Extending Your BlackBerry’s Battery Life Is Easier Than You Think

    One of the few problems a BlackBerry Smartphone has is its battery life. They just do not last as long as their owners would want. A number of factors shorten a battery’s life.

    Worry not. There are a number of things that can be done to prolong the life of your battery and they are quick and easy.

    Set-up Connectivity Options in an Energy-Saving Way

    Connectivity features such as Bluetooth and Data Services will consume a lot of battery life even when they are not in use. Why? Because these features always try to make connections and communicate with the network (Data Services) or with other Bluetooth devices (Bluetooth). This is the reason why when somebody sends you an email and the Data Service on your phone is enabled, you will be notified of that email on your phone.

    These connections may be pre-set when you buy Blackberry so check. If you get into the habit of turning off these connections when you are not using them, you will prolong your battery life because it is not constantly supporting these features’ activities.

    Always Try to Fully Charge Your Battery

    Always try to keep your battery fully charged. Whenever you have access to an electrical outlet, whether it is at home, in your office or in the car, plug in your device and charge it to extend your battery life for the day.

    Set Your Notification Profiles to a Minimum

    Your device always notifies you whenever you get an en email, a voicemail, or a text message. It also notifies you of upcoming events on your calendar. How the device delivers these notifications affect your battery life as well. Make sure that you set these notifications to the more energy-saving options.

    Turn Off Your Backlight and Reduce Your Screen Brightness

    Your phone’s backlight and screen brightness can consume a lot of battery life. Make sure that you reduce the brightness setting of your screen, and set your backlight so it turns off when your device isn’t being used.

    Create Shortcuts Instead of Browsing

    Instead of browsing through your phone every time you need to use a feature, just create shortcuts or drag the icons you use the most all the way to the top for easy access.

    Lessen Your App Use

    Your BlackBerry software already consumes energy. Then there are your applications in addition. Don’t use your applications if there is no need for you to use them. The use of applications like Facebook or Twitter can consume a lot of your battery life. Even Internet browsing is energy consuming. It is also a good idea to remember to turn off the applications you’ve recently use that may still be running in the background.

    Keep Your Battery Compartment Clean

    The longer you use your BlackBerry, the more you expose it to the elements. Your battery compartment tends to gather a lot of dust. Dust can obstruct the flow of power from your battery to your device. Remember to clean the compartment every few weeks or months.

    Limit Your Media Use

    Music and videos can consume large amounts of energy when being played on your BlackBerry. Make sure to limit playing these media devices.

    Using the GPS

    The GPS, like network connectivity, still uses energy or power even when you are not using it. You can also turn this off to save power.

    You Don’t Need a Key Tone to Type Something

    Lastly, key tones are energy consuming as well. Every time you press a button, it uses up power. If you have your key tone on, every time you press a button, it uses more power. If you don’t really need to use your key tone, turn if off or keep it to a minimum.

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