Reach the highest level of beauty with CZ rings

    Cubic Zirconia Rings
    This world is very crazy about the fashion and glamour. There are numbers of jewelries present in the market that are becoming the fashion statement for the world. The jewelries have found a significant place in this world. The jewelries are used in marriages, parties and on various occasions. However, we come across different kinds of jewelries in our daily life. These jewelries are really playing a great role in our daily life and due to this; these jewelries are making a great demand in the global markets. Due to these great demands, the designers are making a great range and style of these jewelries. Now, when it comes to the most demanded jewelries in the market, then we can not ignore the name of the CZ rings. These rings are becoming the fashion symbol, these days because of their unmatched features and great luster in every one’s heart. The craze of these rings is capable in making every one fan of it.

    The CZ rings are the special kinds of jewelries that are meant to meet the need of the present day fashion world. The basic material, which can be considered as the soul of these rings is the amazing man made stone. This stone gives the suitable and desired strength to the shine of Cubic Zirconia rings. The hardness of the stone is brilliant. And it can be compared to that of the diamond. The appearance of these stones is similar to that of diamond rings and the colorful look is very unique in itself. The other features that are making their famous among the users are their latest designs, which are capable in giving a new and stylish look to the rings. Thus, it is becoming the most famous jewelries among the other jewelries.
    CZ Rings
    The beauty of the Cubic Zirconia becomes high when these rings become part of your life. These rings can be selected for various occasions and various parties. These rings can be selected for marriage ceremony and also can be selected in an engagement party. The happiness and the excitement can be increased with these rings and you can make yourself comfortable with the different colors of the life. The need of a sparkly accessory can easily be fulfilled by these rings and you need not to be confused about your stylish look, further. So, this is the time to accept these rings and to indulge in the latest trend of the style.

Bold Chic Trendy in one Fashion

    This design is a lot about being bold, with a dash of spicy chic and trendy fashion. The soft colors of the Peppermint Jasper (cream/pink swirls) and Ivoryite (cream) comes together making for an even bolder statement by adding in the color of black glass and a mixture of textured silver beads. Its style is really whatever you make it to be; a little southwest, a little classic with a black summer dress, or casual with jeans; whatever your personality, it’s ready to be that final ‘touch’ to your wardrobe.

    Find your personality among our collections of custom designed jewelry.

The bets gift items for your lady love

    It is the same time of the year and you have to again start looking for a gift item for your lady love. The first and the obvious choice happen to be diamonds as they are their bets friends. But if you are not lucky enough to own a lot of money, you need not fret and you have other options as well. You can give her the smile and happiness by giving her the CZ jewelry.CZ Jewelry: CZ earringsWith the CZ items taking over the jewelry scenes, you do not have to worry at all about the gifts. You can get the best gift that she would love and also save on the pocket. This is because you can get it at a very cheap price and also you have a number of options to choose from. In fact rather than giving her one, you can actually gift her a collection of the items. You can get her the CZ rings and also the pendants and the earrings. You will not even have to search much as they are easily available online.

    You should first know the taste and the choice of your woman and then accordingly make the buy. The bracelets, with the charms hanging from them make it very attractive and you can also add an emotional touch to it. You can get the charms that relate to her and also have an emotional side to them. She will simply love the idea and will also feel how important she is for you.

    You should know her taste and rather than going around shops simply go online and search for options. There are a number of designs and colors available and you can easily have a huge list to choose from. This will save your hard work and also time. You will not even have to take out some extra time for it and you will also get amazing discounts online. You can simply check on all the different items and decide which is the best fro your partner. A little amount spent can make her feel very special and make her day really special.

Magnesite a Carbonate Mineral

    Distinct crystals of Magnesite are rare, but when found are rhombohedral or prismatic. Magnesite is generally massive, lamellar, fibrous, or granular. A carbonate of magnesium, Magnesite take is it name from its composition and is virtually impossible to melt. Most commonly white or light grey, it can be yellow or brownish when iron substitute for some of the magnesium.

    Magnesite forms principally as an alteration product in magnesium-rich rocks, such as peridotites, and through the action of magnesium – containing solutions upon calcite. It also occurs as a primary mineral in limestone and talc or chlorite schists and is found in some meteorites.

    Magnesite is said to promote relaxation and a positive attitude to life. It removes negative feelings, reduces oversensitivity and said to aid in lifting depression. The pure white color symbolizes purity and freedom but also fertility, it is said to protect the wearer against false love, false friends and intrigues. Magnesite is linked to the star sign of Libra.

    This design is handcraft entirely of the white Magnesite cut in disks which I’ve slightly graduated. Between are faceted hexagons light Topaz crystals, gold tone spacers and paired at the bottom is a Turquoise cross pendant; the bail is handmade in non-tarnish gold wire.

    Browse our collections for many different designs to match with your own individual personality.

    *Research from various mineral/gem books.

Dolomie to Dolomite

    Named after French mineralogist D. de Dolomieu (1750-1801), who described it in 1798 during a visit to Egypt with Napoleon Bonaparte. The mineral’s original name was dolomie. It is used in manufacturing of refractory bricks for furnace linings. The mineral is composed of calcium and magnesium carbonate, being similar to calcite. Dolomite is found in metamorphic marble rock and occurs as a gangue mineral in veins with sphalerite or galena. Its most important occurrence, however, is as a rock-forming mineral in carbonate rocks. Crystals are commonly rhombohedral or tabular, and often have curved faces. Dolomite can be coarse to fine granular, massive or fibrous, which is rarely seen. Pearl spar is a variety with a pearly luster and colored white, gray or pale brown. Bitter spar is an iron-bearing variety, colored brown by ankerite.

    This piece is a touch of Indian Southwest design using a beautifully cut and polished Dolomite pendant; accented with Arizona Pipestone and Ivoryite with a touch of silver/pewter throughout.

    Find this and many other unique designs available for purchase from our collections.
    *Research from various gem/mineral books and website.

This is the time to leave all the tension with the Clip earrings

    Clip Earrings
    From the beginning of the civilization, man has evolved different kinds of apparatus and gadgets that are playing a significant role in enhancing the standard of the life. These objects are really meant to make our life comfortable and smooth, in all respect. We all need special kind of accessories to make our life comfortable. This need of comfortable has pulled the man, away from any pressure of pain. That is why; the Clip earrings are becoming very popular in the world. These earrings are making a good demand in the market because you have not to bear any pain while wearing these earrings. And you can also make yourself beautiful with these earrings. These earrings are really very useful in all respect.

    The Clip earrings are available in different styles and in different patterns. You can find your best piece from a great range of great collection. These days, the markets are full of different kinds these earrings. The different style uses different kinds of metals and other decorative materials in the making of these special and amazing earrings. The use of different kinds of metals is done to give a new stylish look to the normal earrings. The other feature that is increasing the craze of these earrings is the use of different kinds of amazing gem stones. These gem stones are specially designed to make you beautiful with these earrings. The use of diamonds and gold can also be seen in these earrings. These designs are serving as the best choice for every woman. Thus, every woman is being attracted toward these earrings.
    Clip Earrings
    The Clip earrings are gaining popularity for they are capable in giving a new shine to your personality and are capable in making you more beautiful. Now, you can fulfill your dream to walk with the latest trend. You have to just collect these special earrings from your nearest markets. And the time has arrived to rock the world with these earrings and to impress your friends. These earrings are really becoming the new symbol of the fashion world. So, if you want to move with the latest trend and you want to feel the world of fashion, then you should go with these stylish earrings. These earrings are really meant to give you a stylish and beautiful look. Now, you can add colors to your life and enjoy every phase of your life. So, this is the time to move on with these earrings with clips.

Indulge in the world of CZ jewelry

    CZ clip on earringsThis is the world of style and fashion. And if you are also making plans to be a part of this world, then you have to move with the latest trend. And it can only be fulfilled when you go with the CZ jewelry. This jewelry is the synonym of the latest trend and is known for its unique style and design. This is not a simple jewelry; instead it is the real soul of the fashion. This is the real path for those, who want to indulge in the world of fashion. The craze of this jewelry can easily be understood on the basis of its great demand in the market. This great demand has been created by the user because of the different kinds of features, they get with this jewelry.

    The Cubic Zirconia jewelry is not a simple kind of jewelry. It is known for the use of the special kind of gem stone. It is made by heating zirconium oxide and yttrium, very strongly at high temperature. The strong heating results into the formation of special crystals those are very much similar to that of the diamond. This resemblance, with the diamond, is making a great demand of these kinds of jewelries in the market. The strong heating also gives a desired hardness to the gem stones. Thus, the jewelries that are meant with these gem stones are very durable and good to use. The other quality that is making these jewelries famous among the users is the beautiful and amazing designs. These special designs are capable to catch every one’s attraction. Thus, you can not keep your eye away from these jewelries, even not for a moment. The big craze of these jewelries is also becoming high with the time.

    These days, we can easily find a great collection of the CZ jewelry. Among this large collection, you can choose as per your interest and budget. You can select any beautiful and stylish ring from the huge collection. These rings are capable to give perfect style and beauty to your fingers. And these rings are especially used in marriages. The other kind of jewelry that you can use is the necklace. You can select from great numbers of beautiful and charming necklace. These necklaces are specially designed to enhance the beauty of the neck. You can also select the beautiful bracelets that are completely meant to make your wrist different from others. So, this is the time to move with these accessories and to give a new direction to your life.

Why should go through pain if you have clip on earrings

    Clip on Earrings
    The clip on earrings is beautiful for every girl and women. It offers elegance and beauty. These are full of sophistication and style. It dose not matter what type of earrings you are wearing whether it is diamond or pearl, you are going to be head turner in the party. You can meet many people around you who do not have pierced ears even then they are able to have joy of earrings. Do you know how they do it? It is very simple look for beautiful clip on earrings. They are lots of great designs and style of earring available in the market. You can choose one which suits you. There are lots of girls and women who do like to go through the pain while getting pierced their ears. They have got clip on earrings beautiful option. In fact clip on earrings is made for those who do not like to have pierced ears. You can meet some women who are afraid of having pierced ears. Even you can meet girls and women who cannot think of getting pierced ears at all.
    Clip on Earrings
    Clip on earrings offer great convenient to the all earrings lover. The market is full of great earrings. These rings are available for everyone whether you are just 18 or around 40, you can get beautiful earrings. The clip on earring is in the market for many years however now it has come with variety of designs. The manufacturers are coming with latest designs because demands of customers going up. You can get these earrings available at all most all the stores across the city. These rings are very good to use and keep safe in your wardrobe. It not only makes you beautiful but offers great comfort too. This is very safe jewelry for women and you are not going to get any sort of infection with this.

    It is very important to take care of your ears, if you want to have it pierced. It can get infected and you have to run to the doctors. It can last for long time. You can lose beauty of your ears while going through it. The piercing ears can harm you. So it is better to go with the clip on earrings which promise you great happiness. There will not be any infection, pain and suffering with it. You will get very beautiful ears with these earrings. You can carry it with elegance.

Live your dreams with the CZ jewelry

    We all love dreaming about the best thing in our life. And in order to fulfill our dream, we have to proceed in right direction. However, sometimes in life; we make a wish about getting the best kind of accessories in our life. These kinds of wishes decide the living style and passion of any person. The more you move with the best, the more impressive you will be. However, the best way to become beautiful among others is to wear CZ jewelry. You can try a great range of these jewelries to make yourself more beautiful. Now, when it comes to these jewelries, we can not ignore the special ear rings that are one of the best collections of these jewelries. The ear rings are attached to the earlobe through piercing. The use of ear rings is very common in every part of the world.
    CZ clip on earring and necklace
    There is a large collection, of the clip on earrings, available in the CZ jewelry. These ear rings are very becoming the most famous part of the global market because of their great demand. The demand is very high because of the great and amazing features of these ear rings. These ear rings are made up of special kinds of gem stones that are very much similar to the diamonds. The gem stones that are used for these ear rings are made after the strong heating of the zirconium oxide and the yttrium. The strong heating forms the special kind of crystal, which is almost similar to the diamond in appearance. Thus, it is very much liked by every one. The other thing that is very much similar to the diamond is the hardness of these gem stones. That is why; these ear rings are very much durable. So, these ear rings are very much demanded.

    The other great feature of these ear rings that is making a high craze in the market is the availability of different styles and designs. You can easily rely upon the quality of these ear rings. Because of all these reasons, the Cubic Zirconia jewelry is becoming the most demanding jewelry of the market. If you are dreaming for your special jewelry set and for your own unique collection, then you should move in the world of cubic zirconia. In this world, you can make your dream true and can live your dreams. So, this is the best way to move with the latest trend and to go for the best.

Strawberry Vanilla into Jasper

    All natural stones from the Arizona mines; it looks like strawberry swirls but really its peppermint jasper mixed with creamy vanilla ivoryite; designed by Gayle. Summery set for causal jeans, t-shirt or dress up that summer dress for an afternoon or evening.

    Jaspers: Protection, nurturing, joy, awareness; balancing of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies.
    Browse our collections of available designs for any season.

Winter/Spring Bead Shows in Review

    As the summer season is just about here, I usually take a few moments to look back and review the various bead shows that I’ve attended. I have not been paid or compensated in anyway by vendors or show promoters. The review is based solely on my opinion and experiences of the shows that I’ve attended. Without further ado, here’s my review!

    Tucson (February)
    The ‘Big Daddy’ of them all and if you get the opportunity to attend just one or two shows, you’ve probably become addicted and overwhelmed!
    Pros: The freeway construction had been completed way in advance of the big event. This made for getting around quickly and easily. Most shows were full of vendors, large selection of beads, pendants, findings, finished goods, etc. Prices from what I purchased and saw at several shows about the same or slightly higher than last year.
    Cons: The free shuttle service that was previously funded by the state was no longer available. A few shows had shuttle services between their shows (GL&W, JOGS, AGTA); however to get to the majority of the shows one had to rent a car and park. I missed the unique cuts, styles, and stones that Tucson is particularly known for and many of the vendors carried the same items from booth to booth.
    Overall: You be the judge, like I said, if you get the opportunity to attend the shows then do so, it’s well worth the trip!

    San Antonio Bead Market (February); Rings & Things Traveling Show (March)
    Because of my Tucson trip, I skipped both of these shows early in the year here in San Antonio.

    Southwest Gem & Mineral Society Show (March)
    This is a mixture of lapidary, beads, teaching/instructional, and demo/displays.
    Pros: I really like this show, to experience a mixture of lapidary, instructional/teaching, and displays makes it worth attending. There is a good selection of slabs, raw materials, fossils, minerals, and a lot of displays.
    Cons: The show had more finished jewelry than usual and I would like to have seen more vendors in the area of tools and machinery, more slabs and raw materials and a lot less jewelry
    Overall: Not a bad show in my opinion, but could use more in the way of teaching and classes from the area universities.

    Parker Trade Show (March & May)
    This is a quarterly wholesale only show held in San Antonio. The venue has changed for this show starting this year. It is now held across town from me at the San Antonio Convention Center.
    Cons: Smaller venue, crowded smaller isles, less parking and most of the big vendors were noticeable absent from this show. I experienced less bead/finding vendors than normal and more in the finished jewelry and household goods; this is becoming a disappointing show in my opinion, one that I’m not sure I will keep on my list to continue driving across town to attend.
    Overall: Unless this show changes venues, less finished product and return of the high-end quality vendors back, this is one I’m not sure I’ll keep on my list for the future.

    San Antonio Bead & Ornament Society (May)
    This is the SABO annual show for beads and some finished product.
    Cons: What used to be a very good show is now about half of is previous year shows. It lacked quality and high-end vendors, too many vendors repeat at every single show with the same product. It also lacked a selection of finding vendors.
    Overall: This show is not up to my expectations from previous years. It lacks the quality, selection and elite it was once known.

    Overall assessment of the Winter/Spring bead show season:
    These are just a few of the shows I attended, but there were at least 8 more shows that I did not attend also held here in the San Antonio area from February to May. Usually San Antonio only sees about 4-6 shows in this same time period; with this large influx of shows and the same vendors, same inventory at every show it is spreading both sellers and buyers quite thin. What I did see is that many are choosing to come to the bigger shows rather than opting for the smaller multi-single shows.

    Many vendors that I talked to at several shows stated the same thing; little buying and what buying going on was in small quantities, gone are the large multi-purchases. Many indicated that sells are way down and getting less with each passing show; several stated they didn’t know if they would be re-turning to the San Antonio area for any shows. At this point, only time will tell what is in the future for bead shows.

Various ways of using clip on earrings

    clip on earringsIf you are looking for something versatile for your ears, there is none other than clip on earrings. You can meet with women who are satisfied with the pierced ears and enjoy wearing gold or diamond earrings. Piercing is not important to wear beautiful earrings. You can enjoy all beautiful earrings without getting pierced ears. These earrings give you great imagination. You can put on these earrings not only on the earlobe but wherever you want. When you go for attending some parties you can put on these earrings in different way which will make you apart from others. You can clip these earrings on lapel; even you can put on hat. If you have creativity, you can put on these earrings on your cuffs which will make your attire very beautiful. You will find people commenting about your cuffs.

    You can use clip on earrings on pockets of T-shirts and belt when you tacked in. it is very beautiful. It gives you absolutely different look. You can use these earrings with scarf as a clip. You can get traditional clip on earrings in order to use with your attire. You can keep them together; it will make your cloths look extremely beautiful. Even if you have stains on your cloths, you can hide with these earrings. The girls can use them with the sandal and shoes. These earrings are available in very small sizes too, so it is very easy to use them with any cloths and shoes.

    You can get most beautiful comments with clip on earrings. it is up to you how to use them. The best part with these rings is that you need not to go through the pain of piercing. These earrings are available in variety of designs in comparison of girls and women who have pierced ears. The girls and women who have pierced ears, they face lots of problem while changing the earrings however clip on earrings offer great comfort to you. You can change and make sure while going out that the earring is perfect with your outfit. Those who have pierced ears cannot do the same thing. They have to go with whatever earrings they have. Even if they want to change and wear some other earrings, it takes lots of time. There are many companies in the market which come with latest designs. The designs are these earrings changes very rapidly. So if you are some one who loves to be with the time, clip on earrings are great.

Turquoise in Mosaic

    I love the colors of these beads; bit shades of green with a hint of rust or blue among them, known at mosaic Turquoise. Though not entirely a natural stone, these beads are made from composites of crushed Turquoise bits. They make beautiful matrix beads and great additions to any piece of jewelry; rather the center of attention or as an accent to natural stones, crystals, metals or ceramics.

    This set is made from the small more dominate green mosaic Turquoise beads, then mixed with toffee colored ceramic beads, gold spacer disks and light gold-lined glass seed beads; the highlight is button Ammonite handcrafted in brass non-tarinish wire.

    Visit our collections for available designs from an array of stones and raw materials.

Yummy Yellow Calcite

    Sweet summery shade of yellow Calcite in graduated rounds and then accented with creamy pearls and golden saucers. A beautiful set from Gayle, available in our collections with many other distant designs.

    Calcite: Purification, peace, calming, memory, awareness, appreciation of nature.
    Pearl: Purity, faith, charity, innocence, integrity, focus, wisdom, spirituality, sincerity, fertility.

Cz bracelets: The best present

    It is again that time of the year when you are looking to lease your lady love. It could be any occasion like her birthday, the anniversary or the Valentine’s Day. In fact when it comes to these occasions when you have to be looking for a bets present for her, you realize that these occasions come pretty soon and you are again in a fix that how could you again find something that she would just love. Now you do not have to worry about a thing as you can start by giving here a collection of Cz jewelry. You can in fact first begin with the Cz bracelets and then soon make her a good collection of all the items.

    There are a number of designs and styles available and you will certainly find one that will suit your sweetheart. If you woman is a bold and beautiful lass, you can go for the bracelets that have huge crystals and also if she is the classic kind you will get the sexy sleek ones. But the ones that are the most famous right now are the charm bracelets.
    These are certainly among those that will steal her heart. You can in fact choose the bracelet that has the charm suiting her personality.
    CZ Jewelry
    These kinds not only look good but they also give you a mental and an emotional connection. When you just give her the bracelet that has the charms of the things that she loves, she will simply feel how considerate you have been and how much you have always noticed her. It will surely make her feel special and will be more than just happy. It does not then remain to be just a piece of jewelry item but then becomes more of an emotional token of love.

    The best thing about these is that they are very reasonable and along with them you can also give her the Clip on earrings and the bracelets. All these together will not be half of the cost of one diamond ring. The shine, the brilliance will not be less than the diamonds. This means you get the same deal at one tenth of the price. In fact you will not be so satisfied with the diamond designs and the options as you will be with the Cz jewelry. Now next time you have an occasion coming up where you need to present your sweetheart the best gift, think of these Cz jewelry items.

What is CZ Jewelry all about?

    Celebrity CZ jewelry
    Nowadays, we see a lot of CZ jewelry on the market, but have you ever wondered what does CZ actually means? The sign of CZ has also been engraved on some sterling silver jewelries encrusted with glittering crystals, so what does CZ stands for? These actually are very smart questions! CZ actually stands for 'Cubic Zirconia'. Cubic Zirconia is a beautiful man-made gemstone that is durable, inexpensive and created in a close resemblance to diamond. A lot of people like CZ jewelries because they carry the look of diamond jewelries but only cost a fraction the genuine diamond. It’s logical because even if you do wear diamond jewelries, sometimes you worry about losing them. Cubic Zirconia cost much less than a genuine diamond thus it takes your concerns away.

    Chemically, Cubic Zirconia stone is the cubic crystalline form of Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2). It is important to stress that it is Zirconia, and not Zircon. Zircon is the name for Zirconium Silicate (ZrSiO4), which is a different chemical compound.

    Since 1892 with the discovery of the yellowish monoclinic natural mineral of Zirconium Oxide, scientists have begun their journey to find ways to create synthetic diamonds. A mineral known as baddeleyite caught attention from gemologists worldwide due to its potential of becoming a diamond simulant. Sodium Titanate (introduced in 1955), Yittrium Aluminium Garnet (YAG) and GGG (Gadolinium Gallium Garnet) all served as predecessors for simulants. However, the problem with them was that they were not so promising in capturing diamond's brilliances.

    In 1960's, French scientists succeeded in creating CZ crystals, but the crystals were too small to be popular. In 1970s Russian scientists found and introduced a method called “skull crucible”, and it made a revolutionary change in the history of Cubic Zirconia stones. Around 1976, couple years after the method was adopted, mass production of Cubic Zirconia stones officially began.

    Generally, the quality of Cubic Zirconia can be determined by four main criteria. These are carat (or carat weight), clarity, color, and cut. The whiter and more clear the stone, the more valuable it is considered. Five-star AAAAA is the highest-quality. Top rated Cubic Zirconia stone carries the magnificent shine just as in those of real diamond.

    Cubic Zirconia stones are now widely used in fashion jewelries, and it’s not hard finding them on the market. is a great website for Cubic Zirconia jewelry, and please feel free to take a look at it when you have time.

Red Explosion Coral

    Explosions of red coral in chic jewelry fashions! Using the natural stone Coral as a focal, each design is created with imagination, depth and classic style; here’s how they are created and seen through the eyes of two different jewelry designers.

    The first design to the right is designed by me, using tiny red and black Coral branches with additions of tiny white seed beads and silver spacers; highlighting a stunning handcrafted in non-tarnish silver wire natural Brazilian Oco Agate that displays a black background with wavy white veins and a hint of red.

    The second to the left is designed by Gayle in a graduated combination of Coral and black Jet disks then accenting througout with faceted Onyx stones and fancy spacers. This special set includes all three pieces - necklace, bracelet and earrings.

    Coral: Diplomacy, quieting emotions, visualization.
    Agates: Balancing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies; perceptiveness, strength, inspiration, awakening talents.
    Onyx: Self-control, decision making, intuition, recognition of personal strengths.

    See these and many other designs available for purchase in our collections.

Multi Colored Turquoise

    Capturing the beauty within the Southwest, graduated all natural Chinese Turquoise in an array of exploding colors blue, green, rust, olive and black then accented with pewter spacers and toggle. This is a stunner for summer and fall or any time of year with jeans and a t-shirt or that little black dress; designed by Gayle. Look for this design and several others in our collections.

    Turquoise: Spiritual attunement, cleansing, healing, protection, valor, soothing, peace of mind, guidance through the unknown, romantic spontaneity.

Sapphire Not Just for the Gemstone

    Well, the name sapphire just doesn’t extend to the gemstone, it also in this case is the name of one of the most stunning beaches in the Caribbean --

    Sapphire Beach located on St. Thomas. Yes, the clear waters are a crisp clear blue with creamy sandy beaches and it is just as beautiful as the gemstone itself.

Cz bracelets for wedding

    CZ Jewelry
    Wedding is a very special occasion and all of us want to look the best that day. When it comes to the jewelry we want something that is exclusive and that will make you stand out in the crowd. It is totally your day and you will not want that any one takes his eyes off you. This is possible if you have a perfect dress and then the perfect jewelry that not just matches the dress but also accentuates your outfit. Now after reading this the only thing that flashes on any one’s mind is diamond jewelry. But trust me, this is not the bets that you can get.

    However if the statistics are to be believed, people spend half of the entire cost of their wedding on the jewelry they buy. This might sound not so true to some and the others might think that yes it happens and you can not help it as you just want the best. But with the Cz jewelry you will feel that you are just getting all that you need and at only one tenth of the price. You will get amazing rings, necklaces and also the best bracelets. Well if you are thinking that you should have only diamonds then you can think again. In fact during a wedding when you have a number of important expenses to make, you are starting a new life, you need to spend as economically as possible. This means that you should save the money from the jewelry and spend it on other important things. But if you feel that cheap jewelry will not give you the same look as diamonds, reconsider.
    You can get Cz jewelry that will be as brilliant as diamond and will have better designs than diamond. This is because Cz is a man made substance and it is easy to handle. You can cut it in any shape that you want and also you will have any color available. Diamond jewelry does not have many options to choose from and neither will you find every color. You will get the sleek and sexy bracelets and also the big and the bold ones.

    You can also go for the gold plated bracelets with the Cz crystals embedded. They make a perfect combination for a special occasion like wedding. They look classic and you can get a number of designs and styles in them. The best thing is that you will not even have to worry about the costs ad you will get what you were looking for.

What's the difference between CZ jewelry and diamond jewelry

    From the outside appearance, diamond and CZ jewelry seems quite similar to one another. It’s a hard for us average consumers to notice the differences between the two. However, with the help of modern technology, a trained jeweler is able to recognize the differences, and here are some of their major distinctions.
    CZ jewelryAppearance Differences
    Firstly, Cubic Zirconia stone’s brilliance has more colors. This is because of CZs high dispersion of prismatic light. In layman's terms, this means you see tons of rainbow colors from CZ stone. CZ stone itself is colorless thus it reflects surrounding obejcts’ color. According to the Diamond Color Grading Chart, it’s not unusual for CZs to have a high color grading of D, which is colorless. On the other hand it is almost impossible to find a grade D colorless diamond.
    Another way to distinguish between Cubic Zirconia jewelry from diamond jewelry is the differences between the cuts of the stone. In order to maximize the brilliance of the stone, CZ is often polished differently. CZ’s cuts are more rounded and its edges are smooth. Diamonds have sharper edges and cuts because that’s where the facets meet.

    Diamond is well-known for its hard and unbreakable nature. On the Mohs' scale of hardness, a diamond has a perfect score of 10. It is also true that the only thing can scratch a diamond is another diamond. Both the beauty and the long-lasting nature of the stone made it a top choice for marriage commitment. Cubic Zirconia stone has a score of 8.5 on the Mohs' scale of hardness.

    Weight Differences
    It can be little surprising, but a same size CZ stone compare to a diamond would actually weigh more. A CZ stone weighs about 80% more than an equal size diamond. For example, a 6.5 mm Cubic Zirconia stone is equivalent in size to a one-carat diamond but weighs approximately 1.75 carats.

Wire Working Tools

    So we discussed working with wire, but what about the tools used for wire working. There are several different types of jewelry making tool. I started out with the most common of the type, beading; and grew into wire working and sculpting. As I learn each technique and put my own twist of creativity into the design, I move into other more advanced or new techniques and types of jewelry making.

    Here are a few of the most common used wire working tools; at least from my studio. I would recommend first though, before investing into the tools and wire that you take a class from your local craft, hobby or beading store. This will give you the chance to really get your hands ‘dirty’ before putting out the money in the right tools and wire.

    Wire working tool are some of the same ones that are used in every type of jewelry making; however there are a few specialty tools for working with heavy gauge wire and to make things like jump rings, connectors and findings. Here are some of the more common essential wire working tools. In future posts, I’ll be listing some specialty wire working tools and techniques.

    Bent Nose Pliers(to the right): Use these to shape or straighten wire and to hold it in place while using other tools. I keep a pair of both large and small sizes to fit most projects. Inspect your pliers before purchase and avoid any with notches on the inside as that can scratch wire. Over time, your pliers will start to show wear and tear; to keep them around longer I wrap blue painters tape around the jaws to keep from marring the wire.

    Round Nose Pliers(to the left): These are perfect for curving wire or making hooks and loops, which can be used as findings or for attachment pieces. Again here I have several different sizes ranging from small, medium and large depending on the design, stones and project.

    Chain Nose Pliers (to the right): These pliers a are square on the outside, flat on the inside, with a tapered nose to reach small places. These are excellent for making angles in wire.

    Wire Cutters (to the left): These are used to cut normal wire such as gold, sterling, and artistic wire. Do not confuse them with the specialty memory wire cutters that are only used to cut memory wire. The sharper the cutter, the better, as it will last longer.

    Jeweler’s Files (to the right): These come in sets with several sizes and shapes which are used to smooth off the metal. Wooden handles make it more comfortable to hold than all metal files; but is not necessary. Whatever your choice, make sure to get a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any project.

    Bench Block (to the left): This is one of my favorite wire working tools; it is used to flatten wire and metal. It gives you a nice, sturdy, solid surface to work from.

    Chasing Hammer (to the right): This round tipped hammer is used with the bench block to hammer wire flat. You can also use it in more advanced techniques to give a more hammered or textured look to your wire or metals.

    Thing-a-ma-jig Wire Jig (to the left): For making just about any loop, curve, link, or design, a wire jig makes it easy. If you can draw or move a string in any shape, then you can do the same thing with wire in a jig.

The Perfect Pair of Clip Earrings, for Myself

    Clip Earrings
    The last few weeks, I’ve felt like I haven’t done much besides work. Constantly working overtime because the company needs the project to be completed as soon as possible – now that the project is completed, what is there to do? It’s simple really, nothing releases more stress than going shopping, for yourself. There are half a dozen holidays in a year that involve me buying things for someone else. After a while, you just prioritize others’ needs and forget to pamper yourself. Ladies, if you get that feeling of emptiness and lack of attention (from yourself), go shopping, earring shopping.

    One great style of earrings is clip on earrings, which can be worn by anyone at any event. Whether you don’t have your ears pierced or the store you’re in only has clip on earrings, clip on’s are the way to go. If you can find a boutique store, you can find clip on earrings. The number of different earrings available is astounding, from flashy to a bit more conservative – whatever your style may be, go ahead, and pamper yourself with that manicure you deserve and those beautiful pair of clip on earrings you’re looking for. Well, why are these earrings easier to wear than piercings? It’s simple weight distribution – with a piercing you, have all the pressure in the piercing hole itself, but with clip on earrings, the weight is on the entire earlobe. This makes clip on’s more comfy to wear for extended periods of time, or a more enjoyable fashion you will feel more comfortable wearing.
    Clip on Earrings
    Whether they only have the earrings you want as clip on earrings, you are looking for more comfortable fashion, or you just want to blow some steam, going shopping for clip earrings is the obvious answer. Go ahead, blow some of that extra cash on your wardrobe and you’ll feel more confident with the new clothes, while relieving that built-up stress at the same time.

Benefits of Turning to Cubic Zirconia Rings

    If you compare with diamond rings, cubic zirconia rings may be labeled as the best bang for your buck. As everyone knows, their captivating beauty can be had for unbelievably low prices from your favorite online jewelry store. One of the most questions aspects of CZ rings is the quality of the stone, which are available in a variety of different grades, 5A being the highest grade. Jessie's Turquoise CZ Cocktail RingWhen it comes to longevity, technology today has evolved the hardness cubic zirconia stones to become one of the hardest minerals used in jewelry today. The longevity of the stone is increased by adding extra hard layers on the surface. The layers on the cubic zirconia rings are composed of clear film which not only protects the jewel from damage, but also helps maintain the stone’s original color. With a virtually scratch-free surface, cubic zirconia rings tend to remain looking the same they did when you first bought them. The durability and longevity of CZ rings makes it easier for buyers to have piece of mind, knowing that their investment will last for years to come.

    What attracts most jewelry wearers is the large variety of colors and styles of cubic zirconia rings available. The choices vary, but stick to what matches your style the most – whether you have a laid bad style or more on the classy side, there is most definitely something just for you. With addition of the different colors CZ rings are available in, you can select from different designs and a variety of stone placement options. Some of the most popular designs, like the single stone CZ rings, can be purchased for around $100 – or a small fraction of a diamond ring.

    Whatever ring it is you may be looking for, there will be a style to suit your taste and wardrobe. CZ jewelry is made to enhance your wardrobe, so be sure to get your hands on something that matches your fashion style. The durability of new cubic zirconia rings ensures your investment remains looking fabulous after years of usage. The variety of rings has never been so extensive – so get your hands on some beautiful low cost rings and save yourself thousands of dollars in the process.

Working with Wire

    In a lot of my designs I use different metals, quite often I try to do something with wire; either as links, swirls, or freeform wire on a stone or pendant. When working with wire gives my imagination that little added bit of ‘flare, spice, or spark’ that I’m looking for when working with natural stones, glass, pendants, or crystals. Most often I get asked, “How do you know which is the right size and what material is best?” The answer, you just learn with much time, research and patience.

    One of the first things you need to consider when working with wire is to look at durability, malleability, style, color and manufacturer.
    Wire is measured in gauges, from 16 all the way to 34; with 16 being the heaviest/thickest and 34 being the smallest/thinnest wires. Typically, the thicker the wire, the sturdier it will become. However, the type of material used for the wire also affects how flexible a particular gauge will be.

    Rules of Thumb
    *For bracelets, heavy necklace pendants designs or winding wire around very large beads, making charms or creating chain links, a 16 to 18 gauge is suggested.
    *Gauges 20 to 24 are considered medium to thin thickness and are good for wire wrapping beads, as well as for constructing findings, headpins, and ear wires. This is typically the gauge used for making earrings and 20 or 22 are the best for ear wires.
    *The smallest, skinniest wires are 26 to 34 gauges. They are easily manipulated and flexible, perfectly for use with small beads in embroidery and stitch projects. You can find wire in brass, copper, pewter, or artistic non-tarnish are inexpensive and typically soft wires to work with; while sterling silver and gold filled are more expensive and typically vary in hardness’s from dead-soft to half-hard.
    *Sterling Silver is great looking and made soft or hard. The only thing to remember is that silver will tarnish.
    *For wire that will not tarnish and will retain its beauty and luster, try working with non-tarnish wires; it is very inexpensive and usually made from a copper core; covered with silver, gold, or colored coating that has been treated so that it will not tarnish.
    *While the others run the spectrum of price; the most expensive wire to work with is gold or gold-filled, which does not tarnish. Some wire works will substitute gold-plated wire for cost effective designs.

    Whatever your choice, you will find that working with wire brings out the artist and craftsman in every design.
    Browse our available to purchase designs combining wire and other metals.

Mexican Lace Agate Jewelry Redesign

    This Mexican Lace Agate pendant is a stunning piece of nature’s work and paired with Picture Jasper it was all about the yellow. The set was very well done, but sort of lacked that ‘pop’ and my mother-in-law was about to take it apart when I asked if I could work the piece, thinking first I would try to mix it with some Turquoise, though that didn't work.

    I wanted to really bring out the black in the pendant, since that is what is amazing about it. I started mixing it up with large pieces of Onyx to enhance the large pendant, hand charming all the chips, pearls, and faceted onyx pieces into clusters, threw in Ivoryite for a little color to bring out the cream of the pendant and pewter and gunmetal for some texture. It’s still got the same beautiful look of yellow but now has a stronger feel of black thrown in to give it that extra ‘pop’ that she was looking for.

    Jaspers: Protection, nurturing, joy, awareness; balancing of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies.
    Onyx: Self-control, decision making, intuition, recognition of personal strengths.

    Visit our collections for many different designs to find something that fits your personality.

Mother-of-Pearl Crystal Bling

    Classy, sassy and chic design that says Bling in a big way; the highlight is a huge mother-of-pearl pendant that is slick on one side and concave with the blister pearls on the other (could wear either direction). The crystals are faceted metallic black diamond that has an almost shimmer effect; crystal spacers and fresh water cultured pearls, some charmed above the pendant and also in the earrings.

    Mother of Pearl: Mental clarity, intuition, sensitivity, imagination, adaptability, cooperation.
    Pearl: Purity, faith, charity, innocence, integrity, focus, wisdom, spirituality, sincerity, fertility.
    Find many designs to fit your personality are available on our website.

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