on a regular basis – she will think of you every time she puts them on in the morning.

    Article source: Clip on Earrings for Her Birthday from Fashion Jewelry Blog

Classic Stunning Chic Blues

    If you like blue, this necklace set is for you (and blue if my favorite color). This stunning piece is artisan crafted of faceted graduated clear blue Crystals; accenting a Denim Lapis puffy heart pendant that has a slight cream and black grain; then a scattering of sterling silver beads and finished with a single strand of freshwater cultured Pearls. The earrings are leverbacks that have dangle charms in pearls and one of the faceted blue crystals.

    Available for purchase with many other trendy and chic designs in our collections.

Working with Wire

    Wire work really adds to a necklace or earrings and is usually the backbone to a bracelet. I really like working with wire because it gives a freedom to bend and mold into different shapes, twist, links, cages, almost anything to touch of flare or spice in a piece I’m designing. It can be very fund but it means having patience (loads of it), a creative and imaginative mind and being able to ‘see’ your piece within the wire are the many talents and gifts of artists around the world.

    Wire is one of the essential supplies in my jewelry making business because it gives me the ability to take the jewelry beyond the normal beading limits. One of the questions I get asked regularly is do you know which is the right size and what material is best?
    At first when I started working with wire, it was difficult and it much of a ‘trial and error’ method and to some degree it still is when trying out new techniques or creating new designs. But what I do is that once I have down what I’m trying to do with wire, I then write down how I did it, which gauge works best and how much wire I used. You also need to look at durability, malleability, style, color and manufacturer when working with wire before designing.
    Wire is measured in gauges, from 16 all the way to 34; with 16 being the heaviest/thickest and 34 being the smallest/thinnest wires. Typically, the thicker the wire, the sturdier it will become. However, the type of material used for the wire also affects how flexible a particular gauge will be.

    Rules of Thumb
    *For bracelets, heavy necklace pendants designs or winding wire around very large beads, making charms or creating chain links, a 16 to 18 gauge is suggested.
    *Gauges 20 to 24 are considered medium to thin thickness and are good for wire wrapping beads, as well as for constructing findings, headpins, and ear wires. This is typically the gauge used for making earrings and 20 or 22 are the best for ear wires.
    *The smallest, skinniest wires are 26 to 34 gauges. They are easily manipulated and flexible, perfectly for use with small beads in embroidery and stitch projects.

    You can find wire in brass, copper, pewter, or artistic non-tarnish are inexpensive and typically soft wires to work with; while sterling silver and gold filled are more expensive and typically vary in hardness’s from dead-soft to half-hard.

    *Sterling Silver is great looking and made soft or hard. The only thing to remember is that silver will tarnish.
    *For wire that will not tarnish and will retain its beauty and luster, try working with non-tarnish wires; it is very inexpensive and usually made from a copper core; covered with silver, gold, or colored coating that has been treated so that it will not tarnish.

    *While the others run the spectrum of price; the most expensive wire to work with is gold or gold-filled, which does not tarnish. Some wire works will substitute gold-plated wire for cost effective designs.

    Whatever your choice for your design, you will find that working with wire brings out the artist and craftsman in every design.

    Browse our collections that incorporate metals including wire working on our website.

Spring Fling Beads

    This collection of beads is great, provided from for their Spring Fling. I’ve been trying to figure out different designs, but finding it’s a little harder than first thought. The ceramic beads (yellowish and blue/green tubes and creamy white disks) are great and will probably end up as spacers or earring pieces. I really like how ceramic and porcelain beads can really add to a necklace or earring.

    Next up are the two purple pendants and I love the designs in both these, could go either way to look either ethnic, tribal or maybe beach. They may end up in designs with either shells, pearls or maybe even some turquoise. The tiny green oyster shells are really tiny and provide a little challenge for me. I’m looking either use them as spacers or even better earrings and bracelet pieces mixing with other sea gems. The best part is the Swarovski crystals, the Xilion is a new brilliance with colors in Cyclamen Opal, Padparadscha Golden Shadow, and Indicolite Golden Shadow colors new for me and any of these will really add that hint of ‘bling’ to any design. I’m thinking maybe the cyclamen opals will accent some turquoise and coral necklace.

    Enjoy wondering through for a variety of beading supplies, meanwhile I’ll keep working designs with these goodies until I find something that works.

    Legal Disclosure/Disclaimer: As a reviewer of products for, I received the Swarovski crystals, oyster and ceramic beads and pendants products free of charge. I have not been paid nor compensated by for my endorsement of these said products. I have been asked by to review these products and provide my own honest feedback, whether it is positive or negative.

The Charm behind Bracelets - Accessory Addiction

    What is part of your typical wardrobe? Most outfits are composed quite well, but often times, there is something missing – something to make the outfit complete. Most women are great when it comes to mixing and matching their clothes, but there’s one thing often forgotten – wearing accessories. To complete the look you’re going for, wear accessories like bracelets and earrings. Bracelets, not only decorate your body but also complete the style your aiming for. Some bracelets even go as far as accentuating the best assets of your body and body movement.
    charm bracelets
    Bracelets are a fairly complicated part of an outfit because of their constant exposure and visibility. This can be both a great thing and a bad thing – to ensure the high exposure of your bracelets enhance your look, you must follow a few steps. When buying bracelets, or any jewelry in general, make sure they fit you well. Your hand must look proportionate in regards to the bracelet and must stay in its intended place. Now having the size, you have to pick a style that matches your outfit design. This is the most crucial part of purchasing bracelets because of the fact that just a small piece of jewelry can throw off your outfit in an instant. Always have someone else with you to compare different sizes and styles of bracelets. Now, with a design, style and size selected, it’s time to make the purchase. Before making the final decision, ask for someone else’s opinion on the new accessory. You might receive great feedback or ideas for your current or next shopping trip.

    Without accessories, some outfits look plain, uninteresting and uncreative. To capture the attention of your intended audience, you want to make sure your outfit is both captivating and original. Be sure to grab something that is big enough to make your figure look feminine, but small enough to fit your wrist and stay in place. Next time you go to the mall, check out bracelets – they may be just what your looking for to complete your beautiful outfit.

    Article source: The Charm behind Bracelets from Fashion Jewelry Blog.

How to select clip on earrings

    The best thing about this clip on earrings is that there is simply no need to worry about the healing process that needs to be endured when one opts for wearing these types of earrings. It has been seen that when one choose to get their ears pierced then there is a certain period of time when one is unable to change their earrings that they have in. This is done mainly so that the ears can heal from the process of piercing. But with this clip on earrings there is no need to wait and one is completely free to change their earrings any time without giving a second thought.

    clip earringsToday there are many places where people can find a huge variety of both the new as well as vintage type of clip on earrings. You can also take help of the internet and there you can get a huge assortment of the options from which people can make their choice. You can choose to wear stylish studs that can match your personality and dress very well. You can also opt from various kinds of the geometric shapes if you want to have a funky look. There are many different clips on earrings that also dangle brazenly from the ears and can sparkle brightly while you make every turn of head.

    So if you’re thinking to buy some elegant accessory for your new clothes, then this clip on earrings will be the ideal selection for you. They have the tendency to complement even very somber design of dresses. It’s very easy to make your simple dresses special with a pair of the stunning gold and silver earrings. They can add a special touch and charm to all the outfits. They are treated as a kind of the versatile fashion jewelry that can perfectly match the style of all the sophisticated gowns and dresses for the grand evenings.

    clip on earringsClip on earrings can go well with all the personal tastes, and can also appeal your aesthetic sense very well. They are available all over the online and retails shops. You can make your choice from convenient and stylish gold or silver embossed earrings. Besides this you can also select precious stones such as ruby or sapphire for the drop earrings.

Fashion and CZ Jewelry

    Fashion is a very interesting thing! Every now and then something becomes popular and everyone just follow the trend. These trends usually come and go quickly. However, there's a jewelry product that has been on the road to popularity for quite a while and as time goes by, people seem to like them more and more. This type of jewelry is CZ jewelry. They are quickly taking over the jewelry market.

    CZ (cubic zirconia) is the crystalline form of zirconium dioxide, which is another way of saying it's a synthetic man-made diamond. Very similar to a genuine diamond, it is most often clear and it sparkles. The whiter and more clear the stone, the more valuable it is considered. Five-star AAAAA is the highest-quality. The cut though, may be slightly different compare to diamond. Cubic Zirconia’s cuts are smoother and more rounded.

    For a long period of time, jewelers and scientists around the world have tried to find ways to use other materials to substitute real diamonds, something more affordable for common people. Then in 1960's, French scientists succeeded in creating CZ crystals. It was a big step; however, the crystals were too small to be popular. In 1970s Russian scientists found and introduced a method called “skull crucible”, and this made a revolutionary change in the history of Cubic Zirconia stones. Around 1976, couple years after the method was adopted, mass production of Cubic Zirconia stones officially began.

    It took almost a full 100 years to get to the stage in science where diamonds-alike could be replicated! Now CZ jewelries are available almost in every jewelry store, what are you waiting for? Get your CZ jewelries now! No matter it’s a ring or a pair of earrings, you will instantly look glamorous!

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How to differentiate between silver bracelets and their low level imitations

    It is must to have a piece of silver jewelery as they look very elegant with every outfit. Whether you want to have a ruing or a trinket for your arm, all can be bought in this metal. Apart from looking elegant, this metal is very affordable and anyone can buy it. Amongst all the types of jeweleries crafted in silver, Bracelets are the most reasonable one and anyone can buy them within the limit provided by his pocket. However this jewelery is not much prohibitive, many people still imitate it and hence come up with the lower version of them. Nevertheless chances to buy the imitations are higher when one tries to buy the silver jewelery through online shops. In case you try to buy the silver jewelery form the store, you can easily check it out and hence differentiate the original and the imitation one but if you have opted to buy your jewelery form an online store, it is more likely that you may fall into the traps of these store and end up making a useless deal.bracelets

    There are various tips that one can follow to spot out the imitation silver jewelery form the original one. While trying to browse the silver Bracelets through an online store, do keep in mind to check only the reputed stores. Unless and until you are an expert with spotting precious jeweleries, do not try to check out your luck through small stalls that offer cheaper prices. While you walk down the streets, you may encounter various smaller shops that will provide you fake jewelery. Be cautious sand tries to check out all the things before you get yourself involved with any sort of deal. Perhaps you will have to pay a little more for the branded jewelery but it is better to opt them rather than wasting your money on useless imitations.braceletsIn case you want to buy a sterling silver trinket, do try to look for the mark of S.S that stands for sterling silver. It should be noted that the jewelery made of this silver will be either hand crafted or made with machine but both the cases will have this marking embedded somewhere on the metal. If you have chosen to buy these in this silver, the chances are high that the mark will lie near the lock. Ideally it is considered that marked grade for a silver bracelet is 92.5 and the grades below that are not pure. Hence while trying to search out the silvers Bracelets, do try to deem the grade level. Also you should ensure yourself with the quality of the jewelery by closely observing the jewelery and trying to search out imperfection in it.

Artistic Jasper Crystals

    Nature’s beauty in a stunning Artistic Jasper pendant, which has been highlighted by pure faceted crystals of pink and copper and then added a hint of Swarovski black Cosmos and completed with fancy pewter beadcaps and textured toggle.

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Native Element Metal - Copper

    Most minerals occur in combinations of chemicals as compounds. However, 20 or so are ‘native elements’ that occur in small quantities by themselves in relatively pure form. Most native elements are metals such as gold, which does not readily combine with other materials. Many metals typically occur in conjunction with others in ores, but these less reactive metals are often found alone.

    So let’s take copper, a warm reddish gold in color, copper is the most easily recognized of all metals. It is quite soft (a hardness of 2.5 to 3), and sometimes found pure in native form, which is why it was one of the first metals people learned to use. It is the easiest to solder and is very flexible and tough. In addition, it has a very good conductivity that is only slightly less than silver.

    Copper was probably the first metal used to make weapons and objects. It’s uses included making arrow and spear tips, axes and other tools that can be traced back to the forth millennium in the Middle East. The oldest knives found, dating back 6,000 years, are made of copper. Pure copper is often found in sulphide-rich veins in warm desert areas, or in cavities in ancient lava flows. Like silver, it often grows in branching masses and tarnishes quickly. Yet the tarnish is bright green, not black like silver, and a copper deposit is often revealed by bright green stains on rocks called copper bloom. As a native element, copper is quite rare, so most of the copper used today comes from ores such as chalcopyrite.

    Magical and ritual lore find that copper has been linked with the divine. During ancient Mesopotamian times, it was attributed to the Queen of Heaven as well as to the goddesses associated with the planet Venus. It has also been sacred to the Sun in Babylon as well as to the early inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest. Copper can be used effectively on all chakras but is particularly effective on the heart and root chakras as preparation for meditation. It has long been used to stimulate healing. This is said to be because of the copper’s ability to balance the body’s polarity, or the flow of the projective and receptive energies. Copper’s healing applications are boundless. In Mexico, a copper penny is placed on the navel for relief of rheumatism, arthritis, and any painful condition. A metal of Venus, copper is also known to attract love and money; old pennies minted in leap years, are often placed in the kitchen of a house to attract money to the household. Copper is said to be a lucky metal because of its past solar attributions, and so can be used in combination with any luck-bringing gemstones.

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    *Research from various gem-mineral-crystal-metal books.

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Acting to be Common Man's Diamond Jewelry

    These day every man no matter whether he belongs to high class or low class wish to wear jewelry and diamonds. These days, Cubic zirconia jewelry has become very famous among all the classes. The main reason behind the popularity of CZ jewelry is its low cost that makes it very affordable, and ease to maintain. There is no hard and fast rule as to who can wear this jewelry and who cannot. Both men and women can wear this jewelry with same charm and enthusiasm. Today, all the accessory collections are believed to be incomplete without the Cubic zirconia jewelry in the form of bracelets, necklace, and clip on earrings.

    clip on earringsIt has been seen that the concept of the fashion is very dynamic and new trends keep n coming and going very quickly. But one thing that has always been in fashion is the Cubic zirconia jewelry because they are seen as the imitations to the diamonds and diamonds are always in fashion. Due to changing fashion people find it very difficult to stick to their budget. In that scenario Cubic zirconia jewelry can give you relief because it will never run out of the fashion and can be afforded easily by everyone within their budget. The main benefit of the Cubic zirconia jewelry is that it is very durable and do not get deteriorated easily.braceletsYou can get a great deal of varieties in the Cubic zirconia jewelry. It does not matter whether you want to buy bracelets, pendants, necklaces, or earrings, you can always get a lot of variety. This type of jewelry is available in wide range of the colors, designs, prices, shapes, and sizes. So if you want to maintain pace with the latest changing trends but do not have enough funds to support them then there is no need to take loan to fulfill your dreams because now it is very easy to be in fashion with just a small investment. You can select your type of jewelry while keeping care of your budget.

    The best part of this jewelry is that it can easily transform your looks and can make you look dazzling and very attractive. The main reason behind this is that they can easily complement almost all kinds of dresses and can be worn on all types of occasions.

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