Casual Everyday Jewelry Style for 2009

    Everyone has a favorite go-to outfit in their closet. It might be a favorite pair of jeans and t-shirt combo, or perhaps a tried and true dress that makes its rounds every weekend. You can keep last season's favorites new and up-to-date by simply adding a few pieces of signature jewelry that will keep you out of a style rut, and give a fresh face to your fashion statement.
    Floral Bracelets
    Florals – Warm weather, tropical vacations and summer sun all conjure up images of the beauty that nature has to offer. Lighten up darker pieces by incorporating a floral printed bangle bracelet or a floral shaped pair of earrings. Also look for floral cut out in earrings, bracelets and pendants, to keep the look lightweight and carefree. Don't be afraid to wear small print floral jewelry with large print floral fabrics. After all, this season is all about mixing and matching – prints, styles and cuts.
    Beaded Green Necklace
    Beads – There are so many bead styles to choose from, there's something here to suit every fashionista. If you're go-to outfit consists of khaki shorts and a white blouse, keep with the earthly vibe by choosing natural cuts stones in muted colors like burnt orange, golden yellow and dusty rose. Or, add a look at me necklace in a go-get-em color like lime green or electric blue. Combine bead combinations until you find one that works for you.
    Red jewelry
    Color – We've said it once, and we're saying it again – Colored accessories are a must-have. You can easily update jeans, neutrals, pastels and basic black with colorful jewelry that pops. If you're shy about trying new things, then opt for a small pair of drop earrings or a mid size bangle bracelet in a hue that you adore. Work up to larger pieces like statement necklaces or a dramatic pair of earrings.

Bracelet Trends for This Summer

    This season, update your look by taking advantage of new up-and-coming bracelet styles that offer high impact style for just a fraction of the cost of a new wardrobe.

    Charming bracelets1) Big bold bracelets continue to dominate the style scene this summer. Chunky beads, oversize cuffs and bulky geometric shapes are haute, haute, haute. Wear one with a sundress, tank top or strapless beach cover up for just the right amount of glam.

    2) Safari, tribal and ethnic inspired bangles are all the rage right now. Look for bracelets made from natural materials such as wood and cork. A little print can go a long way in adding interest and a focal point to your outfit.

    3) Mixing different hued metals is big right now. So instead of piling on piles of gold or sterling silver bangles, try incorporating rose gold, brass, hammered metal and other textures to kick it up a notch.

    4) Charm bracelets are always on the radar, and this year is no different. Try charm bracelets that use earthly materials like natural cut stones and charms in the shape of leaves, butterflies and your other favorite insects and animals. Wear your charm bracelet with other bracelets for a look that is all your own.

    5) Nothing screams summer like bright vibrant colors such as citrus hues and bold jewel tones. Add a fun bracelet to a monotone outfit of white, black or neutral for a look-at-me outfit that is sure to capture all the right attention.

    6) Layering is a must-do this summer. Whether it's thin bangle bracelets, beaded stretch bracelets or mid size cuffs, you've got to go big with your accessories this season. Don't be afraid to mix and match to create a unique style statement.

    However you choose to wear your bracelets this season, have fun with them as you enjoy the lazy days of summer.

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Get an Instant Spring Update with a Statement Necklace

    If you're looking for an affordable way to bring your wardrobe up to date this season, don't fret. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on new outfits to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Instead, you can add a bright statement necklace to many classic pieces that you already own. Here, we provide you with some tips on how to wear this style, and get the most mileage out of fun colorful necklaces that will surely get you noticed.

    colorful necklacesTo update casual daytime looks, pair a multi-colored necklace with a standard jeans and a white tee. It's okay to go big and bold with jewel toned stones or citrus colored enamel pieces. This necklace should be the focal point of your outfit, so kick it up a notch with vibrant colors that are appropriate for summer. For a chic casual look, pair a simple yellow sundress with a contrasting necklace in blue hues, such as turquoise. You'll command attention, yet look effortlessly fresh.

    To update a dressier ensemble, rev up the style quotient of a long dark dress with a pretty pink and purple beaded necklace. Choose pieces that not only make an impact, but ones that also make you feel happy when you wear them. If you're opting for a LBD (little black dress), the options for incorporating a statement necklace are endless. You can go with a costume-y piece with oversize faux gems in canary or emerald colors (think Angelina Jolie or Victoria Beckham). Or, throw in a call of the wild, and sport a fun ethnic piece that adds interest. Natural materials and earthly colors can turn a simple dress into a style statement.

    So, take advantage of this season's trend of large, oversize necklaces. You can find some great affordable options online that will help to take last season's favorites into this season's re-inventions. Experiment with bold necklaces that use different materials to achieve a look that is all your own.

The New Take on Pearl Necklaces and Earrings

    Pearls are classic and beautiful – known for their timeline elegance. They will always be in fashion, yet this season, there's a different take on jewelry made from these stunning natural stones. Designers and celebs are putting their own modern twist on pieces – ranging from drop earrings to multi-tiered necklaces and lariats. Enter the new age of pearls.
    pearl necklacesNecklaces – Typically, pearl necklace favorites have included single short strand, or a sole pearl dangling as a pendant. However, it's not just limited to your grandmother's style of pearl necklaces anymore. These days, pearls are being mixed with different types of chains and metallics and are being placed in settings that are fresh and unique. Today, thanks to style-setters like Michelle Obama, pearl necklaces are making a comeback in a big way. The stones are getting larger – some even as big as gumdrops. One of the best ways to incorporate a contemporary pearl necklace is to pair it with an LBD or a sleek blouse. For something different, try a lariat style chain, with pearls on either end. Or, for something a little edgier, opt for pearls on a thick chain link necklace, either asymmetrical or layered with other mix and match pieces.pearl earringsEarrings – Pearl stud earrings have their place, but this season, it's all about incorporating new takes on these old favorites. Look for earrings that have settings in rope-like chain, where the pearl is actually being held inside the metal. Another option is a thin wire hoop with pearls dangling from the end. This style is feminine and interesting. Pearl earrings also pair well with rhinestone encrusted clasps and florals, for a glamorous statement.pearl stud earringsSo, if you're thinking about wearing pearl jewelry for a wedding, an everyday look, or a special night out, consider the new take on pearl jewelry that will keep you looking current and fabulous.

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Hues of Blue: Jewelry for Summer

    When you think of summer, you probably conjure up images of hot days, BBQs, and of course, the beach. Summer is a perfect time for pool side lounging, and it's all about being surrounded by water and cool elements that allude to relaxation. The beautiful shades of summer are alive and well in this season's offerings of jewelry that will have you in vacation-mode in no time.

    Blue stones ranging from deep navy to vibrant turquoise to muted sky blue are all the rage this season. You can incorporate them according to your style and personality for a fresh take on this year's "new black".Blue stonesOne of the easiest ways to wear azure colored stones is to try long beaded necklaces in different lengths and styles. By layering mix-and-match colored pieces with metallic accents in gold or sterling silver, you'll achieve a classy and stylish look. Since one of the continuing trends is boho chic, try a new take on pieces that you already own – like a white peasant blouse or a long flowing dress. A few strands of natural beaded necklaces in blues and greens are just the ticket to creating a pulled together look. Generally, blues set against a backdrop of whites or neutrals are both eye-catching and chic.Blue stonesIf you plan on wearing the shade of the season in head-to-toe monotone, add complimentary metallic jewelry. Navy outfits and nautical outfits are best complimented by yellow gold accents, such as wire bangle bracelets or classic gold hoop earrings. On the flip side, lighter blue fabrics look great with sterling silver jewelry that pops. Add a couple of simple pendant necklaces of varying lengths.turquoise stoneEarthy blues and greens are the must-haves of the moment. They can feel organic and natural, or glamorous and chic. It all depends on the type of setting and the outfit with which you pair them. But best of all, you don't have to wait till the lazy days of summer to enjoy ocean-inspired colors that will have you dreaming of far off places.

Pale Hues: Summer's Must Have Jewelry

    With the lazy days of summer quickly approaching, you'll want to update your jewelry box with pieces that are as light and breezy as the weather itself. These accessories are beach friendly, vacation approved and suitable for just about any everyday look.

    Beaded necklaces are hot ticket items this year, so welcome summer with a chunky beaded necklace in a soft shade like baby blue, antique rose or muted yellow. These necklaces go great with neutrals, but you can also easily wear them with darker pieces in your wardrobe, to achieve a sense of balance. Another option is to dress up a peasant blouse or lace blouse with these feminine accents.Beaded necklacesBangle bracelets are another must-have item, but if you're wondering which ones to invest in, and which ones to leave behind, maybe this will help. Summer jewelry should be effortless, chic and simple. Wooden bangle bracelets with painted patterns in soft colors do a great job at achieving this, and can be worn casually, or with a sundress. Thin wire bangle bracelets are also beautiful, but try something in a shade of rose gold for a contemporary twist.Bangle braceletsIf you're looking for a simple way to update your go-to office apparel, then consider throwing on a cute pair of drop earrings in a natural stone of amethyst or opal. Beautiful unpolished rocks set in a simple gold or sterling silver drop will get you more mileage out of an old favorite. In addition, it helps to pull together your look from head to toe. Now, you can be sure that your first impression will be a stylish one.

    Typically, the colors of spring have favored pastels and florals, but this year, it's a new take, with soft spoken beads, organic stones and earthy jewelry that compliments any style – from boho chic to classic and polished. So, step outside of the comfort zone and try these easy-to-wear styles.

Red Hot Number

    Last week several customers commented on the beauty of the red coral in this necklace. Though it got lots of compliments, it just never really hit the mark, until someone said that it looked really plain and very long.

    So with that in mind I pulled it and took it to the design board. I shortened the length to a nice 19” and then took it up a notch by adding faceted black Quartz scattered among the Coral and put more focus on the bottom with silver textured pillow beads. I also lengthened the dangle earrings just to add a little jazz.

    Uniquely handcrafted gemstone jewelry at Timeless Designs.

Mix Turquoise & Amber

    I bought this Amber in Tucson to go with a dichroic pendant; though I really liked the dark Amber with the dichroic, it just wasn’t ‘hitting me’. So, I dug into the stones and came up with this little gem…..

    This Southwest beauty is a wild mix of Baltic Amber chips light to dark cognac hidden among Chinese Turquoise disks and gold accent spacers. All highlighted by a matching wavy Turquoise pendant. Wear it short or a medium length with matching dangle earrings in Amber chip clusters and Turquoise disks.

    Handcrafted Unique Gemstone Jewelry

Summer Jewelry Trends

    Wondering what the hottest summer jewelry trends are for the '09 season? This year, it's all about bold, bright and beautiful pieces that will make a fashionable statement day or night. Check out some of the top finds and what type of outfits will compliment your choices:

    Warm weather color – This year, it's all about pieces that pop. Multi-strand beaded necklaces in cool colors like coral and turquoise look fabulous with neutrals. Alternatively, you can wear a bright mango colored necklace with a light blue sundress. Lightweight fabrics like gauze, linen and silk paired with chunky beaded necklaces offer a good balance and are complimentary. If you're planning on wearing a loose fitting flow-y dress, try chunky metallic jewelry accented with bright beads.
    Multi-strand beaded necklacesBold pieces – Thick bracelets and rings in resin, plastic and wood are all the rage this season. You can add a whimsical feel to your jewelry look. Just one piece can add interest to your outfit. It's easy to find fun geometric shapes in attention-grabbing prints that are art deco or safari inspired. Wear this type of jewelry with a neutral palette or a romantic peasant blouse.
    Thick braceletsBangles – They're still in, and the look of the moment is all about piling them on. Mixing metals is all the rage right now, with gold and sterling silver accenting just about anything in your closet. These versatile bracelets are great at complimenting classic pieces and shapes. This makes it both affordable and easy to update last year's favorites.

    Costume pieces – Summer is the time for fun and playful jewelry. Don't be afraid to dress up for a night out on the town, and polish off your look with a great sparkly stunner. Nature inspired pieces like rhinestone encrusted ladybugs or fun youthful pieces like bejeweled cupcake charms are just the ticket for cool summer jewelry that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Coral and Turquoise Jewelry

    It doesn't matter whether you're faired skinned, olive toned or have a rich creamy complexion, coral and turquoise jewelry looks great on most anyone. This summer, mix warm and cool colors together for a chic and fashionable look that any fashionista will appreciate.
    Coral and Turquoise Jewelry 3For a casual boho chic style, pair lightweight summer sundresses with brightly colored beaded necklaces and flat sandals. One affordable strand in coral and turquoise is versatile enough to be worn with other items in your closet as well. For example, take a classic white button down shirt and add a pop of color with a great beaded necklace. Or, grab your favorite LBD and add fun pieces in eye-catching hues.
    Coral and Turquoise Jewelry 2For nights out on the town, rev it up with gold metallic jewelry accented with turquoise and coral stones. A great bangle bracelet with a fun floral design can be the perfect ornamental piece to complete your look. You can wear the same bracelet to work any day of the week, with a sheath dress or airy blouse and tailored jeans.

    If you're looking to add an everyday piece to your jewelry box, then consider just a splash of coral or turquoise in the form of a floral pendant or a bold cocktail ring. You can find some great pieces online that are fashion-forward and won't break the bank. Look for items that have fun details and unique designs.

    So if you're looking for an easy way to reinvent an old favorite from your closet this summer, consider coral and turquoise jewelry, either worn alone, together, or with metallic pieces that create fashion-forward appeal in both warm or cool weather. Now, you won't have to wait to go on vacation to dress like it. You can bring the aura of tropical paradise to your look with fun colors that are reminiscent of happy days. So, what are you waiting for?

    Necklaces | Earrings | Bracelets

How to Wear Bold Jewelry Right Now

    Sure, it's easy to wear bold chunky jewelry when it's cold outside, but what about as it warms up? What's acceptable and what should be stored? What are a few great pieces that will update my wardrobe and not break the bank? We explore the answers to these questions, and more, as we take a look at statement jewelry for spring and summer.Bold JewelryIt's all in the details – This season, choose pieces that have elaborate or intricate details. These tend to look better with lightweight warm weather clothes like sundresses, delicate tank tops and sleeveless dresses. Try a great pair of chandelier earrings with many colored stones, or a pair of crystal and filigree drop earrings. One pair of great earrings like these can update an old favorite and make it new again.

    Color, Color, Color – Bold jewelry tends to look a little heavy, especially if it includes a setting of jewel toned gems, so lighten it up with stones in spring colors. Go for pastels like chalcedony, blue agate or amethyst. These Easter egg hues look great with neutrals and keep the pieces looking fresh and vibrant. For brighter colors, try ethnic-inspired pieces that utilize beads and glass stones. A striking cocktail ring or necklace may be just the ticket for dressing up for a night on the town.Bold JewelryThink Outside the Box – If you can't afford to run out and buy a new piece of gold or sterling silver statement jewelry, consider other materials for a similar impact. There are some great plastic and resin pieces available that are low on cost buy high on style. Plastic beaded necklaces and bracelets have a little bit of a retro vibe and are cool and careful for spring and summer.

Go Bold with Modern Metallic Jewelry

    A touch of metallic is often all you need to dress up a basic black ensemble, a head-to-toe monotone outfit or a global safari inspired garb. This season, metallic jewelry has taken on a different twist, with toned down smoothness and duller finishes. Hammered sterling silver and gold are popping up everywhere, in place of shinier flashier pieces.Modern Metallic JewelryDim metallic jewelry can be a bit edgier and can be worn professionally to the office. For example, chunky graphic silver plated necklaces can complement feminine silk blouse or sweater sets. Or, a combination of polished aluminum gold and silver bracelets can be stacked for a strong addition to a basic sheath.

    Hammered metal disc-shaped pendants and hoop earrings have recently been spotted on celebs of all ages. From Jessica Alba's hammered silver hoop earrings to Mary Kate Olsen's brass rings to the top of the list of 'must-have' accessories for the season, this is a trend that's here to stay.

    Minimalist and graphic shapes dominate the spectrum of metallic jewelry, but the edges are more rounded and toned down, creating an easy-to-wear spring look. Antique looking metals like brass and copper can also achieve great bold results when paired with contrasting pieces and fabrics.Modern Metallic JewelrySo how can you incorporate this season's runway hit into your wardrobe? Pair dulled metallics with bold prints like stripes and florals to tone down the boldness of the outfit. Add hammered metal jewelry to soft colors like sea foam green, lavender and canary yellow. If you're planning on dressing up in sequins, satin or lace, toned down metal jewelry can be just the thing you need to achieve balance. If you have a v-neck or asymmetrical fabric cut, this trend can create a modern finish. It’s not only easy to wear this trend, it's affordable and stylish as well.

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Beautiful Bow Tie Jewelry

    Now, you don't have to wait for a black-tie event to don a beautiful bow tie. You can easily wear bow tie shaped jewelry with any outfit – day or night. Here are some great ideas for incorporating the look into your closet:

    Casual – A simple sterling silver bow tie pendant on a short chain is elegant and versatile. In fact, even style-setter Sarah Jessica Parker wore one in her day-to-day look as Carrie in Sex in the City: The Movie. The style is also a favorite of A-listers Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez.
    sterling silver bow tie jewelryPlayful – Incorporate bow tie jewelry in a fun and playful way by donning brightly colored black or pink bangle bracelets adorned with rhinestone encrusted bow ties. Or, try jazzing up an all-black ensemble with a vibrantly hued statement bowtie necklace or choker. It adds a little something unexpected, and always looks classy and bow tie bangle bracelets

    Dressy – Diamond encrusted bow tie pendants are a true celeb fave. From Paris Hilton to Eva Longoria-Parker, these accessories are stunning and beautiful on the red carpet. Now, it's easy to get the look with CZ rhinestone bow ties that are just as lovely. These necklaces are all the rage for prom and wedding jewelry, and look phenomenal when paired with pearls. Bejeweled bow tie drop earrings look great when you're planning to wear your hair in an up-do. They add just the right amount of sweet to any look.

    The best thing about the jewelry this season, is that it's okay to take risks, try out different combinations, and mix and match to your heart's delight. So, go ahead and splurge on an asymmetrical bow tie necklace or a multi-stranded necklace with tiers of beads and charms. This allows you to wear the bow tie trend in a simple understated way, or to make it the focal point of your outfit.

Prom 2009: Jewelry Fit for a Queen

    Prom Jewelry As you gear up for the biggest party of the year, you're definitely going to want to look your best. So what's hot this year in prom jewelry trends? And what are some great pieces that are affordable and stylish? Well, we're here to tell you all that and more…

    If you really want to make an entrance at prom, then you've got to have the right jewelry to compliment your gown. Rhinestones are hot, hot, hot this year, with many options to choose from. A necklace is a great place to start putting together your look. Of course, this will depend on the neckline of your dress. If you have a strapless dress, then you'll have no problem pulling the necklace of your choice.

    Pendant necklaces can be basic or can incorporate fun charms such as bowties or horse shoes (think Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in the City). If you're looking for something a little more fashion forward, wear an asymmetrical enamel number with an oversized flower to one side. CZs by the yard can do a great job at picking up the sparkle in your dress, whereas a layered necklace brings attention to your decoration and can be an elegant addition to a simple dress. If you're looking for a little color in your necklace, then try incorporating chunky brightly colored stones with a cascade of rhinestones.

    Prom jewelry doesn't always have to sparkle. If you have a busy dress, for example, you may want to choose accessories that compliment, but don't compete with your ensemble. For an alternative look, you can wear chunky necklaces made of semi-precious stones such as turquoise or quartz. Or, try candy colored beads in bright colors such as raspberry or emerald green. Worn with confidence, you're sure to end up on the list of "Best Dressed".

    Whatever you choose, your prom jewelry should be fun, fashionable and fit for a queen.
    Necklaces | Earrings | Bracelets |

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Turquoise & Jasper Redesign

    Designing jewelry is interesting, knowing what to design that sells is an art. This lovely piece was originally a solid mixture of Turquoise and Landscape Picture Jasper; it got lots of compliments and people really loved it. However, it never really found a home and seemed to always be ‘missing something’.

    Today, I took it out of inventory and played with it on my design board. I mixed it up even more by adding a bold Turquoise donut pendant that I wire wrapped in artistic non-tarnish brass wire. Instead of looping the necklace onto the pendant, I strung it as single independent strands from the ‘bail swirls’ of the pendant. I shortened the necklace and took at out some of the larger stones for a sleek look.

    I think this design hits the mark, it is much better than the original design and I love the mix of Turquoise against the Landscape Picture Jasper.

    For this and many other unique handcrafted gemstone and wire designs, come see us at Timeless Designs.

Smooth Silky Rich Pietersite

    Known in the Pagan community as Tempeststone, Pietersite is a soft, smooth, silky beautiful gemstone and one of my all time favorites. The stone is named for its discoverer, Sid Pieterse, who first discovered it in 1962 while prospecting farmland in Namibia, Africa. He registered the find in the mineral records of Britain and the discovery was later published in 1964, when it was named Pietersite.

    There are only two known locations for pietersite, China and Africa; the Chinese pietersite’s fibrous mineral is often called ‘Golden Eagles Eye’ ranging in colors from rich deep red, blackish blue and most noted gold, almost resembling Tigers Eye. The African Pietersite is most rare because of the blue tones, deep midnight navy, and baby blue, with a hint of cream and reddish hues. All the brilliant color variations give it a subtle, yet strikingly richness, like fine silk.

    Pietersite gemstones crystallize in the form of masses; the structure is a result of inclusion in Jasper. The Pietersite stones mineral exhibits an energetic quality like the quartz. The gemstone beads have been said to contain the ‘keys o the kingdom of heaven’, dispelling illusion and assisting one in the recognition of the beauty of the soul.

    Wearing or working with the gemstone brings with it a particular calm and joyous peacefulness, helping to dissolve confusion and fear about what lies ahead in life. It will help a person relax and release limits placed on the person’s creativity and allow them to recognize their divine potential.

    Most common cuts are in cabochons; this is because a tall, round cut is required to maximize the chatoyancy effect most brilliantly. If the cut is but a little off, the stone will end up lifeless, with little or no chatoyance or no play of color.

    If you are lucky enough to own a piece of Pietersite jewelry, clean it with a simple polishing cloth; do not clean with household chemicals and keep it from prolonged exposure to extreme heat and temperatures.

Unique Jewelry to Put You on the Style Map

    In the past, jewelry has been about modesty, expression and beauty. Today, designers continue to push the envelope, creating modern, and sometimes outrageous pieces that make us all want to be a bit bolder as we strive to stand out from the crowd.
    Unique JewelryThe 'it' girl jewelry of-the-moment is a bit unconventional. It's no longer about small stones, basic silver, gold and pearls. It's about using authentic and textured materials to create pieces out of plastic, wood, ceramics, shells, leather and stones. These earthly materials are reminiscent of the free-flowing days of the 60s and 70s when convention went out the window. They are being used in bold and creative ways to add contrast to an outfit or create a unique style signature.
    Unique JewelrySome of the best examples of this type of jewelry are the use of ethnic, tribal and global inspired pieces that incorporate bright colors, beads and patterns to create memorable bangle bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Painted designs on wood bangles offer a beautiful laid back sense of style, while hammered metal earrings and pendant necklaces create a fashionable set that can be worn with many outfits.
    Unique JewelryUnique jewelry uses natural colored beads and unpolished stones that are never over-the-top and always-in-style. Much of the appeal of these types of pieces is that they are one-of-a-kind, with an effortless chic that creates a low-maintenance vibe.

    Celebs can easily get away with wearing over-the-top jewelry on stage or for magazine shoots. So, how can you incorporate this look into your everyday wardrobe? Start with just one piece and work your way up to layering the look. Soon, you'll exude confidence and character, as your jewelry style gets a little more daring. If you're not sure about a piece, wear it around the house first until you work up the confidence to make an entrance.

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Jazz up Jeans and a Tee with Jewelry

    These days, fashionistas everywhere are looking for the best deals to save money and cut costs on everything from apparel to shoes to accessories. However, you can still update a simple jeans and a white tee shirt outfit with jewelry that is fun, funky and fabulous. Here are a couple ideas to get you going:

    Gold – Pair gold accessories like a watch or a flashy charm bracelet with a white tee to create a fresh summer look. Try adding a stack of gold bangle bracelets of varying thick and thin widths for a flashy update to a standard.Gold bangle braceletsChunky – Thick metal necklaces in scrunched metal or chain link can add a focal point to an otherwise boring outfit. Mix metals and wear gold, silver and brass layered necklaces with complimentary gladiator sandals and an interesting bag.
    Chunky necklacesBoho chic – Beaded necklaces and bracelets do wonders at revving up standard pieces. Natural unpolished glass stones can take your look from casual beachy to day-to-day chic while candy colored plastic beads create a sense of youth and happiness.
    unpolished glass stonesColor – Take wardrobe staples to the next level by incorporating bright citrus colored pieces. A lime green cuff, canary colored pair of drop earrings or mango hued pendant necklace can do wonders at getting your look ready for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

    Layers – One of the easiest ways to dress up a so-so top is to incorporate several different necklaces. Mix and match long strands of beads with pendants of varying length for a uniquely individual style statement.

    A Focal point – Spice up any tee and jeans with a statement piece that will capture attention. For example, add an oversize pair of painted wooden earrings for a worldly vibe. Unique pieces take you from plain Jane to fashion-forward trendista.
    painted wooden earringsSo the next time you're pondering what to wear, consider throwing on jeans and a tee with one of the new pieces of style-setting jewelry that's available.

    Necklaces and Sterling Silver Jewelry Sets | Earrings | Bracelets

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Review: Wire Jewelry Books

    In my small arsenal of wire jewelry and beading books I have several that I feel are very good; especially to get started, giving the basics, techniques and then moving into more intermediate to advanced level projects.

    Getting Started Series: Making Wire Jewelry & More
    Is an excellent book on the basics and getting started working with wire; great details in starting with tools, wire, shopping for supplies and foundational wire working techniques.

    All Wired Up
    One of my favorite wire wrapping and project books is this one; I draw inspiration from this book and enjoy the opening techniques and basis which leads into more intermediate, advanced and funky techniques of wire working.

    Bead On a Wire
    Another of my favorite wire working and beading books is this one. The author while using traditional methods of wire working, often plays ‘outside the box’ and expands upon different techniques of wire working.

    These and many other books on beading, wire working, projects and metalsmithing can be found at the local bookstores (or your local beading – hobby stores)!

Inexpensive Gifts

    Great inexpensive gifts for graduation! Visit our website to see the selection of wire wrapped gemstone pendants, unique and exotic gemstone necklaces and dichroic and Swarovski Crystal bracelets. Look for deeply discounted items marked with ‘Sale’.

    Turquoise Navy Agate FW Pearls Set

    Deep shades of Red Coral

    Wild Horse Magnesite Crystals Set

    Chysocolla Sandy Opal Crystals Silver Links Set

Bridal Jewelry stlyle for 2009

    Just as trends change for casual wear, evening wear and sportswear, bridal style and the jewelry that goes with it is constantly evolving and creating fabulous new pieces that are wearable art, to help you look and feel like a princess from head to toe. Here we take a look at some of 2009's hottest styles:
    Vintage jewelry
    Vintage – The antique or art deco look is really hot right now. With symmetrical link bracelets, necklaces or jewelry sets, this romantic tribute looks sensational when paired with a lace dress or ivory colored gown. Big and bold pieces are all the rage right now, and it's easy to find affordable and elegant choices in costume jewelry. Another vintage trend is pearls in scroll settings. This retro take on a bridal classic is sure to look lovely on you and your bridal party.

    Crystals – Though CZ rhinestones have long been a bridal favorite, Swarovksi crystal jewelry is a less expensive and equally stunning alternative. These pieces are available in classic or contemporary styles and in clear or colored stones to go with just about any dress that you have selected. Crystal jewelry is lightweight and a perfect alternative this season.

    Clored gemstones
    Colored stones – It might have something to do with celebs rocking colored engagement rings in pink, yellow, and even black, but colored bridal party jewelry has really taken off this year. Stones that coordinate with the bridesmaid dresses are popular, while brides are throwing in a bit of color to match the bridesmaids and bouquets. Popular jewelry colors include hot pink, red and lilac stones. Even throwing in a splash of blue or green is acceptable. It's about showing a look that is pulled together and pretty, for all the photos that will be taken.

    As you can see, long gone are the days when bridal jewelry consisted of a single strand pearl necklace. Now, it's about bringing the style and glamour to the wedding party with bold colorful pieces that will make an impact.

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