Shopping silver smart ways

    Shopping silver is not that easy when you have to shop smart. Some of the serious silver sales men out there in the market can easily deceive one with the exaggerated sales pitches about their products and commodities. Silver necklace is greatly attractive commodities. When you buy your silver necklace for the first time, you should be aware of certain vital facts that are to be considered. It is towards buying quality silver jewelry in the first place and secondarily towards being cost effective as well.

    Carat of silver

    Silver is usually purchased based upon the number of carats of pure silver present in the specific commodity. The rate of measure is called as the carat. The same measure is used to estimate the gold as well. 24 carats of gold just means that it is of hundred percentage pure silver. Likewise, in case of silver also you have different grades to represent the particular proportions of purest forms of silver in the commodity that you intend to purchase.

    The costs associated towards the silver jewelry, especially in the case of sterling silver jewelry, is directly proportional to the number of carats of silver that is contained in the commodity. It could be the silver necklace; silver bracelets, silver earring, silver ring and any other product of silver, yet all of them do have a rating based upon the carats of silver present in it. Generally, some of top brands of silver jewelry do have two to three different grades of silver out of which their products are made for commercial reasons.

    It is to facilitate clientele of all classes. In addition, it is because of their own advantage when it comes to manufacturing of this jewelry. They do not waste any kind of silver that do vary in the range of impurities present in it. They do make money out of all the varieties of silver that are used in the workshop. Hence, it is totally altogether a completely profitable attribute from the businesspersons’ perspective. In addition, the numbers of customers that are available for the secondary and tertiary grades of gold and silver are of a wide range.

    In fact, the fashion trends change dramatically in these two classes and there is always a great demand for these two classes. The top grades are purely meant to be made for the creamy layer in the society and hence the costs associated towards the first quality are pretty higher. At the same time, the number of choices that are available will also be extremely.

Light-Weight Design of Jasper

    This design is from our Southwest Flair Collection and features a beautiful red jasper pendant. The pendant is a nicely shaped triangle with a high polish and lovely light golden matrix veins running through it. I have hand bailed it using brass non-tarnish wire.

    The necklace strands are crafted using wooden rondelle beads that have a soft texture feel to them. Next I added in golden rutilated quartz that has been faceted and shaped like hexagons; metal accents are in gold tone pewter daisys and round beads.

    It is a light-weight necklace in a classical design with a little pop in the colors of red, golden yellow and browns.

    Jasper is an opaque and fine grained variety of Chalcedony. It is found in all colors including: red, brown, pink, yellow, green, grey/white and shades of blue and purple.

    It often contains organic material and mineral oxides which give it interesting patterns, bands and colors. Many of these patterns resemble landscapes with mountains and valleys, thus the name "picture" is part of the name of many well know jaspers.

    Jasper was a favorite gem in ancient times and is referenced in Greek, Hebrew, Assyrian and Latin literature.  Found worldwide, a wide variety of named jaspers is found in the western areas of the Unites States; California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Washington.


    Get Professional Ultrawave Cleaning Results at Home!
    This professional ultrawave jewelry cleaner makes your cherished jewelry sparkle like new in just minutes.
    Just fill half the tub with warm water.

    Ad a tablespoon of liquid detergent.

    Gently place plastic trays with items that need cleaning into tub.
    Securely place clear cover on top of tub.
    Slide switch center for slow speed for 1 minute.
    Remove clear cover and plastic trays out of the tub to drain.
    Place items onto soft lint-free cloth to dry.
    * Ultrawave jewelry cleaner includes:
    * Clear plastic cover.
    * 2 Plastic jewelry trays.
    * Tub.
    * White body.
    * Sliding On/Off switch with low (I) and high speeds ("II").
    * Requires 4AA batteries ().
    * Great for cleaning jewelry, eye- glasses, waterproof watches, coins and other small items.


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A Heavy Mix of Amethyst & Turquoise

    In a previous post (just a few down, find out all about amethyst) I posted about amethyst and in one of the pictures there was a large chunk that I had wire wrapped as a pendant. Here is the finished product of that pendant and what I ended up mixing with it.

    The pendant is a nice chunk of raw amethyst from Uruguay, hand wire wrapped in non-tarnish silver wire.

    I have made it the center focal to this heavy necklace set; mixed with nice barrel turquoise (stabilized), beautifully faceted agate that is a matrix coloring of black-dark blue and tan and a few faceted amethyst rondelle crystals.

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Original Bogue Systems .. Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner .... Cleans Jewelry + Optics + Eyeglass + Cd + Dvd With Sonic Waves + More

    Original Bogue Systems .. Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner .... Cleans Jewelry + Optics + Eyeglass + Cd + Dvd with Sonic Waves + More
    Clean your fine jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures, electric shaver heads, CD's, DVD's, Photo or Video Lenses, Eyeglasses, Retainers, and many more household items with this Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner.

    The stainless steel cleaning chamber has a 16-ounce capacity and uses ordinary tap water.

    Simply fill the tank with water and get professional cleaning results.

    The quiet, solid state circuitry creates 42,000 ultrasonic energy waves per second, bringing your items to a clean, bright shine without using harsh chemicals or scrubbing.

    The extreme vibrations created by the device cleans even the toughest dirt or grime.

    Millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles clean in ways no hand or brush could match !

    Add a drop of Blitz Gem & Jewelry cleaner to add an extra sparkle to any gem or precious metal! It is NON-TOXIC and doesn't leave a nasty lingering chemical odor.


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Designs Featuring Murano Glass

    The beauty and mystic of murano glass; it glitters and produces some of the most sought after vintage glass products in the world. Venini, Salviati, Barovier & Toso, Pauly, Seguso and many other brands are still around today making murano glass, they are among the most historical glass factories, and the oldest glass factory is Antica Vetreria Fratelli Toso, which was founded in 1854.

    A Little History
    Murano glass is a famous product of the Venetian island of Murano. Located off the shore of Venice, Italy, Murano has been a commercial port as far back as the 7th century. By the 10th century, the city had become well-known for its glassmakers, who created unique Murano glass. While Murano glassmakers have settled and operate elsewhere, some say authentic Murano glass is fabricated only in Murano.

    It is believed that glassmaking in Murano originated in 9th century Rome, with significant Asian and Muslim influences, as Venice was a major trading port. Murano’s reputation as a center for glassmaking was born when the Venetian Republic, fearing fire and destruction of the city’s mostly wooden buildings, ordered glassmakers to move their foundries to Murano in 1291. Murano glass is still interwoven with Venetian glass.

    Murano's glassmakers were soon the island’s most prominent citizens. By the 14th century, glassmakers were allowed to wear swords, enjoyed immunity from prosecution by the Venetian state, and found their daughters married into Venice’s most affluent families. However glassmakers were not allowed to leave the Republic. Many craftsmen took this risk and set up glass furnaces in surrounding cities and as far afield as England and the Netherlands. By the end of the 16th century, three thousand of Murano island's seven thousand inhabitants were involved in some way in the glassmaking industry.

    Murano’s glassmakers held a monopoly on quality glassmaking for centuries, developing or refining many technologies including crystalline glass, enameled glass (smalto), glass with threads of gold (aventurine), multicoloured glass (millefiori), milk glass (lattimo), and imitation gemstones made of glass. Today, the artisans of Murano are still employing these century-old techniques, crafting everything from contemporary art glass and glass figurines to Murano glass chandeliers and wine stoppers.

    What of Murano Glass Now
    Today, Murano is home to a vast number of factories and a few individual artists’ studios making all manner of glass objects from mass marketed stemware to original sculpture. The Museo Vetrario (Glass Museum) in the Palazzo Giustinian, which holds displays on the history of glassmaking as well as glass samples ranging from Egyptian times through the present day.

    These designs feature matching murano glass pendant and earrings, accented with faceted crystals and cloisonné beads in complimentary colors.

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    Research about murano glass from various books and websites.

Bogue Systems Professional Grade Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

    Bogue Systems Professional Grade Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner
    Professional cleaning power is available in this simple to use, small and well priced Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner by Bogue Systems. This ultrasonic cleaner is designed for home and professional use, with enough power and durability to be used in a jewelry store. The high power transducer and large tank capacity provides superior cleaning results. Simply add clean, distilled water to the tank, or for better results, some jewelry cleaner concentrate (sold separately), and place your jewelry in the tray. Start the cleaning cycle, and watch as your jewelry is cleaned the simple, professional way! You'll be pleased as dirt, body oil, soap residue and other filmy substances are loosened and removed in a matter of minutes. Check out other great products by Bogues Systems, the original ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, since 1892.


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Back by Popular Demand -- Single Wired Pendants

    I haven’t done many single wired pendants in a while and many people have been asking for them this summer. A jewelry trend shift for the summer and maybe the fall; many people have been asking for single pendants then mix and matching earrings. So I brought back this popular line using different stones, fossils and minerals; giving everyone a mix to choice from!

    These pendants are found in our Wiry Legends and Rock Yard Collections. Stop by our shop Timeless Designs online at Ruby Lane to find your pendant treasure!

    Holectypus Echinoid – Sand Dollar from Madagascar (to the right)

    Orthoceras Fossil from Morocco (to the left)

    Light Green (natural color) Agate Slice from Brazil (to the left)

    Deep Amethyst Chunk from Uruguay (to the right)

Stainless Steel Multi-Color Leaf Dangle French Wire Earrings

Optima 420 Professional Ultrasonic Watch And Jewelry Cleaner

    Optima 420 Professional Ultrasonic Watch and Jewelry Cleaner
    The Optima 420 Ultrasonic Jewelry, Eye Glass, and CD/DVD Cleaner is an affordable, fast, chemical-free way to clean many things from jewelry to dentures. With this ultrasonic machine you can use ordinary tap water instead of the harsh chemicals that professionals use. The tank holds up to 1.4 liters of any liquid, and is most widely used on jewelry, CD/DVD's, dentures, glasses, shaver heads, etc. The cleaning takes place when you turn on the 42,000 hz energy that is provided by this compact machines. The machine also features an automatic minute shut-off with 5 different programmed working cycles, so you never have to worry about forgetting the machine on. It can be used in a professional setting or at home. It also makes for an affordable and useful gift. Perfect for any hobbyist!


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Silver jewelry – house chores

    The amount of silver that is lost in the process of refurbishing the new looks and appearance through the process of buffing, grinding and polishing in the silver jewelry of various kinds, is huge. When you add on the costs towards the polishing processes and the costs of the silver lost from the original weight of the product, there you could realize that there is a huge amount of money that you had already lost. This loss could have been avoided completely if in case you are maintaining your silver jewelry from the day one that you purchased.

    Remember some of these primordial facts about the silver jewelry in special.

    House chores

    It is so commonly witnessed among the homemakers to wear their silver jewelry and golden ornaments while washing clothes in the yard or even while doing dishwashing. Whether they do it for a pride or show off to others to display their potential, it is a different issue. However, when it comes to the maintenance part of the silver jewelry rinsing them in water and then exposing them to soaps and chemical preservatives for long hours during house chores is something suicidal to these items. They will not last even for a short span of time in that case.

    You could notice the immediate darkening of the silver jewelry in due course of time when you wear them all through out the day. Even the sweat in the hands or in the neck could readily react with the outer coatings and the impurities present in the metal to start to deteriorate the metal surface. The warping and abrasion that takes place in the outer thin films of the surface of the metal soon start to eat away a lot of original silver metal itself during the process of corrosion. If left unnoticed about all the ongoing chemical reactions in the silver jewelry that you are wearing, you will soon lose half of the original weight of the product.

    Even if you take them to the repair shops they cannot recover the new looks without sacrificing further more silver metal out of it. The impurities present in the sterling silver jewelry are ever ready to react with the atmosphere. Silver rings should be wiped off from the sweat as often as possible. Similarly, the silver bracelets and silver necklaces should also be taken care same ways to prevent catching up with the moisture.

High Power Ultrasonic Cleaner By Sper Scientific

    High Power Ultrasonic Cleaner by Sper Scientific
    The High Power Ultrasonic Cleaner is designed to remove grease, dust or other contaminants from surfaces and cavities of small objects, parts and samples such as cuvettes, lenses, glassware, stainless steel instruments, metals and more. Simply place objects directly into the stainless steel tank or into the dipping basket (included), replace the transparent lid and press on. The high powered transducer generates thousands of minute cleansing bubbles which vibrate at a very high electrical frequency. When the vibration speed rises above the ultrasonic frequency level, bubbles explode and generate strong power, cleaning the surfaces and cavitie of hard-to-clean objects. Ultrasonic cleaning does not scratch the surface or harm objects like many chemical or abrasive cleansers. Choose from 5 pre-programmed timing cycles with the remaining count-down time shown on a large bright LED. A cooling fan enables prolonged operation without overheating. Operates quietly and is powered by AC 100/120V.


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New Trent 2800 Ultrasonic Cleaner For Jewelry, Eyeglasses And Dental With Digital Display 1 Pint Capacity CD 2800A

    New Trent 2800 Ultrasonic cleaner for Jewelry, Eyeglasses and Dental with Digital Display 1 Pint capacity CD 2800A

    This professional ultrasonic cleaner (Model NT2800) from New Trent will work really well for a wide range of products including jewelry, eyeglasses, toothbrushes and dental tools.
    New Trent is a trademark of New Trent Inc, is exclusively marketed by authorized reseller idealpoint on

    Key features includes

    -This powerful 42,000 Hz ultrasonic frequency wave provides an efficient cleaning solution without adding chemical detergent. The extra safety will be guaranteed by enclosed and water proof container design

    -This cleaner provides a stainless steel tank with a 1 pint (600ml) liquid capacity to accommodate a wide range of item such as jewelry, eyeglasses and dental items.

    -This cleaner provides 3 minutes preset cleaning time for easy and precise cleaning time control

    Theory of the cleaner

    Ultrasonic Cleaning will take place with an assistance of ultrahigh frequency sound waves (Hz) which is generated by ultrasonic plate underneath of cleaning machine. This ultrasonic source plate will generate a lot of ultrasonic bubbles which will create a high energy cleaning effect to remove debris and dirt completely from the surface of jewelry and eyeglasses items. With the assistance of ultrasonic wave, the whole surface of your precious item will be deeply cleaned.

    Remember to look for the New Trent logo on retail box and product itself--

    Be sure to find New Trent's logo on both package and battery pack to qualify for 10 months product warranty.


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Silver – The essential facts

    One of the key aspects that the women tend to fall for is the jewels. Majority of the women would instantly fall for a gift that is made of silver or gold. A few words of sweet talk and a fashionable silver bracelet are quite enough for impressing your women right flat to get whatever you want from her. The cost associated towards the silver jewelry is not as high as that of the gold, diamond and platinum. It is far cheaper than the price of those prime commodities. Still the products are quite attractive and last longer if maintained properly.

    Ways of maintaining silver necklaces, silver earrings, silver ring and all forms of silver jewelry are explained detail in the most of the manufacturer’s places. However, most of us do not bother to spend much time with the repair and maintenance shop professionals of the jewelry mart, but rather would lover to inquire the sales men for the latest in the market. if you spend a couple of minutes on how well they are maintaining the showroom pieces that are kept for display to the customers, then you might understand easily on how to protect the silver jewelry of yours in the houses as well.

    The temperature inside the jewelry mart is well maintained but the same temperature and pressure conditions cannot be maintained in case of all the household places. The centralized air conditioned environment completely free from any kind of moisture and well protected by glass coverings are all the important aspects which are to be noted. These important aspects really do help extensively in maintaining the luster, shine and the brand new looks of all the silver products and commodities in the silver jewelry mart

    . Moreover, apart from that the sales clerks are trained to polish them slightly whenever required in case of any jewel is remaining in the showroom for quite a long time. In that way they ensure that, the whole of the place is quite attractive with brand new looking products of variety kind. The polishing of the jewels is done with extreme care using a soft cloth specially made for this purpose. Rubbing against the jewel in gentle ways in primordial areas of cleavage and gaps where dust can cling upon the jewelry, is necessary. Use very minute quantity of polish alone and not in excess at any point of time. It is a safe practice for the silver jewelry as well cost effective too.

New Trent CD-3800 Digital Ultrasonic For Jewelry, Eyeglass, And Dentures Cleaner

    New Trent CD-3800 Digital Ultrasonic for Jewelry, Eyeglass, and Dentures Cleaner

    This professional ultrasonic cleaner (Model NT3800) from New Trent will work really well for a wide range of products including jewelry, eyeglasses, toothbrushes and dental tools.
    New Trent is a trademark of New Trent Inc, is exclusively marketed by authorized reseller idealpoint on

    Key features includes

    - This powerful 42,000 Hz ultrasonic frequency wave provides an efficient cleaning solution without adding chemical detergent. The extra safety will be guaranteed by enclosed and water proof container design. 

    -This cleaner provides a stainless steel tank with a 1 pint (600ml) liquid capacity to accommodate a wide range of item such as jewelry, eyeglasses and dental items.

    - This cleaner provides 5 preset digital cleaning cycles for easy and precise cleaning time control. This digital timer display will show you cleaning progress under any circumstance even at night time environment

    Theory of the cleaner

    Ultrasonic Cleaning will take place with an assistance of ultrahigh frequency sound waves (Hz) which is generated by ultrasonic plate underneath of cleaning machine. This ultrasonic source plate will generate a lot of ultrasonic bubbles which will create a high energy cleaning effect to remove debris and dirt completely from the surface of jewelry and eyeglasses items. With the assistance of ultrasonic wave, the whole surface of your precious item will be deeply cleaned.

    Remember to look for the New Trent logo on retail box and product itself--

    Be sure to find New Trent's logo on both package and battery pack to qualify for 10 months product warranty.


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Viatek Stain Doctor Ultrasonic Steam Cleaner

    Viatek Stain Doctor Ultrasonic Steam Cleaner
    Viatek Stain Doctor Ultrasonic Steam Cleaner

    Removes stains with a combination of ultrasound, steam and water!

    Stain Doctor removes unslightly stains from the surfaces and crevises of your household items including jewelry, clothing, walls, carpet and much more. Targets stain such as beverages, blood, lipstick, grass, sauces, shoe polish and more.

    The Stain Doctor generates 70,000 cleaning bubbles per second creating steam which will vibrate and clean the area. Includes: jewelry/glasses case, water spray attachment and cleaning brush.


    ?70,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second help remove stains on clothing! Only unit in market with over 50,000 vibrations. Assures better cleaning.
    ?Glass and jewelry cleaning case included. Just slide device into case and push start.
    ?Three minute timer will start automaticly.
    ?Rechargeable for continuous cordless operation!A/C adapter included.
    ?Portable and lightweight.


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Jewelry Finishing Cloth - Suede-like Cloth Removes Fingerprints From All Gemstones, Jewelry Metals, Eyeglass And Laptop Screen. Washable - Do Not Use Starch - No Chemicals.

    Jewelry Finishing Cloth - Suede-like cloth removes fingerprints from all gemstones, jewelry metals, eyeglass and laptop screen. Washable - do not use starch - no chemicals.
    Non-treated, no chemical, washable swede jewelry cloth for removing fingerprints, body salts and body oils from gemstones, eyeglass lense, laptop screen and precious metals.

    When this micro-fiber cloth fails to shine up your jewelry then it is time to use a Gemcare natural jewelry cleaning product. Washable but do not use a fabric softener.

    This is not a tarnish remover. Tarnish remover cloths are very toxic. They are sold at jewelry stores along with their ammonia (toxic) jewelry cleaners.


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My Latest Wired Challenge Piece

    One of my favorite things is to go over to the mineral company and see what new ‘goodies’ they have gotten. This can sometimes be a dangerous trip; it becomes like Christmas and I act like a kid in a candy store, but I have fun when I’m there!

    I knew that they had just received a brand new shipment of Amethyst this week, so I was excited to see what the smaller pieces would be like; especially since he told me they were a very deep dark purple, more than they have had before and quite high quality. To my surprise when I arrived and we started going through the shipment, he handed me this delicate little piece and said “I new this was one that would be perfect for you to wire wrap”.

     This new little piece is so delicate and small; it will be an excellent specimen to wire; however the challenge will be working the wire in and around the frail delicate crystals and hopefully not breaking anything in the process. There is no outer ridge to work with like normal, just lots of tiny crystals; this is what makes this piece such an excellent specimen, at least in my optioning. I’m up for a challenge and this one definitely will be just that, so stay tuned, when I get it finished I’ll be posting the finished product! I’m not sure what I’ll do with it once it’s been wired; rather I’ll put it into a necklace piece or let it stand alone as a single pendant, which it most definitely can do!

    A variety of vitreous quartz with purple, violet, or red-purple colorations, amethyst derives its name from the ancient Greek amethustos, meaning literally “not drunk’ as it was believed to guard against drunkenness. Traditionally associated with purity and piety, amethyst has also always been favored by royalty as purple is considered a regal blue. 

    Found in most countried where grantic rocks are exposed, amethyst occurs in alluvial deposits and geodes. Its coloration is principally due to traces of iron, and it is sometimes color-zoned due to twinning or preferential absorption on the rhombohedral faces. Major commercial sources of amethyst are Brazil, where it occurs in geodes that are frequently human-sized; but it is also found in Uruguay, Siberia and North America. Crystals from Brazilian and Uruguayan deposits are most often found as radiating masses, with individual crystals appearing as pyramids. Lower grad Brazilian and Uruguayan amethyst is frequently turned into citrine by heat treatment, which changes its color. Where both amethyst and citrine occur naturally in the same stone, the name is ametrine.

    Amethyst has a long history as a gemstone. In the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, amethyst was highly valued and was used to create cylinder seals, engraved with a religious design and the owner’s name. The engraving was transferred to legal documents in the form of clay tablets by rolling the cylinder over the tablets. The ancient Egyptians also valued amethyst, using it in much of their jewelry. The Greeks wore an amethyst for protection against magic, homesickness, evil thoughts, and drunkenness. This is why wine was preferably served in amethyst beakers. In antiquity amethysts were also known as “stones of Bacchus”, because out of jealousy the goddess Diana had changed a nymph with whom Bacchus had fallen in love into an amethyst. It is said that the traditional properties of amethyst will alleviate migraines and improves concentration. It is said to attract justice and protection against burglars and thieves. It also wards of danger and violent death. It is the stone of Pisces, brings clarity to the conscious and unconscious minds and the birthstone for February.

    Several pieces of amethyst have been wired and are available in our online shop as pendants; this beautiful piece to the left never made it to the website, it was sold right away!

    The focal is a beautiful amethyst chunk, surrounded by faceted deep purple amethyst crystals and chunky turquoise nuggets.

Sunshine Products Professional Jewelry Cleaner (half Gallon)

    Sunshine Products Professional Jewelry Cleaner (half gallon)
    Our professional cleaner uses all-natural ingredients to restore the brilliance of your cherished pieces. Just dip your jewelry in the solution and the everyday elements that can dull its shine will slip away.
    Our cleaner couldn't be more powerful. Or more gentle. And while it's cleaning your jewelry, it's also protecting it.
    Affordable, easy to use and biodegradable. Safe for your jewelry, safe for you. It's no wonder 90 percent of our clients return again and again.
    Only the best is good enoug


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Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner And DVD Cleaner

    Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner and DVD Cleaner
    Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner and DVD Cleaner. No chemicals needed! Advanced soundwave technology uses plain tap water to remove dirt and tarnish, gently yet thoroughly, from delicate pieces. This chemical-free cleaning requires no special cleaning solutions or detergents and is kind to your valuablesits environmentally friendly, too. Ultra-easy, ultra-convenient. No scrubbing. No tedious trips to and from the jewelers. No expensive fees. Just fill the stainless steel tank with tap water and our ultrasonic cleaner will do the work for you! Use it whenever you want to see dazzling results in minutes. For jewelry, eyeglasses, watchesand more. This versatile cleaner is perfect for any number of small household items that require special carejewelry, eyeglasses, watches, DVDs and more. A watch hanger and eyeglass basket are included to help you keep your pieces organized, and with five timed cycles to choose from, you can pick the perfect cleaning cycle for the quantity and cleanliness of your items. Order your worry-free, environmentally friendly Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner from Brookstone today!


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The Mineraloid Amber

    Mineraloids are a few solid substances that occur naturally in the Earth, but do not quite conform to the basic properties of minerals. They fit into none of the chemical families, rarely form crystals and are typically organic in origin, evolving from fossilized or compacted living matter. One of these mineraloids is Amber, which is fossilized pine tree resin.

    Amber is often regarded as a gem, but is not a mineral, but a solid organic material. It is a form of tree resin that was exuded to protect the tree against disease and insect infestation. This then hardened and was persevered for millions of years. Amber slowly oxidizes and degrades when exposed to oxygen, so it survives only under special conditions.

    It is almost always found in dense, wet sediments, such as clay or sand formed in ancient lagoon or river delta beds. It is typically found embedded in shale or washed up on beaches. Most amber deposits contain only fragments of amber, but a few contain enough to make it worth mining, such as those found along the shores of the Baltic seas where amber formed in sands 40-60 million years ago, and those from the Dominican Republic.

    Amber can form nodules, rods and droplets in various shades of orange, yellow, red or cognac, deep green, and brown. Milky-white varieties are called bone amber. Modern analysis techniques are beginning to indentify the detailed composition of ambers and link them to modern resin-making trees. Mexican amber, for instance is linked to the Hymenea tree. Up to 3,000 different inclusions have been found in amber objects. These range from beetles and flies to spiders and water drops attached to the resin in primeval times and then petrified with it.

    It is said that for 7,000 years amber has been used to stimulate the metabolism and treat skin ailments caused by metabolic imbalance. It is also said to have soothing, calming, and cleaning powers. Because of its warmth it is also used in the treatment of asthma, allergic respiratory problems, and is good for treating rheumatism and strengthening the heart muscles.

    Mystically, gold-colored amber symbolizes success; it is the Star sign of Geminis, Leos and Virgos. Amber should be cleansed under lukewarm running water and never leave amber in the sun, this will make it brittle.

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