Black Berry Bold 9900 said to bring new Levels of Competition

    As RIM learned the hard way, the inclusion of a touch screen on a Smartphone does not guarantee its success on the phone market. Some of the previous BlackBerry touch screens did more poorly than expected on the market, causing RIM to seriously re-evaluate their devices. It would seem that RIM has gone back to the drawing board, and have formulated touch screen devices that utilize the best in cutting edge mobile phone technology. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is one such device that mobile phone users are anxiously waiting for its release so they can get the opportunity to sample this particular phone. This particular version of the BlackBerry combines the advantages of a QWERTY keyboard and touch screen capability along with BlackBerry Bold 9900, making the BlackBerry Bold 9900 a particularly impressive RIM device.

    The BlackBerry 9860 comes equipped with a fully touch 2.8-inch screen display as well as a full physical QWERTY keypad. This phone comes with the keyboard placed just below the screen display and is tried and tested for efficiency and use.

    This is not only expected to increase convenience in use, but also make the phone appear like a business phone, a style that is unique to the RIM BlackBerry range. The touch screen has an impressive 480 × 640 megapixel resolution, design to impress even the most critical BlackBerry fan. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 also utilizes an optical pad in addition to the touch sensitive control for increased effectiveness and easier use. You can also enjoy BlackBerry Torch apps to use many applications that will enhance your journey to BlackBerry.

    This version also provides an 8GB internal memory which is by far the highest internal memory present on any prior version of the BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Bold 4 further allows for an external memory card support of up to 32 GB, which is clearly impressive on any Smartphone. The BlackBerry Bold also incorporates 1.2 GHz processors that will do wonders for the devices’ performance. The new features do not stop there, as the device also uses the latest RIM OS 7, in addition to a new web browser as well as other options.

    The new BlackBerry Bold 9900 offers the latest in mobile phone technology and will set RIM apart as a top Smartphone mobile provider. These incredible new features will appeal to an even larger Smartphone market and is expected to offer stiff competition to other Smartphone providers such as iPhone and Android phones. This is going to largely take over the lost market share in the phone market.

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